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The one where I talk about online dating.
Another dick in the room. That's gay.
Thad, Jeff and Venus call the show. Typical Bedroom Radio behavior ensues.
Tonight we talked to Moe about you guessed it, weed. Thad calls in and talks about killing babies. Curtis calls in and gets rudely cut off. I take a call from Jayme, Kenny and Hans from John Podesta's Pizza Party. We talk politics. I also ask if Costa Rica is an American territory. I was brutally laughed at.Then we talk to Thad, Jeff the drunk ...…
How do you approach someone you are attracted to?
Bruce is mad at J dubbs.
Why or why don't you believe in god?
Bruce and I discuss the addiction debate that happened in last nights chat. We take a very personal call from Mingo about his addictions and the ones he witnessed growing up. Alex calls in to weigh in. We discuss addiction and music. How he lost a great friend and band mate to addiction.This episode is fire.…
The one where Bandit (stubby) destroys Jason.
FEAT: Kodi HostKodi is a survivor fanatic and he host's an ORG that mimics Survivor. Listen in as I learn more about him.
FEAT: Jesse Chase HiltnerJesse stole was involved in not one but two high speed chases. Let's peel this onion.
Bruce and I talk to Jeffrey the morphine addict, Moe the pot head, Apple Jacks the great!
Bruce and I discuss life.
I talk to myself for a bit. Then I take a call from Anastasia. She tells us about the time she hit a person with her car when she was 16 and how the person died. She also tells us about the years of molestation she endured from her own father. She then tells us about how her husband overdosed on methadone amidst their drug struggles. Due to her ...…
The one where Ian opens up.
Thaddeus hates his girlfriend.
The one where Rosebery hates Thaddeus.
Unsigned Sunday 06.04.2017Send me requests. derekreleford@gmail.comPlaylist:The ScudGuns on MarsLANNDSKelpieMidas WrightThe Revolving BirdsUh Huh Baby YeahFiz Gig "The Bad Card EP"Rice Cultivation SocietyKrillComa CinemaGrandpa's Cough MedicineDead Girls Ruin Everything
Davey, Fern, Bandit's old lady, Bandit, Thaddeus.
Bruce and Fern call in. We talk/
I dare Midas Wright to call the show. Does he?
I talk with long time friend Noah Robinson about life after Bleed The Sky. Are they getting back together? Your guess is as good as mine.
A discussion about Chris Cornell, domestic violence, self defense and much more!Go follow Midas Wright on Soundcloud.Follow Weekly Weed Wisdom
We talk Texas, north vs. south, don;t call me racist, i hate Chinese people, general distaste for humanity, Bruce Jenner, there is no utopia, dude had a dick, good for him or her, if someone wants to be gay, Dullzall, I'm somewhat of an angry fellow, cheeseburger, cancer, dying, cheating and coming clean and lots more!…
The Derek Releford Show 03.18.2017Topics:I'm on pills.I'm real scared.I used to be a cheater.I need some help, Doctor.They are after me.Where is my mind.New meds seem to be working.Getting a dog.Loyal listeners.
This week I spoke with social media celebrity, Mia. She is a Floridian transplant who now resides in small town Tennessee. Her dance videos are viewed and shared by hundreds of thousands of people each day. She tells us about growing up in your typical American Broken-ish home. She takes us on a journey through her life, discussing her upbringi ...…
Kayla is a typical twenty something stoner from the east coast. The one thing that separates her from the rest (besides her GREAT hair) is that when she sits down to smoke, a couple thousand people watch and interact with her. Her periscope has 40,000+ followers and is on the verge of 4 MILLION hearts. We had a great early morning chat about he ...…
This week I spoke with Amy from OCD Kansas. She is a clinical psychologist who specializes in the treatment of anxiety conditions as well as well as obsessive compulsive spectrum conditions. She provides CBT Therapy for her patients. We had a wonderful discussion about OCD. What it is, where it's from and what you can do about it. Listen in to ...…
I bitch and moan for 45 minutes about dying. I bet I don't die.
Tonight I will be talking with the guy who started it all. I found Marvelous Matthew Sawyers on youtube around 9 years ago, He hosted a show called "Weekly Weed Wisdom". I was a huge fan. So much of a fan that I decided that I needed to interview him I started a radio show through blogtalkradio and asked him to be a guest. I am talking to him a ...…
I talk with Jared Pedersen about chickens and Oklahoma. Then I chat with Landon Urban about vasectomy's and Texas.
I haven't spoken to this old friend for over 5 years. Last time we talked we had beef. He was released from Prison last Thursday and I decided to reach out to him. Listen in as we bury the hatchet.
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