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Where is Cleo? Taken by child welfare workers in the 1970’s and adopted in the U.S., the young Cree girl’s family believes she was raped and murdered while hitchhiking back home to Saskatchewan. CBC news investigative reporter Connie Walker joins the search to find out what really happened to Cleo.
Laura Clery, the snapchat filter queen and digital star with over 5 million followers, delves past her famous characters and into the behind-the-scenes life of Laura. Cohosting with her husband Stephen Hilton, a renowned film composer, the two explore any and all topics and stories. With a few guest appearances from the characters that put Laura Clery on the map.
Every month I'll be bringing you the very best music as I see it in dj mix format. My style varies by mood and atmosphere dancefloor or home & home listening. You'll hear up front tracks, classics, b-sides, hard to find vinyl and digital eps and releases, as well as my own produce, remixes and edits. I was raised on house and techno. Though, I heart Dubstep, D&B, Downtempo, Breaks, Experimental, Dub, Reggae, Latin, Jazz & Classical. I love good music no matter what you label it. Subscribe fo ...
Comedian and die hard Cleveland Cavaliers fan Chris Clem presents a semi-weekly sports micro-cast that blends comedy sketches, interviews, and serious takes on the NBA's kings of controversy. Leave a voice mail for the show at 330-822-2296 or email the show at New episodes released Tuesdays and Thursdays
Mr Cleo
Mr Cleo is the world's foremost drunk scumbag psychic hotline comedy podcast. It is hosted by Jake Flores (@feraljokes) and features Danny Felts (@dannyfelts) and a revolving door of other comedians/fake psychics. It's really dumb but you already knew that.
Interviews with lean thought leaders like Jim Womack and John Shook and those from of adjacent communities. The official podcast of the Lean Enterprise Institute.
You’re an actor, or so you say. Well, do you have a plan? You’re smart and talented, but the biz is not what you've pictured. You’ve made some connections, worked hard, gone to auditions, and yet, somehow, you’re still not getting the part. You’re wondering about the ins and outs of the industry, because maybe there’s something you’ve missed on this crazy path to stardom. You haven't done anything wrong. It's just part of the process. Patience is key.My name is Cleo Valente, I am your host a ...
CLE Talk is our weekly podcast fully dedicated to Cleveland Sports. Bob and Chris grew up in Cleveland, cheering passionately for all of its sports teams Our daily conversations always revert back to the current events of the sporting world and our favorite teams. We want to share our conversations with you in the mold of a show. Recorded weekly, the show takes a look at the major news surrounding all the relevant Cleveland teams — including the Browns, Cavaliers, Indians and Buckeyes. CLE T ...
Everything and anything that can improve our lives interests me. I love sharing new ideas and mindsets that help me towards the life I want to live. Anything from my body to my mind that can help me become a better person overall is what I enjoy talking about. Also, I love talking to anyone chasing their passion whether they've found it yet or not. Talking to people pursuing something more fulfilling and discussing their journey is endlessly fascinating.
Lei's Podcast
برامج يهدف لنشر الثقافة القانونية
Cleveland Scene Magazine Presents: No Sleep In The CLE with Justin Markert and Ramon Rivas. Cellar Door's Justin Markert, Chucklefck's Ramon Rivas and their weekly guest talk about comedy, music, Cleveland and anything else.
Deep house and melodic techno from Cler Lever.In 2007, Cler was the worthy winner of Babycream's DJ competition following which she secured the opening set at Creamfields that year, warming up for Mark Ronson and becoming the first female DJ in history to play on the main stage. As well as playing at some of the best nights in the county alongside the likes of Frank Lorber, Sebo K and Felix Da Housecat Cler started her own night Rhumba, bringing some of the best DJs and producers to Liverpoo ...
Me with Eliza Doolittle
Discover CLE
Sharing Cleveland with the World.
Beyond the Clef
Podcast by Beyond the Clef
Paul Clews's posts
Paul Clews's recent posts to
Jade Celi Podcast
I'm a natural and energetic healer. I specialize in crystal healing, but also do reiki, seichim, violet flame, pendulum work, and gridwork, and am a multi-style yoga teacher focused in tantra. I just finished traveling through Southeast Asia and I'm back home for a year before I takeoff on further travels. ~.~
Walks With Cleo
Freelance sports writer and musician sharing music and thoughts from my walks with Cleo (my dog).
This is a show about new trends and innovations in the field of education featuring Cal Poly Pomona (CPP) faculty.
A quasi-random, unscheduled, very much experimental podcast about photography. I will post an episode whenever I feel like I have something to say. This is meant to be a complement to my website for those who would rather listen than read.
Colorado CLE Podcast programs produced by Colorado Bar Association CLE
Films and Videos I've worked on, and being an artist on Staten Island
Nyckle Lighthouse Productions maakt bijna elke week een nieuwe klei-animatie. Als je je aboneert op deze Podcast kun je dus bijna elke week op je iPod een nieuw animatiefilmpje bekijken.
The T in the CLE
Sociology Degree/Public Health Profession
Carlyn and Clea dig deeper into the topics we think we know. Some definitions don't come so easily.
U ovom audio klipu daija objašnjava da li će na ahiretu i životinje biti proživljene kao i ljudi, i zašto?
Igniting the Power of Public Education
Podcast by Chris and Ro breaking down Cleveland
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Connie responds to Christine’s plea for help finding her eldest sister, Cleo. The only proof of Cleo’s existence though is a tiny, undated school photo. A clue soon emerges which will take Christine’s search in unexpected directions.
Christine gets a tip that helps geographically narrow the search for Cleo, and Connie visits another sister, April, to see what she may remember. Scouring old photos and documents, they stumble on a key reference to Cleo in April’s adoption records.
Connie meets Cleo’s older brother, Johnny, in Pennsylvania, where he was adopted. He’s haunted by the memory of saying goodbye to Cleo and longs to fulfill a promise to find her. A late night internet search reveals he may be close.
As Connie shares some shocking news with Cleo's siblings, the truth about what happened to her remains just out of reach. Police may have answers but can’t share them yet. It's time to visit the one person who's bound to know more.
The search for Cleo leads Connie to investigate a headstone belonging to a 13-year-old girl who died in 1978. The cemetery is more than 20 hours away from Arkansas, where Cleo's family has long believed she was killed.
Connie Walker questions police about DNA evidence, and learns that after nearly three decades, their seemingly stagnant investigation has become “very active”, as a result of new information brought to light in this podcast.By
A brief encounter with someone who knew Cleo perhaps better than anyone else just before her death reveals crucial details. Connecting new facts about her life leads the investigation to a world far from where Cleo died, back to Little Pine First Nation.
Digging deeper into old police notes, Connie Walker tries to find out what happened to a pile of bloody clothes matching a description of what Alberta was wearing on the night she disappeared.By
Connie’s chance meeting with the father who Cleo never knew is followed by new revelations about the Semaganis children’s biological mother, Lillian. A picture begins to emerge about why her children were taken, and when she joined the fight to stop the adoption of more Indigenous children into white homes.…
A closer examination of old RCMP notebooks yields new details about a mysterious phone call from a woman who knew where Alberta’s body was concealed, days before her body was actually found.By
Digging through archives in Saskatchewan, Connie makes a shocking discovery. As she investigates the controversial Adopt Indian Metis program which Cleo and her siblings were a part of, the man who started the program agrees to speak with her about its controversial origins, and legacy.
In this episode, Connie Walker finds the cabbie who people told us they saw with Alberta and her uncle Jack the night after she’s thought to have vanished. While talking to Walker the taxi driver discloses something surprising about his DNA.By
Christine travels to Pennsylvania for an emotional reunion with her brother, Johnny, who she hasn’t seen since she was a baby. Determined to get more answers about the days and weeks leading up to her sister’s death, Christine finally gets a copy of Cleo’s death certificate. That, and other documents begin to shed light on the truth she’s been ...…
A shocking new revelation surfaces about people seeing Alberta in a mysterious black truck after she was thought to have disappeared. The tip propels investigative reporter Connie Walker north, to Prince Rupert, British Columbia.By
Even though it was supposed to have been destroyed in 1983, the police file documenting the investigation into Cleo’s death still exists and it contains more detail than Christine ever imagined learning about the last days, hours and even minutes of Cleo’s short life.
New details emerge about the last night Alberta was seen alive. Reporter Connie Walker speaks to a key witness who has never been interviewed by police about what he saw the night Alberta disappeared.By
Investigative reporter Connie Walker tracks down the person police suspected in the murder of Alberta Williams.By
Combing through old police notebooks, Walker tries to piece together what happened on the night Alberta vanished. She discovers that even before Alberta’s body was found, one of the people interviewed hinted at a “tragic accident”.By
Reporter Connie Walker meets face to face with the person who sent her a tip about Alberta Williams’ unsolved murder. Find out why they’re breaking their silence, and meet the sister who’s still haunted by vivid memories of Alberta’s disappearance.By
This preview of Missing & Murdered: Who Killed Alberta Williams? explores how a chilling tip sparked the CBC’s Connie Walker to uncover secrets and confront a suspect in a decades-old cold case. The 8-part true crime podcast launches on October 25th.By
In the 1970s, Cleo was taken by child welfare workers and adopted in the U.S. Her family, who has been searching for her since, was told she was murdered. Host Connie Walker helps the family unravel the mystery. A CBC News podcast coming March 7th.
The ups & downs of a digital lifestyle is explored with Laura Clery and Stephen Hilton as they approach Vidcon, ride the wave of their recent viral videos and discuss what it means to find happiness. And a bonus Skype call with Stephen's British family! -0:00 Intro -1:19 Skype with Stephen's British family -13:16 Help Helen Smash Group on Faceb ...…
After another lopsided NBA Finals loss to the Golden State Warriors, the Cleveland Cavaliers are searching for answers. Bob and Chris try to answer some of their big questions, like whether or not LeBron James stays.
Episode 32 - Dick Clardy, Director of Instrumental Music at Ft. Worth ISD, shares his thoughts and techniques on improving music education in large urban districts.Be sure to subscribe for more great shows on music education, and to find a full archive of past podcast episodes, go to Also, join the music education ...…
Two things to think about. Challenges and Culture. Challenges shape who we are. I think we can all look at who we are and remember a few key challenges we’ve faced and how they have changed us and the way we view things. It certainly helps shape us as leaders. Dr. Kiame Mahaniah, CEO of the Lynn Community Health Clinic. Born in the Congo, raise ...…
Laura Clery and Stephen Hilton talk about Anthony Bourdain, sobriety, and the podcast. Finishing up with the funniest and sexiest prank call you've ever heard. Get ready to laugh out loud. -0:00 Intro -0:58 Anthony Bourdain + sobriety -4:02 Social media is like a drug -9:24 "Amazing inspiring women" that are addicted to feeling great! -11:34 Th ...…
Game three time. All hope is lost. The cavs have one last chance to make this a series. Chris is sad, Stan "The Man" in the Bay Area calls in, and the show ends with a clip of a rant from the live podcast in Kent, Ohio last year. Go Cavs, the world is watching. #WhateverItTakes #NBAFinals #Cavs
In this episode Laura & Stephen talk how to stay positive through the ups and downs but they also know how to make a comeback with some crazy hilarious videos they released this week. And don't miss an epic prank call at the end that is different than any prank call you've ever heard. -0:00 Intro -0:23 Adulting with adults with kids -1:15 Work ...…
Comedian Ryne DiPerna is a Cavs super fan, fantasy sports boy, and a gambling degenerate. He also joins me on today's show to talk some NBA Finals and Cleveland sports. While this is not really a conversation due to my dumb errors, Ryne pontificates on a lot of topics, including: Game one The Ringer The Slam Man Getting booed by a sold out crow ...…
Don't listen to anyone over yourself! you know yourself best! Everyone's thoughts originated from other people and there's no reason not to create your own world and your own path. Don't let negativity from others stop your progress towards positivity
For the record-breaking fourth year in a row, the Cleveland Cavaliers are matching up against the Golden State Warriors. This episode will tell you who wins the NBA Finals. (Hopefully not, actually, because Chris picked the Warriors.) It's not a long episode, but I had to get it up to have my prediction posted before the game. Go Cavs! #NBAFina ...…
Assistant Professor Heather Wizikowski from the Department of Education discusses the shortage of special education teachers in Southern California and how her $1.1 million federal grant will help address the issue. She also discusses her path into special education.
The Cleveland Cavaliers defeated the Boston Celtics in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals. Bob and Chris review the series, look at LeBron James' legacy, and look ahead to the NBA Finals. Plus an up and down week for the Cleveland Indians.
Laura and Stephen squeeze in an episode before heading out to a Memorial Weekend party. They talk vegan, vices, their dog Oliver, family stories and of course, an epic prank call with a motel in Illinois. -0:00 Intro -0:43 Stephen & Laura are #twining for this Memorial Weekend party -3:19 Epic motel prank call -17:28 They're late to a party and ...…
Cleveland and Boston have traded blows in the NBA Eastern Conference Finals. Tied at 2-2, Bob and Chris breakdown Game 5. Plus the Cavs lotto luck falters, the Indians make a big rotation move and the Browns get the call from HBO.
i've been listening to the universe and trying to learn how to read it better to use it to my advantage. I've really been super motivated lately and have been feeling like I'm riding the energy wave hard! I had to share because i feel everyone can find their wave and it can help direct you towards a life you enjoy most! Still don't know my purp ...…
Assistant Professor Analena Hope Hassberg from the Department of Ethnic & Women's Studies discusses the concept of food justice and how it applies to this part of the state. She also describes the impact of the service-learning course she teaches that gives students hands-on experience with local community-based organizations.…
Author and and LEI faculty member Mike Orzen discuss connecting with people through leading with respect with John Shook. The conversation primarily focuses on what mindfulness is and how it fits in with lean thinking and practice. Mike also gives some great tips on staying focused when you catch yourself getting distracted.…
It's Stephen's & Laura's six year wedding anniversary! They celebrate by jumping on social media to go live on Facebook and give relationship advice to fans asking questions on the comments feed. They also give a little-behind-the-scenes insight to how Stephen got his green card. -0:00 Intro -0:28 Be Here Now by Ram Dass -1:08 It's our 6 year W ...…
Assistant Professor David Neumann from the Department of Education discusses the surprising complications of California textbook committees, which aim to review and update social studies textbooks for public school students. He also shares his research on American religious history.
Maybe the best Helen prank call you've ever heard, plus Laura discusses taking the podcast live! -0:00 Intro -1:51 Dic-Kuawn! -3:15 "You called me" -Helen -5:47 Going Live on Facebook! -6:35 Going on tour with the podcast -10:50 Speaking at AA meetings -12:17 Life is scary! AHHHH! -13:46 Epic Helen Mother's Day prank call! -30:21 Byeeee Faceboo ...…
The Cavs are facing a higher-seed Celtics team in the ECF for the second year in a row! Last year was a demolition, but with the Cavs no longer in possession of the Broken Kyrie, who has the advantage? This episode includes a short prediction of the series, some thoughts on the differences between Cleveland and Boston fans, the detiroation of B ...…
The Cavs have exterminated the Raptors for the third year in a row. What now? A look back on the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals, a look ahead to the Boston Celtics, and sympathizing with Toronto fans. Cavs fans know far too well the feeling of being destroyed by a generational talent in the playoffs every year, there's no malice here. Unlike th ...…
Stacey Dunn, Administrative Music Specialist at Ft. Worth ISD, talks mentoring young teachers and the lessons learned from some of his mentors.Be sure to subscribe for more great shows on music education, and to find a full archive of past podcast episodes, go to Also, join the music education and student travel co ...…
Jim Womack interviews Matt Savas about a recent trip to Toyota Motor Kyushu, Japan. Matt and Jim share their observations on how Toyota has countermeasured their aging workforce by being clever and not replacing resect with robots.
Assistant Professor Charles Sepulveda from the Department of Ethnic and Women's Studies discusses his courses concerning Native American cultures and the controversial history of missions in Southern California.
In this episode Laura talks possible pregnancy, pillow commercials, fan questions, what the fans have to look forward to and Instagram Live because we learn that she got banned from Facebook...AGAIN!! -0:00 Intro -0:20 Game show baby -3:19 The Kardashian Effect -7:29 Sick on the job & Pillow Commercial -9:59 Fan Q's! -16:12 ASMR -17:40 Banned f ...…
The Cleveland Browns made Baker Mayfield the No. 1 pick in the NFL Draft, Bob and Chris discuss if he was the right choice. Plus a complete breakdown of the Browns draft, the Cavs advance to face Toronto, the Indians struggle and the Blue Jackets get knocked out.
The Cavs went into Toronto with dead legs and heavy hearts and stole game one. Do the Cavs own them? Why did Kyle Lowry look like he was going to cry after the game? And why does Drake want to fight Kendrick Perkins? Dave Sterling, the podcast king of Sagamore Hills, joins me once again for a fun talk about Tuesday's game, the Cavs' futures, an ...…
I still only know the one song. Also we are approached by a Russian hacker!!!!! spooky!!!!
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