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A show where two guys with absolutely zero authority to do so, talk about the unexplained, the very explained and the not quite totally explainable. In a way that will almost certainly convince you that you're not listening to two dudes with far reaching interest in the occult, alien abductions, true crime and all the things crazy people want you to think is true but probably isn't, speculating wildly.
Counting Sheep
Counting Sheep rises from the ashes of failed podcast ONEMIC. Chris Barrio A.K.A Sheep returns with friends and new stories. Good times all around
Life in the Son is a ministry committed to accomplishing God's will in Micronesia. Our Sunday "celebration services" feature dynamic worship and inspired messages in a Christ-centered assembly. We are particulary devoted to continued church planting, campus ministry, and world missions.
Shaping Logics
Shaping Logics is a podcast produced in Barrio Logan, San Diego. The podcast will serve as a platform to discuss topics of interest in the fields of design and architecture. Shaping Logics is a collaborative effort between aux-lab (Abel Zatarain) and ohms architects (Miguel Reyes and Hector Aramburo).
Exploring personal journeys with remarkable people. All episodes recorded live out-and-about in the real and actual world, not in a studio environment.
FanSided's Pelican Debrief Podcast discusses the latest New Orleans Pelicans news, analysis and more from the staff at
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The triumphant return of the Witch with the most itch, Helen Duncan!I swear I totally almost typed Helen Mirren. Whew.....Bullet dodged! Welcome to the 2nd of hopefully, too many for me to handle, Halloween episodes. Lets listen in and wonder about the connection between speaking/making fun of early 20th century witches/spiritualists, and a ful ...…
Chris Puzio is an artist whose medium is metal. His public metal sculptures can be seen throughout San Diego. In this episode we discuss; how he came to create in metal, the client/artist relationship, and the unique traits of public art sculptures.By Shaping Logics.
2 years on and Chris is still a champ for not sending hit men to wack me off and end the frustration. This episode is mostly about a Scottish witch that could leak ghosts from her holes. I probably should have paid more attention!By Jason Rambeau and Chris Barrios.
On the conclusion of the Bloody Espinozas, we meet a bad ass to end all bad asses. Meet Mr Tomas Tate Tobin!By Jason Rambeau and Chris Barrios.
Matthew 13:44-46By LIFE IN THE SON GUAM.
Some shit happened. We got over it, you should too!By Jason Rambeau and Chris Barrios.
Matthew 13:31-33By LIFE IN THE SON GUAM.
John 1:40-42By LIFE IN THE SON GUAM.
This one's all about the BRC. What's the BRC you ask? Let's just say that every one that called me an asshole for not wanting to donate my body to science after my death are the real assholes! Plus, fridges full of penises!By Jason Rambeau and Chris Barrios.
Michael Dulberg is Senior BIM / Innovation Enginner at BN Builders. In this episode we touch on interesting threads concerning technology and how new technologies get integrated in the office setting. We discuss the potential of new tech like AI, VR, Augmented reality and how some of it is currently being used at BN Builders.…
It's so insanely difficult to type down a summary for this episode with all these tears welling up in my eyes.By Jason Rambeau and Chris Barrios.
Jeremiah 4:1-11By LIFE IN THE SON GUAM.
Anya Gallaccio is an artist as well as a professor at UCSD. Her work has been exhibited in galleries all over the world, most recently in Sydney, Australia. In this episode we discuss; her education, living and working in London, and how she views her work over time and space.By Shaping Logics.
Acts 8: 1 Acts 9: 1, 3-6, 20By LIFE IN THE SON GUAM.
The conclusion of the Blue Beard of Gambais. Will it end happily ever after? Does it ever on this plight of a podcast?By Jason Rambeau and Chris Barrios.
We had some pretty severe technical difficulties bringing you the second episode of the Bluebeard of Gambais. So while you beautiful people wait for a new recording to happen, James and I figured that we could bring you the story of the man's namesake.By Jason Rambeau and Chris Barrios.
France! We come from France! So does this weeks piece of trash. BOP IT!By Jason Rambeau and Chris Barrios.
Acts 6:1-8 Acts 7:59, 60By LIFE IN THE SON GUAM.
Hector is owner/principal at De-Arc, an associate professor in the Masters of Real Estate Development program of Woodbury in San Diego, as well as a member of The RED Office. The discussion focused on his trajectory as a Mexican immigrant into the United States and how he navigated through life, the education system, and professional career, al ...…
James and I wax somewhat philosophical on the history, and mindspace there in, of the ritual act of honor bound suicide praticed by the samurai classBy Jason Rambeau and Chris Barrios.
1 Corinthians 14:1 Acts 2:1-4By LIFE IN THE SON GUAM.
Genesis 22:18By LIFE IN THE SON GUAM.
On this episode we talk all about the Gosford Gliphs. We also have a special guest! See if you can find him within all the nonsense!By Jason Rambeau and Chris Barrios.
Colin is a former co-worker of ours. Former, because around 2 years ago he started his own architecture firm, called CLAD. We were excited to catch up and hear about his early first projects and also get into the specifics of how he operates his business. I think those of us who have similar aspirations will find this to be an insightful episode.…
Genesis 22:1-14By LIFE IN THE SON GUAM.
We talk about all kinds of cool space nonsense on this show. Along with some special guests, Chris is also live in house!By Jason Rambeau and Chris Barrios.
John 4:9-19, 25-30, 39-42By LIFE IN THE SON GUAM.
Proverbs 3:15-18By LIFE IN THE SON GUAM.
A funny thing happened on the way to a guilty plea. That thing? A guilty plea refused by the very judge who asked "how do you plead?". Weird huh?By Jason Rambeau and Chris Barrios.
Isaiah 53: 3-10, Psalms 89: 14, Genesis 3: 21, Genesis 46: 1-4, Hebrews 11: 4By LIFE IN THE SON GUAM.
Isaiah 50:4-9By LIFE IN THE SON GUAM.
Here's nuber 2 for ol Mr Mullin. What will he be getting up to this week? What mysterious mistery is left to be uncovered???By Jason Rambeau and Chris Barrios.
In this episode we discuss how software is used by architects and designers. We touch on new technologies like Virtual Reality, and the iPad Pro. We question how these technologies can be integrated into the profession to actually assist in the visualization of projects and to communicate ideas to clients.…
Isaiah 42:1-4By LIFE IN THE SON GUAM.
Wow...severe mental illness sure is pretty nuts. Find out just how nuts a person can be on this episode about Mr. Mullin! We'll tell you more tonight at 11, just after Wheel of Fortune!By Jason Rambeau and Chris Barrios.
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