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• live conversation series with san diego & tijuana's local luminaries • • bicultural music + happenings + diverciones • tune in, join on, giddy up. viva mexico.
Milmom in Illinois. Pro military, pro troops, pro conservative, Christian, values-oriented, limited government activist against the amnesty agenda and the "Peacenik" stormtroopers like Code Pink!
Caos Club Podcast 001
Music selected & mixed by Balza for Caos Club (Bilbao) Podcast series.
CSE 8A - Intro/Computer Sci- Java (I) - LE [A00] [Screencast] - Prof. Cao, Yingjun [FA16]
A Christian Lifestyle Blog
Apple Core
Join Peter Cao, Josh Hrach, and Andy Hoff on a weekly podcast where they discuss all thing Apple. News, product reviews, opinions, and more!
Appearance Matters: The Podcast!
Appearance Matters: The Podcast! Is the official podcast of the Centre for Appearance Research - a world leading research centre investigating body image and appearance psychology research, based at the University of the West of England in Bristol, UK.Hosted by Nadia Craddock and Jade Parnell.Produced by Nadia Craddock.With research advice from Associate Professor Phillippa Diedrichs. Music by David Insua-Cao:
Bad Asian
Bad Asian chronicles the Asian American experience through conversation about racial stereotypes and cultural appropriation. Created by NYC writer Amy Cao Smith.
Apple Core
Join Peter Cao, Josh Hrach, and Andy Hoff on a weekly podcast where they discuss all things Apple, among other tech related topics.
Billy Barbarian
For a barbarian, life is simple. Hunt. Eat. Build. There’s not much else. But for Billy Barbarian there has to be more to life. So he’s decided to head down to the big city and check things out. In the mighty, booming metropolis of Sethopolis Billy seeks employment, and finds it. His first job is to protect Ms. Celine Dijon while she is giving a concert at Stump Arena. Through his assignment, Billy gets to meet the famous real estate developer, Ronald Stump. But the fun and joy don’t last lo ...
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O começo do caos.Neste primeiro episódio, Igor Barbosa apresenta ao Edson um dos mais marcantes discos da sua adolescência: Unconditional, dos engomadinhos da banda de post-hardcore Memphis May Fire. "Edson" é um podcast sobre música, visando inspirar seus participantes e ouvintes a explorarem e se aprofundarem em novos álbuns, rompendo aos pou ...…
Palm Radio by Jer Palmetto
Jer mixes funky and groovy house music, Miami and Ibiza style, with lots of vocals and soulful disco influences. In his sets he shares with you his passion for electronic music. You feel the energy and warmth of the sunny Spanish party island and the Miami sunset. Only for the love of house music! Tracklist Palm Radio | #01101. Move It Baby (Or ...…
O Papai é Pop Podcast
Não é uma tragédiaMinha irmã, filha de outro relacionamento da minha mãe, tem 30 anos e descobriu um tumor agressivo na mama esquerda no final do ano passado. Passamos os últimos meses cuidando disso. Minha irmã é jovem, o tumor é forte, sentimos todos o medo que se sente quando essa doença maldita chega perto de nós. Mas ninguém sofreu mais co ...…
Peter Cao, editor from 9to5Mac and 9to5Google, joined me for this week's show. He shared his perspective of the HomePod, as a self-proclaimed 'recovering audiophile', and we discussed Apple’s declining software quality, the delay of AirPlay 2 and one thing Peter finds unusual in tech right now. Help support the show by becoming a Patron. Show N ...…
I talk with Lady Cao Feng, Kenny and Adam about The Brave Archer, a 1977 Cheng Cheh adaptation of The Legend of Condor Heroes. Next week we will discuss The Brave Archer 2, and The Brave Archer 3 the following week. All are available on Amazon Prime streaming. Check out Distressor's "Just Breathe", they generously allowed us to use their music ...…
Precious and rare medicinal mushrooms like reshi (ling zhi) and cordyceps (dong chong xia cao) used to be available only to royalty, or those who knew how to spot them in the wild. These medicinals have a long history of use in East Asia and are associated with vitality, longevity and a connection to the spirit world. Even today it is said of t ...…
Ção is in trouuuuuuubleeeeeeeee in episode 19. She has to face the Gnoll leaders as they prepare for the repercussions of Ção's fight in the city.Also in this episode, Diana thiefed from Zack and has a problem telling people to "have a nice day" in real life.
SUPERASIS Presents: SONIDOS DEL UNIVERSO #285 Indahouse -Radioshow- desde Nueva York: El Mejor House & Underground Dance Music 2018; Techno Sounds, Vanguardia y Nuevas Tendencias la Eclectica Musica Electronica Alrededor del Mundo. RADIO NEW YORK CLUB: Techno Sounds & Electronic House Music from The New York City Underground. -SUPERASIS INDAHOU ...…
In the second hour of this morning's Tipp Today we were joined in studio by Independent TD Mattie McGrath where we discussed changes to road traffic laws and Fianna Fail's stance on abortion. We also spoke to Mike Edward's about a new listening cafe service in Roscrea. We also spoke to Margie McCarthy from the CAO about the growing popularity o ...…
Bienvenid@s al segundo episodio de la serie East Coast. Ahora entrevistamos a Julia del Palacio, diectora del grupo Radio Jarocho y promotora del son jarocho y el fandango en la ciudad de Nueva York . Ella nos amplia el panorama y comparte algo de su música y futuros proyectos con el maestro Zenén Zeferino. Enhorabuena! También hacemos un peque ...…
Get Popular Titles Free Audio Books of Mysteries & Thrillers, International Mystery & Crime
Listen to audiobook in full for free on Title: A Loyal Character DancerSubtitle: Inspector Chen Series, Book 2Author: Qiu XiaolongNarrator: David ShihFormat: UnabridgedLength: 12 hrs and 18 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 01-18-18Publisher: Tantor AudioGenres: Mysteries & Thrillers, International Mystery & CrimeP ...…
In acest episod stau de vorba cu fermacatoarea si talentata actrita romanca ANA ULARU. Cu o personalitate fascinanta si un drive artistic impresionant, Ana este in mod cert confirmata ca o actrita contemporana de succes atat national cat si international. Intr-o pauza de repetitii de 15 minute mi-a vorbit despre stele, iubire, erotism, film si ...…
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Listen to audiobook in full for free on Title: Pâlnia i StamateAuthor: UrmuzNarrator: Victor RebengiucFormat: UnabridgedLength: 1 hr and 7 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 01-10-18Publisher: HumanitasGenres: Fiction, LiteraryPublisher's Summary:Viziunea unei lumi absurde e povestit de un glas iluminat de ironie. ...…
Everything kicks off in episode 17. Ção stumbles on a public execution, starts a riot on her way to stop it, and meets some potential allies. Also, Diana has a snow day and wins the Heinsman Trophy.
On Saturday’s broadcast, we feature a pair of musical siblings: 14-year-old harpist Lucy Cao and 17-year-old pianist John Cao, both of Arlington Heights. Lucy Cao studies harp with Marguerite Lynn Williams at Roosevelt University. She placed second in the Texas Music Teachers Association (TMTA) competition and first in the Greater Chicago Chapt ...…
Cerca de la Revolución
Picando discos: "Elite", Baltasar Comotto "Atrapando rayos", Alto Camet "Los pactos", La teoría del caos "Nápoles", Casa Naranja
I talk with Kenny, Lady Cao Feng and Adam about House of Traps, a film directed by Chang Cheh and starring the Venom Mob. You can watch it on Amazon Prime HERE. Check out Distressor's "Just Breathe", they generously allowed us to use their music in our introduction.
Live mix by Dennis Simms for Riders of the Plastic Groove that aired Friday, January 05, 2018 on 88.9fm KUCI in Irvine, CA.More info at 01) Anna - Artha 02) ANNA, Beverley Ely - Secret - Original Mix 03) Butch, Hohberg, Adriatique - The Spirit - Adriatique's 7am Remix 04) Butch, Matthias Meyer - Shahrzad - Matthias Meyer R ...…
Posteno smo ispljuvali 2017. Sta smo pozelili za nas i nase ljude za Novu godinu, i da li ima sanse da budemo kao Svajcarska? Sta je sve obelezilo 2017 za Marka i Zeku. Zeka svira i dere se (peva) Marko pevusi, i smislja gde ce za Novaka... a Novak ispalio Zeku.
"My brain and my voice and my ability to communicate as a human being, to me, will always be more important than what I look like," - James Rose - CAO of F4A "I've gone through very horrible body image issues and I've been through the ringer with eating disorders and so many things... so I know that I need to constantly check back in with mysel ...…
In episode 15, Ção tries to lay low by spending the day shopping and catching up with old friends. She ends up doing a lot of shouting in the middle of crowded street. Also, Diana rewrites the Matrix films and tells a joke.
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Ascolta questo libro audio completo gratuitamente su Titolo: Ruin. La lancia di Skald (La fede e l'inganno 3)Autore: John GwynneNarratore: Alberto LoriFormato: UnabridgedDurata: 34 hrs and 13 minsLingua: ItalianoData di pubblicazione: 12-08-17Editore: Audible StudiosCategoria: Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Fantasy: EpicRiepil ...…
Freedom Train Presents: Lessons From the Screen
​The Propaganda Game is a Documentary that seeks to look at how we are all being manipulated by propaganda. As a case study it uses North Korea as North Korea is commonly cited as a country with one of the most extreme and thorough propaganda machines. So we are transported on a journey through North Korea guided by the Spaniard Alejandro Cao w ...…
DJ Ron's Podcast
DJ Licious - Ses Salines DJ Zinc x Shift K3Y - Soup DragonAbstract & Logic - Gimme Those Beats Yulia Niko - Nature Jean Claude Ades ft Sterea - Ordinary DayJaytech - EtheriaRedondo x First Day - Burnin' UpFabricio Pecanha and Juan Rodrigues - Monster (ReSkull Remix)Gary Caos & Emilio Hernandez - Colegiala (Gary Caos Mix)DJ Zinc x MJ Cole - Inte ...…
Dacă vrei să te apuci de blogging, apucă-te și scrie despre lucrurile care ție ți se par normale. De cele mai multe ori, lumea nu știe despre ele. Copiază o reteță de succes, iar mai apoi îți dai seama singur de ce vrei să faci. – Alex Damian Trebuie să recunosc că nu l-am plăcut... The post 09 Alex Damian: Despre beneficiile folosirii Instagra ...…
Dacă vrei să te apuci de blogging, apucă-te și scrie despre lucrurile care ție ți se par normale. De cele mai multe ori, lumea nu știe despre ele. Copiază o reteță de succes, iar mai apoi îți dai seama singur de ce vrei să faci. – Alex Damian Trebuie să recunosc că nu l-am plăcut... The post 09 Alex Damian: Despre beneficiile folosirii Instagra ...…
I talk with Lady Cao Feng about her experience meeting Lu Feng at The Urban Action Showcase & Expo for the Five Venoms 40th Anniversary Celebration. Check out Distressor's "Just Breathe", they generously allowed us to use their music in our introduction.
Hoy les dimos los 7 fundamentos para ser un mejor emprendedor, las razones para estar orgulloso de ser iztapalapense, cómo aprender a organizarnos y pasar del caos al orden y les hablamos de una opción para niños con paralisis cerebral.
Download Audiobooks of Fiction, Contemporary Free Online in Multiple Languages
Ascolta questo libro audio completo gratuitamente su Titolo: L'amore addossoAutore: Sara RattaroNarratore: Alessandra De LucaFormato: UnabridgedDurata: 4 hrs and 56 minsLingua: ItalianoData di pubblicazione: 11-15-17Editore: Mondadori Libri S.p.A.Categoria: Fiction, ContemporaryRiepilogo Editore:"La verità è quasi ...…
Things get a little trippy in episode 13 as Ção's brain tries to comprehend what happened the last few days while she sleeps. Also, Diana thinks of new ways to mess with Zack, and Zack imagines a lake of garlic.
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