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Disaster Area
A podcast about disasters throughout history - what caused them, how people survived, and how we've responded to keep those disasters from happening again.
The crew of the MRS Hyacinth rush to survey a Jovian asteroid, hoping it is worth enough to ransom the crew of their sister ship - the Corvus - before the deadline hits.
Disaster Podcast
For Emergency Responders at All Levels
Disasters from History is a narrative podcast which tells the fascinating stories of historical events that have gone horribly wrong. Listen along as I share the lesser-known stories behind the most catastrophic events in history and discuss their historical impacts. The stories you will hear range from heart-wrenching tales of great tradgedies, to stories of seemingly harmless events that ended disastrously. Whether you consider yourself a history buff or not, I urge you to lend me your ear ...
The After Disaster is an extremely famous podcast overflowing with cannon blasts and machetes. No topic is off-topic and every topic is interrupted. The show is hosted by Loveline engineer Anderson Cowan, professional photographer Mike Carano, and all around ruiner-of-things, Tyler White.
Disaster Podcast
For Emergency Responders at All Levels
Great Disasters
I’ve been fascinated by disasters since I was a child. Okay, that may be a little odd, but disasters are fascinating things. There’s so much to learn from them, on a human level and on a more analytical front. What went wrong? How could it have been prevented? How did people react and cope with the situation? From the Titanic to the Costa Concordia, the Station nightclub fire to the Pulse nightclub shooting, these extraordinary events – and the ordinary people involved – will be examined on ...
Jo Prendergast broadcasts on ham radio after only surviving the Yellowstone volcano eruption with luck. Her post-apocalyptic transmissions follow her as she finds survivors and a reason to go on.
All Bad Things is a weekly podcast about accidents, tragedies, natural disasters and other anxiety fuel. Hosted by wry GenXer David and bleeding-heart Millenial Rachel. Trigger warning for everything possible.
Disaster Dads
Every few weeks, the Disaster Dads will gather to discuss the emergencies and disasters of the moment. They will provide tips and tricks for handling disasters at home and how the skills of emergency management translate well to the management of a toddler. The Dads will bring their years of training as emergency responders into your car, living room, or office and through entertaining stories they will help you prepare for whatever your next disaster may be.
A podcast exploring the intersection of policy and legislation with disaster preparedness, response and recovery. This podcast brings stakeholders from emergency management, politics, NGOs and others in the field to talk about how their work is influenced by political institutions and processes. Hosted by Jeff Schlegelmilch (@jeffschlegel).
It's the world's sweetest anime podcast! Chorps and Jordan are anime connoisseurs and they're here to spread the good word, and the occasional bad word, about the modern state of anime. We talk about upcoming shows and review the ongoing shows we're keeping up with!Logo by @milkychai on Twitter!
Choose the games, beat the backlog, discover and enjoy JRPGs
Stories of Risk, Ethics & Compliance. Host Leona Lewis interviews people about leadership, managing risk, ethics and compliance strategies for businesses, government, academia or society.
The Survival Podcast for people who take movies too seriously. Each week we tackle the various disaster-scenarios from all kinds of fiction, see how possible they are, & what can be done to survive.
Triumph & Disaster
Manly creativity and culture. Triumph and Disaster is a show dedicated to fascinating conversations with real guy's guy artists in every creative field and endeavor. Whether it's acting, writing, directing, producing, photography, art, music, cooking, brewing, distilling, raw denim, blacksmithing, custom furniture, coffee roasting, custom cars/motorcycles... you name it. Any manly art and creative craft goes on the T&D Podcast as long as it's done with balls and integrity. Brought to you by ...
Salvation Army Disaster Radio is a bi-weekly podcast covering all things related to Salvation Army disaster services and emergency management. The podcast includes audio and video shows. Hosted by a rotating cast of disaster services professionals, topics range from specific issues in emergency management to items of general interest to the casual listener.
The crew of the MRS Hyacinth rush to survey a Jovian asteroid, hoping it is worth enough to ransom the crew of their sister ship - the Corvus - before the deadline hits.
This Epic Disaster
A weekly Atlanta-based podcast that examines the screw ups, the failures, the freak outs, the foul ups and all those who make them. Including you. Including us. Hosted by Cheri Brown and Rick Baldwin, This Epic Disaster features stories, interviews, games, trivia, chat, and valuable information you can use when the things in your life go horribly wrong.
Disaster Digital
Randomness, one hour at a time
Adjusters International's Disaster Recovery Roundtable features experts from our Disaster Recovery Consulting division who are recognized as experts in FEMA Programs, Organizational Resiliency, Risk Management and Continuity of Operations Planning. Each podcast focuses on a topic taken from an issue of Disaster Recovery Today, a publication from Adjusters International that is written from a position of advocacy. In these podcast discussions, our experts share knowledge acquired through year ...
Disrupting Disaster
Disrupting Disaster is a podcast series created and co-hosted by James Lush and Charlie Caruso, both award-winning Australian/British broadcasters, digital media entrepreneurs, and fellow human beings. This podcast series is designed to bring attention to the urgency of climate change as well as highlight the amazing opportunities currently available that our audience can ACT on today. We all have the power to save the world, and now is the time we get off the couch and do something.... anyt ...
A major emergency affecting a large number of people may occur anytime and anywhere. It may be a peacetime disaster such as a flood, tornado, fire, hurricane, blizzard or earthquake. It could be an enemy nuclear attack on the United States. In any type of general disaster, lives can be saved if people are prepared for the emergency, and know what actions to take when it occurs. This handbook, "In Time of Emergency" (1968), contains basic general information on both nuclear attack and major n ...
This is a detailed and accurate account of the most awful marine disaster in history, constructed from the real facts as obtained from those on board who survived (
Discussing issues affecting health and emergency services- across all areas and all topics. From in the air, in the hospital and internationally, focusing on emergency, disaster and routine healthcare management.
The Shock Doctrine retells the story of the most dominant ideology of our time, Milton Friedman's free market economic revolution. In contrast to the popular myth of this movement s peaceful global victory, Klein shows how it has exploited moments of shock and extreme violence in order to implement its economic policies in so many parts of the world from Latin America and Eastern Europe to South Africa, Russia, and Iraq. At the core of disaster capitalism is the use of cataclysmic events to ...
Survival Medicine
Doom and Bloom,Nurse Amy,Dr Bones,Survival,Survival Medicine,Traditional and Alternative Medical Advice including Survival Medicine or Collapse Medicine.
The Disaster Recovery Hour with Chris Plunkett Reporting on disasters and how they affect homeowners, businesses and neighborhoods.Chris explains the steps to preparedness, recovery and restoration, with examples of actual Disasters and how Recovery was achieved. Interviews with professionals that have first hand experience and expertise dealing with emergencies such as fires, floods, storms, and power outages.Know how your personal property should be cared for and restored from the top rest ...
Miss Alex is known for sharing the stories of horrific plagues during awkward lunch hours. She's an avid reader of Wikipedia's "list of worst natural disasters" page, and reading Camus's "The Plague" as a 14-year-old scared the crap out of her just enough to become fascinated with them (and terrified of rodents). She loves telling stories, and she wants to share a crazy one with you.
A series of forum recordings from the QUT Centre for Emergency and Disaster Management (CEDM)
In this recording, made in 1976, Titanic survivor Albert Caldwell relives his experiences on board the Titanic. Albert Caldwell's great-niece, Julie Hedgepeth Williams, published A Rare Titanic Family with NewSouth Books, which describes the lives of Albert Caldwell and his family before, during and after their trip aboard the Titanic. For more information, visit
Disaster Area
Choco Disaster
Choco☆Disaster is your new favorite usually bi-weekly podcast about currently airing anime! Join your new pals ChorpSaway, FutureFriend and JordanKai as they examine new anime, as they air! Also they occasionally talk about the news and make jokes; it's like a three-for-one deal!
Podcast by DexT, Dozer, & Cyarkos
This is an introduction to how Two Beautiful Disasters, a lifestyle blog, was started. Get to know the girls behind the voice and what we are all about. Hear our authentic take on life, style, motherhood and everything in between.
Design Disasters!
New podcast weblog
Beautiful Disaster
Beautiful Disaster is the brand new radio/video podcast with comedian Shawn Petitt & Molly Schaar talking everything from the latest news, to Shawn's rant of the week, to segments like Top 10, Movie Review, Pick-up Line & Joke of the Week, & Shawn's Nerd Corner.
Future episodes will be available here: with me!Miss Alex is known for sharing the stories of horrific plagues during awkward lunch hours. She's an avid reader of Wikipedia's "list of worst natural disasters" page, and reading Camus's "The Plague" as a 14-year-old scared the crap out of her just enough to become fascinated with them (and terrified of rodents).She loves telling stories, and she wants to share a crazy one with you.
When tested by major catastrophes, the medical community has responded. We banded together to provide emergency medical care and ongoing relief after the earthquake in Haiti and Hurricane Katrina, while the September 11thattacks brought out the best in medical response teams and care providers.Yet every emergency presents unique challenges and learning opportunities. ReachMD scrutinizes our disaster medicine plans, preparedness protocols, and emergency response capabilities. How are we prepa ...
NOVA brings you short audio stories from the world of science -- anything from hurricanes to mummies to neutrinos. For more science programming online and on air, visit NOVA's Web site at, or watch NOVA broadcasts Wednesday nights on PBS.
Weekly comedy podcast about anything and everything. Allow us to entertain and repulse you with inane conversations, movie talk, games, and a cavalcade of bizarre guest appearances!
Ray Lytle is back with big fun as the Morning Disaster lives on
ACW Disaster Pod!!
Live from the Disaster Pod Zone it's ACW!!!
All the Rockies baseball news you need in quick and hilariously edgy doses.
Podcast by Josh Davidson
Disaster and Emergency Interpreting
Podcast for Program: Not Fit to Rule the Planet: Oil Spill Disaster, Vets Organizing Against Recruiters, the Importance of Dreams, the Actors' Gang in Prisons and A Better World Is Possible In series: The Michael Slate ShowVersion: Raymond Lotta digs into the Gulf Oil Spill and reveals how it is a capitalist oil spill in every conceivable way and points to how a socialist society would do things differently; Matthis Chiroux talks about a nationwide tour of resister vets and The World Can't W ...
You run a business...We'll help you save it from disaster....Everything from disaster planning, exercises, effective response, and recovery processes will be discussed. Industry leaders and technology that helps your business weather a disaster will also be brought out.
Tay Bridge disaster - for iBooks
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DWAYNE THE ROCK JOHNSON This disaster of a film is the best thing I've seen since Shawshank redemption.
EP11The #No Ambien left behind one! Cindy is renamed A Disaster by a Millennial Teresa Rodney is a our guest this week and we talk what is a millennial? Cindy is sick of looking at Coachella on her Instagram and Amy Smacked down Bridezilla!!
On Episode 61 of the #AskSteveAustin Podcast, Steve sits down with Jamie Wright, author of the new bestseller, The Very Worst Missionary: A Memoir or Whatever. *Warning: if you’re a prude, you may want to skip this episode (or it could be exactly what you need). Jamie is the perfect balance of faithful and foul – listen at your own risk. The Ve ...…
This morning we continued a new sermon series in Genesis, looking at the life of Joseph called Intended For Good. As Richard preached, we looked together at Genesis 38:1-30. We saw that God not only reveals to Judah his unrighteousness, he graciously uses the line of Judah to bring Jesus into the world who provides his perfect righteousness to ...…
Sermon given by Pastor Mark Donaldson on April 22, 2018 at ElmCreek Community Church in Maple Grove, MN.
In this jam-packed episode, I discuss the Bully Hunters disaster, the PAX East teabagging incident, critiques that God of War is misogynistic and promotes toxic masculinity, and so much more.By (Phoxel).
For Earth Day, we’re discovering how the tiny, adorable pika is helping scientists study climate change! Temperatures in their mountain habitat are getting warmer, and rain and snow isn’t as predictable as it used to be. Scientists have discovered that the number of pikas in certain areas are shrinking – or even disappearing. But some populatio ...…
E3 draws ever closer and it begs the question... Is it even a good time to announce your game? What if you aren't a first party? Personally I think 6 months is a good timeline - but Makes a few good points about why it can spell disaster for a game. Enjoy and Shine on doods! Correction: In the episode we say Wii Sports sold 50(ish) million copi ...…
How about this for a movie idea: a main character has to prevent a new contagious strain of Ebola spreading around the world. She’s the best of the best. So good in fact, that her work on early detection systems contains the strain at its source. Ten minutes into the movie, we see the results of her work – nothing happens. Life goes on as usual ...…
Award-winning writer and poet Richard Marsh stars alongside Russell Tovey and Phil Daniels in this heart-warming sitcom set in a greetings card company.This week, Will's asked to help someone find the words to break some difficult news. As a man who struggles to express his own feelings, what chance does he have of putting the right words in so ...…
Travelling has become much more tedious since the change in regulations, following the disasters of 9-11. Long lineups, closer scrutiny and ever changing regulations cause confusion, frustration and in some cases, intimidation to tourists, especially if they do not travel frequently.
West Coast Cookbook & Speakeasy is Now Open! 8am-9am PT/ 11am-Noon ET for our especially special Daily Special, River City Hash Mondays!Starting off in the Bistro Cafe, the motivations behind the totally random Scooter Libby pardon are flashing red signs lighting the road to Russia. On the rest of the menu, a pair of New Hampshire Little League ...…
Business Day TV — Can the way you dress, speak or introduce people get you the business or did you just lose that contract because you’re authentic and true to yourself? Join the panel to get their take on this matter. “The quickest way to disaster is to start action programmes without a vision.” Join Bonang Mohale, CEO: Business Leadership Sou ...…
In this episode, we enroll in Night School, are spooked out about The House with a Clock in its Walls, burn up with Fahrenheit 451, and take a TRIP with The Man Who Killed Don Quixote. Plus, passionate reviews for three movies! Three Billboards, Ready Player One, and The Disaster Artist. Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Google Play | Android | Stitc ...…
The Disney-Fox merger has a target date, IT: Chapter 2 might have found two more adults, and Mulan is changing its Villain. On this episode of Collider Movie Talk (Friday, April 13th, 2018) Perri Nemiroff, John Rocha and Haleigh Foutch discuss the following: 1) Disney-Fox Merger May Be a Done Deal in Summer 2019 2) Bill Hader and James McAvoy i ...…
This week on the Sensory Matters Show we chat to the lovely Hannah from Stickman Communications. Here's a preview into some of what we chatted about but as always for the full version you will need to be in our VIC Group. Sign up here 👇 It was lovely chatting to Hannah and finding out how Stickm ...…
SEGMENT 1: One minute of The Ben and Bethany Show podcast. SEGMENT 2: Follow up on sending texts to the wrong person. SEGMENT 3: Violence and injuries in baseball last night. SEGMENT 4: EZS MHM - Paul Ryan. SEGMENT 5: Dude from the Packers is an idiot at the airport. SEGMENT 6: There was a near natural disaster in the straits of Mackinac. SEGME ...…
This week Stevie and Tessa are discussing how to survive your work experience placement - featuring some of the most horrifying work experience disaster stories you will ever hear.
Author Alice L. Morrison discusses her book about the worst maritime disaster in U.S. history and it might not be what you think! Join us now for Part 1 of our 2 part interview with Alice.
Playlist: Kellarissa - Black Sea Bella - Give It A Night Summer Camp - Horizon Weird War - I Live In A Dream Vancougar - Distance The Dudes - Ain't Nobody David Candy - Bad Bad Boy The Magnetic Fields - Love Goes Home To Paris In The Spring The Choir Practice - Red Fox Chain & The Gang - Music's Not For Everyone The Magnolia Electric Co. - Fare ...…
Newbury Park Author Wayne Jacobsen shares a tale of how a misunderstanding began and nearly ended a relationship during the Ventura Storytellers Project's night of Love, Romance and Other Disasters.
Thousand Oaks resident Amanda Samoyloff shares her journey through the world of relationships during the Ventura Storytellers Project's night of Love, Romance and Other Disasters.
Camarillo chaplain Linda Lowe shares her unique experience of being married to priest during the Ventura Storytellers Project's night of Love, Romance and Other Disasters.
Reporter Wendy Leung shares the story of finding love in her polar opposite during the Ventura Storytellers Project's night of Love, Romance and Other Disasters.
Social Immune Systems The Hidden Psychology of High-Stakes Organizational Decisions Some of the very best critical thinking research in the world has been done with flight crews and medical teams. There is an almost endless number of fascinating cases to explore. There’s one, though, that I’ve become more obsessed with than others. It happened ...…
The drought in Argentina/Uruguay is now estimated at $3.9 Billion of damage, one of the worst in history. As the Northern Hemisphere continues to wait for Spring to plant–which means reduced yields–we have already taken one significant step towards global FOOD SHOCK, with production neutralized from one of the major “breadbaskets” of the world. ...…
The official hemp episode. The guys from Rooted Distributing stopped by and dropped straight knowledge about the Kentucky hemp industry. We talked about CBD oil and the other amazing products being made from hemp. We also discussed why cannabis is even illegal in the first place, the mind blowing number of uses for hemp and cannabis plants incl ...…
Dr. Adrienne Lara recalls her battle as a patient with stage 3 cancer during the Ventura Storytellers Project's night of Love, Romance and Other Disasters.
What’s In This Episode: Brad's feeling anxious because one of his suppliers shut down with only a month's notice. It's not like he's not used to disasters happening in business; he used to love them because it gave him a chance to feel important. But now he'd like things to just get back to normal and just be thankful for things. "We want peopl ...…
We did something TOTALLY out of character in the name of experimenting and staying open-minded...We did the 21-Day Sugar Detox. If you've been with us for awhile, you know that we are NOT proponents of dieting, detoxes, cleanses, etc. That's because most people do these things in order to achieve weight loss, which is really just a disaster wai ...…
Episode 17: We blew a tire, on 65, at mile marker 77. We don't know how to change a tire, but we learned a few things through this experience, and in this episode, we share with you some of the behind the scenes details of our roadside disaster-turned-epiphany.
This week, Todd and Joe review The Shape of Water (4k/Blu-ray), Star Wars: The Last Jedi (4k/Blu-ray), and The Disaster Artist (Digital). The Shape of Water stars Sally Hawkins, Michael Shannon, Richard Jenkins, Doug Jones, Michael Stuhlbarg, Octavia Spencer, Nick Searcy, and David Hewlett. Star Wars: The Last Jedi stars Mark Hamill, Carrie Fis ...…
Kilian Kleinschmidt is a humanitarian and entrepreneur. He worked for UNHCR for 25 years in different disaster zones including Mogadishu and South Sudan. He currently runs a consulting firm and is trying to change the humanitarian paradigm to empower refugees and others in need. The post Podcast 2 – Kilian Kleinschmidt appeared first on Innovat ...…
Published on 19 Mar 2018. We read a lot about entrepreneurs who are building SaaS companies and Ethan is someone who said, “I’m going to jump in and try it out.”Ethan Sigmon is the founder of, a software that helps you manage your Instagram marketing.I want to talk to him about what it was like to become a first-time software e ...…
Before the time of television and other digital media, children’s stories were told to help the children navigate their path towards adulthood. Unlike today, where an extended period of adolescence is common, our forebears experienced a world that was much harsher, where the transition between childhood and adulthood occurred much more quickly ...…
This week we take a look at the UFC/FOX tv deal and look at how it was a disaster for UFC. We also make fun of Ronda Rousey for her bizzare appearance on ESPN. All that and more on the powerhour SPORTS PODCAST FUN! The post Sports 99: UFC/FOX TV Talks. Rousey makes an ass of her self on ESPN. Ba ...…
Tell me a little about yourself and how long have you or served behind the front line for? In What capacity? I was on active duty for over 13 years and served in several capacities. My first 2 ½ years was spent on a 210’ vessel out of Galveston TX. Our major operations were patrols looking to counter drug and migrant smuggling and illegal fishi ...…
In this second episode of the Modern Carnivore podcast I sit down with Robyn Migliorini who is a vegan turned hunter. Robyn and her husband Nick were strict vegetarians, and then vegans, until their bodies started giving feedback indicating that they weren’t getting all the nutrients they needed in their diet. However, considering the idea of b ...…
This week, more than a third of U.S. homes are now in what they call the wildland urban interface, where they risk being destroyed by wildfires. That concern is increasingly common in Colorado. When fires happen, there's more consensus that they should be designated as natural disasters. One thing that exacerbates fire is drought. In the southw ...…
We asked for your survival stories and you did not disappoint! Join us as we read from a plethora of survival encounters that feature everything from hostile situations to natural disasters to attacks by every creature in the animal kingdom. Be warned, your life may seem a whole lot more boring after listening to this episode!…
Charles Rogers and Jordan Firstman (Search Party) along with HDTGM All-star Kulap Vilaysack join Paul and Jason to discuss the 2013 drama Adore starring Naomi Watts and Robin Wright. They talk about the yacht-building business, aggrosurfing, flirting with moms, and much more. Plus, they unpack five star reviews of the movie on Amazon. This epis ...…
Mistakes Veterinarians Make As hard as it may be to believe, doctors are human too. An anonymous veterinarian confesses to the mistakes he/she made in their practice. Common errors include forgetting to take out an IV catheter to leaving a thermometer in. Listen as Dr. Debbie comments on these FAILS. How Much Does A Vet Visit Really Cost Resear ...…
Welcome to episode 73 of the Commercial Real Estate Podcast! Your host Craig Melby has a real lease disaster to tell us about today. When Craig picked up the phone last week he got a request to look over a lease. He’s always happy to help with a lease so he looked it over, and he saw a few red flags right away. The interesting thing, though, is ...…
This week's challenge: present a harebrained theory. You can hear the after show and support Do By Friday on Patreon! Show Notes Adam Lisagor (@adamlisagor) | Twitter Sandwich Video I need your help to keep our water clean - YouTube Fran Lebowitz - Wikipedia Videos – Special Projects “The West Wing” King Corn (TV Episode 2005) - IMDb Delahoyde ...…
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