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Building the Game
Join Rob Couch and Jason Slingerland as they take the journey to become first time game designers. On each episode we talk about games we play, game mechanics that we love and pitch our own game ideas to one another. Sometimes we even bring in other game designers to talk about their endeavors and experiences in getting their first games published. The Building the Game Podcast is a co-production of Imminent Entertainment and Poorlydesigned Studios and is published every week.
Build A Bigger Life
The Build A Bigger Life podcast with Adam Carroll is a show about entrepreneurs, innovation, pursuing freedom, and creating a life of abundance and meaning.
Building Relationships
Building Relationships is a weekly 54-minute program offering life-changing insight and realistic advice rooted in the Word of God. Hosted by bestselling author Dr. Gary Chapman, Chris Fabry and Andrea Fabry, Building Relationships is designed to provide fun and informative, practical help for your marriage.
Build Your Tribe | Online Business and list Building
How to create influence that matters. Interviews and practical strategies from top internet influencers on how to build your email list, marketing, social media tips, create a virtual community, monetize and bring a powerful group of like minded people together to make a difference in the world. How to create passive income by learning to take care of your community and serve them with integrity and value.
Build & Launch
A weekly podcast focused on shipping small projects.Every week I'll take you on an adventure of launching a new project. You'll hear the launch stats, hurdles I had to overcome, and how you can learn from my mistakes.
Building Relationships
Building Relationships is a weekly 54-minute program offering life-changing insight and realistic advice rooted in the Word of God. Hosted by bestselling author Dr. Gary Chapman, Chris Fabry and Andrea Fabry, Building Relationships is designed to provide fun and informative, practical help for your marriage.
BiggerPockets Podcast : Real Estate Investing and Wealth Building to Help You Get Bigger Pockets
Imagine you are friends with hundreds of real estate investors and entrepreneurs. Now imagine you can grab a beer with each of them and casually chat about failures, successes, motivations, and lessons learned. That’s what The BiggerPockets Podcast delivers.Co-hosted by BiggerPockets’ founder & CEO Joshua Dorkin and active real estate investor Brandon Turner, this podcast provides actionable advice from investors and other real estate professionals every week. The show won’t tell you how to ...
Couple Money Podcast: Build Your Marriage and Wealth Together
Elle Martinez and Couple Money Podcast tackles how to build up your marriage and net worth. Whether it’s comparing Dave Ramey’s debt snowball versus an avalanche, investing smarter, and automating savings à la Ramit Sethi, or using principles from Tim Ferriss and others to hack an efficient and effective financial system, this podcast is about helping the two of you to master your money together.
1 Simple Thing Podcast | Build a Better Business by Building a Better You!
Welcome to the 1 Simple Thing Podcast, where we help you "build a better business by building a better you." 5 days a week we feature guests who are experts in life...marriage and family, health and fitness, emotional spiritual and mental health. You know...the things that we often overlook, but can have a dramatic impact on our quality of life. Each day you’ll get 1 Simple Thing you can do to start down the road to change. No big list, no unattainable goals. Just 1 Simple Thing.
Building Worship
Resources for building worship
T | Building Businesses That Create Wealth & Time Freedom
Teaching Entrepreneurs How To Build Businesses That Create Wealth and Time Freedom
Building Confidence in Young Athletes1
Ultimate Sports Parent Radio (www.youthsportspsychology .com), which aims to instill confidence and success in child and teen athletes, interviews mental game coach Dr. Patrick Cohn and Les Harrison, youth coach and founder of Showtime Athletics, about the importance of the "mental game" in youth sports.
About Buildings + Cities | Architecture, History and Culture
A podcast about architecture, buildings and cities, from the distant past to the present day. Plus detours into technology, film, fiction, comics, drawings, and the dimly imagined future. With Luke Jones and George Gingell.
Starting from Nothing - The Foundation Podcast | Building your business ENTIRELY from scratch.
How do you start a business when you have no money? No experience? No credibility? Or even no idea? This podcast will show you how. Every week, incredible entrepreneurs share the strategies of how they built their businesses entirely from scratch. No silver spoons. No magic bullets. No monkey business. Just hustling and using strategies that work. And the best part? For each episode we create a custom Action Guide so you know EXACTLY what action steps to take when you're done listening. You ...
Founder’s Journey: Building a Startup from the Ground Up
A weekly podcast by Josh Pigford, founder of Baremetrics, on his journey growing a startup.
Build My Online Store - E-Commerce, Entrepreneurship, & Travel
Every Sunday Travis Marziani and Terry Lin talk about e-commerce, entrepreneurship, and travel. Both run their own online stores and share their successes, failures, and what happens behind the scenes.
The Money Guy Show | Investing, Tax, Estate, Retirement, Insurance, Spending, Saving, and Wealth Building Advice
Going beyond common sense and helping you make smart financial decisions.
Build Podcast
Build Podcast is a show about technology tools for design and development. Each episode, Sayanee will be creating a screencast that will take you through step-by-step in using one tool to build a little project, all in the fun spirit of hacking, creating and building stuff!
A web show where Poornima Vijayashanker, the founder of Femgineer, interviews guests on topics related to startups, entrepreneurship, software engineering, design, product management, and marketing. Sponsored by Pivotal Tracker.
The Good Financial Cents Podcast | Investing, Building Wealth, Financial Freedom
Making Cents Of Investing and Financial Planning
eCommerceFuel: Build, Launch and Grow a 6 Figure Plus eCommerce Business | eCommerce Fuel
Build, Launch and Grow a 6 Figure Plus eCommerce Business
WEALTHSTEADING Wealth Building Principles with John Pugliano
...wealth building principles with John Pugliano
WP Builds
Web site building with WordPress. In this podcast we follow the hopeless exploits of David Waumsley and Nathan Wrigley as they try, and fail, to understand WordPress. They know that they love building websites with WordPress, but the complexities of this awesome web building solution are always out of reach. Not only are they not clever enough, but they just don't try all that hard
BUILD Series
BUILD is a live interview series like no other—a chance for fans to sit inches away from some of today’s biggest names in entertainment, tech, fashion and business as they share the stories behind their projects and passions. Every conversation yields insights, inspiration and plenty of surprises as moderators and audience members ask questions. It all happens several times a week from AOL headquarters in NYC and live-streamed at Attend a taping at our NYC studio, or watch shows in ...
Coin Mastery - Building Your Crypto Empire
Experience the financial revolution
The Building Automation Monthly Podcast | Teaching You Building Automation, Systems Integration, and Information Technology
The weekly podcast where Phil Zito discusses topics related to building automation and provides useful tips and action packed examples to help you better understand building automation.
Youpreneur FM - How to Build, Market, Monetize and Grow a Successful Personal Brand Business
Chris Ducker is a proud British entrepreneur, a best-selling author and international keynote speaker, who via Youpreneur FM brings you his own take on what it means to be a personal brand entrepreneur in the 21st century. Everything from building a personal brand to delegating like a king, right the way through to creating and launching online products and services, to marketing yourself as the go-to person in your industry and beyond is covered. If you're a speaker, author, coach, consulta ...
Build and Analyze
A weekly news and discussion show about the world of iPhone, iPad, iOS, and mobile web development. Hosted by Marco Arment & Dan Benjamin.
Build Phase
Build Phase is a weekly technical podcast discussing iOS development and design. Hosted by iOS developers Nick Charlton and Jack Nutting.
Hello Tech Pros, What Products & Businesses Are You Building?
Hello Tech Pros is a podcast that explores the opportunities, challenges and anxieties that technical professionals and techpreneurs face when building their career, building their products and building their business. This show is about the people behind technology and the mindsets and skill sets they developed that led to their success. The show's host, Chad Bostick, is a 20 year veteran of the software development industry both as a practitioner and as a manager at companies like iBEAM Br ...
Listen Money Matters! A Personal Finance Show on How to Invest Simply, Crush Debt, Budget Like a Pro, Build Better Money Habits, and Productivity
Andrew Fiebert, Thomas Frank and Listen Money Matters have been running laps around Dave Ramsey, Suze Orman and Jim Cramer’s Mad Money since 2013.
Practice Building With Chiropractic Masters
Podcast by Dr Mike Reid, CEO & Head Coach
Building Rocks in Space
Join Andy and Kay as we put galaxies together one rock at a time on this Worldbuilding podcast
Sound Design Live - Career building interviews on live sound, theatre, AV, recording, and sound system tuning
Build your career as a sound engineer. The podcast for live audio professionals. Interviews with the leading innovators in concert, theatre, and corporate production. Submit your questions: Lively is a Career Coach for Audio Professionals, Podcast Consultant for Small Businesses, and Author.
The Business Building Rockstars Show #BBRShow
On the Business Building Rockstars Show - aka BBRShow - host Nicole Holland inspires both new and seasoned entrepreneurs through a variety of interview and solo episodes. Every Tuesday Nicole shares a tech tip with her audience about a cool tool or resource or how to hack a process. On Wednesdays she invites successful entrepreneurs across a wide range of niches into the hotseat for a frank and unscripted discussion about what it really took for them to reach Rockstar status. Nicole regularl ...
Build Wealth Canada Podcast - Personal Finance Mastery
Investing and Personal Finance for Canadians
The Muslim Life Hackers Podcast: Personal Growth | Leadership | Legacy Building | Life Hacks | Islam
Welcome to the Muslim Life Hackers podcast. The weekly podcast providing you with the knowledge, tools and connections to help you get ahead in life. Find all the recaps of our show as well as the resources mentioned at
The Abundant Edge: Permaculture, Natural Building, and Regenerative Living
Join us each week as we explore the worlds of permaculture, natural building, and regenerative living by interviewing industry leaders, artisans and innovators
Apartment Building Investing with Michael Blank Podcast
Invest in Apartment Buildings with Private Money
The High Performance Habits Podcast | A Podcast For Performance, Fat loss and Muscle Building Habits
Change Your Habits. Change Your Body. Change Your World.
Entrepreneur 2.0 | Branding | Lifestyle | Online Marketing | Build Your Business with Courtney McKenzie Newell
Things are different now. The web 2.0 revolution has changed the business game forever. There are tons of entrepreneurs who are growing their business and creating massive brands using social media and technology. At Entrepreneur 2.0 we interview the top entrepreneurs worldwide who are killin’ it in business. Join us every Tuesday as modern day entrepreneurs share their success stories, killer marketing strategies and business tips so you can grow your business smarter and faster. In each ep ...
Building Breweries
Building Breweries is an interview-based podcast about our favorite brewery's owners and founders and the beverage industry issues they face.
It’s Time Podcast-Startup Inspiration, Entrepreneur Hustling to Build a Dream Business
Learn about the ups and downs and lessons learned while starting a tech startup. Learn with Bethanie as she learns how to identify her market, marketing, social media, website, email list building, growth hacking, crowdfunding and that just the first few months. Oh, and did we mention that Bethanie is doing all of this while juggling a demanding family life as a wife, mom, caregiver, and full time employee? Join Bethanie as she builds her company, Memnto, from scratch. Bethanie’s mother's li ...
Inspirational Living: Life Lessons for Success, Motivation, Spiritual Growth, Character Building & A Positive Thinking Mindset
Get inspired to live your best life with our classic inspirational life lessons. Timeless wisdom for the mind, body, and spirit. Free inspirational podcasts published every week.
The Business Boost | Daily Business Motivation For Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Sales, Marketing, And Online Business Building
The ultimate in DAILY business motivation! Hosted by Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Speaker and Consultant Scott Smith, "The Business Boost" will quickly become the most powerful 9 minutes of your day.Whether you're an entrepreneur, business owner, sales and marketing professional, or just starting your own online business, The Business Boost will give you world-class strategies, insight, and step-by-stepsales process, along with all the motivation you need to bring home the bacon like never before ...
Building Local Power
The Institute for Local Self-Reliance’s podcast to break monopoly power.
Building a StoryBrand with Donald Miller | Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen
If you’re frustrated because you struggle to get the word out about your product or service, the Building a StoryBrand podcast will help. Fans of the podcast are ecstatic about the fun and entertaining way Donald Miller brings you practical advice about clarifying your message so customers will listen. Don and the StoryBrand team are the world's leading experts in harnessing the 2,000 year-old proven power of story formulas to get people talking about your brand. Get your message out, grow y ...
The Build Cycle
Startup Stories and growth tactics from adventurous entrepreneurs to inspire you to launch your own business, plus tips and tools to help you start right & grow quick!
Build Muscle Radio: Fat Loss | Muscle Buildling | Fitness Tips | Workout Routines
Build Muscle Radio. This is an audio podcast brought to you by Here you'll learn all about weight training, muscle building, fitness tips, workout routines, healthy eating,how to gain muscle mass, fitness training, how to lose body fat, how to build muscle fast, lose belly fat, weight loss tips, how to gain muscle quick, bodybuilding tips, muscle building meals, high protein diets, nutrition tips, muscle building mistakes and weight lifting tips.
muscle building Podcast
A Free podcast for Bodybuilding,muscle building,weight training, gym,exercise,cardiovascular, health and fitness people who want to improve there lifestyle.
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show series
Listen to Hang Up and Listen with Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin: Subscribe in iTunes ∙ RSS feed ∙ Download ∙ Play in another tab Become a fan of Hang Up and Listen and join the discussion of this episode on Facebook here: In this week’s episode of Slate’s sports podcast Hang Up and Listen, Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin talk with ESPN’s Howard Bry ...…
TK in the AM
10.23.2017Yeah, it’s Motivation Monday, but let’s aim higher today. Give us the big motivations, because we got a big guest on the show, our friend Airis Johnson, aka Airis The Chef drops by to talk to us about her victory on Chopped. #MotivationMondayTK and Conscious talk about their weekend adventures, from Thursday with the Chopped party, to ...…
Chris Waller joined the guys from Moonee Valley in the massive week that is the build up to Winx's Grand Final, the Cox Plate.
In this episode Dmitry Lyalin is joined by Alex Nichols to discuss the latest sprint update of Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS), our cloud hosted DevOps product. They will start with a discussion around how Team Foundation Server (TFS) on-premises became VSTS, how often and what process is used to ship new features to both products. They will ...…
A hot topic in today's political landscape is whether or not the Trump administration should build a wall physically separating the United States and Mexico. Boyd Matheson, president of the Sutherland Institute and fill-in host for the Doug Wright Show on KSL NewsRadio, has an idea for a different kind of wall that will bring people together an ...…
Labour may scrap its plans to build to 100,000 homes in ten years.Property Institute chief executive, Ashley Church told Mike Hosking New Zealand First wasn't a fan of the KiwiBuild scheme."New Zealand First's policy was much more around supporting first home buyers with essentially equity sharing or cash injections in the first few years."LIST ...…
Freaky Geeks' Podcast
Shayne and Noelle read spooky stories to tell in the dark. Light a candle, build a blanket fort and listen to this episode of Freaky Geeks.
This week on CKUA's Green Energy Futures we enlist Jeff Paton, an EnerGuide home auditor to help us build a list of the Top Ten Energy Efficiency Tips for your home. Some are as easy as changing a light bulb, some are more involved and expensive such as adding insulation and improving your windows–all will help you reduce your energy use, save ...…
On Sunday, U.S. President Trump urged GOP lawmakers to endorse the budget blueprint that was approved by the Senate last week. Speaking on condition of anonymity, several Republican officials said that Trump told lawmakers on a conference call that the approval of the budget will pave the way for the implementation of his proposed tax reform. " ...…
Something Something Roller Derby
HAPPY FALL! The S.S. Roller Derby is settin' sail a little early this month, because we're just THAT excited to share the new episode with you all. Plus! We found ourselves a proper recording studio, so things are sounding a lot better aboard this ship, if we do say so ourselves. Join us for an exciting romp through Zebra Land as we interview U ...…
Parenting Teens: The Biggest Job We’ll Ever Have Podcast
Do you ever wish you had a map and compass for parenting? The 100 Lessons that go with The Five Fundamentals of Parenting might be the closest thing you will find. In this series, Laura Gauld, co-author of The Biggest Job We’ll Ever Have, will talk about 20 lessons that go with each of the Five Fundamentals. Tune in to the first five lessons, a ...…
Grant Faulkner is an American writer, the executive director of National Novel Writing Month, and the co-founder of the online literary journal 100 Word Story. Grant Faulkner was born and raised in Oskaloosa, Iowa. He earned a B.A. in English from Grinnell College and an M.A. in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University. He lives in ...…
Jonathan Oakes is the host of Trivial Warfare. During the show, you'll learn how to build a massively engaged community that will support your hard work on Patreon. Gain insight to key marketing technique and long-term revenue strategy. Listen to the very end if you want to learn how to find pub quiz trivia games in your local area. Click below ...…
A Country Divided Mary Ann starts the show by telling us a little bit about growing up up the holler in Cabin Creek, WV with a father born in the 1800s and a no-nonsense mother. Then we look at the seemingly false accusations by White House Chief of Staff General John Kelly that Rep. Frederica Wilson, D-Florida, claimed credit for securing “$20 ...…
There is a group of 80 or so women, all of whom have breast cancer, who go rowing together to build up their strength and prolong their lives. Our CBS News colleague Dean Reynolds spoke with one of these rowers. Her name is Amber Gallman.
Laura chats with Voices of Africa programme maker, Regina Smedley about her journey to build and run an orphanage in Malawi
Uncomfortable is OK Podcast
Today’s guest is Tyson Franklin. Tyson loves a good challenge, whether that is building businesses, writing books, doing a 365 day mental and physical challenge, or hosting a podcast, he does a bit of everything. I first came across Tyson last year on his 365 hour mental and physical challenge when he listened to and reviewed a couple of my pod ...…
Join Internationally Recognized Prophecy Expert, Minister, Speaker and Author, Paul McGuire as he analyzes the contemporary with reason and virtue of Bible Prophecy. Every Monday through Friday 4 - 6 PM Eastern Time. The Paul McGuire Report radio ministry is a ministry of faith and we are believing God each month to lay on the hearts of the lis ...…
Big XII Country
Welcome back Big 12 FANS! This is YOUR official week 8 review show. Get comfortable, maybe add a log to that fire, and settle in for a full episode! We kick things off with another example of ME getting bored and building you a clip with the sights and sounds from ALL 5 league games. Hate it? Take it up with our complaint department. Next we do ...…
Future on
A new MP3 sermon from Tabernacle Baptist Church is now available on with the following details: Title: From Vision to Action Subtitle: Building the Future Speaker: Todd Gray Broadcaster: Tabernacle Baptist Church Event: Sunday Service Date: 10/22/2017 Bible: Nehemiah 1-2:2 Length: 39 min. (64kbps)…
On this special edition of Generation Justice we bring you the voice of Lyla June Johnston, a Dine artist, activist, and songwriter. Lyla sits with GJ to share about resilience in New Mexico and how her personal experiences as an indigenous woman have helped her build resilience. As always, you can catch us every Sunday at 7pm (MST) on 89.9 FM, ...…
In this episode we interview Randy Abell, pastor of Heartland Baptist Church in Ames, IA. Randy just completed a relocation and building program at his church. In this episode we discuss all things related to this huge endeavor from finding the perfect location to meeting with city officials to recruiting volunteers to help. We also discuss gen ...…
Building Health with Dr. Melina Roberts
TEN Reasons Exercise is ImportantFor access to blog, video, article, shareable quotes: Dr. Roberts’ new book: Us on Facebook: Us on Twitter: ...…
Lose fat faster. Build more muscle. And even make yourself more resistant to disease. In this episode, you'll learn the ins and outs of intermittent fasting and how you can incorporate it into your lifestyle today. Get more Road To Ripped at
Marketplace Morning Report with David Brancaccio
(Markets Edition) On today's show, we're recapping the latest 401(k) controversy. Reports said Republicans were thinking about reducing the annual contributions you can make to this retirement account, but Trump has refuted this on Twitter. Afterwards, we'll discuss Tesla's plans to build a factory in China and then check out Hasbro's plans to ...…
My first 1-on-1 bro talk about building ideas.
Faith Assembly Podcast
Grace Presbyterian Church
A new MP3 sermon from Grace Presbyterian Church is now available on with the following details: Title: Talk That Builds Up Subtitle: Ephesians Speaker: Patrick Severson Broadcaster: Grace Presbyterian Church Event: Sunday Service Date: 10/15/2017 Bible: Ephesians 4:29-30 Length: 30 min. (64kbps) Overview: In this sermon on Ephes ...…
Chicago's Morning Answer with Dan Proft & Amy Jacobson
Diamond and Silk joined Dan and Amy with reaction to the controversy surround President Trump's call to the widow of Sgt. La David Johnson, one of the soldiers killed in the attack in Niger. Adam Kinzinger from the 16th Congressional district joined Dan and Amy with reaction to the decision by Mazda and Toyota to build a new car factory outside ...…
Early Warning from Forward Observer
Good morning. Here's your Early Warning for Monday, 23 October. Late on Friday, the Department of Homeland Security and Federal Bureau of Investigation released a joint report warning that sophisticated hackers are targeting U.S. critical infrastructure systems. "Since at least May 2017, threat actors have targeted government entities and the e ...…
@Katulis @joshrogin would be a disaster to put someone so obviously political and so defensive of Trump (in Russia investig for example). Building .. Read more >>
MLM NATION: Network Marketing Training | Prospecting | Lead Generation | Leadership | Duplication | Motivation
If you want to be successful, it can’t be about you, it’s about a team. MaryKay Mullally teaches us that you can’t rely on your own efforts when building a business, and why you need to focus on identifying leaders and duplicating them. Also, people buy you before you they purchase products. Here’s your chance to finally own my most treasured c ...…
Roger & JP's "We're Not Getting Paid For This" Podcast
Need help buying, er, building one for JP's son's school project.
What is the role of a chamber of commerce in the business community? It involves more than you might think. In this episode of Small Biz Power, our guest is Lisa Chao, the Vice President of Membership for the Henderson Chamber of Commerce. Lisa’s career spans 20-years in the realm of business development. She’s a Las Vegas native and known as a ...…
Christ Fellowship Bible Church
A new MP3 sermon from Christ Fellowship Bible Church is now available on with the following details: Title: How to Get Your Heart to Burn for God! Subtitle: Gospel of Luke Speaker: Geoffrey R. Kirkland Broadcaster: Christ Fellowship Bible Church Event: Sunday Service Date: 10/22/2017 Bible: Luke 24:28-35 Length: 65 min. (32kbps) ...…
For decades, economists have tried to guess central bank policy direction by studying subtle changes in official language — now, researchers are finding new clues on policy, not in the words of central bankers but in their faces. In Japan, two artificial intelligence researchers, one from Nomura Securities and the other from Microsoft, are usin ...…
Community Voices
The man can talk a mile a minute. This morning, he has more ideas and images of success in his mind than some of us will think of over the course of the next two weeks. But that's just how his brain works. This is Ben Rao. For Rao, finding opportunity and creating solutions to shared problems is just part of his muscle memory. Over the past doz ...…
Recently I interviewed John DeCicco, Research Professor at the University of Michigan Energy Institute, about a study he and his team completed last year on the Carbon Balance Effects of U.S. Biofuel Production and Use. In August 2017, a team lead by Ford published a commentary on that study which prompted a reply from Professor DeCicco. That p ...…
ON the news today: - The music industries view on releasing singles vs Albums - How to utilize your own website to improve engagement - Which social media platforms are gaining the most exposure for artists Todays genre: Rock Music, Metal music, Punk Music, Alternative music Hosted by Jacqueline Jax plus music industry news, social media trends ...…
Copy these 5 steps to grow your list to 10,000+ followers ...and then with up-coming episodes, I want to delve in deep to show you the simple ways to be able to turn your followers and importantly your email list into customers, clients and sales. This isn't about just your Facebook, Instagram or any other social media platform... this includes ...…
Nights with Steve Price: Highlights
Carolyn Parrella from Terri Scheer Landlord and Building insurance joins Steve Price to take an informed look at tips and traps for property investors.
Styline’s back in a big way with some proper pumping Power House. Marking his debut release on PornoStar Records with a full on club banger, “One Time” uniquely adds in funky and deeper groove elements to build the tension on top of a driving tech-y bassline in what is a can’t miss dance floor filler.…
Venturi's Voice: Technology | Leadership | Staffing | Career | Innovation
In this episode Andy Davis talks to David Lacey, Managing Director at David Lacey consulting. They discuss tackling the disparate approaches to security in the 21st century, David’s work building a four-dimensional metaphysical GRC database and educating businesses in network security. Show Notes: 1.06 Should we be worried about our online secu ...…
In this episode, we're gonna be taking you through exactly how you can build a unique, stylish and engaging brand for next to nothing! Content Report Oversubscribed - Daniel Priestley You Are a Badass at Making Money - Jen Sincero
The Ray Edwards Show | Start, Run, and Grow Your Internet Based Business
What you believe controls how much success you’re willing to allow yourself to experience. Is it possible that by tweaking what you believe you could start to achieve things you once thought impossible? In this episode we're going to begin to examine and share some of our core beliefs, how they influence our business, our personal lives, our be ...…
How Mario went from playing in bars to building custom guitars What he learned from working at Gibson, and in the Fender Custom Shop, and how this helped him in building Mario Guitars Mario builds with a unique, and somewhat little-known wood called Paulownia. He’ll explain where he gets this wood from and why it’s such a good wood to use in bu ...…
Courageous Champion of Veterans Dwayne Paro welcomes Angela Cody-Rouget to today’s podcast, as part of our Courageous Champions of Veterans series. Angela Cody-Rouget is the founder and owner of Major Organizers™, a residential organizing company. She has been building the Major Organizers brand (formerly Major Mom) since November of 2006 and c ...…
Why be a singer if not to make a difference? Erin Guinup's message for singers is that there has never in her lifetime been a more important time to be a musician. Make a difference! Building community through music even when you have been forced to move across the world - that is the goal of the Tacoma Refugee choir, started by Erin Guinup in ...…
Living With The Gods
Neil MacGregor, former Director of the British Museum, begins this series about the role and expression of shared beliefs with the Lion Man, a small ivory sculpture which is about 40 000 years old. The figure has a human body and the head of a lion - it is a being that cannot exist in nature. While we shall never know what the Lion Man meant to ...…
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