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Untitled Kondabolu Brothers Podcast
The Legendary Kondabolu Brothers of Queens (Hari and Ashok) were born to Indian immigrant parents who attempted to create Indian-American superhumans and instead were left with a comedian (Hari) and a man of undefinable abilities (Ashok). Successful individually in their pursuits of comedy and music, they have combined forces to create a semi-regular live talk show in NYC called “The Untitled Kondabolu Brothers Project” and a new podcast “The Untitled Kondabolu Brothers Podcast.” They are on ...
Untitled Kondabolu Brothers Podcast
The Legendary Kondabolu Brothers of Queens (Hari and Ashok) were born to Indian immigrant parents who attempted to create Indian-American superhumans and instead were left with a comedian (Hari) and a man of undefinable abilities (Ashok). Successful individually in their pursuits of comedy and music, they have combined forces to create a semi-regular live talk show in NYC called “The Untitled Kondabolu Brothers Project” and a new podcast “The Untitled Kondabolu Brothers Podcast.” They are on ...
Chittu Chattu Podcast
Chittu Chattu is a conversational podcast hosted by renowned journalist and critic Julianne Escobedo Shepherd, and infamous idea man Ashok "Dapwell" Kondabolu.
Healthy Births, Happy Babies | Prenatal Care | Natural Birth | Pregnancy | Pediatrics
A weekly podcast interviewing experts in the prenatal, natural birth and pediatric care field sharing their wisdom about how to feel safe, supported and empowered during your pregnancy, birth and parenthood. Brought to you by the prenatal and pediatric specialists in acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, yoga, lactation and birth education at the Cap Wellness Center.
Charisma News
One news story a day well told. Join us each weekday for a new, interesting story from In five minutes, you will hear popular storylines told from a Christian perspective. Show topics include hot button Christian issues, impossible miracles, Christian life, stories of redemption and more.
Jim & Lally
Having a crappy day? Well listen to this show
ever wanted to know what it feels like to have Rob's inner thoughts through out the backgound of your day? Well now with new evolutionary technology your wonderment can come to fruition!
Dan Morrissey
How to describe Dan? Well, maybe he just looks at the world sideways. And plays Today's best music mix, but you knew that bit.
The OneDay Show
The One Day Show || Hosted by OneDay || Produced By Mic BarberThe One Day Show is a special one. Ever feel like you are working hard and long housr but don't see that one break? That One Day? Well...we bring up guests who are successful in their world wether its music, arts, comedy, acting, radio, sports, or science. Our guests will tell us their One Day story on how their success began to rise + their life before now. Follow @TheRealOneDay & Make Sure You Subscribe on iTunes!!!
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Fine Music Radio — It is very hard to imagine our daily lives without readily available water!How does a city of millions cope with the harsh reality that there is no water in the taps? How tough is it to run the home on 50 litres per person per dayWell I am going to stick my neck out and say that is far too much.Surely, we should start at the ...…
Career Coaching with Jessness - Career advice for taking action, finding work you love, and living your best life!
Where have I been: Working on my book titled, YOUR TWENTIES…no one ever teaches you how to grow up, ya know?FOCUS: ON LIFE IN YOUR TWENTIESYour Twenties by Jessica Smith (set to release JAN 1 2018) - book, YOUR TWENTIES, is all about finding your why, getting to know yourself and owning your OWN your life. It focu ...…
What do the fellas want for Christmas? Dab, Wells, G, and Steve throw out what they want for Christmas…Wellthington has a doozie. But first, on the show, the #MeToo hits Jerry Richardson, the owner of the Carolina Panthers. The 80 year old owner is selling his team because he’s been accused of sexual misconduct at work and racial harassment…and ...…
Hi everyone and welcome to another Wealthy and Wise Wednesday. Glad you could join us for our podcast. 00:00:07 We're pushing into the Christmas season. We're just a…gee...we’re just a few weeks away. Always excited for the Christmas season especially with family coming home and all that good stuff. Our youngest daughter is away at college and ...…
In this episode Tracy Newberry talks about - Why she only works with babies between 6-11 months old and reasoning behind it What most of her clients just not know, or even what they don't always consider very much when it comes to sleep and helping their babies sleep well How she knows she is going to get the results a family are looking for An ...…
Discover 10 solid, practical ways to increase productivity and creative thinking in your life. Wouldn't it be nice if every day was a highly productive day? Well, there's an art and a science to it and when you begin to implement these 10 simple things, you'll find that productivity and creative ideas flow to you naturally more often than not. ...…
Finishing the Day Well Psalm 63 Length 27:47 Play audio by clicking the triangle below. Download audio. | Open Player in New Window Download sermon text. Download guide. Download song list.
Central Baptist Church Podcast
Giving, one of the best things we can do! It really does feel great, and it's one of the most concrete ways we can show others the love and generosity God shares with us every day. Well, here's a little gift for you today, let's have a listen!
In this first ever episode of the Working With Podcast, I answer how to manage an overwhelming inbox, project list and todos. Podcast Transcript: Hello and welcome to this first episode of The Working With Podcast. A show dedicated to answering your productivity and self-development questions. Hello and thank you for tuning in for this first ev ...…
Memphis Type History: The Podcast
In this episode of Memphis Type History: The Podcast, Caitlin and Rebecca get on a boat. No, that's wishful thinking. Instead, Caitlin tells Rebecca about the history of steamboats and how these ships played a role in the growth of Memphis. This episode begins with an introduction to Caitlin's favorite steamboat captain, singer and songwriter J ...…
The boys are back in town and recording the 59th episode of MorningBrew. Stephen is back from Barcelona while Adam was in Portugal. Stephen is creating music live on air, while Adam is trying to understand George Hook. Oh you want to know about Dan? Well Dan is going to give a slice of the podcast to the perfect pizza toppings.HOLD ONTO YOUR AS ...…
Do you think we can rap? Well we discuss free style rap. I just rhymed rap with rap. Also Nick wears a tank top, Quinn doesn't know what to do, and Jasmine experiences straight porn.Make sure to Subscribe to our YouTube channel where we post fresh content every year: Digital Sandwich on Twi ...…
Meditation is a lot more than just chilling out and reflecting. It can actually rewire your brain to become a better person.Read more at Big Think here:YouTube: ...…
In this episode I give some background on my martial arts and self-defense training, explain fundamental concepts and also do a Q&A. Sound quality isn't optimal due to the recording equipment of this old webcast; the next episodes are much better so hang in there... :-) ...…
BSR Magazine Show – Rosh Hashanah Special From Hosted by James M. Branum WORKING SCRIPT, AUDIO VERSION MAY HAVE SLIGHT VARIATIONS: First aired on KTLR 890 AM in Oklahoma City on Friday, Setember 21, 2017 at 11 am CDT. First a program note… next week we will be airing a special program in memory of the late Kelly Hays. He ...…
Air Mail From Dip
10:15 A.M. 9/21/41 Dear Mom & Dad: I spose you have been wondering just what has happened to your long lost son. Well I’m still O.K. & in good shape & feeling fine & healthy & in tip top condition. I just haven’t had a chance to write to anyone during the last week. In fact I started a letter to you last Sun., expecting to finish it on Mon eve. ...…
The CrabFeast with Ryan Sickler and Jay Larson
When was the last time you put your cell phone away for more than an hour? When was the last time you didn't check your email for more than a day?! Well this week we sit down with Ari Shaffir to talk about his four month vision quest through six countries with no smart phone, no email and essentially no game plan. If you listen to Ari's podcast ...…
Imagine More Podcast
Brad is a career entrepreneur and the CEO of Entreholic where he and his team are “addicted” to entrepreneurship. He has helped build multiple seven figure businesses in domestic and international markets. In this high energy, interactive workshop he shares his direct experience and helps you develop a plan to realize the same high-impact benef ...…
Brains Behind the Brands Podcast
Conversation with Jenny Eu, the founder of Three Trees Almondmilk: In the episode, Jenny and I talk about: How her grandmother influenced her outlook on health. The top three values she keeps in mind when running her business. And her own day to day wellness philoso ...…
Tom Freese is a best selling sales methodology author, and founder of the Question Based Selling methodology. Over the years Tom has trained sales teams from the likes of SAP, Wells Fargo, Microsoft and EMC, among others. Prior to Question Based Selling, Tom is famed for achieving 200% to his quota for seven consecutive years. In this episode, ...…
Percia's Podcasts
Hey beautiful people! Happy Labor Day!! Well, while you're seasoning those burgers and hot dogs and setting up the grill, turn on your speaker and start your day RIGHT with some Monday Motivation with Percia's Podcasts and The Percia Light Show!!! In Episode 14: Change Yourself, I discuss 3 ways to help you stop blaming everyone and everything ...…
Season 7 of HBO's Game of Throne has come and gone, albeit a few episodes short this time around, but Donovan feels it's the best season so far. Now the question that is being begged: Will we have to wait until 2019 to see the final season? That would be a bad move on HBO's part, Donovan believes. Donovan's daughter recently received a jury sum ...…
Saturday Live
Aasmah Mir and the Rev. Richard Coles are joined by the chef and musician Levi Roots, whose business success began following an appearance on BBC Two's Dragon's Den. He's performed with James Brown, been nominated for a Best Reggae Act MOBO award and has returned to his musical roots with Reggae Reggae Hits. Alastair Sawday describes the joys o ...…
Coffee Break with Game-Changers, presented by SAP
The Buzz: “Don't annoy science fiction writers…people who destroy entire planets before lunch. Think of what they'll do to you” (John Scalzi). Think a beach day with a sci-fi page-turner is an escape from reality? Not! Sci-fi could prepare us for the possibilities of tomorrow hurtling at us via tech advances like AI, robotics, IoT. Should it be ...…
The Startup Chat with Steli and Hiten
In this episode, Steli and Hiten talk about cultivating the art of cutting your losses. Investing your time, energy and money into something that is NOT working is painful to admit, but necessary to confront when it comes to the success of your business. Listen as Steli and Hiten give examples of how people choose to not cut their losses when t ...…
Create New Futures | How Leaders Produce Breakthroughs and Transform the World through Conversation
Let’s talk about the first responsibility of a leader. This is Aviv with a new episode of Create New Futures. And today I am focusing on the fallacy of the Google age, and why as leaders, mentors, and parents we all must reflect on the Google fallacy and the conundrum it creates critically. As a leader, your first responsibility is to lead your ...…
Female Mixing Engineers Music Podcast
FME Show #3 This episode will knock your socks off with the mixing, recording, and production talents of Becky Willard, Drea Drury, Shelsey Jarvis, and WEEP. Also, let’s chat about one way to get to know your DAW well: by exploring its dropdown menus! Oooooo, what does this button do? Let’s get mixing! Female Mixing Engineers Music Podcast. 4 S ...…
P.S. I Love Hoffman: A Film By Film Retrospective of Philip Seymour Hoffman
An apple a day keeps the doctor away, a podcast a day... well, you tell us. In this episode we have Cara Gael O'Regan, the host of In Sickness and In Health and co-host of The CageClub Podcast Network's very own Wistful Thinking Podcast, on the show to discuss the 1998 medical film Patch Adams starring two powerhouse actors: P.S.H. and Robin Wi ...…
Ever feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day? Well, we can’t help you add another 8 hours, but we CAN offer 7 tips from a time management author which will help you squeeze the most out of your time. Up next on Etsy Jam!
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