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Jordan Bonaparte / Curiouscast

Nighttime is an audio documentary series which explores Canada's most fascinating stories. Join host Jordan for true crime, mysteries, and a celebration of Canada’s weird and wonderful people, places, and events.
On History of the 90’s we’ll travel back in time through the stories that defined a decade. The last 10 years of the 20th century was a time like no other, from Columbine to Ruth Bader Ginsburg to Seinfeld, Air Jordan, and the Spice Girls …if it happened in the 90’s you’ll hear about it on this podcast. Join Kathy Kenzora as we journey through the History of the 90's every other Wednesday.
Scott Radley is a seasoned journalist, who has written a column for over 15 years in Hamilton. He will ask questions that you want answers to. He will bring an inquisitive mind and a unique perspective to daily news that will push the boundaries in order to make people think and to challenge the norm.
Curiouscast and Global News present the second season in the “Rising” series: China Rising is an in-depth investigation into modern China and its strained relations with the West. Hosted by Global News Senior Correspondent Jeff Semple, this ten episode season investigates allegations Beijing is applying pressure and working to infiltrate the upper echelons of power in Western countries, including Canada. The Chinese government is accused of deploying a range of tactics, from disinformation t ...
People know their hometowns by streets, a favorite restaurant or the local mall. Crime Reporter Nancy Hixt knows hers by the crime scenes she's been to over the past 20 years. Journey deep inside some of Canada’s most high-profile criminal cases. Each episode will take you inside the story to give you details you didn't hear on the news. New episodes every other week. Winner of the 2020 Edward R. Murrow Award (RTDNA).
Catch the Experts Hour with hosts Carmine Mallozzi and Vince Ieluzzi from to find out how you can customize your pre-owned vehicle purchase and never step foot in a dealership and shop for a vehicle from the comfort of your own home or office. Find the car of your dreams, while saving thousands of dollars. Find out one of the best kept secrets in the industry!
Join leading sexual health expert Maureen McGrath every Sunday night for the Sunday Night Health Show , a live listener call-in radio program that educates listeners about sexual health, overall health, relationships and quality of life. LISTEN LIVE ACROSS CANADA 8pmPT-10pmPT on 980 CKNW in Vancouver 9pmMT-11pmMT on 770 CHQR in Calgary 10pmCT-12amCT on 680 CJOB in Winnipeg
This Is Why

This Is Why

Global News / Curiouscast

We live in a confusing world… so if you’ve ever stopped and asked yourself WHY something matters, we’re here to help. Every week Adam Toy and Dave McIvor will ask one big question and uncover the answer to help you truly understand what’s going on around you. They'll try to get to the bottom of the issue by chatting with experts, journalists and even folks directly involved. They may not have all the answers to climate change, world politics or the economy BUT you can join them on this weekl ...
Every week, Don Fox of Fox Group Private Wealth Management shares his Financial Planning advice with you. With over 35 years of experience, Don has advised clients on the A-Z’s of Financial Planning. It’s that experience that brings a down to earth approach to help you navigate today’s financial stressors. To quote Don, “It all starts with a comprehensive financial plan” and every week Don and his team share real life financial stories and solutions.
Mornings with Simi (Monday – Friday: 5.30 – 9am) helps you wake-up, reconnect, and get your day off on the right foot. Simi Sara dives into on the headlines of the day with veteran Global News anchor Gord MacDonald and contributor Raji Sohal. They help you navigate through the details of the stories, highlight essential information and share new perspectives on how the daily news affects you. Simi loves the Lower Mainland. She’s lived here her whole life and truly understands the history and ...


Marsfall LLC / Curiouscast

Leaving Earth and its problems behind seemed ideal, but no one anticipated just how difficult colonizing Mars would be. Marsfall follows some of the earliest colonists to settle on Mars in the year 2047, and each episode continues the story from a different character’s perspective. Led by their fearless commander Jacki O’Rania, and assisted by the artificial intelligence unit ANDI, they strive to make a home on the Red Planet while exploring its deeper mysteries. New season out now!
Richard grew up in Winnipeg, moved away and then came back home with a renewed appreciation for the quality of Manitoba life. Julie, an ‘air force brat’, was born in Trenton, Ontario and returned to her Mom’s hometown of Rapid City, Manitoba at the age of 10. After leaving for college and starting a family of her own, she has also returned, to calling Winnipeg home. As hosts, we have our finger on the pulse of our community. Please join us weekday afternoons as we discuss the issues importan ...
The Jas Johal Show is the Lower Mainland’s town square, helping you connect with the stories that matter. It’s about finding the solutions to the challenges facing our region, even when we disagree. Jas’s decades of experience as a local news reporter, a Global News bureau chief in China and India, as well as a BC MLA have strengthened his conviction that no one “side” has all the answers. The Jas Johal Show’s contributor Jawn Jang, Global News anchor Chris Gailus, and the Global News Radio ...
The Shift with Shane Hewitt is talk radio done differently. It’s made for the Canadian community of night owls and early risers. Host Shane Hewitt looks at the news of the day under a new light, revealing what’s really happening behind the scenes and the impact on our lives. The Shift shares stories you’ve never heard before, creating bright and lively conversation in the darkest hours of the night, right across Canada.
Want to pay less and know more about your mortgage? It takes more than money to buy a good mortgage, it takes knowledge. That’s why Mortgage Teacher LTD, offers more than just brokerage services. They take the time to educate you on what to look for and shop the major banks and mortgage lenders to get you the mortgage that best fits you- and their service is FREE! Find out how they can save you time and money finding you the right mortgage and become mortgage-free sooner! Tune in: Saturdays ...
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British Columbians will be required to have two vaccine cards following federal rules & looming deadline for healthcare workers in BC to get their vaccines How many healthcare workers will B.C. need to replace? Will that even be possible? With more we check in with Keith Baldrey, Global BC’s Legislative Bureau Chief How many Conservative MPs remain…
With news breaking of a tragic gun accident involving actor Alec Baldwin, while on set of his new movie, we discuss just how grueling set life is in the film industry. Jawn Jang, Show Contributor for The Jas Johal Show joins us to describe his experiences as a film extra. See for privacy information.…
If Canada is to achieve its Paris climate goals, the country has to address what's driving growth in emissions. And driving is one of the problems. On this episode of This Is Why, we look at the unique challenges transportation in a spread out country like Canada presents to decarbonization. Contact: Adam Toy - @Adam_Toy on Twitter Dave McIvor - @d…
Oil and gas is the largest greenhouse emitter of Canadian industry. But given its place in the economy, politicians and policy makers are weighing how it fits in with the country's emission goals. On this episode of This Is Why, we look at what provincial and federal governments could and have done to address Canada's biggest emitter. Contact: Adam…
How many healthcare workers will B.C. need to replace? Will that even be possible? With more we check in with Keith Baldrey, Global BC’s Legislative Bureau Chief See for privacy information.By CKNW / Curiouscast
Jason Kindrachuck debunks myths on the Flu. (0:05); Kyle Irving from Eagle Vision, ways in on the tragedy that took place on the movie set "Rust" involving Alec Baldwin and the stringent gun protocols that happen on movie sets. (11:25); Jonathan Alward, Manitoba Provincial Affairs Director, CFIB tells us the supports for businesses in Manitoba. (20…
ch. 1: In a Canadian television exclusive, The New Reality gets behind-the-scenes access to Opener – an innovative aviation and aerospace company developing a flying car. What sets this company apart is not only the technology and engineering but how fundamentally Canadian it is. For example, the CEO is Canadian, the Director of Operations, Test an…
The Bill Kelly Show Podcast: The federal government is spending $7.4 billion to extend and create new COVID-19 supports for hard-hot businesses and workers that will carry into the spring. Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland said on Thursday that as of Oct. 23, new measures will be put in place to replace the broad Canada E…
Do you struggle to pick up the phone to make a call? Author S. Bear Bergman has 5 tips on how you can make phone calls so much easier and actually pleasant! Human interaction mode has never been easier. Steve Stebbing just left the movie theatre and finally reviews the highly anticipated Dune. Steve raves about the sci-fi epic before getting into m…
British Columbians will be required to have two vaccine cards following federal rules Richard Zussman, Global News Legislative Reporter in Victoria, joins us with more on today's announcement. BREAKING: Injunction approved to enforce closure of scofflaw restaurant in Hope With more we check in with Ian Tostenson, President and CEO of the BC Restaur…
One Vancouver business owner has asked the public to stop vandalizing her property has many businesses are suffering losses due to repair costs. Hear from Shery Matthew, Owner of Finch's Teahouse on Pender Street and Finch's Market in Strathcona See for privacy information.By CKNW / Curiouscast
With more we check in with Ian Tostenson, President and CEO of the BC Restaurant & Foodservices Association. Jawn Jang, Jas Johal Show Contributor also describes how his restaurant owning parents have handled the covid pandemic. See for privacy information.By CKNW / Curiouscast
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