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Cross talk with Cody Stoots turns into a showdown between Landry Locker and Cody Stoots.
Cross talk with Cody Stoots turns into a showdown between Landry Locker and Cody Stoots.
How about being 18, well on your way to a career in business, only to run into "The Godfather" James Brown and decide business wasn't for you? (now, THAT is a good tease!) Doesn't sound real, does it? But, that happened to Cody Stoots. Stoots decided that radio was the path he took, gave himself a deadline by which he needed to be a sports talk ...…
With Jim Mudd on vacation, Paul Gallant did this week's show with Cody Stoots. The two opened the show discussing the latest trailer for "Captain America: Civil War" (2:31). From there, the duo talked about a Star Wars movie featuring young Han Solo in the works (7:11). After that, they revealed the release date for the Netflix show "Luke Cage" ...…
On this week's episode of the Spoiler Alert podcast, Cody Stoots sat in for Jim Mudd with Paul Gallant. The duo opened things up lamenting that there's still two weeks until the top shows on television return from hiatus. From there, they discuss "House of Cards" being greenlit for season 5 and what to expect in season 4. They transition into a ...…
Matt and Cody discuss Jadeveon Clowney winning the Ed Block Courage Award from the Texans and what it says about his work ethic behind the scenes.
Matt and Cody talk about the Texans' historic losing streak at Indianapolis narrative. Matt returns from his wisdom tooth removal with painful results.
Pro Football Hall of Famer Kellen Winslow Sr. joined Matt and Cody and discussed his career and how the game of football has changed over the years.
Matt and Cody preview the Texans/Patriots matchup. Matt has some issues with his noisy neighbors.
Matt has concerns about the upcoming Batman v. Superman film. Cody attempts to reason with him.
Matt and Cody discuss what the University of Houston can do to bring their football program into the national spotlight.
Matt and Cody preview the Texans/Bills matchup. Matt receives terrifying news in a mistaken identity voicemail.
Kevin Kelley, head football coach of Pulaski Academy High School in Little Rock, Arkansas, joined Matt and Cody and discussed his unorthodox approach to coaching.
Matt and Cody discuss Johnny Manziel's alleged lies to the Cleveland Browns organization and his future as an NFL quarterback moving forward.
Matt and Cody debate whether they'd choose Andre Johnson in his prime or DeAndre Hopkins now.
Matt and Cody talk expectations with the Texans facing the Saints.
Matt and Cody discuss why Peyton is reportedly not attending meetings and helping Brock Osweiler.
Cody attacks Matt's take on Tom Herman turning the University of Houston into a national power.
Cody breaks down his theory that JJ Watt dislikes Jadeveon Clowney with audio evidence
Matt and Cody discuss the McHale firing and what the cryptic hints in the Kevin Harlan Triple Threat interview may mean.
Matt and Cody Talk Texans perspective shifting. Bryce Harper can't pronounce "meme"
Paul Gallant, Jim Mudd, and Cody Stoots recap the most recent episode of "The Walking Dead": "Always Accountable"
Matt Hammond is placed on IR (thumb). Cody takes over, prompting a Willis Reed moment from Matt.
Cody grills Matt over his take on Tyler Eifert vs Rob Gronkowski.
Cody tries to sell Matt on Johnny Manziel's potential as an NFL quarterback.
Did the justice system fail in the Greg Hardy case? Why?
Was NFL Free Agent Joe Anderson's plan to stand outside NRG Stadium pleading for a shot with the team a good idea?
Is Halloween problematic? (no)
Matt and Cody role-play as NFL general managers and explore what moves the Texans could make going forward.
Does anything the Texans do matter until they address the front office issues?
Matt and Cody react to OSU quarterback J.T. Barrett's suspension after being arrested for OVI.
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