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Dimes in the Dozen
A podcast about millennial life in America from both sides of the generational coin.
The Echo Chamber Club Podcast
The Echo Chamber Club wants to strengthen and define what it means to be a liberal, progressive or centrist in modern day politics. We interview key thinkers; philosophers, politicians, academics and journalists, about what their values are in order to encourage debate about a centrist ideology. This is to complement the Echo Chamber Club newsletter, where we show an alternative point of view to what is a traditional 'liberal / progressive' norm, or what simply isn't being discussed in the p ...
Sven Ericsson Podcast - Tetra Books
Author Sven Ericsson discusses his writing process, gives clips of his work, and discusses various topics - from his "extreme centrist" political views to general observations about life. Sometimes witty, sometimes serious. Often sublime.
Better Bitter Banter
Of all the bitter banter our there ours is better. Lil' Tom and Paul have a comedy chemistry to rival any one who might think that their phone conversations should be recorded and put out into the world as entertainment.The show took a brief hiatus for the holidays, but will be back in full force in 08'! Keep the faith in Lil' Tom and Paul! T and the P! Yeah! If you find you like the show, again, join the community and email us @littletomandpaul@gmail.comWrite good r ...
Front and Center
Front and Center is a podcast that showcases centrist points of view, both politically and socially. Don’t get it twisted, being a centrist isn’t about having everyone like you. Actually, more people are going to dislike you as a centrist. You hold everyone to account, whether you like them, their party, their organization, or not. Not exactly the easiest way to the heart, but certainly the most honest and objective. Join host Emilio Garcia every week to talk about the good, the bad, and the ...
Alt Center
Social and political commentary from the centrist alternative! George Linke is an industrialist and engineer who's got a bone to pick with extremists of all stripes. Andrew Linke is a novelist and educator who will provoke listeners into questioning their beliefs. Together, they are ready to discuss the hot topics of our time.
Kicking It With Kirk
Welcome to the golf cart centrist insanity of Kirk Word. Join us for outrageous shenanigans that follow (hint: bring bail money)
Navarrette Nation
Hosted by an independent-minded old school journo and belligerent centrist who tells the truth and isn't afraid to offend both sides, this 10-13 min daily podcast explains and analyzes the issues of the day from a different perspective. Because it emanates from San Diego -- a safe distance of more than 3,000 miles away from the "talk way" (the chatter corridor that connects New York and Washington -- it's not blinded by politics and partisanship. It's fair, but it's also tough. It doesn't se ...
From the Fringes
Presenting a range of issues and opinions from the fringes.... political, social, ethical and personal. We help men access and develop their masculine hearts. We focus on men’s rights defining manhood and as such we are masculists. We defend the cause of real men and women getting women to respond by championing our cause. When it comes to the rights of biological parents we will be advocates to mothers and fathers going through custody battles. Although we are Maculitsts Warrior Protectors ...
Blank Time Podcast
A podcast. Featuring voices by Michael "Lil Pecker" Freeland, Chris "Goth Toph" Freeland, Emily "FartKnocka" Slaughter, and Jen "Attractive Yet Still Approachable" Tydings.**Rated R for explicit unfufilled sexual desire and conversation, race stuff including but not limited to LGBTQ and POC curiousity, creeds(late 90's only), indignities, very funny comedy and heavy sighing. America's Leading Far-Centrist Comedy Podcast or as we like to call it, "Comcast".
Meyer for President
The Democrats are wimps, the Republicans are greedy. What's an honest voter to do? Write in my name, David Meyer, when voting for President. I'm running as a Radical Centrist Constitutionalist. Radical as in Apple's "Think ... Different"Centrist as in "both parties have some good ideas"Constitutionalist as in "when in doubt, follow the Constitution".Be assured of change. And check out My Podcast Alley feed! {pca-4a6aee6edcb5db6a49eafd428245636f}
The Echo Chamber Club Podcast
The Echo Chamber Club wants to strengthen and define what it means to be a liberal, progressive or centrist in modern day politics. We interview key thinkers; philosophers, politicians, academics and journalists, about what their values are in order to encourage debate about a centrist ideology. This is to complement the Echo Chamber Club newsletter, where we show an alternative point of view to what is a traditional 'liberal / progressive' norm, or what simply isn't being discussed in the p ...
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Jessica Alter has been starting and growing some of Silicon Valley's most impressive companies for her entire career, but her latest endeavor, Tech for Campaigns, is her most important startup yet. What started as a simple Google Doc shared among her friends and colleagues in the tech world to see who was interested in providing tech expertise ...…
The Progressive Britain Podcast
Alison McGovern, Richard Angell and Conor Pope discuss the practicalities of retaining single market membership post-Brexit, and their own ‘Theresa May moments’. Enter the competition to win the hottest new moderate merchandise at: @ProgressOnline | /ProgressLabour | @ProgressOnline | Further reading: * Heidi Alexan ...…
Natural Solutions with Dr. Jay
NSDJ63 Father Richard Mapplebeckpalmer Conversation Father Richard Mapplebeckpalmer Interviewed by Jay Sordean. In this freeranging and yet structured interview and discussion, old friends –Father Richard Mapplebeckpalmer (aka Father Richard) and Dr. Jay –have a chance to muse and ponder on many topics that may or may not have anything to do wi ...…
Despite centrist or mainstream wins in elections in Germany, France and the Netherlands, support remains strong for nationalist, anti-immigrant and anti-EU parties across the bloc. Three critical issues could determine the future of the debate over Europe and the union.
Rob Reiner’s latest production is an absurdly sincere piece of civilian propaganda -- the freshly minted Committee to Investigate Russia (website + trailer starring Morgan Freeman), whose advisory board consists of a hodgepodge of 'non-partisan' figures, ranging from liberals to centrists to never-Trumpers. We go through this latest iteration o ...…
The headline news tonight is that Angela Merkel has secured a fourth term as Germany's chancellor. But it is unlikely she is popping the champagne at CDU headquarters. Coming in at 33%, her party suffered an 8% loss from its result in 2013. Their coalition partners, the SPD, suffered their lowest share of the vote in history, at 20%.It was a ba ...…
It could not be determined whether a scarier-looking image of Bernie Sanders was available to Vox., which brands itself as both a news source and an “explainer” of news, constructs many of its headlines around the word “why.” These include opinion essays (e.g., “Why Now Is Such a Strange Era in American Political History,” 9/6/17) or in ...…
Nazis. Can’t live with ’em, can’t punch ’em, according to centrist pundits. What’s a podcast network to do? Well, this week on Big Time Whoopsies, Eric decided to do a takedown of the dumbest, weirdest philosophies of the Third Reich, and he brings Major Casts co-founder Tom Loughney along for the ride! Prepare for rewritten philosophy, occult ...…
Curmudgeon's Corner
The week on Curmudgeon's Corner, Sam and Ivan talk about Ivan's evacuation from Florida in anticipation of Hurricane Irma, more general thoughts on Hurricane Irma as it approaches Florida, Trump's recent moves that are making Congressional Republicans upset, Information Warfare in the age of Facebook and Twitter, and finally the Equifax data br ...…
Piedmont Artist Profiles
This is the first of what will eventually become a regular series here on Piedmont Artist Profiles that I am calling Songwriter’s Circle. For each episode in the series I will sit down with two or more local songwriter’s and talk about the art, craft, and industry of songwriting. I hope that these shows will help raise the awareness of the craf ...…
Host T.J. is joined by Nick Troiano, executive director of The Centrist Project. The two discuss the latest endeavors of The Centrist Project, including projects in support of independent candidates across the nation, how independents could change the U.S.’s healthcare discussion, what an independent caucus would look like, and more. The Centri ...…
Call: (713) 526-5738 – Facebook LIVE – Live stream: KPFT (Entire USA) Radio Show Date: July 13th, 2017 Only a Progressive renaissance can rebuild the middle-class You can also find previous episodes on YouTube here. Today we discuss the need for a Progressive Renaissance, one that is already occurring. The political field is already fertilized. ...…
Conservative Philip Klein doesn’t think the presence of moderate senators means we’ll get better health care policy. “Centrists always get credit and adoration by many elements of the media for talking to the other side and not being ideologically rigid,” he says. “But I think that’s another way of saying they can be bought off easily.” Klein w ...…
Between The Lines - Separate stories podcast
It’s little more than a year since a young political outsider and former investment banker set up a centrist political party called En Marche! He’s now the President of France. Sophie Pedder explains what happened and why.
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