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B Squared
Podcast by Brandon and Brian
Join the Bi-Weekly companion podcast to our YouTube channel where Bears Of Color come together to discuss Pop Culture, News, Social Issues, Nerd Culture, and much much more. No Topic is off limits and no tongues will be held.
B-Squared Show
Jordan Bernfield and Brian Bedo are just two guys who love talking Chicago Cubs baseball. Both have covered the team on the major and minor league levels!
Massive Mix
B Squared and DJ ILL Present: Massive Mix, a monthly podcast hosted by both B Squared and DJ ILL featuring their favorite tracks.
Square Waves
Square Waves | a monthly mix tape by B Squared highlighting his favorite tracks of the present and future.
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This week we talk about how Brian has become a menace to society. Also, we discuss our plans to join the military.
Welcome and thanks for listening to the Cynics Media Cast for 50 Episodes!! There’s no better way to kick off episode 50 than with plenty of guests and E3 announcements. Join us (and our guests) to hear our thoughts on the conferences and the state of the gaming industry as we know it. (The notes below are Tim’s E3 Show notes and include links ...…
Dave McCarthy with BSQUARE joins Ken Briodagh to discuss addressing customers' needs and the paths to success in the IoT space.
In this episode of IoT Time Podcast, Ken Briodagh, editorial director at IoT Evolution (, sits down with Dave McCarthy (@BusinessofDave)of Bsquare (, to talk about how you get business value out of IoT, Industrial IoT Trends, and key IIoT Markets. This episode is sponsored by IoT Evolution Health (iotevolutionh ...…
This week, we talk about Asian culture, Brian get's passionate about some shrimp, and he makes some bad coffee. We also add some racist soundbites and talk about bad drivers.
This week we pretend that we know what really happened last week in Virginia, we crack down on Instagram users and Brian sits in silence for three minutes.
We're Back! After finally getting the laptop to turn on, we have come back less prepared than ever to talk about veganism, air travel, and how bad Brian is at getting his way.
This week we pick up right where we left off by pondering why women do what they do themselves. We also take a look at some weird associations that exist around the world.
Ariele! Bree! Briana! Arianne! These forces combined create...ABBA!! Our hosts are joined by their best friends of over 13 years to hilariously answer questions from a hat. They cover it all - from relationship goals to Taye Diggs' cheeks to how funky they would get for $10,000. PLUS, find out what text etiquette violations will get you BLOCKED.…
This week we dive into the world of "Body Earthing." We also go into various pyramid schemes and why they are such a great idea.
This week we pay a little attention to whats going on in the world. We make fun of strange people and talk about what we would do in a zombie apocalypse.
It was a good week for the Cubs. They're starting to look like, you know, the Cubs. We discuss. Also, Jordan's getting married this weekend, so we hit on that and the awesome video Brian made about the Cubs for his daughter. Also, Jordan's guaranteeing a winning streak.
This week we talk about not talking about politics. Also bad parenting, horrible retail experiences, and Brian's terrible luck.
This week we pretend we are experts in everything from astrophysics to immigration. Disclaimer: conversation randomly jumps topics for effect.
This week, we talk about how awesome Star Wars is. We also go into some stories about how awful we are at being employees as well as our favorite burgers and our views on minimum wage.
The Cubs are off to a slow start in 2017, but Jordan and Brian aren't panicking. Why last year's World Series win takes the stress out of the start, what has been concerning to this point, and more.
This week we wake up our friend Kyle to join us to share stories of how drunk and irresponsible we used to be.
The Cubs have lost 4 in a row. Panic in the streets? Not with us. There are some concerns, though. Brian and Jordan discuss their moments of Cubs irrational anger, Jason Heyward's solid start, and Bedo- shockingly- predicts a big winning streak.
This week we talk about people that piss us off, stories of us being idiots, and a really awesome drinking game.
In our first ever podcast, we get over stage fright by talking about what frightens the lunatics in this world.
Bedo and Bernfield are back! It's 2017, the Cubs are still World Champions, and the guys are still basking in the glow. They'll reminisce about the offseason, and look ahead at some of the topics in this year's spring training. Enjoy!
Brooke and Barron (B Squared) discuss episodes of Star Trek and drink weird craft beers. We'll work our way through every iteration and every episode starting with the Original Series. In this first episode we discuss the first two pilots, The Cage and Where No Man Has Gone Before, and drink Berkshire Brewing Company Coffeehouse Porter.…
In this episode of B SQUARED we discuss DCU Movies, Netflix Controversy and Trump VS Court Host: James, Ali, JoseOur Social Media's Twitter: @bigboyproject1Facebook: www.thebigboyproject.comB Squared Podcast:…
We sit down and discuss the inauguration and the effect it has
KISSY SELL OUT DJ Mix Part 1:Danny Elfman - Home Alone Theme (Kissy Klub Version) [White]Rob Deep - Get Stupid (Kissy Re-Edit)Seinabo Sey - Younger (CamelPhat Remix) Distro - The Drum feat. Dread Mc (Sly-One Remix - Kissy Re-Edit) [White]Hifi Sean - Testify (Steve Mac Dub Remix - Kissy Re-Edit) [White]Riton - Betta Riddim (Kissy Re-Edit) [White ...…
As men we always have to put up a tough persona. but, does it make a man weak if he cry's?Special Guest: Jay Holliday Website: www.bigboypride.comTwitter: @bigboyprideThe Big Boy ProjectWebsite: www.thebigboyproject.comTwitter: @bigboyproject1Facebook: The Big Boy Project
The Chicago Cubs are World Champions! Brian and Jordan discuss the epic game 7 and the club's first title in 108 years. They discuss the moment they won, the parade and rally, and add a brief preview of the offseason.
Jordan and Brian preview the NLDS between the Cubs and Giants. Need we say more?
In this special episode of the IoT Time Podcast, Ken Briodagh, editorial director at IoT Evolution (, sits down with Craig Spiezle, Online Trust Alliance (; Dave McCarthy, Bsquare (; and Tom Hunt, Windspring ( to talk about the Ethics of Big Data, Privacy and the IoT. To watch the ...…
On this week's show, Brian and Jordan celebrate the NL Central Championship for the Cubs. They also discuss the potential playoff match-ups, and tell you why this may be the Cubs' renaissance.
Brian's daughter officially has a 1.0 WAR after attending her first Cubs game. We discuss the Bedo family trip to Wrigley for the "Jason Heyward Game", Kyle Hendricks' continued dominance, and who we'd like to see the Cubs face in the NLDS.
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