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Think to the Brink
From cartoon characters to song lyrics, meal deals to social media etiquette, a brand new comedy podcast starring Will Baker and Alex Prescot where we overthink a different topic each week!
Blood Red
The traditional fairytale gets a 21 century makeover, as Little Red Riding Hood becomes Blood red flirting and teasing the poor old wolf leaving him a gibbering, frustrated fool fresh and addictive viewing.
ABC Wid Da Mob
Spoofing early learning programming, themes such as co-operation, compassion, feeling sad and sharing are taught by a host of misplaced Mafiosi types with unusual ways of demonstrating these valuable life lessons.
Coghill Cartooning Podcast
Cartooning & illustration tips for clients and artists with George Coghill. Learn about cartoon logo best practices, general cartoon character creation and usage tips, projects behind-the-scenes and more.
Best New Chefs Series
Past "Best New Chef" winners from all over the U.S. share their passion for food at the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen. Cathal Armstrong (Restaurant Eve) offers his take on sustainable agriculture. Christopher Lee (Striped Bass) shares what he typically makes for dinner at home (hint: it involves a cartoon character). Tom Colicchio (of "Top Chef" fame) talks about what it takes to become a real chef. And Mary Dumont (Dunaway Restaurant, NH) heralds the joys of cooking with fresh ingredients fr ...
Voices In Your Head
Voices in Your Head has Host Aaron Rosen bringing his impressions/characters to his show with his co-hosts Drew and Inam. Each week, they get in touch with celebrities (old and new) as well as cartoon characters who elucidate listeners with what�s really happening in the world.
After Hours with FRANK!Powers
It's... it's... it's AFTER HOURS with FRANK!PowersJoin me as I express my positive thoughts on the effort of cartooning, self-publishing comic books, comic cons, and skewing pop culture sarcastically with my cartoon character Pissed ØFF Panda.
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38 Episodes, Shows We Missed, Baby Driver, Favorite Edgar Wright Movie, Baby Driver Spoiler Alert, Songs in Other Movies, Gray Eyebrows, John Hamm in Comedies, Black Mirror Christmas Special, 30 Rock, Parks and Rec, Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, Music References in Actors, Getting Coffee, Guardians of the Galaxy Music, Fleetwood M ...…
CB and Soos are back with GigaPet Gillette for another Bring It Back! Bracket. This bracket includes all the best cartoon characters from the 90's. See who gets upset in the first round and who takes home the title for best 90's cartoon character. Bracket includes Bart Simpson, Doug, Arnold, Stimpy, Cartman, Beavis, and many more. Leave us a me ...…
In today's episode of TheDecidedGamer podcast I'm talking about the recent controversy surrounding Fortnite's new battle royale mode and how Bluehole, the creator of PUBG, responded to the announcement of the new game type. There also might be something in there about a battle royale style Star Wars game. I'll leave a transcript of the episode ...…
We Could Have Been Astronauts
The Astronauts feel spacey and down right sick. Melissa admits to having dirty Mommy/Daddy thoughts about a cartoon character and Alex talks dreams.
Idiots Without Credibility
This episode IWC welcomes Fat Ryan from the U.S. Navy to discuss a man caught masturbating during the Emoji Movie, hot cartoon characters, arranged marriages in Romania, and what weird sporting events they want to see on the real ESPN 8 the Ocho.Follow IWC on Twitter!Brian (@TheDirtyBubble6)Rob (@rbowe96)Justin (@JustintheAss)@IWC_PodcastCheck ...…
Trashmagination Creative Reuse Podcast
It’s time to buy school supplies in North America. My kids have a pile of crayon nubs and dried-out markers from last year, so I researched project ideas for crayons and markers. Crayon Creative Reuse Ideas Melt crayons in various shapes – solid colors or marble – Lego people crayons, heart crayons for Valentines, rainbow crayons Make a firesta ...…
Remembering June Foray, Margaret “Gretel” Bergmann-Lambert June Foray was the rarely seen, but often-heard voice of many cartoon characters. She was the voice of among others, Grammi Gummi for Disney, Granny for Warner Brothers, Cindy Lou who, and Dudley Do-Right’s girlfriend Nell Fenwick. She occasionally did voices for television shows and it ...…
Episode 42: August 8, 2017 Co-teaching stress in a foreign country, conference joy coming up next month, and getting meta with expat podcast wisdom and grounding with 4Seas1Family Podcast review. COMMENT on this podcast here: SUBSCRIBE: iTunes: Podknife: ...…
June Foray, longtime voice of many cartoon characters, just arrived in the Next World. A special someone was on hand to greet her upon her arrival. Also she immediate got an intriguing job offer. Wait til you hear who gave it to her and what it is.We now know who will be playing Gilda Radner's boyfriend in her still unnamed comedy superhero mov ...…
Homeschooling In The North Woods: a homeschooling podcast
With so many books for homeschool parents out there, which ones are worth your time to read? Since we know that your time is limited, we have rounded up our top 10 picks so you don’t have to! Psst… ENTER GIVEAWAY BELOW!!! From homeschool and educational theory, to parenting, sibling, and family dynamics, we are sure that you one of these books ...…
Tweet This week the crew discusses which cartoon character they would bang, Dane Blackson and JC Supreme stop in and much more! The post The Idiots – Episode 88 appeared first on Wildfire Radio.
In this episode of the Brand X Podcast John, Deuce and Joe talk about how Rob from the Rob & Slim Podcast got into a Twitter war and was sent to Twitter Jail over a misspelling in a direct message. Things were rolling along just fine. There was laughing, joking, and busting balls as usual. Until the topic of Net Neutrality reared its ugly head. ...…
Todd N Tyler Radio Empire
And so do many cartoon characters!
CASTRATING - IT'S A FREAKIN' BUSINESS, BRO!Vince Russo is Castrating the Marks and their Dirt Sheets as these walking cartoon characters once again fail to understand that professional wrestling is a business and not a real competition. Whether it's crying over Billy Gunn in NJPW, Jinder Mahal as WWE Champion (still driving them nuts), a "great ...…
Anthony Metivier's Magnetic Memory Method Podcast
I’m a pretty calm and relaxed guy. But if there’s one word related to memory improvement that drives me bonkers, it’s “system.” And you’ve probably heard me talk all about why I don’t teach a comprehensive memory system like some of the others on the market. Nothing about my refusal to offer a memory improvement system is ever going to change. ...…
Which Witch Is Witch
One is straight out of New England witch folklore, the other is a bright bubbly cartoon character, but they both have adorable sidekicks who are literal demons with colors in their names, so it all works out! Today we’re talking about Thomasin from the film “The Witch” and Ashley from the game series “WarioWare.” Also: logo design, the inherent ...…
Social Abstinence with Blaze Mancillas
Director and producer Shannon Fillion-Troost makes her debut with writer Danny Rocco and they talk about the exciting film they are working on that Blaze and friend of the show Matt Hurley are starring in. It's a super fabulous episode brimming with pride that is not to be stopped by any mean bro-flakes. They ponder deep questions like whether ...…
Cullen and Jordan Review 7th Heaven: The Podcast
Well, Grandma died. We're all processing that, and what better way to do so than counseling a bunch of polyamorous cartoon characters? Also, Simon will die someday. Jeff gets muted in the mix. Everyone in Annie's life abandons her. And RENEE. RENEE IS BACK AND BIRTHING
Super Live Adventure Podcast
It's the 3rd Super Live Adventure Pizza Party and the guys sit down and chat with @denomfug (Super Fan Denny Rodrigo, @trekkingpodcast)! Recorded live at Pizza D'Oro on Staten Island, the guys and their guest get into dealing with accidentally erasing a whole podcast recording, The Principal, creepy movie rape scenes, Meatballs and Meatballs Pa ...…
The UK experienced a heatwave this week, with the hottest day in June for 40 years. Royal Ascot considered relaxing its dress code, the TUC urged employers to let staff ditch suits during the hot weather and trains were delayed by the wrong kind of sun on the tracks. Rain or shine, we Brits love to gripe about the weather. What's that coming ov ...…
Inglorious Pasterds
Louie the Lobster, Millwall Beer, Realistic Cartoon Characters, Elephant Rescue, LSD Dolphins, A Nugget Short, Lucky Charms Shake, Injecting Blood & Umm Yeah. This week's Further Up, Further In topic was selected by patron, Heather Gianndrea, based off of her blog entitled Crisis Averted found here: ...…
This week the ladies hang out with Amber Rollo. They play the classic came of Fuck, Marry, Kill but with a twist. Amber is presented with cartoon characters instead of real people. Turns out we think Fern Gully would be shit in bed and getting gang banged by Snap, Cracke and Pop would be something we would all be interested in. We get to know o ...…
This week the ladies hang out with Amber Rollo. They play the classic came of Fuck, Marry, Kill but with a twist. Amber is presented with cartoon characters instead of real people. Turns out we think Fern Gully would be shit in bed and getting gang banged by Snap, Cracke and Pop would be something we would all be interested in. We get to know o ...…
Netflix’s Black Mirror is a tweaked reflection of technology’s worst consequences - what show creator Charlie Brooker calls a “sarcastic version of the present.’ This week, Brooker and executive producer Annabel Jones join us for a cheerfully dystopian chat about where their ideas come from, why they haven’t quit TV to launch a startup, and Twi ...…
Welcome to Episode 4 of The DeRailers, with GoobZ, Jenny Bean & Ripken! In today's episode, The DeRailers are joined by two special passengers and good friends, JD & Christina Bell. Our first stop will be Amusement Parks, and there are several stops at Randomness before the end of the line. Enjoy today's DeRAILMENT! Watch this episode on YouTub ...…
Stay Tooned Podcast
The unusual talk show hosted by a Cartoon character from the 60's. This one is Space Ghost coast to coast. Sorry no space monkey in this one.
Steve asks, "Why is Hulk Hogan the greatest cartoon character ever?" Uh...I can justify this!To get your own personal episode of The Five Minute Podcast, visit
Moses and I talk about griot, video letters to kids, TEDx, this is how much I love you, don't come to bounce, goofy Moses giving a sermon, we're all cartoon characters, maybe I'll buy 15 of the same t-shirts, cash me outside girl, Giorgio, Charles Alexander, camels through the Sahara, Mission Dan, "do",, no pointing, 5K times th ...…
Big Time Garbage
Find out what our pal Brad Wenzel said about Blain. (it's bad). He also owns Brett (also bad). Then we talk about cartoon characters for like 45 mins. and we end by talking about the cartoon character ~~~in the white house~~~ wow political gold right there. Brad is funny. Watch him on Conan and go see him at Third Man Records on Wednesday. @big ...…
Lamont Cranston and Margo Lane are spending the weekend at their good and very wealthy friends the Bartons in which they learn that Henry Barton recently purchased a priceless gem known as the Great Harvey Diamond, which also is said to be cursed. Commentary on the clever plot twist as well as guest actor Alan Reed whose voice is known by many ...…
The Paranormies Present: The Ahnenerbe Hour
This week we have a very disturbing topic: Gory, lewd, and downright strange videos featuring actors dressed as Spiderman, Elsa, and other popular cartoon characters for children. However, it's not your usual youtube clickbait. These videos feature extraordinarily disgusting and grim content, including scat, pregnancy, abortion, and injections ...…
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