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Best Brad Shoemaker And Will Smith podcasts we could find (updated December 2019)
Best Brad Shoemaker And Will Smith podcasts we could find
Updated December 2019
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Each Sunday, Brad Shoemaker and Will Smith discuss a new technology topic. Come for the long-form conversations about virtual reality, space travel, electric cars, refresh rates, and a whole lot more.
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You ask and we answer! This week, we tackle relevant tech topics like chicken farming, vaporware, drive-by-wire, upgrading a 486 to a 586, and what will definitely be the final email about cooking rice in a pressure cooker. Enjoy!By Will Smith, Brad Shoemaker
The annual giving of thanks is almost upon us, so Brad and Will sat down to chew the well-rendered bird fat about a few of the technologies they're thankful for, from noise-canceling headphones to... speedy Windows installs?By Brad Shoemaker, Will Smith
That self-driving car GIFBy Brad Shoemaker, Will Smith
Apologies for the crackling in the audio! A recording snafu forced us to use a backup recording that wasn't as high quality as we would have liked.By Brad Shoemaker, Will Smith
The best reference material I found on quantum computing (It's a comic). Scott Aaronson's blog with a ton of good quantum computing info. Larry Osterman on Microsoft's backwards slashes. The time Pixar deleted Toy Story 2.By Brad Shoemaker, Will Smith
The technological singularity may or may not be looming in our future, so we attempt to get to the bottom of singularities past and present, quantum intelligence, civilizational collapse, and other cheerful subjects. Plus: a hands-on report and one (1) email!By Will Smith, Brad Shoemaker
This week we crack open the time capsule with the first episode we ever recorded, about screens! From their humble origins with the first analog TVs to modern ultra-fast gaming monitors and adaptive sync in next-gen consoles, we go deep on this most refreshing topic.By Will Smith, Brad Shoemaker
This week, we talk about supply chain. Why did the iPod Nano beget the iPhone? What's the big deal with batteries? What does the Gmail launch have to do with supply chain? Find out the answers to these questions (and more!) on this week's Tech Pod.By Brad Shoemaker, Will Smith
This week we had the brilliant idea of talking about food tech while we were starving. Pressure cookers! Air fryers! The Maillard reaction! N-nitrogen dewars? Roto-stators? Do people really put sugar in grits? All that and more on our most delicious episode yet!By Will Smith, Brad Shoemaker
Here's the mid-'90s memo outlining the use of private address ranges like for internal network use. If you happen to be Robert G. Moskowitz, we'd love to chat! https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc1918By Will Smith, Brad Shoemaker
Batteries power everything from phones and laptops to cars now, but it feels like the technology is lagging behind. Brad and Will talk about different types of batteries and how they work, share some good guidelines for care and maintenance of the lithium batteries that are in most of your mobile devices, and contemplate Will's high-tech high s ...…
Brad and Will contemplate their own mortality while discussing this week's Apple event. Topics include Apple's newest iPhones, Watches, iPads, and services. There's also at least one banger of a segue. Enjoy!By Will Smith, Brad Shoemaker
On this inaugural episode, Brad and Will share their technological origin stories and why they've always loved tech. Hear the reason they're making a podcast, the stories of their first PC builds, and their love of Socket 7. Enjoy!By Brad Shoemaker, Will Smith
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