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BU General Internal Medicine Grand Rounds
A clinically focused weekly conference aimed at the practicing internist. A project of the BU SGIM Community Medicine Unit.
BU Athletics
On the sidelines, in the locker room and on the bench, Boston University Athletics provides a unique blend of games, highlights, interviews and profiles. With this original content, BU fans, students and alumni now have a new way to follow their Terriers.
BU Athletic Training Podcasts
Audio and Video from all of your favorite classes!!
She-rab Dong-bu (The Tree of Wisdom) by NAGARJUNA
The She-rab Dong-bu (Tree of Wisdom) is a metrical translation in Tibetan of a Sanscrit ethical work entitled Prajnya Danda, written by Nagarjuna who flourished in the fourth century of the Buddhist era (about 100 B.C.), The Tibetan version was probably made about the 11th century of our era but the exact date has not been determined. It is included in the Ten-gyur, ངོ་ section, volume གོ་, beginning at leaf 165. The Tibetan translator describes it as the second volume but I cannot say wheth ...
Recited Mushaf for Reciter Salah Bu Khater
Recited Mushaf for Reciter Salah Bu Khater [High Quality mp3 128 format].
Bu-Blitzed with Dan Bublitz Jr.
"Bu-Blitzed" is a weekly podcast of comedian Dan Bublitz Jr in which he talks about whatever is on his mind. Mostly comedy and life!!!
Jenifa Mayanja - Bu-Mako Experience on Motion FM
Discover and experience music in a totally different way! Tune in to Motion FM every Friday at 14.00 EST- 20.00 CET and enjoy the Bu-Mako Experience with Jenifa Mayanja.
A show about science, technology, pop culture, and most of all film. Each episode, Tom and Zach discuss, criticize, and evaluate a new film.
Hosted by Alex and Kent (two undergraduate students in the College of Arts & Sciences), BUcast provides news, stories, and opinions about the Boston University community.
The Beanpot with Reimer & Clauss
"The official podcast of WTBU's award-winning "Beanpot with Reimer & Clauss," a talk show of underwhelming proportions. Join syndicated sports talk radio host Alex Reimer and news personality Kyle Clauss as they sweat the small stuff and discuss everything from Boston sports, to current events, to Kyle's misanthropy, to Alex's ongoing struggle with Boston University's dining hall staff. It's like a cup of black coffee for your soul. Tune in to "The Beanpot with Reimer & Clauss" Sundays, 10am ...
Boston University School of Law
The Boston University School of Law Podcasts bring a special series of interviews with BU Law Professors and Thought Leaders. The show is hosted by BU Law Alum and WBZ Radio host Dan Rea.
Alaska Cruise Transportation Guide
Alaska is a last frontier and in our show we share details on how to avoid common pitfalls and scams. Not all transporation equal - listen to learn.
BUNS Podcast
One stop shopping for all audio news brought to you by the BU News Service
When Pigskins Fly
BU News Service's Fantasy Football Podcast - Host Erin Wade and BUNS fantasy football expert Rob Carter break down the latest news from around the NFL.
Petodhuna Odhi Bunga @
“Program Petodhuna Odhi Bunga panena aropaagi begien deri pelayanan pangajeren Alketab se asepat global.Seri-seri pangajeren paneka epondut deri pangajeren-pangajeren deri DR. J. Vernon McGee tor pon eterjemaagi sarta ecocokkagi kelaben lebbi deri 100 besa tor petotor.Pangajeren-pangajeren paneka e delem bentuk program radio sabben areh 30 menitan se asepat sistimatis kelaben tojjuwen pamireng bisa mahamih sadejeh essena Alketab. Semangken pangajeren-pangajeren se padeh ampon kasadiya begi p ...
Jenifa Mayanja "Many faces of"
I am a mom first, musician/producer/dj and label owner...i wear many faces every moment because i live to create. My radio show is weekly on on Fridays and my label is bu-mako recordings,
Be Unfuckwithable
The BU Podcast is for go getters who want more from life and aren't willing to settle from 'good enough'. This show constitutes conversations that challenge the social expectations of how we think, live and show up in the world. Refreshing and authentic interviews that serve as a mini mentoring session for life. On this show, you will discover people who defy the norms of success, business and happiness and who'll inspire you to live life on your terms. It's totally uncensored on every level ...
İran Azərbaycanı - Voice of America
Bu proqramda İran Azərbaycanında və İranda baş verən hadisələr, İranda insan hüquqlarının vəziyyəti, İran azərbaycanlılarının problemləri, İranın Azərbaycan Respublikası ilə əlaqələri, Azərbaycanın tarixi və mədəniyyəti, tarixdə xüsusi ilə İran azərbaycanında gördüyü işlərlə tanınmış şəxslərin
Sharin' Hour
Hi. I'm Sheran James, resident Brit, so don't hold it against me if I sound funny. The Sharin' Hour (a pun on my name) is my attempt to "share" everything and everyone of interest I know in the hope they'll be of equal interest to you. Stuff I look for is: what makes us all tick? Why do we choose the particular lives and careers we do? I like people's backstories and to that end, I interview the most fascinating people I can find and/or dig out archival material where they've publicly expres ...
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Ahmet Naç, sınıfındaki örnekleri ele alarak yaptığı konuşmasında dersini bu defa güldürerek veriyor."Duvarları Yıkan Öğretmen" Ahmet NaçAhmet Naç öğretmenlik mesleğine Siirt’in bir köyünde başladı. 5 yıl orada çalıştı. Daha sonra ise İstanbul Esenler’deki Mehmet Akif Ersoy İlkokulu’na tayin oldu.Ahmet Naç, Manchester Salford Üniversitesi’nin eğ ...…
For 60,000 years, traditional Aboriginal healers or ngankari (pronounced as nun-ka-ri) have treated patients using a set of ancient medical knowledge system passed down from generations. Today, the 21st century ngankaris are being reintroduced... (Bû 60,000 sale ku dermanên kevnar yan jî ngnkari yên xelkêresen nixweshan îlac dikine ku ev sîstêm ...…
// OSCEDAYS BERLIN - HOW TO CREATE A WASTE FREE FUTURE ​“It’s a tough nut to crack, but just throw your brains on it. And if there’s enough brains on it, then maybe the nut will crack” - Lars Zimmermann For yet another, hopefully world-changing episode, I sat down with Lars Zimmermann, who is a core member of the OSCEdays in Berlin. What are th ...…
Some of the Sports World’s Not-So-Stellar Moments Segment 6: The guys go through some controversial stories in this segment, including Yasiel Puig’s latest dustup and the potential pitfalls from drinking Kombucha tea.
Seattle Sensation: Dave Sims Chats with GDG Segment 5: Dave Sims has one of the most recognizable voices in sports broadcasting. He was in town this week as the Mariners visited the Twins. He sat down with Larry to talk about the effort to get more African-Americans into the sports. Plus, what’s it like seeing one of the best MLB teams in the H ...…
More Draft Night Repercussions Segment 4: Our hosts circle back to the Thursday night trade between the Timberwolves and the Bulls. Did Chicago do better than people may think after getting Zach LaVine and Kris Dunn? And have things turned upside-down for pro hoops in L.A.?
Can’t Take the Heat? Try a Little Ice. Segment 3: We know it gets hot in the American Southwest, but even this week has been ridiculous. Eric and Larry discuss the record-setting heat wave across (and beyond) the Desert. Then, are the Vegas Golden Knights going to be good for the NHL?
Twins Take a Step Back Segment 2: The AL Central has stayed tight, with the Twins now in a position they haven’t experienced since mid-May…chasing. The guys look at another head-scratching homestand for the team. Can they stay in the chase for the postseason…or the division?
This weekend is a dream come true for kids realizing the dream of becoming a professional athlete. Some day, a couple of kids may become the next Eric and Larry. For now, though, let’s enjoy them broadcasting from the Downtown Minneapolis studio. They look into the present (Twins fall out of first) and future (Wolves draft includes trading for ...…
Good Times with Mo: The Podcast Season 5
Internet celebs on the podcast with social media comedian, sensation Dyosa Pockoh and Internet Action star Ramon Bautista as they talk about difficult choices! One caller give update on his erectile dysfunction while asking whether to pursue his career and passion or help on their family business. Another caller confuse about his feelings ask h ...…
Topyen ( The Only Podcast You'll Ever Need) is a podcast that at its core is about gaming news bu sometimes we will talk about other topics. News from between June 18th, 2017 and June 22th, 2017. This should also be on itunes.
The other day I accidentally told my Chinese tutor that I was perfect. 我說「我完全了!」 (我)(說)「(我)(完全)(了)!」 (ㄨㄛˇ) (ㄕㄨㄛ) [(ㄨㄛˇ) (ㄨㄢˊ ㄑㄨㄢˊ) (ㄌㄜ˙)] (wǒ)(shuō) [(wǒ)(wán quán)(le.)!] (I)(to say, to speak) [(I)(complete, whole, totally, entirely)(intensifies preceding clause)!] I said, “I am perfect!” I was trying to explain that I had finished something. ...…
Crosstalk Home Show Information Air Date: June 22, 2017 Host: Jim Schneider Listen: MP3 ???| Order ?During part 2 of this look at LGBT 'Pride', Jim highlighted what is happening internationally amidst the rebellion against God. Examples included: --Hundreds of thousands attend Brazil's gay pride parade in Sao Paulo on June 18th. This year's eve ...…
When the world needs a hero, it looks to the JRPG protagonist: stolid, inoffensive, generally teenaged. Throw in some magic spirits that can be swapped during combat to summon giant monsters, and a sprawling overworld, and you've got yourself a solid game. Will Isaac save the world? Will our narrators quit out of boredom before that happens? 2 ...…
Workers of the DİSK Confederation at the Gezi Park protests. The tag says “Tayyip, this is the beginning of the end” Since 2002, when the Party of Development and Justice (AKP) seized power in Turkey, the relationship between state institutions and unions has changed toward polarization and fragmentation. The increasing interference of the gove ...…
The federal government offers different types of payments to help families, including the family tax benefit. Do you know if you're eligible, how you could access it and what changes are coming from 1 July? (Bu yardımdan yararlanma hakkınız var mı? 1 Temmuz'dan itibaren Family Tax Benefit'te yapılacak değişiklikler neler?)…
In this episode: – Bernie Sanders is an old socialist fool, bu he bears no responsibility in the shooting of GOP House members; – Big Fat John will not accept the premise that language causes violence; – The Left’s hypocrisy on the connection of words and actions is astounding; – Is suggesting that someone kill themselves a crime? – The troubli ...…
Sacramento CA Real Estate Podcast with Thomas March
If you’re in the market for a new home or investment property, one of the first questions you’ll probably ask is, “What can we afford?” Many buyers become so caught up in how much they can afford that they don’t realize their total buying power—that is, the total amount of purchasing potential they actually have. Buying Power Defined Your buyin ...…
Off Stage and On The Air
Listen to the Show Right Click to Save Guests Different Stages "The Dresser" City Theatre "The Taming of The Shrew" What We Talked About Romy & Michelle Opened in Seattle - Reviews Third Rail Projects’ Immersive Ghost Light – Reviews Musical Boost after Tonys for non-winning musicals Randy Rainbow Bruce Lin-Manuel and Grenfell Tower benefit Jos ...…
6/21/2017 No traditional episode this week. Please enjoy some mid-70's jingles instead! The audio in this episode comes from Download uitb0308.mp3 The Unimportant Updates! I have decided to give up on bringing back the snaejneerg podcast. I have removed the site permanently. ...…
Crosstalk Home Show Information Air Date: June 21, 2017 Host: Jim Schneider Listen: MP3 ???| Order ?June is recognized by some as LGBT pride month to mark the anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall Riots. This was actually a rebellion in Manhattan because it was a rebellion against God. In light of this, Jim highlighted numerous stories that provide ...…
A closer look at the Australian politics, economics and social life with columnist Mr Kazım AteÅŸ. (Bu haftanın Avustralya Gündeminde gazeteci, köşe yazarı Kazım Ateş ile, canlı yayında, Avustralyada son günlerin önemli gündem maddelerini konuştuk. )
Vocational Rehabilitation Workforce Studio » Podcast
Rick Sizemore Director of the Wilson Workforce and Rehabilitation Center email 540-332-7214 Anne Hudlow Director of the WWRC Foundation email Today’s Special Guests Rob Froehlich Pam Cobler The Vocational Rehabilitation Return on Investment project is available on twitter @vrroi or at the websit ...…
#Episode 93 - Top 10 Countdown (To hear this episode, click on the title directly above) TOPIC: TOP TEN COUNTDOWN # No TITLE ARTIST EPISODE 93 - JUNE 9, 2017 1 Faults Ft. Japhia Life Tanya Dallas-Lewis 2 Lit (Remix) Ft. Surf Gvng Fedel DJ GEECHEE MAN - CHH AND R&P MIX (SONGS 3 - 20) 3 Counter Culture Ft. Lox Erica Danea 4 Blessings Ft. Ty Dolla ...…
#Episode 92 - Lebron Vs. Jordan (To hear this episode, click on the title directly above) TOPIC: LEBRON VS. JORDAN # No TITLE ARTIST EPISODE 92 - JUNE 2, 2017 1 New Wave (Remix) Ft. Surf Gvng & Ty Brasel S.O. DJ GEECHEE MAN - CHH AND R&P MIX (SONGS 2 - 18) 2 Lion Or Lamb Ft. Monolog & Luke G 2.0 3 Won't Leave Me Ft. D-MAUB Daarinah 4 T.G.I.F. ( ...…
BU and Spec discuss the NHL Entry Draft and get to some of your text messages. oilersnow
June 20 - Oilers Now Seg 2 - Mark Spector in studio part 1. BU and Spec discuss the Vegas expansion draft and who wins the NHL Awards tomorrow night. oilersnow
June 20 - Oilers Now Seg 1 - Bob joins BU & NHL Today oilersnow
#Episode 91 - Memorial Day (To hear this episode, click on the title directly above) TOPIC: MEMORIAL DAY # No TITLE ARTIST EPISODE 91 - MAY 26, 2017 1 Perfect 4 Me C.J King DJ JESUSBEATS - LET THE BEAT KNOCK MIX (SONGS 2 - 16) 2 Smith & Wesson Ft. Ty Brasel KB 3 Sippin' IMKai 4 By A Landslide Shiwan & Benjamin Broadway 5 Potion Fedel 6 Catch A ...…
Bu haftaki podcastimizde haftanın en iyi filmi İzlanda yapımı Gençlik Başımda Duman'ı (Hjartasteinn) ve kapanacağı duyurulan Beyoğlu Sineması'nın durumunu ve kurtulma ümidini konuştuk.Gençlik Başımda Duman 00:00Beyoğlu Sineması 10:05Adı Geçen Filmler:Hvalfjörður (Whale Valley)Fish TankHrútar (İnatçılar)Fúsi (Bakir Dev) Katılımcılar: Sezen Sayın ...…
WGN Plus – WGN Radio – 720 AM
The Better Business Bureau is out with its TOP summer scams of 2017. President and CEO Steve Bernas sits down with Andrea Darlas to dissect the top 5. You’ll be surprised to hear what the #1 scam of the summer is…again!! We also talk about summer employment scams targeted toward high school and college graduates. Remember, when in doubt, BBB it ...…
HaBO Village - Helping leaders build Passion and Provision companies
In episode 27 of our podcast, Michael and Kathryn discuss the topic of grief and how it affects your company. Whether you are a leader who is experiencing grief, or it's one of your employees, knowing the 5 Stages of Grief and how to identify them will benefit your Passion and Provision company. In This Episode You Will Learn: How grief can neg ...…
Crosstalk Home Show Information Air Date: June 20, 2017 Host: Jim Schneider Listen: MP3 ???| Order ?There's an anger and fervor that's been building in our nation in recent months and it's reaching a boiling point. This was exhibited just last week when a group of Republican congressmen, who were practicing for the annual congressional baseball ...…
Your intrepid heroes travel to Vulkan, rebind keys, and talk about Starcraft. Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War 3 faces the CHAIRQUISITION! Game: Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War 3 Webzone: Devel: Relic Entertainment / Feral Interactive Engine: Essence Engine 4.0 Price: 59.99 / CDN 71.99 Wazzat: Step into a brutal b ...…
Mercury Broadcasting
From ZDnet article on Firefox Lisa Toth: Recently updated my Microsoft account to reflect a new email address. When that seemed to be working, I deleted the old address. When I come directly here (to Microsoft) my new address. When I am trying to sign in to OneDrive it shows my old address and I can’t sign in. I’ve asked for a new pw and set it ...…
Topyen ( The Only Podcast You'll Ever Need) is a podcast that at its core is about gaming news bu sometimes we will talk about other topics. News from between June 14th, 2017 and June 18th, 2017. This should also be on youtube and itunes.
Crosstalk Home Show Information Air Date: June 19, 2017 Host: Jim Schneider Guest: John Guandolo Listen: MP3 ???| Order ?John Guandolo is a counter-terrorism expert. He's a former FBI agent. When with the FBI he was assigned to the counter-terrorism division which created and implemented the FBI's first counter-terrorism training. He's the foun ...…
Kingdom Life Church Podcast Sermons
June 18, 2017 Sermon Notes—"Five Kings" Scripture: Jeremiah 22 "We proclaim him, admonishing and teaching everyone with all wisdom, so that we may present everyone perfect in Christ." Colossians 1:28 (NIV84) Chapter 22 contains God's message to four kings: 1Thus says the Lord: "Go down to the house of the king of Judah and speak there this word ...…
Australian School principals and parents could know within days what their 2018 budgets and fees will look like. The Turnbull government is hopeful of passing its new funding deal by week's end (Avustralya'da ortaokul-lise müdürleri ile veliler okullarının 2018 öğretim yılı bütçesini ve okul ücretlerini birkaç gün içinde öğrenebilecek. Hükümet, ...…
SBS Turkish had an interview with Mr Bulent Yontem on Anadoluspor (Hume City FC)'s Dockerty Cup semi final match against Heidelberg which is going to be held on next Wednesday evening at Port Melbourne. (Anadoluspor'un Halkla İlişkiler Sorumlusu Bülent Yöntem ile klübün bu çarşamba akşamı Heidelberg'e karşı, Port Melbourne taıkımının sahasında ...…
Put down the diet soda. In today's Academic Minute, Boston University's Matthew Pase looks into whether diet drinks are more harmful than previously thought. Pase is a fellow in the department of neurology at BU's School of Medicine. A transcript of this podcast can be found here. Section: Academic Minute File: 06-19-17 Boston - Diet Soda and A ...…
Shepherds Advantage Leadership Podcast
To Get Ahead, Put Others First The true leader serves. Serves people. Serves their best interests, and in so doing will not always be popular, may not always impress. But because true leaders are motivated by loving concern rather than a desire for personal glory, they are willing to pay the price – Eugene Habecker When you think of servanthood ...…
Preached at the Korle-Bu Centre, Cape Town, South Africa
Finished Items: Jill finished her Wonder Warmer by Sick Lil Monkeys out of Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo. Her Rav page is here. She got her swap package sent out, but can't share the projects yet. My Current Fix: Jill is soooo close to finishing her Shusui Shrug by Susanne Sommer. She is clipping along on a River Otter by Sara Elizabeth Kellner. T ...…
Chris Ross
Preached at the Korle-Bu Centre, Cape Town, South Africa
Steam Direct is live! Humble gets kinky, Hitman goes indie, and Two Worlds II delays their Linux port. Then Dawn of War 3 faces the CHAIRQUISITION! All this, plus your hate mail. Subscribe: // Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro Steam News: Live direct They are going to m ...…
Steam Direct is live! Humble gets kinky, Hitman goes indie, and Two Worlds II delays their Linux port. Then Dawn of War 3 faces the CHAIRQUISITION! All this, plus your hate mail. Subscribe: //
Steam Direct is live! Humble gets kinky, Hitman goes indie, and Two Worlds II delays their Linux port. Then Dawn of War 3 faces the CHAIRQUISITION! All this, plus your hate mail. Subscribe: //
LinuxGameCast Weekly Video SD
Steam Direct is live! Humble gets kinky, Hitman goes indie, and Two Worlds II delays their Linux port. Then Dawn of War 3 faces the CHAIRQUISITION! All this, plus your hate mail. Subscribe: //
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