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The Blogging Millionaire

The Blogging Millionaire

The Blogging Millionaire Media Network

The Blogging Millionaire podcast teaches you the secret blogging strategies that pro bloggers use to grow their traffic and monetize their blogs. Our host built his blog to over 1 million monthly visitors in less than two years after his first blog post. He will guide you down the path to becoming a master of blogging, WordPress, SEO, search engine marketing, internet marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, email list building, content marketing, website engagement, conversion op ...
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A common mistake that bloggers make is trying to sound like they have a 3 Phds. Even if you are able to pull this off at a high level, then you are still going to fail. The reason for this is because less than 5% of adults in the United States read at a college grade level. That means you would be alienating 95% of the visitors that come to your bl…
There is nothing more frustrating to a blogger then investing a year or two into a new blog and seeing little to nothing in return for all that hard work. At some point, you have to face the what the numbers are telling you. If you had a business where you were paying $4000 a month in rent and $10,000 to three employees, you would quickly abandon t…
For the most part, bloggers fall short when it comes to researching a topic and writing an outline. They just want to open up WordPress and start writing. If you skip the research and outline step, then you are going to be left with an average post that will not be able to compete with the more comprehensive posts on the same topic.…
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