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The Best Book Ever [this week]
Five children's books reviewed. No script. No rehearsal. No lip service.
Two Kitties in a Window
A podcast dedicated to children's books and the people who read and make them. We interview people about their creative process and their reading & writing lives. Steph Dale @2ndkittyqueen Kris Marley Patrick @krismarley12 Podcast artwork by Troy Cummings
Between Two Worlds with Sadie: Books for kids | Jokes | Fun Facts
Between Two Worlds is a podcast made by a kid, for kids! It is a podcast with reviews of books for kids that I love to read, mostly chapter books for kids, and interviews with some of my favorite authors. You will hear all about awesome books you might want to read, and you'll learn lots of cool facts about all kinds of stuff, including your favorite authors.Some of my favorite books that I will talk about are: Harry Potter, The Hobbit, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Charlotte's Web, The ...
Dark Letter Days
DARK LETTER DAYS is a sequential video podcast by Lorin Morgan-Richards of A Raven Above Press: featuring woeful illustrated readings of original and classic poetry and childrens literature.
More William by CROMPTON, Richmal
The second of Crompton's series of 39 books about William Brown, our cheeky 11 year-old protagonist. A hero to some, a dastardly villain to others, this book is structured round a year in his life. Starting with William waking up on Christmas morning and ending with him going to sleep the following Christmas Eve, there are the usual round of misadventures, misunderstanding and general mayhem in between. When a boy like William wakes up under a motto that says "A Busy Day Is A Happy Day" alon ...
Literary Gupshup-Pune's first literature podcast
Hi readers, welcome to Literary Gupshup, Pune's first podcast on literature and writing. I, Vikas Prakash Joshi, your host and founder, will interview Pune's best known writers, translators and creative personalities to answer the questions you had but were too scared to ask."How does one improve as a writer?" "How difficult is it to get published?" "How do you market yourself as a writer?" These are just some of the questions that I answer through these podcasts. For guys and girls new to t ...
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Today's episode is the first in a series of five on-location interviews recorded live in Boston, MA. Cathryn Mercier is the Director of the Children's Literature Program and the Director of the Center for the Study of Children's Literature at Simmons College. I joined Cathie on campus for a great chat about Simmons' prestigious full residency M ...…
You'd best Accio Seat for this episode, as we enter the wizarding world of Harry Potter fandom and talk about Potterheads! What's it like growing up along side the object of fandom? Is Young Adult (YA) just for kids? Why do people of all ages love Harry Potter? Whether you're Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin, you won't need a Nim ...…
This week Dave and Steel bring back their old friend Amy (Scott) Anderson. Together the trio discuss epic meltdowns, some amazing things that have they’ve been dying to share with each other during Dave’s paternity leave, talk (for a long time) about babies and parenting, share great music they’ve been digging recently by AURORA, the Strumbella ...…
Award-winning childrens author and poet Michael Rosen is the latest to take part in the Made in Goldsmiths event series.osen, who is taking up a professorship in the Universitys Department of Educational Studies, is currently developing a new, practical and theoretical MA in Childrens Literature to start in September 2014.There are so many inte ...…
Actor Nitin Ganatra comes on BookD to talk about his new role with David Walliams playing Raj - who is fast becoming one of the best loved characters in Childrens literature today. Nitin Ganatra studied acting at Bristol University during the late 1980s but before realising his love for the stage, moved over from Kenya at the age of 4 with his ...…
Louise Rennison is a national treasure when it comes to her outstanding creativity and contributions to Childrens literature for one of the toughest crowds in the market - the teenage girl!Louise talks on the show about her shy side and how drama school allowed her to gain confidence and the ability to stand up on stage and make people laugh. A ...…
How should religion be taught in public schools and what resources are available for teachers? Two professors at Appalachian State University have taken on those questions. They researched various religious groups in the United States and decided to present these various traditions through the use of children's literature. Dr. Connie Green and ...…
Have you seen The Hunger Games yet? Despite Miss Corene's reservations, I recommend it. It was pretty great. The Atlantic Book Awards shortlist is out! Check it out here. It has Janet McNaughton on it. Are you following the School Library Journal's Battle of the Books? Because it's getting pretty intense. Books from this week's podcast: Birthma ...…
Kelly Andrus discusses the importance of quality childrens literature.
Kelly Andrus discusses the importance of quality childrens literature.
Childrens Literature Laureate and Author Jon Scieszka speaks about his efforts to encourage boys to read, as well as about his plans as the first national laureate for children's literature. (March 6, 2009)
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