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Capshaw exists to make disciples who make disciples for God's glory and the joy of all peoples, through gospel-centered worship, community, mission and service.
Maximum Life is the Podcast of Zach Terry Ministries. Zach is Pastor of Capshaw Baptist Church in Capshaw, AL (Just outside of Huntsville, AL).
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Pastor John SloanThe Good ShepherdSunday, October 20By Capshaw Baptist.
"A Global God" - Dr. Brent Whitefield by Capshaw BaptistBy Capshaw Baptist.
Through this series I want to show you in scripture how there are forces at work that your eyes cannot see. They are intricately involved in your life and God’s Word is pregnant with truth about these spirit beings calledAngels and Demons. Now we are going to begin our study by looking at Demons and their leader called Satan.…
Matthew 5:9–12 (ESV) 9 “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.
"A Sending God" - John Sloan by Capshaw BaptistBy Capshaw Baptist.
What is pure in heart? Well, remember early in our series we talked about how a human exists as a trichotomy? Body, Soul, and Spirit? Well when the Bible refers to your heart it is speaking of the SOUL - the mind, the will and the emotions.
John 9 - Born Blind by Capshaw BaptistBy Capshaw Baptist.
Matthew 5:7 (ESV) “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy." That’s outward, that is something you express to others. Mercy is the first outworking of the poor spirit, the meek spirit, the hungry spirit… mercy is the first overflow.
John 8: 31-59 - The Truth Will Set You Free by Capshaw BaptistBy Capshaw Baptist.
John 8:12-30 - Light Of The World Audio by Capshaw BaptistBy Capshaw Baptist.
When David gave his grand invitation in Psalm 34, he didn't invite us to come and accept a series of truth claims, but rather he told to “TASTE” and see that the Lord is good.
Pastor John SloanBread of LifeSunday, September 8By Capshaw Baptist.
David Jeremiah said, “Meekness is the virtue of the man who acts with gentleness when it is in his power to act with severity.”
Pastor Brandon BentleySunday, September 1stBread of LifeBy Capshaw Baptist.
What a paradoxical statement - HAPPY are the SAD. It seems so contradictory. Yet it was among the first words Jesus spoke in an official capacity.
What does it mean to be Poor in Spirit?To understand poverty of Spirit you have to really understand what is meant by the word SPIRIT. Well, first of all Jesus is not referring to the Holy Spirit, but the Human Spirit. You see each individual is comprised of three distinct parts: Body, Soul, and Spirit.…
Bread of Life - Week 13Pastor John SloanSunday, August 25, 2019By Capshaw Baptist.
Suppose I knew a secret that was guaranteed to take the knob of blessing in your life and turn it up to the maximum setting? Would you want to know the secret? If your answer is, “yes” don’t feel bad. You see, I am firmly convinced that God hardwired humanity to desire blessing. As a matter of fact he uses our desire for blessing as an incentiv ...…
John SloanBread of LifeSunday, August 17, 2019By Capshaw Baptist.
We ought to recognize that DELAY does not equal DISTANCE. Friend keep in mind, we are closer to the return of Jesus than any other generation in all of history. We ought to take careful stock of every area of our life with the question - if Jesus returned today… would He be pleased? There is something about this question that gives clarity.…
Bread of Life SeriesPastor Jon SloanAugust 11, 2019By Capshaw Baptist.
The Bible tells us that there is another day when King Jesus will come home and cleanse another temple. Not the manmade temple of first century Jerusalem, but the temple of this entire planet. His whips will not be the cords of the market, but rather the tails of comets, bolts of lightening, and the thunder of judgement.…
Bread of Life - Week 7Pastor John SloanBy Capshaw Baptist.
We live in a post Christian American bubble. Our suffering is different. We will be talked about on social media, we will be ignored, uninvited, perhaps even legally prosecuted... but throughout most of the world the suffering is far more intense. The rise of radical Islam that we referred to last week, coupled with the expansion of atheistic c ...…
When you understand what the Bible teaches regarding the end times... you realize that practically everything you hear on the National News points you to Jesus!
Abraham was called God’s friend and God shows His friends what He intends to do. You are God’s friend and He is showing you what His intentions are.
As we study the events of the last days, you will find that God seems to expect these things to stay on the forefront of our mind. You are to be on the ALERT.
Parents - think of your home as a fortress. Your kids go out into a world day after day that is intent on tearing them down. They will be laughed at, they will be criticized, they will be bullied, they will be called names, they will fail at times, they will not always make the team, they will be cheated on, they will be dumped, they will be di ...…
Sunday, June 16, 2019Pastor John SloanJohn 5:1-17By Capshaw Baptist.
Sunday, June 9, 2019Pastor John SloanJohn 4:46-54By Capshaw Baptist.
Our own culture seems to follow two extremes when it comes to Parenting Children.
Sunday, June 2, 2019Pastor John SloanJonah 4:1-11By Capshaw Baptist.
Sunday, May 26, 2019Pastor John SloanJonah 3:1-10By Capshaw Baptist.
Nothing in all creation pictures the Gospel as perfectly as Christian marriage.
Wednesday, May 22,2019Pastor John SloanEcclesiastes 11By Capshaw Baptist.
Sunday, May 19, 2019Pastor John SloanJonah 2:1-10By Capshaw Baptist.
Wednesday, May 15, 2019Dave Patrick - ElderBy Capshaw Baptist.
When the Gospel is believed it becomes the weightiest of all potential realities.
Sunday, May 12. 2019Pastor John SloanJonah 1:4-17By Capshaw Baptist.
True Faith is Obedient, Counter Cultural and Eschatological…let’s jump in…
Wednesday, May 1, 2019Pastor Adam RiceEcclesiastes 3By Capshaw Baptist.
There are 3 things that are absolutely essential for you to understand about faith…
Sunday, April 28, 2019Pastor John SloanLuke 24:13-32By Capshaw Baptist.
Wednesday, April 24, 2019Pastor John SloanEcclesiastes 1-2By Capshaw Baptist.
Easter Sunday, April 21, 2019Pastor John SloanMark 16:1-8By Capshaw Baptist.
The Christian life is much like being in the ocean of the world with a constant perpetual undercurrent pulling you away… but you must stay with Christ. AND LISTEN TO ME: This doesn’t just happen… you have to fight the drift.
Sunday, April 14, 2019Pastor John SloanLuke 19:28-44By Capshaw Baptist.
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