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In the Dark
Reporter Madeleine Baran examines the case of Curtis Flowers, who has been tried six times for the same crime. For 21 years, Flowers has maintained his innocence. He's won appeal after appeal, but every time, the prosecutor just tries the case again. In the Dark is an investigative podcast from APM Reports. Season One focused on the abduction of Jacob Wetterling.
Enlightening & Entertaining discussions about all things Paranormal with world renowned researchers and experiencers, challenging everything we think we know about Ghosts, Ghouls, Angels, Demons, Aliens, Monster Encounters, Mysteries and Miracles.
Dark Tome
What if there was a book that literally opened up doorways to other worlds? Where would it lead, and could you handle what you found on the other side?Cassie, a wayward teen, is about to find out. One day, after she wraps up community service at a local hospital, she stumbles out of the basement of a spooky bookshop and into a story set on a devil's staircase in a remote Italian village.The Dark Tome is a new take on the anthology audio fiction podcast, featuring fantastic stories by contemp ...
Jazz After Dark
Join jazz aficionado Don Shor as he explores the diverse and fascinating world of jazz. Jazz After Dark spans the gamut, from roots in boogie woogie, blues, and ragtime, through traditional and straight ahead jazz, soul jazz, bossa nova, and more.
The Dark Verse
Short stories of occult, metaphysical, and fantastical horror that will follow you to the visions of your sleep.
Dark Secret Place
Get in depth news, politics and military talk in the Dark Secret Place with Bryan Suits on KFI AM 640 every Saturday night from 10pm to Midnight!
The new gold standard in late night talk. Steve Warner's Dark City covers all things unexplained, from true crime to UFOs, hard science & tech.
The Dark Stuff
My name is Dave Splash and I have been involved in the underground music world for 20 years. I have worked at labels, booking agencies, web sites, promoters, and radio stations. This is my podcast. The Dark Stuff features interviews - conducted by me - with musicians, artists, and interesting folks from the community. I live in Omaha, and there may be a lot of Omaha-centered content. The show will constantly be evolving. I hope you enjoy. Check out my website at
Weird Darkness
Scary stories of the paranormal, supernatural, unexplained, unsolved, and true crime. Terrifying tales of horror and the macabre.
Palaeo After Dark
A group of fresh faced scientists have biweekly informal discussions about evolutionary biology and palaeontology... over beer.
A fresh look at modern sexuality that explains why good sex is so hard to come by, and teaches the ins and outs in plain English with an aim to entertain as well as educate.
Dark Topic is a True Crime Podcast created to ensure that the people Stay Paranoid.
DMR: "Asking Questions and Questioning Answers" - Dive deep into UFO and Paranormal Research and Lunar Phenomena with Legendary Host Don Ecker. As a former Police Investigator and Director of Research for UFO magazine and Creator of Dark Matters Radio (exclusively on CyberStationUSA), Don digs deep into Dark Matters with high profile guests to bring you the information you need to better understand the world and space around us. Dark Matters Radio with legendary host Don Ecker, CyberStationU ...
Grim Dark Podcast
A podcast about role playing in the Warhammer 40,000 setting.
Dark Myths
A show that sheds light behind the Dark Myths Collective members, and host other collaborative projects.
In the Dark
I want to understand people I disagree with instead of just being angry at them. I want to have big conversations where I don't have to be politically correct or well-spoken. I'm a jumble of thoughts and words and really I just want to laugh and drink Gin & Tonics.
A shame-free space where people talk about their struggles, difficult past memories, and what it's like to live with mental illness. Common topics include depression, anxiety, abuse, and trauma. No matter the story, it will be met with compassion. Season 2 is now airing. Engage with the show and host Joel Kutz online at
Darkness Prevails is the creepiest YouTube channel for Real Monster Encounters, Strange Animal Attacks, Creepy Creature Sightings, and True Ghost Stories. We also narrate and produce the scariest Creepypasta and the most disturbing lists. If you are ready to be more afraid than you ever have, subscribe for endless scary stories and chilling tales. Now, we have a podcast!
Doctor Who Dark Journey is a full cast Wholock audio drama adventure taking The Doctor and Sherlock Holmes on a darker journey than ever before. LISTEN ON: itunes and
An undead favourite. From Gary Butterfield and Kole Ross, the creators of "Watch Out for Fireballs!", Bonfireside Chat is a podcast dedicated entirely to the Souls series of games. Starting with Dark Souls, we take a journey through the areas of the game and comment on lore, gameplay, bossfights... everything. Praise the Sun!
Dis After Dark is a Disney podcast for grown ups. The show is an irreverent look at the Disney parks by 5 English blokes & a girl who really know Their stuff about the Disney parks & movies. If you like Disney you’ll love Dis After Dark. Disney Disney Disney Disney. Please check out our Patreon Page We are proud to be Sponsored by the following people HHN If you are looking to book your next trip to WDW, Disney Land or a Disney Cruise, please visit our new Sponsor Wendy from M ...
Dark Histories
Dark Histories tells the stories of some of our darkest moments, deepest mysteries and strangest happenings, from large cultural events, to smaller, localised legends.
Edited by bestselling, award-winning anthologist John Joseph Adams, NIGHTMARE is a digital magazine of horror and dark fantasy. In its pages, you will find all kinds of horror and dark fantasy, from zombie stories and haunted house tales, to visceral psychological horror. Every month NIGHTMARE will bring you a mix of original fiction and reprints, and featuring a variety of authors: from the bestsellers and award-winners you already know to the best new voices you haven't heard of yet. When ...
Angel and the Freak, a married couple just talking about our lives and the crazy things we do and see. No point, just fun, laughs, and humor, but always the truth.
Voices in the Dark
At Voices in the Dark we bring you powerful, mind- and soul-expanding conversations about real life psychology, philosophy, psychedelics, spirituality, social dynamics and much more. We’re a podcast, a blog, and a community of likeminded individuals who want to become the best versions of themselves. We’re dedicated to never stop Learning How To Human. Our mission is to entertain, provoke, inform, and make you question everything you think you know. Have you ever been on the wrong end of 'of ...
Communion After Dark is the dominant music podcast covering the alternative-electronic genres in the world. Spotlighting the latest and best in electro since 2008, the show is hosted weekly by DJ Mark Paradise (The Castle), DJ Maus and DJ Tom Gold (Resident DJ at The Castle). They present the show as a companion to The Castle's Friday and Saturday dance nights in Tampa (Ybor City), Florida. Running continuously with weekly nights since 1997, the club ( proudly stands as the pr ...
Dark Shadows
The show depicted the lives and loves, trials and tribulations of the wealthy Collins family of Collinsport, Maine. Dark Shadows also featured ghosts, werewolves, zombies, man-made monsters, witches, warlocks, time travel, and a parallel universe.
Deep Energy Podcast is a podcast of ambient and new age music for Sleep, Meditation, Relaxation, Massage, Yoga, Reiki and Therapy.
Shadows in the Dark
Shadows in the Dark is a diverse talk show discussing alternative topics such as; Ufology, Cryptozoology, Parapshychology, unsolved mysteries, conspiracies, ghosts, UFOs and just the plain weird and unusual, with the top researchers, authors and field investigators. There is really no topic off limits.
An infinite Universe with infinite dark stories,This is Dark Matter, an anthology of original science fiction audio from the darkness of space. Brought to you by Darker Projects
Dark Ambient Radio (.com) plays nothing but the finest selections of dark ambient, experimental electronic, and dark contemporary classical music. Listen 24/7 at
A true crime podcast focussing on lesser known cases.
Enlightening & Entertaining discussions about all things Paranormal with world renowned researchers and experiencers, challenging everything we think we know about Ghosts, Ghouls, Angels, Demons, Aliens, Monster Encounters, Mysteries and Miracles.
The Dark Divide
A true-crime podcast that takes a seat, dangles it's legs over the edge and stares into the abyss.
Weekly discussions about gaming news and culture!
Dark Horizons
Dark Horizons, heard every Thursday night from 8-10 EST on are approximately 2 hours in length.
Canadian true crime, dark history, folklore, legends and other creepy topics from the perspective of real live Canadians.
WWW.DARKDISCUSSIONS.COM - your place for the discussion of horror film, fiction and all that's fantastic. Your hosts discuss all things genre, including books, movies, films, video games, and comics about such topics as horror, science fiction, fantasy, and grindhouse.Visit us at or send us a comment at
A multiple story, horror-themed audio storytelling podcast, spun off from Chilling Tales for Dark Nights and its popular YouTube channel of the same name. The show features master storyteller Otis Jiry, and the work of dozens of independent and previously-published contributing authors. Find this and our other programs at:
On the podcast, you will hear from people I know, who have their own personal ghost stories. The blog is where I fictionalize the stories from those who wish to remain anonymous.
Don't Give Up, Skeleton is a podcast inspired by one simple question: how did you get into the Souls games? Every week, Jeremy Greer interviews a guest about their own personal Souls story. Guests include a wide variety of people, both well known on the internet and completely unknown. Each episode is a bit different, with guests discussing what the games mean to them, whether it be a technical look into the inner workings, how NPC quest lines mirror personal relationships, fun and exciting ...
After Dark
This is what happens after Dan and his co-hosts hit "STOP" and their official shows are over. Behind the scenes, casual, unedited, and uncensored. Hosted by Dan Benjamin.
In Darkness Vast
In Darkness Vast. Season Two landing episodically at present. Get on board at Written by John McCarthy and featuring Ciaran Fitzpatrick, Niamh Kavanagh, Mary-Lou McCarthy, Donnchadh O Conaill, Daithí O Donnell, Sara-Jane Power and Lucie Ryan-Donnelly.
For all your Warhammer 40k Dark Eldar needs!
Chris and Jon sit down to talk about the world of BJJ, MMA and usually things completely unrelated.
Dark Ambient Sounds
Dark Ambient Sounds plays nothing but continuous mixes of the best dark ambient music. Listen 24/7 at
Outer Darkness
Leaving the Mormon Church is only the beginning... This "of the world" podcast is recorded from the Great and Spacious Building in Salt Lake City. Join Nimrod The Lamanite, Orrin Porter, The Bastard Son of Joseph Smith, Our Lord and Savior Johnny Cuervo in this latter day guide to leaving religion. These Fomos show us how easy it is to move on with our lives in the big, scary, world of sin... and how much fun it can be. Drinking, politics, sex, drugs, it's all covered. Nothing is sacred. No ...
Dark Matters
True stories of mystery and depravity with your fearless host Sam Roper.
The procrastination of creating the greatest wrestling podcast of all-time.
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I-70 runs through the Heartland of America. In 1992 it became a trail of blood. In this episode I will investigate the I-70 killer. Be prepared for a shocking look at a serial killer, who still remains at large. Music: Amdient Background music: Sounds from the Abbey CO.AG music Sources: ...…
TimeArtistTitleAlbumYearComposerRecord LabelListeners18:03:40Crystal PalaceDawnDawn of Eternity20162818:06:15Crystal PalaceConfess Your CrimeDawn of Eternity20163018:14:36showopwn2718:15:50Long EarthThrough the VoidThe Source2718:24:03LazuliCassiopeeEn avant doute2007Musea2718:34:17GazpachoSoyuz OneSoyuz20182818:40:39Chroma KeyAmerica the Video ...…
Welcome back to the Cause Cinema Spotlight. This weekend, we showcase three projects based on true stories, intense portraits of real people, all of them directed by talented female filmmakers. One child overcomes a personal tragedy in Summer of 1993. Another finds a way to deal with sexual abuse in The Tale. And a grown woman is an officer of ...…
Dark Vader (Chris Kelly) of Galactic Empire and I talk the band's new album Episode II, John Williams, a lot of Star Wars, and more! Tommy from BtBaM discusses his first band. I recommend Alustrium. Talk to me Far Beyond Metal on Facebook - Twitter - Galactic Empire Between The ...…
Dark Vader (Chris Kelly) of Galactic Empire and I talk the band's new album Episode II, John Williams, a lot of Star Wars, and more! Tommy from BtBaM discusses his first band. I recommend Alustrium. Talk to me Far Beyond Metal on Facebook - Twitter - Galactic Empire Between The ...…
Dr Paul Rahe - professor of history at Hillsdale CollegeAdmiral Thomas Lynch (Ret-N) - Executive chairman of NewDay USADr. Henry Miller - Robert Wesson Fellow in Scientific Philosophy & Public Policy at Hoover Institution, widely published in both scholarly journals and the popularLt. Col. Tony Shaffer (retired) - Senior Fellow at the London Ce ...…
Ep 16 Shingles and Chicken Pox Dr. Muhammad Emran Disclaimer: Information from this show is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or go to the nearest emergency department with any questions you may have. Shingles is ...…
The end has come! The last episode of this insane season of Hellboy. Now, onto greener pastures! But first, we gotta lay this whole thing to rest. Hellboy – Darkness Calls. Music by junior85 (
Ah yes, the uncontroversial topic of killing yourself. Why not take a dark turn? Assisted suicide and its implications and ramifications are unpacked today on this episode of BR. So, strap in, and think some happy thoughts, because Spencer and Nick certainly aren’t.
Your Creative Sparks: Often there is a BREAKDOWN just before the BREAKTHROUGH. Our most difficult ORDEALS are actually ORCHESTRATED to bring us into our greatest OPPORTUNITIES. There is NO such thing as SPIRITUAL BYPASSING. No matter how enlightened you are, you are not above the lessons. The pilgrimage was amazing, but the journey leading up t ...…
Surviving Trauma Through Story with Dorothy Cleveland and Barbara Schutzgruber Wednesday, May 16th at 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern Stories of personal trauma exist throughout the centuries in many forms. No matter where you are in the world, abuse happens. In researching Tale Type 706 – Maiden Without Hands for Beyond the Sword Maiden – A Storytelle ...…
If you ever find yourself looking for something deeply cinematic or intensely moody, Fotocrime has just what you need. If there were a universal soundtrack to represent film noir, Fotocrime would be it. If you like your music on the dark side, but maintaining a high level of mastery when it comes to song writing and style, Fotocrime is just the ...…
Podcast By Night: Episode 5: Vampiric Sects In this episode, Jen and I discuss the various sects of vampires that inhabit the World of Darkness. From the hallowed halls of the Camarilla to the utopian ideals of the Anarchs, and the religious zeal of the Sabbat, We give you a taste of what these groups strive for and the things you need to know ...…
Brooke, Britt, and special guest Jessica slither into tales about snakes, the dark, and suspicious suicides.
Dark Spy Bot AI :: Kraken Mare :: Mars Underground :: 2038 RABy (Théâtre Électrique).
Thursday Green Door Network Show: This week the guys discuss “Deadpool 2,” Season Finales of “Arrow,” “The Flash,” “SuperNatural,””Survivor,” and a few others. Vince is in a good mood because “The Expanse” got picked after being canceled last week.Thanks to the guys from the “SchlubCast” Podcast for the Dark Lord Beer. This week Kris and Vince ...…
What are the dark spots behind my child's neck? What do they mean? Are they something I should be worried about? What can I do for them?
This week we interview Singer, Songwriter, Dancer, Clown, and versatile performer Dana Benedict. We travel with her along her journey through numerous types of performing: touring as Annie, singing and songwriting as Sparrow, horror performances in The Queen Mary's Dark Harbor, clowning with Twirly, and growing Immersive Theatre experiences. En ...…
Whose hot and who’s not? It’s a midseason catch-up! We check in on all the hot anime streaming (or airing) this season. Who pulled up from a nose dive and what continues to plummet into darkness? We’ll let you know. Cain, DJ, Kestrel, and Kate are here in body (mostly) and spirit (mostly) to run down what we’ve been consuming. Does Steins;Gate ...…
When non-Indigenous scientists wish to conduct research in Indigenous communities, cultural misunderstandings can arise over issues including the methods of research; ownership of data; and interpretation of results. In this podcast, Carrie Bourassa – Research Chair in Indigenous and Northern Health and Senior Scientist at Health Sciences North ...…
This edition of the Meltdown as a continuation of Tuesday’s show, which ended prematurely due to DJ illness. There were no requests, so it’s nearly two hours of material new to the Meltdown library. Thanks again to our friends at TAG Publicity and Highroad Publicity for a lot of this. Enjoy, and don’t forget to join me Tuesday nights at 8:00 PM ...…
The Cozy Co-op is a podcast where a games journalist and a creative writer talk about video games! Join us every Friday morning for the latest episodes. This time, Branden and Justine talk about the legendary RPG, Dark Souls! If you’re interested in playing for yourself, the Humble Store has Dark Souls: Remastered. Purchasing the game through t ...…
Guest Host Bobbie Hayse talks about a dark time in U.S. military history when the government sanctioned the use of herbicide that has had lasting effects on the Americans who served during the Vietnam War. Don Wilkins, who reported the story more than a year ago now, remembers his own personal experiences and those of others who Agent Orange to ...…
We had the pleasure to visit the Clarkston FC team that we are raising funds for to send to regionals. During our visit, we sat down with Jill from Soccer in the Streets to discuss her involvement with the program and how she got involved. Soccer in the Streets provides an outlet for local youth in a number of ways that help to build character ...…
The internet is all up in arms about the inclusion of a woman, a woman! in the new World War 2 set Battlefield V. We dig out the internet for it’s absurdity. We’ve also got games. Ben’s played ‘What Remains of Edith Finch’, Aadil’s played ‘Knights of Pen and Paper +1 edition’ and Lucy gives us an Indie lightning round which includes ‘A Case of ...…
Ted, Mike, and Alex examine this one-shot of the evil Batman-Cyborg hybrid from the Dark Multiverse! Batman: The Murder Machine #1 was by Frank Tieri & James Tynion IV (writers), Riccardo Federici (pencil and ink artist), and Rain Beredo (colorist). Can Victor Stone stand up to a Bruce Wayne armed with his own abilities? Did I get my $3.99 worth?…
Join Psychic Medium, Angel Intuitive and Author, Julia Treat for the Stepping Into The Light Podcast. Develop your own intuitive mojo and hitch a ride with the Divine to connect with your own God given power source. Create a blueprint for manifesting magnificence and blast thru blocks to create anything you desire. In this episode Julia talks a ...…
Thanks for checking out the 254th episode of The ETX ROCKS Show! Today's guests are from Shreveport Louisiana. Michael and Joel, of the trio Twang Darkly, have come to share their brand of music that refuses to be boxed in. With its roots in the Appalachian mountains and its branches made with sounds from across the world, they have created a s ...…
Host: David Evans (aka Surgeon) Scripture Verse: Acts 26:17-18 Description: Have you been turned from darkness to light by the power and grace of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ?
Harry and Ron discover the truth about their Defense Against the Dark Arts professor! Special Guests: Lexi and Tim Garcia! You can find us at or Email us at Follow us on Facebook and Twitter Or join our Facebook Group: Harry Potter Minute and the Listener’s Army If you’d like to show y ...…
S1E55: Wine & Chocolate Recipe: Paleo Folly Winer Chili with Unsweetened Chocolate (Feeds 2) Get full ingredient lists Sunday mornings, plus calorie and macronutrient counts for all CWM recipes, on my Patreon page! For tonight's recipe, you'll need: EQUIPMENT: lg pot, lg pan, cutting board, sharp knife, optional mixing bowl BASICS: salt, pepper ...…
Antonio and Kevin are joined by Chloe as they talk about anime that give a true dark theme! Find out their old (and somewhat embarrassing) tastes for troupes and their recommendations of the month. Anime/Manga talked about: Wotakoi, Sword Girls Machiavellism, Violet Evergarden, Ancient Magus’ Bride, Alice 19th, Flame of Recca, Eureka 7, Fate/Ze ...…
I just found a very old recording of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader! I probably recorded it in… 2003, maybe? You can hear Henry’s little voice sometimes, and I’m guessing he was about eight. Enjoy :) (all chapters can be streamed here sequentially: 01 The Picture in the Bedroom 02 On Board the Dawn ...…
In this episode, we talk about how we've changed from high school to now. From cringy facebook statuses to deep spiritual growth. Change is a good thing.
Today Coach Tim and GSL Howard discuss more Moe Talks and debrief a young Golf Nerd on his 1st foray into the dark world of Tournament Golf where we learn that staying present and not projecting are the keys to better play.
This week on the show Nate takes you on a journey into some of the darkness and tragedy he has overcome on his path to Podcasting! This is a very unique look into the mind of the creator of the Network and some of the moments that define his actions today. Plus a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT ABOUT THE NEWEST SHOW JOINING THE NETWORK! Click Here for Exc ...…
Live mix sessions streamed by Jerix on Mixlr. Look for more here every week on Wednesday @ 8 pm PDT! available on Mixcloud! From The Soul by Redondo2 Abyss by Cid Inc.3 Guude Laune by Martin Roth4 Musica Del Futuro by Daniel Portman5 Panic Room (CamelP ...…
Season 2 Episode 11 -Mountain Dew Taste Test 1st Place - White Label Tropical Citrus 2nd Place - White out 3rd Place - Mt. Dew Ice 4th Place- Dark Berry 5th Place - Mt. Dew Pitch Black 6th Place- Mt. Dew -Green Label - Green Apple Kiwi Please buy Aeron’s ARTBOOKS!! Free Sticker with Purchase! https: ...…
Oh boy, this episode is a real wiggler. Up in this one we take some calls from our listeners, and they had that dang phone ringing off the hook like a runaway mackerel. This is the episode where we finally figure out what to do about Wal-Mart AND what we're gonna do with all the motorcycles. We talk about the Pizza Bomber, raffle off some Time ...…
Voted One of The Best Podcast in Montreal Catch #GeektastiqCypha Live Wednesdays at 6.30PMEST only on &Subscribe to #GeektastiqCypha on Follow us on Instagram | Facebook | Youtube | Twitter | Podbean This episode's #DTD: Battle of the J.B. Initialed Spies James Bond vs Jason Bourne vs Jack Bauer Host: JawzD / Tobi / Doc Gu ...… William VanDoodewaard speaks to us about Martin Bucer, John Knox, and the development of pastoral care during the Reformation. Dr. VanDoodewaard is professor of church history at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is the author of 1 & 2 Peter: Feed My Sheep (Wel ...…
We’ve got a doozy this week and Todd’s latest pick comes up in the queue, the 1982 ‘classic’ Smokey and the Bandit 3! The post After Dark Episode 183: Soon to be Named Movie Club IV – Smokey & the Bandit 3 appeared first on Longbox Heroes » After Dark.
Also discussed: The Dark Tower (2017), Jane Got A Gun (2015), Inside Man (2006), Dredd (2012), The Alienist (2018). It's time again for another episode of Nic, Tys and Videotape! This week, we're taking a look at the movie that did for car thieves what The Fast and The Furious did for... car thieves, also... it's GONE IN 60 SECONDS!! We talk te ...…
LD and Mo check back in with Fiancee Beyoncee. The wedding date is fast approaching but in sobriety how does that look?
You voted for it! This week Glenn & Shawn talk about some of their favorite title tracks. Also, the guys talk about how rockstars don’t exist anymore. Glenn’s Playlist Fear of the Dark by Iron Maiden The Walking Wounded by Bayside Born To Run by Bruce Springsteen One More Light by Linkin Park Hard Knock Life by Jay-Z Shawn’s Playlist Diamond Ey ...…
Established in Amity is the perfectly unprofessional podcast for any horror junky! Laura, Justin and Jordan talk about all the scary books, movies, television shows, haunted locations, and folklore they love!Rate! Review! Subscribe!Like us on facebook at: us on Twitter at: @establishdamityFollow us on I ...…
The boys go vegan!Buy Adobe House Merchandise Here: website:http://adobehouserecords.comTwitter: to Dark Racial Humor on Apple Podcasts: so ...…
Alex and Peter finally talk about the 2008's iconic "The Dark Knight." They discuss Heath Ledger's haunting, Oscar-winning portrayal of the Joker, the nuance of Harvey Dent, Alex goes on a rant about clapping during movies, Chicago as Gotham and what if Robin Williams played the Joker.
we invite you to come and listen to reality radio. its deep, straight forward and hard hitting. we do not pull any punches or try and butter up the story. we just give you the hard core facts as we see them from our years of experience in life and living. much of what we cover is beyond shocking and can make folks afraid, but that is the way we ...…
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