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FREE Podcast - Justin Paul Abraham is the founder and co-director of Burning Hearts in the UK. He is a popular podcaster, author, missionary and motivational speaker, known for his joyful teachings on the happy gospel, engaging heaven, mystical (contemplative) prayer and KAINOS (new) creation realities. He lives in the UK with his four kids – Josh, Sam, Beth and Oliver with his inspirational wife Rachel Abraham.
Engaging heaven to change the earth
East Cobb Presbyterian Church Podcast
Undr The Cosh
Undr the Cosh is a podcast with Ex and current footballers presented by Jon 'the Beast' Parkin, Chris ' Browny' Brown and award winning comedian/writer Chris Brown
Canada's window to the world's game
Craig Cobb hosts The Trader Cobb Crypto Podcast unpacking his 15 years plus experience in traditional stock markets, FX, commodities and bonds (as well as over 6 years as a mentor to tens of thousands of traders), TraderCobb has worked with some of the biggest names in trading. Featured across network TV shows in Australia, presenting his knowledge to traders, TraderCobb and his team are dedicated to bringing a new standard of education to the cryptocurrency marketplace. NOTE: This is not fi ...
Once a month we invite someone we admire for a chat in front of a small audience in our deli, Honey and Spice. All of us in Honey and Co love the opportunity to cook food inspired by our guests for everyone to try, have a glass of wine, and hear about a life made in food.
West Cobb Church
Weekly sermon recordings from West Cobb Church
The Center for Oral and Public History at California State University, Fullerton presents Outspoken: A COPH Podcast. Outspoken incorporates current projects, oral histories, and archival material into monthly conversations. Join us!
Corey Coble
I am a classroom teacher in Roseville, CA. I have been using technology in my classroom for almost 20 years. My podcasts will focus on educational technology conferences and classroom uses of technology.
Canada's window to the world's game
Podcast by COH Worship Recordings
This PodCast is original heavy music from four kids in Shelton High School back in 1999-2001. They played shows from Shelton to Chehalis. An archive of their website can be found at
Irving S. Cobb discusses the human body and its various strange parts in his own inimitable hilarious style. He discusses the tummy and the problems of having a large one; teeth, hair and finally hands and feet. Summary by Phil Chenevert
Irwin Cobb’s humorous Europe Revised is a travelogue and comedy almost in the style of Mark Twain. The dedication says it best, “To My Small DaughterWho bade me shed a tear at the tomb of Napoleon, which I was very glad to do, because when I got there my feet certainly were hurting me.”
Google Me Talk Radio is provoking commentary on today's society and how technology and the internet has and will transformed our business lives. Entrepreneurs, Network Marketers, Home Based Business, Multi-Level Marketers and Online Business Owners. Call in NOW!! It's all about you and your business.
Sermons from East Cobb United Methodist Church in Marietta, Georgia
If you are looking to buy or sell a home, get all the information and the latest updates, tips, and tricks from The Cowan Connection Team - your professional Cobb County and Metro Atlanta Real Estate Agents.
COBA Radio
Jason Cobb
My random audio dump
Cobi's Corner
New podcast weblog
Renew, Rejuvenate and Restore your health and skin at Cobb Wellness and Aesthetics Center
Have you struggled as an entrepreneur? I have. I think we are a different breed, we work for a vision that not everyone understands; sometimes that can be a lonely journey. Join Ash Sobhe as he gives you the steps and skills that successful entrepreneurs, business people and artists applied to create life on their terms. Are you ready for the ride?
Cobas Comments
Who am I? Javier Cobas. 🤵🏻👽Let me take you on a trip you'll never want to end. 🌌 🌄 Fueled by Coffee & Cigars
Coba Dulu
Welcome to Conversations with Cobi the place where impressively interesting men and women share their lives with us and inspire and motivate us to be more and do more. They'll reveal their treasured personal stories which will give you a peak inside the hearts and minds of people who do incredible things which will enlighten us to unknown possibilities and compel us to do something immovable.
Welcome to the Cobie Daniels Show, join author Cobie Daniels, here each week as she shares her weekly adventures, challenges, and inspirations as a romance novelist. Cobie’s mission is to use every day experiences to create an entertaining story that allows her readers to become personally invested in the characters and their tales of love, passion and romance.
The Cobb Coffee Talk Podcast is a community for marketers & like minded entrepreneurs to share mindset techniques, personal branding and ways to build your business using online and offline strategies.
Jason Cobb's posts
Jason Cobb's recent posts to
Talking sports and much more
Weekly podcast ministry of Christ's Church at Cobb in Kennesaw, Ga
Coventry COB
Sunday morning sermons from Coventry Church of the Brethren. find our podcast on itunes here:
Cobb Coffee Talk
Welcome to the Cobb Coffee Talk podcast, a place for like-minded Entrepreneurs to Connect, Share & Grow. My goal is to help Network Marketers & Home Business Entrepreneurs to build their brand and business using online and offline strategies.
Irvin Shrewsbury Cobb was born on June 23, 1876. At seventeen years of age, he began writing for the Paducah Daily News, his hometown paper. At nineteen he became the managing editor; up to that point, our nation's youngest. He worked as a columnist, a humorist and an author. But 'horror,' and 'short stories,' are not why he is remembered. He is remembered because he was, and still is, funny. And although he is now dead--he died March 11, 1944--this work "Cobb's Anatomy," among others, has l ...
Cobi Cami's Podcast
The magical mixture of mud, sand and straw; formed with human hands
Nerd On The Cob
This is an Ohio based podcast hosted by Jacqueline and Jesse! We talk about nerdy stuff such as games, comics and so much more! Once we start poppin we aint stoppin!
Off The Cob
Regular reports on issues important to corn growers and the consuming public.
If you are looking to buy or sell a home, get all the information and the latest updates, tips, and tricks from Connie Carlson- your professional Cobb County Real Estate Agent.
TV23 Cobb County Government Access Channel
This Ain't Rocket Science is a podcast hosted by Tramaine and BG, 2 members of Tired of Being Humble (TOBH). Just as the title suggests, it's just not that deep. These two homies kick back and chill while discussing random topics from through out the past week and sharing stories.
Preaching the 1st Century Gospel in the 21st Century.
Rudyard Kipling published Stalky & Co. in 1899. Set at an English boarding school in a seaside town on the North Devon coast. (The town, Westward Ho!, is not only unusual in having an exclamation mark, but also in being itself named after a novel, by Charles Kingsley.) The book is a collection of linked short stories, with some information about the eponymous Stalky's later life. Beetle, one of the main trio, is said to be based on Kipling himself, while Stalky may be based on Lionel Dunster ...
Irwin Cobb's humorous Europe Revised is a travelogue and comedy almost in the style of Mark Twain. The dedication says it best, "To My Small DaughterWho bade me shed a tear at the tomb of Napoleon, which I was very glad to do, because when I got there my feet certainly were hurting me."
Never was there a more clever young aviator than Dave Dashaway. All up-to-date lads will surely wish to read about him. This second volume of the series shows how Dave continued his career as a birdman and had many adventures over the Great Lakes, and how he foiled the plans of some Canadian smugglers. (From the 1913 edition)
Never was there a more clever young aviator than Dave Dashaway, and all up-to-date lads will surely wish to make his acquaintance. This initial volume tells how the hero ran away from his miserly guardian, fell in with a successful airman, and became a young aviator of note. (From the 1913 edition)
This warm, affectionate duet of essays by two of the early twentieth century's most popular writers is a bit dated but still entertaining. Summary by David Wales.
This comic novel relates the first-person adventures in New York City of Jefferson Poindexter, personal assistant to Cobb's famous Judge Priest, while the judge is vacationing abroad. (Introduction by Grant Hurlock)
Irvin Shrewsbury Cobb (June 23, 1876–March 11, 1944) was an American author, humorist, and columnist who lived in New York and wrote over 60 books and 300 short stories. Cobb has been described as "having a round shape, bushy eyebrows, full lips, and a triple chin. He always had a cigar in his mouth." This book is a hilarious account of Cobb's attempts at weight-loss. (Summary from wikipedia)
Raffles Holmes is introduced in these stories as the son of the great Sherlock Holmes. He is also revealed to be the grandson of A.J. Raffles, a gentleman thief pursued by Sherlock Holmes many years earlier. This apparently contradictory family background sets the stage for his colorful and amusing adventures. (Summary by lubee930)
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Are all of your problems because of other people?Do you find yourself in a constant state of offense?What is offense?In this podcast I have the honor of hanging out with Justin Abraham and John Scotland. We talk about offense and being triggered.Who is Justin? Justin Paul Abraham is the founder and co-director of Burning Hearts in the UK. He is ...…
Low attendance figures are debated on this weeks show as Cobh boss Stephen Henderson, Wexford FC media officer Shane Marron and Galway United fan Julian Canny weigh in with their thoughts on the situation. Elsewhere, Dundalk FC 'keeper Gary Rogers is this weeks star guest as he discusses trophies while also paying his respects to the late Jimmy ...…
After a 2 week break, Burke & Brier are joined by no less than 5 guests including Dundalk's Brian Gartland, LTFC 'keeper Jack Brady and Cobh number one Paul Hunt.
Ray & Jay's RedFM Road Trip with Finbarr Galvin Ltd kicked off this morning at Escapade Cobh!By (Rebecca Noonan).
After a two-month hiatus in which Ben moved into the T-shirt trade, Nick honed his intriguing runner's physique and Loz developed an uncanny Cork accent, the guys return for the final stretch. It's more world-class content on a shoestring budget blown entirely on novelty mugs and fridge magnets, so strap in and listen good! #strapinandlistengoo ...…
Neil talks to founder of Fathers For Justice about the 220,000 separated dads in Ireland. He says the Irish courts “are in the dark ages regarding fathers’ rights.”And he talks to callers who witnessed hundreds of drunken teens who forced the cancellation of trains to Cobh on Friday. Claire says “It was like a zombie apocalypse!”And singer Gavi ...…
In this episode, you’ll hear Mandy Baker talk about her project Beyond Drifting: Imperfectly Known Animals, which draws attention to plastic pollution in the environment—seas and oceans in particular. From the project exhibition press release: Plankton form a diverse group of microscopic marine organisms living in the water column, not able to ...…
Neil talks about the case of Lyndsey Morgan who was fined €7,000 for not paying M50 tolls. She said in court her car was cloned. He gets loads of calls from people who have had their cars cloned.He gets a video of the inside of the public toilets on the Grand Parade which has drug paraphernalia all over it. Callers are not impressed.And he talk ...…
Jamie & Darren previewed Bohs v Rovers with Stephen Bradley & Georgie Poynton, spoke to new Sligo manager Gerard Lyttle, Cobh's Stephen Henderson & got latest on Athlone
1917 was the pivotal year of the First World War. At its outset German U-boats were inflicting huge damage on Allied shipping, while in the land war the loss of one ally, Russia, was not compensated by the gain of another, the United States. How did the Allies swing the balance in their favour by the year’s end, particularly at sea? How central ...…
Neil is speaking to Stephanie who is in emergency accommodation in a hotel in Cobh with her partner and 6 kids for the last 10 months. It is costing €4,400 per month. She says she will go on hunger strike if she does not get council housing. And we have another winner on The Chosen One!By (Neil Prendeville).
Recorded at the Burning Hearts' Tribe! In this bliss filled session, Justin Paul Abraham takes us into the incredible Gospel of GRACE + LIFE. This is a highly contagious life giving session! If you're enjoying what we're doing get involved, partner, join the team, and sign up for future events. Check out for more. ...…
Neil takes calls from people concerned about a series of videos which have emerged online of random acts of violence in the Cobh area. Neil catches up with Vera Twomey who is still pleading with the Irish government to allow her medical cannabis for her daughter Ava. Neil also talks to Lisa Flynn, mum to baby Kate Flynn about the plans for thei ...…
Neil talks to Michael McGrath TD and Mick Barry TD about the Garda whistleblower controversy and the vote of “No confidence” in the government.After highlighting the story on Monday’s show, Neil talks to former staff at Clancy’s Bar who are critical of how the closure was handled.And he gives away more tickets to the Roy Keane Q&A with Cobh Ram ...…
Neil asks the question – is it a turn off to pay for a first date with Tesco Club Card vouchers?!For the day that’s in it he takes calls about cheap ways to mark St. Valentines Day..He chats to caller Kayleigh who wants to thank a good Samaritan who came to her aid..And he gives away more tickets to the Roy Keane Q&A with Cobh Ramblers at The C ...…
Mind-bending truth from modern day mystic Nancy Coen. This message is an invitation into transcendence! How far do we want to go? If you like this session - think about joining us for our Summer Advance in the UK this July with Nancy Coen and Justin Paul Abraham. A weekend to get connected, inspired and refreshed! For more about this visit www. ...…
Do you tremble?! Invitation to Higher Dimensions in God. Recorded in the Transition Conference, Bath, UK. Justin Paul Abraham // Company of Burning Hearts.
Part One of Three sessions on the Sons of Prophets, New Oracles, and Heavenly Councils. Recorded in BATH England at a weekend conference called TRANSITION. For more on Justin Paul Abraham and team visit
Special Podcast... A unique interview/ ministry session with WENDY ALEC (GodTV) and Justin Paul Abraham (COBH) engaging the Father's love and healing from divorce, with additional prayers by Ian Clayton and Grant Mahoney. Recorded at Days of Wonder 2016 with Burning Hearts. The song at the end is UK artist Ian Yates /Good News. Check out Ian at ...…
Cobh V Derry City FAI Cup Highlights June 7th 2014 with Kevin McDaid & Kevin McLaughlin
Christy KeatingBy (Austin Comerton).
A New WOW air route through Iceland is to take off from Cork Airport, opening North American Tourism for Corkonian's via Iceland. We're speaking to Niall McCarthy, Managing Director at Cork Airport about the 8 new routes. We also speak to Stephen Henderson & Shane Kavanagh at Cobh Ramblers FC who want to have their say following events at the w ...…
Dundalk are handed their first group stage defeat by Zenit Saint Petersburg and the lads chat to Cobh Ramblers boss Stephen Henderson
We speak to Cobh boss Stephen Henderson ahead of the First Division playoff. Oisin ponders "What are Shamrock Rovers?", plus Arnie, Reagan and other guff.
On this week’s Sportscast, presenter Josh Dolan is joined by three managers – one looking to get his team promoted, another looking to avoid the drop and the last hoping for European success. Wexford Youths played out a crazy 5-4 victory against Galway United last week. Josh caught up with Youths manager Shane Keegan as he talked a ...…
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