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Thx Bud Podcast
Two dope girls, Chanelle Berlin and Diane Phan, track the good, the wretched, and the ridiculous about the Los Angeles Kings and still leave room to clown headlines from around the NHL.
Air Buds
Air Buds is a podcast hosted by Jamel Johnson, Peter Moses, and Mike Benner where they have stupid smart discussions about the NBA.
Welcome to My West Coast Buds! A podcast about all of my favorite things Weed, Stand-Up Comedy, Coffee, and Spirits. A loose hang, with a few friends who are experts in these industries. My guests and I have found a way to make a living doing what we love! So really this show is about having passion for something, going after it, and sharing it with you! Our new “Bud”, The listener.
Best Buds Podcasts
Podcast by Best Buds Podcasts
We watch and comment on kickass #Horror movies and good beer. Proud member of the #MoviePodSquad, #PodernFamily and #EMCPodNetwork. Have a suggestion for a movie? Tweet to us using #3BPod and @3bhorrorpod
Just Buds
Highly caffeinated, barely tolerable, and your #1 source for words that don't matter.Graphics made with Logomakr
Story, Bud ?
Life begins and ends with stories. Ceire and Jess talk about life issues through stories.
Bud and Broadway's Instant Replay features the best parts of each day's show from the good ol' boy odd couple. Hear the funniest moments, including All I Need to Know and What's Up Florida?! Bud and Broadway's Instant Replay - Real Life. Real People. Real Fun.
Hi folks! I'm Tyler Webster from North Dakota. I plan on discussing the ins and outs of bird hunting, DIY hunting, and general shenanigans involving a variety of guests with varying degrees of experience and seriousness.
Friends go on a journey of discovery, as they review the TV show Finding Bigfoot, and occasionally other sources, to determine whether or not they believe.
Contestants from all the Bachelor Nation shows (The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise etc.) join Rose Buds hosts Eddie and Lynn for live and unfiltered peeks inside the Bachelor franchise. From the popular One Word, One Answer segment to behind-the-scenes intel, Rose Buds is the only Bachelor podcast that offers exclusive content combined with an impeccable knowledge of the franchise. After being featured in People Magazine and The Inquisitr, some of the most notable interview ...
Good Timin' Buds
"We're just a couple of white guys, making assumptions, about people we don't know, on issues that we have nothing to do with." - Good Timin' Buds*NEW EPISODES RELEASED EVERY OTHER THURSDAYFeel like thanking us? Shoot us an email at
Bud and Broadway take you backstage with your favorite NEW Country stars! Tales about the craziest things to happen on tour, personal stories about their kids, and who likes to party and who is really chill. Find out each week with Bud and Broadway Backstage!
A show about the Common Good (which is an uncommon topic--get it?), the Social Teaching of the Church, Servant Leadership, and the Social Reign of Jesus Christ.Weekly Wednesday at 10:00 am and 11:00 am on Iowa Catholic Radio!
Bud Hedinger
Good Morning Orlando with Bud Hedinger and Deborah Roberts
Bud Cast!
Podcast by Cam McLean & Noah Van Nest
Bud Ears
A collection of cool, interesting and funny things heard by a nerd. Tracks will be consistently inconsistent and tend to drop with regular irregularity. Find everything at
Oregon Buds
Welcome to Oregon Buds. We are here to share the stories of the fastest growing industry in America and soon the world. Your hosts Mikal and Chuck are excited to guide you through this new and wonderful frontier that lays ahead of all us. We both currently work in the industry as a grower (Mikal) and a sale representative (Chuck). Every week you will get to listen to a current employee in the Oregon market. From Owners to trimmers we will be sitting down and sharing stories and getting to kn ...
Story, Bud ?
Life begins and ends with stories. Ceire and Jess talk about life issues through stories.
Story Buds
Three hosts (Drew, Dustin, and Daniel) take the framework of published stories and take them in a new direction.
BJ und Darrell watch wrestling, and share their take-aways and opinions from the wonderful world of pro wrestling. With a heavy focus on fantasy booking, and tendencies to get off topic, there is never a dull moment with the BuDs.
Suds With Buds
Join the Suds With Buds host Wade as he chats with friends, relatives, and mere acquaintances about why they like beer. Always up for trying something new, come along with Wade as he learns more about beer and the growing craft beer industry. Proudly #yeg
Mile High Brew Review presents... Buds & Brews Podcast! A series of podcasts of friends talking about alcohol, video games and movies! Join us weekly and have some fun as we discuss trailers and news for the latest games and movies. Hosts: Mike Trin, Bobby Q, and Alan. Visit our website at
This is a weekly Podcast hosted by Tom and Adam, two long suffering Leafs fans. We chat about the Leafs, news from around the NHL and hockey in general.
Bands 'N Buds
Bands & Buds is a music podcast hosted by Drew Khan & Sarah Burke.
Beers & Buds
On Beers & Buds we're joined by new guests, we try new beer and try to get through this shows topic!
Buds, Bikes, and Bacon. Need we say more?
Beers and Buds
Just a couple of men, drinking brew and smoking buds taking about things that may or not be important. We drink a new beer and smoke a new strain every episode.
Best Buds Podcast
Welcome to the Best Buds Podcast! We’re three dudes from Toronto who decided to start a podcast centered around pop culture, media, politics, and sports, all through the lens of marijuana. Join Lyve Kaos, Muddy H2O, and Navster each week as we sample different buds and discuss various topics.Feedback? Questions? Comments? E-mail us at bestbudspod at gmail dot com!
Ear Buds The Podcast
Ear Buds The Podcast has comedians and buds Ian Gilb and Ricardo Rocha take a behind the music approach to your favorite songs as well as discuss the impact the song had on pop culture. The friends give their hilarious takes on the lyrics and the artist.
The woke basketball podcast where whatever happens off-the-court is just as newsworthy as what happens on-the-court. Subscribe for fun, accessible, and casual musings from three Cambridge, MA locals who know absolutely nothing about the greatest sport ever played.
Bevs With Buds
Two friends take on the big issues with a little help from a few friends and some cold drinks.
Buds & Beers
Podcast by Buds & Beers
Taste Buds Podcast
Podcast by CJ Baarde, Kevin Arquines, & Justin Russell
Listen to learn more about the Catholic faith and what's going on around our parish in Coral Gables, Florida.
Weekly sermons from the worship gathering of Red Bud Baptist Church.
Bullet and Buds is a podcast where friends talk about pop-culture, politics, and anything else that is funny or entertaining.
Podcast by Budding Music Podcast
Music podcast presented by Robert Maksymowicz and Duncan Hendry.News, Album Reviews, Games, a darn good time.This week, last week, next week. Will the music ever stop?Follow us on Twitter @earbudsshowEmail us at
Brendan Creecy and Keith Gomez chat about all things wrestling including WWE, TNA, Indies; past, present, and future. Also cannabis.
Yours in sports.
Hi, Drew Hendrickson is technically the host. He's accompanied by Hudson Freeman and Josh Cheezum. Music is a thing that we listen to with our ears. This podcast is devoted to convincing you to take all that music that we're listening to and stick it in your own ear. Do it, bud. Do it now.
On May 19th, the Year of Our Lord 2017, 5 friends embarked on a mission: to watch all eight Fast and the Furious movies in 48 hours. This podcast is their story. Unlike the movies, this show is rated R. There will be swearing, there will be suggestive language, there will be sexually explicit shipping of your favorite characters. And most importantly, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS. Before listening, be sure to watch the Fast and Furious movies. Thanks for listening.
Infinity Machine
Sally's job as UN Space Commissioner gets quite interesting when a ship full of time-displaced people is discovered in the Atlantic. This also enables Sally to lead an all important peace mission to Baltan. The cold war with Baltan is finally showing signs of ending with the return of Mercy Collins, and Sally spends a year on the city trying to forge a new relationship with Earth. But now her associate commissioner arrives with a new problem. New Ontario, a planet Sally has visited before, i ...
An Old Time Radio podcast of the 1940s Superman radio show starting Bud Collyer. All episodes shown believed to be in the public domain.This Podcast was created using
In the spirit of old-school tabletop role-playing games, a collection of five super-nerds engage in an Actual Play podcast of Paizo's Giantslayer Adventure Path. Using the rules of the Pathfinder RPG system, the Glass Cannon interweaves immersive storytelling with irreverent, improvised humor to deliver the experience of what it's really like to sit around a table rolling dice and ball-busting with your best buds.The Glass Cannon Podcast is an officially licensed podcast of Paizo, Inc.
SB Nation's Bud Elliott breaks down college football recruiting with other expert guests.
The leading podcast about Florida State sports. Bud Elliott and Ingram Smith discuss FSU football and recruiting, as well as basketball and baseball.
PIWC Sermons
Sermon from the ministry of Presque Isle Wesleyan Church in Presque Isle, Maine.
Tractor Fanatic
Tractor Fanatic is a web series with a unique blend of interviews and features covering everything from vintage machinery collections to the hottest tractor pulls. Tractor Fanatic is produced by Bradley David Productions, producers of the popular television show My Classic Car.
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Open Forum Facebook Live Tuesday May 22, 2018. Anything is up for discussion on open forum. Join the TCP Boys for some good fun and good company. TCP dynasty league start up draft is discussed. Its time for some Dynasty Football talk… Or not. Breaking Down Team Situations Player Value: Short & Long Term Trades, Tv Shows, Movies Offseason Strate ...…
The After Care Show Although we all have different taste buds and our recipes for the same dish may vary, every recipe requires attention to detail. What are the key ingredients to becoming a Ruby? Find out more on this episode of “The After Care Show.” ← Previous Episode: The Power of a Decision
The rise of modern board games is happening during the digital revolution. We’ve come a long way since the days of VHS and DVD games, but is that a good thing? Join FarmerLenny, Wolfie, and Alex as they discuss the advent of app-driven board gaming. Apple Podcasts | Google Play ...…
Can Bud actually unlock the Bucks' defensive potential + other thoughts (3-9 mins), Did Chase Anderson return to form on Monday night (9-14 mins), No, the Packers aren't signing Richie Incognito (14-16 mins). Daily Tap is live for Tuesday. We talk about how the Milwaukee Bucks' new head coach Mike Budenholzer can achieve his comment about 'unlo ...…
Welcome back to the show! On this episode we have two very special guests, Holly & Jace from Navigating the Magic Podcast! They tell us about they're awesome show and also they're Disney history & fandom. We also have a fun news segment where we discuss the long awaited announcement of Star Wars Celebration in 2019, the Pixar Pier Premiere even ...…
This special episode is to honor the latest Star Wars motion picture releasing this week! Noel, Keith & Steve, along with our bud Josh who is in town for a few episodes, decide to talk all things Star Wars with Darth Vader himself... or at least one that's willing to visit with us! Jon is a member of the 501st Legion, a globally recognized orga ...…
Monterey County’s new cannabis farmers say they’re over taxed. The Board of Supervisors is poised to offer some relief, but will it be enough?By (Erika Mahoney).
Andy met Pete while looking for a co-founder for his burger delivery idea which became Chosen Bun. They were ahead of the curve given the subsequent rise of Deliveroo and made a quick exit after successfully growing the company, even sending a burger into space.Their latest project NOT(MEAT) is bringing delicious plant-based meat alternatives t ...…
Feeling down about this rainy NYC spring? Put some pep in your step today and pop those buds in your ears to hear some queers! Meet the lovely, the adorable, the multi-talented Blair Perry! Blair is a student at NYU Steinhardt, plays woodwinds and composes. We loved getting to know you, you sassy lady, and we hope YOU, the audience, does too! B ...…
On this edition of Good Morning Orlando Bud, Deb, and Yaffee talk about the latest news!Ten people killed in Texas school shooting. What will and what won't stop these school shootings? AND Did the FBI spy on the Trump campaign? ALSO Millions around the world watch the Royal Wedding! PLUS Bud takes calls on any topic for Open Mind Monday!…
Welcome to Parallel Magic: The Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Show. Join co-hosts Kate M. Colby and Jonas Lee as they chat about science fiction and fantasy novels over a drink.In this episode, Kate and Jonas drain Vinho Verde and Bud Light ‘Blood’ Orange while dissecting INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE by Anne Rice. After Jonas makes a quick readin ...…
This episode is our review of Deadpool 2. We also try Bud Light Orange… We review a Blahdios, Boingo and Chaki show at the Whiskey. A trivia rematch… Grab a beer and enjoy it!
Yes, this is our first episode since Brendo returned from his WrestleMania trip to New Orleans. We won’t even try to explain. We’re sorry. We hope you forgive us. If you’re in SoCal feel free to join our circle at a show near you. We’re back now and there’s so much to talk about, so of course, Brendo spends a huge amount of time telling Keith a ...…
Are you considering leaving the grind of Corporate America and striking out on your own? Are you just about at the end of your rope and are ready to be inspired to let go!! This episode is for you! We talk about the Pros and Cons of making the transition to Entrepreneurship with the awesome Patty Dominguez who is a recovering corporate executiv ...…
The gents get together to talk about the NBA Final Four, the Cavs vs the Celtics in the Eastern Conference and the Warriors vs the Rockets in the Western Conference. The bro love boys have a classic competition in which Ian hosts a battle between Chris and Eggy. See what they put on the line in this one! Lastly, the three buds talk about the NB ...…
Today's show is brought to you by Buds Ltd. Parachute 21+. We will be smoking some very kind buds and sharing our expierence on air. Small Locally Owned & Operated Dispensary that strives to provide excellent products as well as customer service. The owner travels all over Colorado to select the finest Buds at the fairest prices possible from o ...…
A Cosmopolitan, or informally a “cosmo,” is a cocktail made with citron vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice, and freshly squeezed, or sweetened, lime juice. Although originally created sometime in the 70s or 80s, it wasn’t until the airing of Sex in the City that the Cosmopolitan really launched into pop culture icon status. In the late ’90s and ...…
LFC-Davidson DR. Bud Brainerd, Community Pastor AUDIO The post Third Person: Guidance/Conviction (05.20.18) appeared first on Lake Forest Church.
Daily Tap is finally here for Saturday. Brewers remain hot in the Twin Cities (2-8 mins), how to watch all the sports on Saturday night (8-14) Quick thought on Budenholzer's comments about Jabari Parker (14-16). We chat about the Brewers remaining hot with the stick as they notch another victory on the road. Why Jesus Aguilar is proving to be o ...…
THE SUPER HERO HOUR HOUR: Riverdale 222 The Taste Buds review the latest episode of Riverdale! With the Black Hood under wraps, what is there left to talk about? Apparently an entire season’s worth of events in one episode. The buds dig into the absolute insanity of the finale, the season finales of a few other… The post The Super Hero Hour Hou ...…
Song of the Week: K.O.D. - J ColeThe Cast: LA, Varnell Tha Beatnik, Young Tokyo, and Lewie Tha Ghost ; Discuss:(1:52) This Is America(22:25) LA vs The Native Americans(33:30) Will The Wall Come Down(38:34) Flat Ass' in Uncle Buds(42:58) Intro Of Lewie Tha Ghost(44:58) Recap Of The Lost Podcast(46:15) #TeamShame(48:06) Dry Rub(51:41) Mason Ramse ...…
The guys took a week off and there back and not better than ever. A lot of good things happened on this weeks show. We spun the wheel of IMPERSONATION, Eli Manning, Bud Grant, Gambling, Cano and most of all our Bemidji Missed Connections.
FEATURING C. C. Hennett | Alexander VinciniLive Performance By I Roots We don’t often embrace the opportunity to engage the people introduced through life’s kaleidoscape-esque experience, but taking the dive can be extremely rewarding occasionally. Meeting C.C. Hannett was one of these moments. A potential guest suggestion from close collaborat ...…
100 Beers of Summer: Bud Light Orange by MBC Grand, Inc.
The boys are joined by dafloreslava, aka tattoo Dave, in #LilReno to answer the question “has craft beer jumped the shark”. This came up after a local craft brewery released a bud light lime rip off, just awful.
On this edition of Good Morning Orlando Bud, Yaffee, and Alan update the latest news!Many in the mainstream media falsely claim that Trump called illegal immigrants "animals" when he was referring specifically to MS-13 gangs! AND Why smoking medical marijuana should be legal in Florida! ALSO Orlando joins lawsuit for local gun laws. PLUS Budman ...…
Daily Tap back on Friday! Topics today are Giannis gives his approval on Budenholzer (3-8 mins) Machado and Donaldson rumored to the NL Central (8-13 mins) Milwaukee-Minnesota pro sports rivalry doesn’t exist beyond football (13-18). Friday podcast heads in a few directions. We talk about Giannis’ perspective on the new hire for the Milwaukee B ...…
In episode three, I talk about how and why I started playing music. Bud Gaugh is one of the first drummers I would listen to and play along with. No lessons, just plain fun!The first time I ran into a drummer, caught me offguard and how it changed my life.
In Episode 24 Warren and Matt set their sights (well, taste buds) on the fine beers from Fegley’s Brew Works. Fegley’s has been a Lehigh Valley staple since 1998, and it was only proper to celebrate their 20th anniversary by lifting a few glasses in their honor. Also in this episode, ya got trouble, folks. Right here in the Brewing City. Troubl ...…
Norry forgets to record his promised Vlog so we bring in friend of the show, budding young Supercar journalist Kohdee Hall to breakdown the events of Barbagello. We had more banter and good times than actual Supercar content in this episode but none the less, we have opinions and good times to share with all. ...…
On today's edition of Good Morning Orlando Bud, Deb, and Yaffee talk about the latest news!With the Mueller investigation surpassing one year Rudy Giuliani says it is time for the probe to end!AND Trump hat triggers harassment of Florida Restaurant Customer ALSO Rubio foresees our next national nightmare - Deep Fake Videos!!PLUS Roseanne show t ...…
Sony recently sued Knee Deep Brewing over the company's use of the Breaking Bad logo and idenity. It's a solid beer so hopefully they can work something out with Sony or keep it going under a different name. ABV: 6.5 IBU: 50
Sound the alarm, Damask has gone missing! Thankfully Kyran Morrison of the Dialogue Options video game podcast joins Brod to discuss this weeks main topic: the Australian TV adaptation of PICNIC AT HANGING ROCK. Does the series justify it's existence in light of the much loved 1975 Peter Weir classic, or should this series disappear into the bu ...…
Ryan had to dip out early, but Nate's still holding down the fort! He delves deeper into how Bud Black can fix the Rockies ice-cold offense, with a limited lineup of guys who can't hit, and asks the listeners to chime in as well.
The Rockies Writer joins the show to discuss what on Earth Bud Black and the Rockies can do to get their bats hot again, and their offense back on track.
Riding the wave of success from her debut album, “Revelations,” K.Avett has reached some notable milestones in her budding career like being nominated in the ‘Best New Artist’ category by for 2015. In 2016, she reached #4 on the Top 80 independent chart by Digital Radio Tracker and performed during LA’s BET weekend. She was also ...…
Aoi Nagisa has just transferred to one of the three all girl schools at St. Miator’s Girls’ Academy. Now she must contend with clubs, new friends, and a budding romance.
On this edition of Good Morning Orlando Bud, Deb, and Yaffee talk about the latest news!North Korea threatens to back out of the summit between Kim Jong Un and President Trump. Why the change? AND The Primary election results and what they mean! ALSO Bud talks about why Gina Haspel is the right person to be CIA chief, but it wrong on torture! P ...…
Hello World!On today’s episode I’m welcoming back frequent guest & one of my best buds, Steven Vastola. Our conversation is strictly sports concentrated, more specifically a retrospect on this past NFL Season as well as touching on next season and then we discuss the NBA Playoffs. We cap it off with speculating where Lebron James is going to pl ...…
In this open, revealing, and fun conversation, Rolonda talks with American idol and comedy legend, Carol Burnett, who at 85 just received the prestigious Peabody Award for Excellence in Television and she just launched a new Netflix show, called, "A Little Help," where celebrities, like Mark Cuban, DJ Khaled, Taraji P. Henson, Lisa Kudrow, Wand ...…
Welcome to another episode of Prospects After Dark, hosted by Kyle Reis.In this episode Kyle...Covers Alex Reyes's rehab start in Peoria. 5 IP, 1H, 12Ks, 1BB, ya. Gretchen Piscotty ALS Raffle DonationDoes a Miss Cleo impressionTakes 100 questions involving everything from Waino's future, Tyler O'neill raking in the minos. Juan Yepez. Bud Norris ...…
Today we've got a couple new Android phones from Honor and HTC, software updates for Google Wifi and Google Pixel Buds, and my thoughts on the Pixel 3 and whether or not it should follow in line with other notch + chin Android phones. 9to5Google Daily is available on Google Play, iTunes and Apple’s Podcasts app, Stitcher, or through our dedicat ...…
Former Tennessee basketball SID
Hey guys I’ve snuck into the studio this week and actually recorded my own ep just for you…I hope I don’t get in too much trouble from Klint and Ben haha! So because I’m generous AF I’m giving all you budding superfans my 5 point guide to superfanning and revealing a new song from Mc […] The post Superfan appeared first on Sup Dude.…
This week we welcome our buds Jeff Rouse and Keith Ash to chat about The Gemini. Check out the new EP by The Gemini, it’s available on iTUNES, Bandcamp, and all the streaming services.
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