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Cry-borg 009
Man, these androids are sad as hell.Remember before Toonami was cancelled and then uncancelled? We do, and we're watching the 2001 Cyborg 009 anime that was a part of it!Your hosts Sean and Mark watch the series in order, remembering both when they first saw it as kids and when they attempted to re-watch it together more recently. So join us in making fun of the emotional trauma that each and every one of our protagonists and antagonists have suffered, in Cry-borg 009!
Chit Chat With Mister Borg
Chit Chat With Mister Borg. A weekly audience collaborated podcast discussing day to day issues we face in a comedic way. Please feel free to subscribe, share, comment & review. Follow twitter @misteroborg & use #chitchatpod.
Podcast Retrô Session - Luiz Cláudio Borges
Les Borges del Camp. Mountains of the Costa Dorada
Mountains of the Costa Dorada. Audioguides.
OJ Borg and the team with the latest cycling news and views.
ExtraTime Radio
Weekly+'s ExtraTime Radio is the premier soccer podcast in North America. Every Monday and Thursday, hosts Andrew Wiebe, Simon Borg and David Gass discuss the latest news surrounding Major League Soccer & North American soccer with A-list guests that include players, coaches, GMs, journalists, and more. E-mail your comments and questions to or on Twitter @ExtraTimeRadio.
Tango Club
Tango is our passion. We dance it, we sing it, we feel it and we podcast about it. It is inside; you feel your heart beating harder. We found Tango.
Art Talks Again
Interviews with artists, writers, musicians, and filmmakers about their work, the creative process, and how to survive as an artist. Hosted by Gina Borg and Peter Conheim. New episodes are posted bi-weekly. Gina Borg is an Oakland-based painter, and her work may be seen at Peter Conheim is a film preservationist, curator musician and sound engineer. He is a long-time member of the "culture jamming" group called Negativland, and co-founder of Wet Gate (The All-16mm-Projector Ens ...
Social Business Engine: The enterprise podcast on social media, content marketing, social selling and employee advocacy.
Bernie Borges hosts the Social Business Engine podcast, featuring business professionals at brands sharing how they use social media across their business to deliver great results. Brands showcased include Dell, Discover Card, Humana, LinkedIn, Oracle, Safeway, SAP, U.S. Marines, Walmart, Whole Foods and others. Find our show notes at:
Three Guys Theologizing » Podcast Audio
The podcast where a pastor, a parishioner, and a professor have lively discussions on practical Christian living from a Reformed perspective. Features Kyle Borg, Aaron Sams, and Barry York.
Simply Salacious Parties
Simply Salacious Parties started life in a small bar in South London in 2004 and from there we have held some of the most talked about house music parties in London.Over the past 10 years we have hosted parties at numerous venues including Ministry of Sound, Bar Rumba, The Whitehouse, Hidden, CC Club, Babalou and many more...Our residency at Market House, Brixton is now the longest running Friday night house music party in London and takes place on the 1st Friday of every month.In 2015 we wi ...
Robot Pizza Van, Funny News
Robot Pizza Van is a comedy podcast that examines funny news. We talk about cutting edge or useless technology, weird science, surprising pop culture, and unusual art. Offroad - an artist, Borg - an audio engineer, and Rygar - a graphic artist co-host this trip down the rabbit hole.
BRM Cafe Podcast
BRM Cafe is a podcast about Business Relationship Management. The hosts Peter Lijnse and Starla Borges will discuss different topics with guests.
Unconventional Genius
Unconventional Genius sets out to broadcast influential ideas and progressive business stories through the minds and voices of some of the most prolific names in the tech, CE, publishing, and professional world. Each week Max Borges, Founder & CEO of Max Borges Agency, speaks with industry leaders to unveil motivational narratives on how they found success. Listeners can anticipate learning business tips and tricks relevant to their own professions and life goals, while also having the chanc ...
Minority Report
Minority Report is a biweekly series on the many facets of our identity, and the (mis)perceptions that come with them. Hosted by Danielle James and featuring co-hosts Simeona Cayetano and Domanique Borges.
LunaCast Complete Archive
My name is Jason Grosz and I live in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. As the band robots.txt I perform original electronic music live on the Internet on full moons. We do from 4 to 6 shows a year broadcasting a live 128Kbps audio and 600 Kbps video streams from our secret laboratory, home of "The Borg" synthesizer at the web address and live on stage in Second Life. If you enjoy bands like The Orb, Underworld, Moby, Orbital, Kruder and Dorfmeister, Brian Eno then you will pro ...
Miscellaneous Essays of Thomas de Quincey by QUINCEY, Thomas de
The Hunter Thompson of the 19th Century, de Quincey is best known for his Confessions of an English Opium Eater (an activity shared with his hero, Samuel Coleridge, much to Wordsworth’s dismay). However, de Quincey’s literary genius is best captured in his essays, which, according to Wikipedia: His immediate influence extended to Edgar Allan Poe, Fitz Hugh Ludlow and Charles Baudelaire, but even major 20th century writers such as Jorge Luis Borges admired and claimed to be partly influenced ...
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YouTube is starting to censor content that doesn't break its content rules, preparing for the eclipse may be preparing for disaster, and researchers hack signs to confuse autonomous vehicles. Links from this episode: - YouTube will suppress some controversial content — even if it doesn’t violate policies - Steven Crowder - Young Turks - ADL: Ha ...…
Kenneth came to the Nobel Museum in Stockholm expecting more artifacts but ended up leaving one of his own. I asked how in the world he met Jorge Luis Borges ... and hope listening like this evaporates borders. Special thanks to the musician, Dana Boulé. Join the Observer Effect Kiva Team→ Subscribe in iTunes→ Watch the PhiTOP spin→ Visit the P ...…
Sara preppar inför nästa veckas stora pizzautmaning genom att äta 12 grillade dubbelmackor under en timme. Farah och Marcus tävlar i "Gissa jobbet". Trion reder även ut skillnaden mellan borg och slott.
Message - Angela & Tom Borges Title: The life of a refugee Topic: Refugees Theme: What do we do? Get a 'little' uncomfortable. Text: 1 Corinth. 12:12-17By (East Park Church).
God plans to send his servant to bring justice to the nations and open the eyes of the blind. How this was ultimately fulfilled through the coming of Jesus.
Bent N Ballistic Outdoors
Lorenzo Rossetti Winner of Ultimate Frog Challenge 3. Jim Behnken from CAST for Kids National. Renza Badilla CAST for Kids Bethel Island. Vince Borges from Phenix Rods
Republican Strategist with info on yes on issue 2 in Ohio
Tim Hockin, one of the engineers that started the Kubernetes project,joins Francesc and Mark to talk aboutall of the cool stuff coming up with Kubernetes 1.7. About Tim Hockin Tim was one of the first engineers on Kubernetes and GKE, where he has been involved in thingslike networking, storage, node management, API, plugins, and more. Before Ku ...…
Hi there! Brett here. Here's what we did on Monday, July 31st, 2017: 00:00 - When is an "offensive" license plate not actually offensive? A Winnipeg man had his Star Trek themed license plate revoked by Manitoba Public Insurance because it is offensive to Indigenous people. It reads ASIMIL8, or, assimilate. It's based on the BORG alien race. We ...…
She Invests! - Interviews with powerful women, female angel investors
Suzanne Andrews is an angel investor, a global connector, and author of the book, “Impact with Wings”.She calls herself a ecosystem builder. Suzanne speaks and writes about women’s innovations in practices that are creating business culture where all people can pursue their dreams and thrive. Previously, as the director of the Anita Borg Instit ...…
Path of Presence Podcast - Episode 04 - Where to Find Your People on Social Media Today, we're going to talk about where to find your people on social media. At a glance, I’ll be honest with you - Social media is a lot of energy. If you stand in the middle of it, it kinda feels like a big distraction, as though you’re on some kind of altered un ...…
This Week in Trek: A Star Trek Podcast
News In Manitoba Canada, the Personalized license plate: ASIMIL8 license plate revoked as offensive to native people. Lic plate frame says “WE ARE THE BORG. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE.” The Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms is advocating for owner to get plate back. ...…
News In Manitoba Canada, the Personalized license plate: ASIMIL8 license plate revoked as offensive to native people. Lic plate frame says “WE ARE THE BORG. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE.” The Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms is advocating for owner to get plate back. ...…
News In Manitoba Canada, the Personalized license plate: ASIMIL8 license plate revoked as offensive to native people. Lic plate frame says “WE ARE THE BORG. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE.” The Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms is advocating for owner to get plate back. ...…
On today's show, get ready for some resentment, misery, and existential dread. That's right, it's Ingmar Bergman time!! Lady P is joined by Michael Leader of Film 4, and resident Bergman aficionado, Dave Eves, to discuss the 63rd movie on the Sight and Sound Critics' Poll, Wild Strawberries (1957). The film follows an elderly protagonist named ...…
Travis Bickle On The Riviera
It's time for a brand new episode of Travis Bickle on the Riviera, the world's only movie podcast, with your hosts Tucker Stone and Sean Witzke. 0:00:00 - 0:23:46 - Michael Mann's new tv show, Borg/McEnroe, Tour De Pharmacy, moral calculus, Dolph Lundgren. 0:23:47 - 1:00:46 - Baby Driver (2017), directed by Edgar Wright, starring Ansel Elgort, ...…
Challenging the Call
J.B. Bauersfeld is in the house in the very first 10th episode, and although tennis may have not been his first choice, at least it got him an acting gig? He is the co-star of the recently release feature film "Gentlemen's Fury," a tennis centric dark comedy. We explore his work in this film as well as how tennis has been portrayed in cinema ov ...…
After Roger Federer became the only man ever to win eight Grand Slam title singles titles and 19 Grand Slam crowns overall, The Tennis Podcast discussed where he sits in the pantheon of all-time greats - and not just in tennis. Is he better than Rod Laver, Bjorn Borg, and Rafael Nadal (who has a winning record against him)? Are his achievements ...…
You know last week the episode had Lord Buckethead in the title, but we didn't actually talk about him very much. This week we talk about him a lot, but I already named last week’s show. Today we learn a little bit about everyone: Rygar is so organized that he owns the deluxe version of the P-touch label maker, Borg breaks Youtube, EZ teaches u ...…
Desert Island Discs
Kirsty Young's castaway is the tennis player and commentator, John McEnroe. He won three singles and five doubles Wimbledon titles, four singles and four doubles at the US Open and was ranked number one in the world for four consecutive years in the 1980s. John McEnroe grew up in New York and didn't pick up a tennis racquet until the age of eig ...…
In this episode we hang out with Fun/Bad mom’s at both Dinner/Christmas, find out what’s so impressive about Borg vs. McEnroe, and learn how to Breath with Andrew Garfield. Plus our thoughts on Okja, Baby Driver, and Spiderman Homecoming!
OJ Borg, Simon Brotherton & Rob Hayles reflect on Stage 14 as Chris Froome sensationally reclaims the yellow jersey after a thrilling uphill sprint, which was won by Michael Matthews.
Vicky and Joe discuss why you should be more like Star Trek’s Borg race. Yes, the Borg is evil and wants to enslave all humans, but that’s besides the point. The Borg has some fantastic lessons that every business owner can learn from. Are you currently experiencing some resistance from within yourself? Well, all you have to do is look to the B ...…
Jason Kottke, purveyor of Fine Hypertext Products, joins Scott to discuss TNG’s “Q Who” (S2E16). Another Q episode! Topics include Sonya Gomez, Guinan’s super powers, and if the Borg are truly happy. Host Scott McNulty with Jason Kottke Sponsors Want Geordi to read you a story? I have I got the podcast for you! Levar Burton’s new podcast, calle ...…
Greenville Seminary & Mt. Olive
A new MP3 sermon from Greenville Seminary & Mt. Olive is now available on with the following details: Title: #151 - Denominational Debrief 2017 - RPCNA Subtitle: Confessing Our Hope Speaker: Kyle Borg Broadcaster: Greenville Seminary & Mt. Olive Event: Podcast Date: 7/13/2017 Length: 60 min. (64kbps) Overview: In this edition of ...…
Confessing Our Hope: The Podcast of Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary
In this edition of the podcast, Rev. Kyle Borg discusses the 186th Synod of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America (RPCNA), held June 28-30, 2017.
How are you feeling this morning? Are you riled up about the US national team’s skin-of-their-teeth win against Martinique? Or is it just part of the process? With Andrew back in New York – complete with a few mystery bites from Kansas wildlife – the guys break down the Gold Cup for Bruce Arena so far, the winners and losers from Wednesday nigh ...…
Comedy Bang Bang: The Podcast
Comedian, musician, and YouTube star Flula Borg joins Scott and our old friend Ming to talk about rollercoaster football, his new special Flulanthropy, and growing up in Germany. Ming also has a very special segment in which he talks about 80s video games. Plus, voice teacher Willard “Willy” Mapleton pops on by to introduce everyone to legendar ...…
Selling With Social - A Sales, Social Selling & Social Media Podcast
How competitive is your company’s talent recruitment efforts? What would it mean for your business if you had a top notch talent recruiting service AND a team of sales and marketing experts at your disposal? Can you imagine the impact and advantage that type of service could provide your company? On this episode of #SellingWithSocial, you’ll he ...…
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