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A lecture series examining Kant's Critique of Pure Reason. This series looks at German Philosopher Immanuel Kant's seminal philosophical work 'The Critique of Pure Reason'. The lectures aim to outline and discuss some of the key philosophical issues raised in the book and to offer students and individuals thought provoking Kantian ideas surrounding metaphysics. Each lecture looks at particular questions raised in the work such as how do we know what we know and how do we find out about the w ...
Cinefreak Critique
Grab a big tub of popcorn and join David and the rest of the BSX crew as they review movies of all different flavors!
Need some more estrogen in your podcasting bloodstream? The Feminine Critique just might be the completely free hormone supplement for your ears. Join Paracinema Magazine's Christine Makepeace and The Deadly Doll's House's Emily Intravia on this bi-weekly podcast as they team up to discuss and conquer a pair of semi/maybe/kinda related films. Whether you’re looking for in-depth analysis of Brian De Palma’s oeuvre or impassioned observations on Lifetime originals, The Feminine Critique could ...
Under “David Hume”, the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy begins with, “The most important philosopher ever to write in English”. His most formidable contemporary critic was the fellow Scot, Thomas Reid, the major architect of so-called Scottish Common Sense Philosophy. The most significant features of Hume’s work, as understood by Reid, are the representive theory of perception, the nature of causation and causal concepts, the nature of personal identity and the foundations of morality. E ...
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Kant's Critique of Pure Reason
The Critique of Pure Reason, first published in 1781 with a second edition in 1787, has been called the most influential and important philosophical text of the modern age.Kant saw the Critique of Pure Reason as an attempt to bridge the gap between rationalism (there are significant ways in which our concepts and knowledge are gained independently of sense experience) and empiricism (sense experience is the ultimate source of all our concepts and knowledge) and, in particular, to counter the ...
Critiques and learning about Ayn Rand's philosophy from a moderate point-of-view.
Reid's Critique of Hume
Campaign Critique
Daniel and Jordan as they look at the creative side of political campaigns. From logos to taglines, you'll enjoy this unique, non-partisan look at American politics.
Critique Revolve is a show dedicated to television, film and music. From writing to cinematography the hosts discuss, analyze and breakdown your favorite films, television shows, and music.
Critique and Chill
The Critique and Chill podcast is all about small amounts of analysis and a few minutes of deeper thinking.
Critique Show
The weekly Critique Show on Every Wednesday hosted by JasmoColors (Jasmine) and MorbidDinosaur (Bronwyn) at 3:00pm CST
The Critique of Practical Reason (Kritik der praktischen Vernunft) is the second of Immanuel Kant's three critiques, first published in 1788. It follows on from his Critique of Pure Reason and deals with his moral philosophy. The second Critique exercised a decisive influence over the subsequent development of the field of ethics and moral philosophy, becoming the principle reference point for ethical systems that focus on the rightness or wrongness of actions themselves, as opposed to the r ...
Tech Press Critique is an ongoing review of the online media that cover technology. From TechCrunch to The New York Times, Tech Press Critique challenges assumptions, topples sacred cows, and pushes bloggers and traditional journalists toward greater accountability.
Brash and honest discussion on politics and similar things that make the world spin.
A monthly conversation about everything comics
Come hear me give critics about new music coming out and artists maybe even the music awards they host
Everyone Has A Critique
Kant's Critique of Pure Reason
Sade, l'inconnu? Nouvelles approaches critiques
Knowledge Fight
Dan is a gentleman who holds an unhealthy obsession with InfoWars. Jordan is a good friend of his who knows next to nothing about InfoWars. On each episode of Knowledge Fight, Dan plays Jordan clips from one day of the Alex Jones Show, and the two try desperately to make sense of it.
where YOU are the focus
Melissa and Katie met in film class and haven�t stopped talking movies since. Now they share their conversations with the world through the Silver Screen Queens podcast. Every week they watch a movie and review it, stopping to make nerdy references along the way.
Media Mavens
This is Media Mavens with Pam and Riley - a biweekly podcast where we discuss our favourite, or not so favourite, movies, shows and video games.
Second Take Podcast
Join hosts Sebastian, Alex and Zane as they talk their way through films from past and present - all in a quest to see whether they are worth a Second Take.
David Lunch
Nate and Dan talk all things David Lynch in this bi-weekly podcast that releases high-noon on hump day to help you cope with that depressing desk-lunch.
What the Fangirl
What the Fangirl is a weekly podcast about the best and worst in pop culture. We discuss books, TV, movies, film, video games and more, all from the perspective of the average fangirl. Bri and Alex are two ladies who also host The Other Side of the Mirror, a Once Upon a Time podcast, and The Litch Line, a podcast for Orange is the New Black. Official podcast for WhatTheFangirl.Com. Visit our website at for the accompanying blog, featuring a talented selection of contributo ...
Everyone's A Critic is an entertainment review and news podcast where we bring you our irreverent take on all things entertainment, but mostly movies. Each week, hosts Blake Rudy and Jeff Campbell review a film, talk about news in the industry, and discuss new movie trailers. Film lovers and movie buffs will love this podcast!
Star Wars. It twice became the biggest movie of all time. It has launched a billion dollar empire of movies, toys, and merchandise. It has even started a religion. But now, under the ownership of Disney, the Star Wars universe is set to expand infinitely with a new movie each year -- starting with Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Join Arnie, Jakob, and Stuart as they travel at .5 past lightspeed, watching and reviewing all the Star Wars films from the 1977 original to The Force Awakens, and e ...
It's a Good Day to Die Hard...or to listen to Now Playing's Die Hard movie retrospective series, looking at all the John McClane films!
Steven Spielberg, Jerry Goldsmith, Joe Dante, Chris Columbus. All are respected in their own right for their contributions to film, but when they came together the result was Gremlins--the 1984 horror-comedy classic. Join Arnie, Stuart, and Jakob as they watch and review both Gremlins films at!
Arnie, Stuart, and Jakob look back at Richard Linklater's trilogy of romance films made over the span of 20 years: Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, and Before Midnight!
Brave film explorer comrades Reinisch and Carney journey to far the reaches of cinema. In each mission, they will analyze, report and criticize a film from THE CRITERION COLLECTION, hopefully maintaining their sanity in the presence of extreme motion picture brilliance...or something.
As Riddick returns to theaters in September, 2013 the Now Playing hosts watch and review all three films: Pitch Black, The Chronicles of Riddick, and Riddick.
Slate's Spoiler Specials are not reviews of current movies, but "postviews" -- audio critiques meant to be played AFTER you've seen the film. Slate movie critic Dana Stevens leads discussions of twist endings, plot holes, and other secrets you won't read in the reviews. It's the kind of discussion you have with friends as you're leaving the theater. PWARNING: Listening to these podcasts before you've seen a film could be hazardous to your suspension of disbelief!
It's the holiday season once again, and to get you in the spirit of the season join Now Playing as we review all six films in the Silent Night, Deadly Night retrospective including the 2012 remake!
the Lohkamp Brothers' book club approach to video games
KG’s Critique on Music
This March the Justice League starts to form in theaters with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Catch up on all the DC Comics films that led to this moment with Now Playing's DC Comics Retrospective Series, happening now at!
Stanley Kubrick is one of the world's greatest filmmakers. Stephen King is one of the world's greast horror writers. Join us at to hear if these are two great tastes that taste great together, and also look at King's own 1997 TV Miniseries adaptation!
This March the Justice League starts to form in theaters with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Catch up on all the DC Comics films that led to this moment with Now Playing's DC Comics Retrospective Series, happening now at!
Hosted by Adam Meakins (aka The Sports Physio), Not Another F**king (NAF) Physio Podcast promises to be unlike any other! Talking about things that matter, but don't really matter. It will be amateurish, inconsistent, with poor sound quality and even poorer interviews… Be prepared for critical critique, dubious debate, quirky questions and lots of bad language!
You're Nearly Dead is a podcast about taking creative chances and risking failure. In each episode, lifelong scribblers Charlie, Matt, and Ben bring a piece of writing, written to theme, and share them with each other and the listeners. It's kind of a competition, but it's really not.
A sharp-eyed view of questionable claims. Evidence-based critique of news of the paranormal, pseudoscience, health claims, and anomalies. Official Podcast of Doubtful News.
Insidious is the new hit movie series about a family plagued by paranormal activity. When ghost movies need reviews, who you gonna call? Now Playing Podcast!
Tony Ray songwriter, artist and the owner of Backwoods Recording Studio reveals in a series of Podcasts songwriting tips and techniques needed to craft a great song. How rhythm, melody, harmony and lyrics all work together to create a successful song. He interviews industry professionals with many years of accomplished experience where they share their secret strategies and songwriting tips. Tony Ray also discusses topics like staying inspired, how to find simplicity, keeping your song focus ...
Watch the VIDEO version of our show at! OSW Review (Old School Wrestling Review) is the #1 Wrestling video podcast in the world! As seen on, and the biggest independent wrestling page on Facebook, We chronologically critique classic events from the Hulkamania Era in the WWF (WWE). Hosted by Jay Hunter, OSW Review features a panel of longtime (20+ years) wrestling fans. All Irish, All awesome!
IPA Today
Critiquing Beers and Wasting Time
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show series
First Ryan Browne is back with a new volume of God Hates Astronauts . The first volume was a massive kickstarter success. His new volume 3-D Cowboy's 2-D Spectacular. Is drawn by an all-star group of guest artists. The current campaign ends in less than a week We also discuss his current Image collaboration with Charles Soule Curse Words , the ...…
KATG's #1 Frenemy; sex with bad people; millennials and boundaries; Keith critiques lubrications; non-monogamy; TV sex; how to stay sober; Bad With Money; nudity and social media
KATG's #1 Frenemy; sex with bad people; millennials and boundaries; Keith critiques lubrications; non-monogamy; TV sex; how to stay sober; Bad With Money; nudity and social media
KATG's #1 Frenemy; sex with bad people; millennials and boundaries; Keith critiques lubrications; non-monogamy; TV sex; how to stay sober; Bad With Money; nudity and social media
Tim and Mulele critique a couple of history-based comics: A Light Before the Darkness by Ken Mora and Cyrus Mescarcia tells the story of an artist named Michelangelo — but no, not that one. It’s about Michelangelo Da Caravaggio Di Merisi, often known simply as “Caravaggio”. Mora seems to have done his homework, but has he given us a reason to b ...…
This week I talk with one of the hardest working women in show business, Millie De Chirico, programmer of TCM, Filmstruck and TCMFF, a film festival happening THIS WEEK! Get ready for a wild ride through Joseph Losey's BOOM, a feminist critique on the current state of the film exhibition scene and watching films cuz you love 'em not to laugh at ...…
In this jam-packed episode, I discuss the Bully Hunters disaster, the PAX East teabagging incident, critiques that God of War is misogynistic and promotes toxic masculinity, and so much more.By (Phoxel).
Hear us out as we critique J. Cole's new album "KOD" and the polarizing affect he has on music as well as touch on upcoming releases and the greatness that is Beyonce....
It’s my job to make people study whether they really want to or not. And so when Thomas asked me to preach on the concept of “study,” I thought it made sense. At the Seminary, I do have a reputation of sorts. Apparently, it’s difficult to pass my classes. But if I’m to have any reputation, I could have done worse. So I agreed to the task of pre ...…
BARS RETURNS!!! Flan attempts to prove he's qualified to critique then gets caught skating. We discuss more police shootings and play a really fucked up new game. Join the Discussion @ whatisTWS.comPhoto credit: KevinStandlee on VisualHunt / CC BY-SA
A new MP3 sermon from Grace Presbyterian Church is now available on with the following details: Title: Israel Is Not Israel, Pt 2 Subtitle: Romans Speaker: Pastor Jeff Black Broadcaster: Grace Presbyterian Church Event: Sunday Service Date: 4/8/2018 Bible: Romans 11:26-27 Length: 60 min. Overview: In part 1 we critiqued the best ...…
A new MP3 sermon from Providence Reformed Presbyterian Church is now available on with the following details: Title: Israel Is Not Israel, pt 2 Subtitle: Series on Romans Speaker: Pastor Jeff Black Broadcaster: Providence Reformed Presbyterian Church Event: Sunday Service Date: 4/8/2018 Bible: Romans 11:26-27 Length: 52 min. Ove ...…
In this episode we talk about: Leaving a corporate job for a fine art education Who to take your new creations to, and how to trust people with your art Getting critiques and how to handle new feedback on your work The things outside of “the work” that are involved in being a fine artist Marketing and sales tactics Commission work, how to get i ...…
An evergreen, in-depth critique of the silly blonde millionaire. Featured: Dark, twisted confessions from the very depths of Kelly's soul
speaklittlesparrow dissects, critiques, enthuses about her favorite scenes in episode one of The Handmaid's Tale.
Good design is built on an understanding of the people who consume it. It also takes a lot of iteration. So in episode 0.2, we invite three listeners to be guests on the podcast and give us an honest, no-holds-barred critique of our first episode. Later we dig into the lives they live in their headphones, exploring the contexts in which they li ...…
Caleb and Sarah talk with their fellow coworkers/friends about various topics such as being a server, beliefs about God, critiques on Christianity, drugs, and if Caleb would take LSD.
THIS WEEK / 'Sorry' for the racism: As National Geographic tries to atone for its problematic history with non-white people, we assess how much credit (and critique) they deserve. / 'Sorry' for the sexual harassment: As Native American writer Sherman Alexie continues his free-fall amid accusations of mistreating women, we’ll read into his story ...…
Sorry this is coming out so late. For some reason the ISP at my dorm lets me go to literally any website except for my own, so I haven’t been able to get the episode from Spreaker to my RSS feed. But anyway… This week’s episode is another double broadcast with FFPÖ. I sat down with comedians Paul Jacobs and Jim Williams to watch Green Hornet, a ...…
We kick off Episode 7 with another installment of The Podium (0:47) recounting our favorite Olympic moments from Pyeongchang. Next, we give our breakdown of what the Hyperloop is and the history of Virgin Hyperloop One (7:35). Confused as to what the difference is? Don’t be; take a listen and level up. It's not like you didn't already know, but ...…
What Rescue Mania Hangover? There was no time for the Jersey Wrecking Crew to sulk with NJPW returning to Long Beach for Strong Style Evolved. We recap the amazing tag team match between The Golden Lovers and The Young Bucks, as well as the IWGP US Championship bout pitting Jay White & Hangman Adam Page. With WrestleMania only one week away Jef ...…
Hello. My name is Travis Arbon and welcome to Game Flow, a collection of audio essays about the culture of video games and experiences with gaming. Today’s essay is: Reviews and Rankings - Chasing the Dragon. If you have an essay you’d like to submit to the collection, head over to or send an email to Revi ...…
A Facebook “Live” podcast where we took questions, comments and even critiques!
Matt goes through some basic tips when we are tackling reading comprehension in our English proficiency tests. He discusses some places to find some extra practice like: BBC News, CNN News, CBC News, The Economist, The New Scientist, and the askhistorians and askscientists subreddits on If you have any questions, comments, or critiq ...…
Our final episode in the fitness dogma series tackles powerlifting specific dogma! Chalk up, and let's go 9/9 on these. "Lower your hips" on deadlift critiques You should care about bodyweight-based strength goals Powerlifters do not need any kind of cardiovascular training. Lifting weights faster = cardio Certain exercises ccannotbe performed ...…
MLB had a perfect Opening Day delivering everything you could hope for. Lamar Jackson Pro Day critiques, plus Jason wants CBB to hurt.
In this weeks episode the boys answer your questions.To get your questions answered on the podcast, all you need to do is contact us on any of our social media outlets. As always, please leave us a five star review on which ever platform you are listening to us on. And if you should have any questions, comments, or critiques, please feel free t ...…
Welcome to ATK podcast episode 06. Co-founders Tricia Lynne and Maxym M. Martineau join us in this episode to share their wisdom on finding and gelling with a critique partner. Warning: You just might fall in love with the cutest CP couple ever. To share your thoughts: Leave a note in the comment section below. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, ...…
Fortitude---do you have it? It’s also known as grit. Why do some people possess this quality and for others it seems so far removed? This is the topic of discussion on today’s show. Let’s find out more! Antonia Novello, the 14th Surgeon General of the US, said it this way: “I believe that fortitude is key. More than anything, be consistent. Go ...…
Is it ever okay for the woman to propose? Is it ever okay for the woman to not take the her husband's last name? The hosts debate these two gender role-reversal topics at length with their Instagram Live audience, but start off with a spirited critique of Season 1 of "The Chi" and a discussion about whether you'd want your friend or brother to ...…
Well *technically* it's about Fresh Air, but really it's just a vessel for us to gush about Hamilton and Lin Manuel Miranda. This episode we cover a whole range of musically nerdy subjects such as the art of a mixtape, genre variety in Hamilton, and LMM marrying two cultures through a high school musical. So much has already been said on Hamilt ...…
We’re motivated by our fascination with entertainment, news, and random stuff. We make an effort not to suck the fun out of every film or TV show we watch. Instead, we enjoy them for what they are, entertainment! We critique without focusing on the most negative thing possible. Quick Summary While I regret saying podcasting doesn’t equate to br ...…
On Episode 13 of the new season on ReVolver, Rachel la Loca returns and expresses her “Yo’ing” withdrawal, while Bago gets a truthful critique of last week’s opening and guest intro’s in her absence. Anthony Palmini aka the Latinos Out Loud “VO and Intro King” shares his news on being nominated for his recent voiceover in a radio commercial whi ...…
WENDY RED STAR"FORGING PATHWAYS FOR FUTURE APSÁALOOKE FEMINISTS"March 22, 7:00PM to 9:00PMAs a mother / daughter artist collaborative duo working in the realm of Native history, identity politics, cultural subversion, and reclamation, Wendy Red Star and her ten-year-old daughter Beatrice Red Star Fletcher probe the colonial thought bubble with ...…
Redbird Weekly Critique host Ricky Vermaat talks about the recent snowfall, the upcoming Gamma Phi circus and more.
Gossip Kills the Church: MurmursQuiet Murmurs These are the small and subtle thoughts that plague the mind and end up on the tongue, text, private meeting, phone call etc. Even when prayer is the central motivation, the details and names of people are off the table. Yes, prayer meetings are often the largest gossip sessions in the church. There ...…
Gossip Kills the Church: MurmursQuiet Murmurs These are the small and subtle thoughts that plague the mind and end up on the tongue, text, private meeting, phone call etc. Even when prayer is the central motivation, the details and names of people are off the table. Yes, prayer meetings are often the largest gossip sessions in the church. There ...…
Zak and Steven talk about surprise breakfast, museums that are not closed in lots of ways, tests of attention span, hot or not with journals, in Sweden you (don’t) carry bikes, color-blind texting, heavy phone 2, daily poison, taking credit, the Da Vinci Pride, and maps of cats. Hidden Treasures Short Stack Eatery Decision Fatigue – Wikipedia V ...…
Today I was joined by Martijn Konings from Australia where he is Associate Professor of Political Economy at the University of Sydney. We had a conversation on his most recent book Capital and Time: For a New Critique of Neoliberal …
David Janssen, Jr. is an artist, designer and educator. He is a current third year MFA candidate at the University of Idaho who is graduating in May 2018. He is teaching both foundation level courses in drawing and design, as well as introduction level courses in graphic design and typography. David was a FATE Shout-Out Award Nominee in 2017 an ...…
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