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The podcast where we talk with the people who lead user research in their organization.
Sweet treats from the pop underground, since 2006! With your host, Duncan
A podcast about videogames and life by two people old enough to know better.
Grab your coffee as NASCAR on NBC host Carolyn Manno and analyst Parker Kligerman break down each NASCAR race and examine the news of the weekend.
Plain Donuts
Plain Donuts is a comedy and pop culture podcast that has been described as “kind of like Nerdist” and “the Febreze of podcasts,” but also “cool,” “very entertaining,” and “hilarious."
Sweet treats from the pop underground, since 2006! With your host, Duncan
Missi Burgess and Amena Brown love donuts. Missi and Amena are family. They are sisters-in-law. Friends-in-sisters. Sisters-in-friends. Fristers. They also love cupcakes. They love donuts and cupcakes so much they decided to start a podcast expressly for talking about donuts and cupcakes. And how to navigate life's awkward moments and meeting the standards of weird etiquette. Missi and Amena are always here for the donuts but if for some strange and wrong reason there are not donuts they wil ...
LA Donuts
Jennifer Warwick and Morgan Grobe recently moved to Los Angeles. Starting at the closest to their home and moving outward they visit a donut shop a week and chat about it.
Donut Friday
Donut Friday is a bi-weekly podcast about donuts and comedy. Hosted by Minneapolis comics Elizabeth Ess and Jen Paulson.
Planet Donut
Grab a cup of tea and a donut, and relax with Jeffrey Charles and Carla GS, your weird buddies who always have a funny story to tell. Whether it's the banal or the bizarre, Jeff and Carla have a way of seeing the funny side of life. He's a comedian, and host of "Sunday Nights with Jeffrey Charles" on Triple H FM in Sydney. She's the acting beauty editor of, as well as an artist, designer and actress. Together, Jeff and Carla are married to each other and have a toddler daughte ...
A podcast featuring people involved in the DIY D&D scene around the world. Join Kiel as he chats with others about the appeals of the game.
Dingles & Donuts
Follow host Kasey Clark, and Dungeon Master Sullivan Harris, as they try to rope in a cast of crazy adventurers on their quest through the mythical land of Opier. From racist half-orcs, to slippery elven rogues, these heroes just might save the world....if they don't destroy it first.
Camp Donuts Radio
Biweekly podcast series by New episode every other Wednesday.
therapeutic brain dumping to nap to. darwin deez walks and talks (to himself) about music making and miscellanea. “never trust a thought that comes to you while you’re sitting down.” - nietzsche.
Donut Wheel Runs
Me and my friends go to a donut shop at 4 am. Things might get weird
Jeff Luke is a professional photographer and author, best know for his Animal Donut photos, which are featured in books, his website, and a few small private collections. In this show he talks with photographers, artists, and creative thinkers to uncover the cameras, tools and approaches of world-class artists who share morsels of wisdom that listeners can use.
Anyone that knows anything knows that Kowabunga! Kid has a (literally) unhealthy obsession with those raised or caked rings. Tune in as the band tours the country (world??) in an attempt to crave that sweet tooth.
We give this podcast thing a shot and review some of the big movies. We'll do a review with and without spoilers and talk about other fun movie stuff.
Licorice and donuts is a show about going into Heroes of the Storm and not feeling afraid to fail
Podcast with a medium and a Canadian. We take a look at everything from paranormal , world news and entertainment.
My Secret Diary of what it looks like to walk with Jesus in the 21st century.
A weekly podcast about life and other very important things.
Coffee & Donuts is not about coffee, not about donuts and it’s definitely not a morning show. Wake up to culture and indulge in life. A perspective rooted in Hip-Hop music and culture, hosts Ryan Ryanito Larranaga & Marcel Cellus Bauduin bring an appreciation of all things music, art, food & culture showcased through the many people and personalities in the community with a local, national and global perspective represented through the community of guests that are featured on Coffee & Donuts.
Employing unorthodox methodologies of quantum cognition , vedic sciences and reading subreddits these podcast detective lads attempt to solve the Mysteries of Twin Peaks
In this episode Beer and Barbells reviews Narragansett's new Allie's Donuts Double Chocolate Porter.
Junkfood Runners
Hosts Megan and Brenna (sometimes with Brandon, the Producer) talk about all things running, fitness, junk food, coffee and working in retail. Most episodes will contain fitness tips, junk food reviews and many conversational tangents. "You can't hide your weird."
Packers Talk
Packers Talk is BlogTalkRadio's premier live network of shows about your Green Bay Packers! Listen for all our show throughout the season AND offseason. This is the home of Cheesehead Radio, Packers Therapy, Behind Enemy Lines, Out of the Pocket, Titletown Sound, Ol' Bag of Donuts, Pulse of the Pack, and From the Benches.One subscription...eight awesome Green Bay Packers podcasts every week!
BAMF Podcast - focused on comics and RPGs. Also: donuts
Backstage Capital is venture investment fund that backs underrepresented tech startup founders. Since inception in September 2015, Backstage has deployed nearly $2m into 40+ startups around the U.S. that are led by women, POC, and LGBT founders. This podcast takes you behind the scenes to show you what it's like to build a fund from scratch and give you deep insights into what investors are REALLY looking for. You'll laugh. You'll cry. You might steal a donut. But that'll have nothing to do ...
Life in the Can
Coming together for 3 great shows a week, just like they did for 500 episodes of Croncast (, Betsy Smith and Kris Smith, no relation, bring you the stay at home comedian and Mr. B at their best to make you laugh like no other podcast. Tighten your abs with funny.
Highlights from the latest Phish show. Reactions and reviews. Call-in with couch tour tales and donut reviews.
L.A. Meekly
L.A. Meekly is a monthly podcast on Los Angeles history put out by Daniel Zafran and Greg Gonzalez in an effort to battle the false idea that their city has none; and also as an excuse to eat donuts and talk into a microphone.
Congratulations! You’re officially a human! Welcome to Earth. Explore tropical beaches, your rigid alien limbs, and the twists and turns of the human psyche that refuse to let you sleep. Jisko Archival Records is a story about identity, companionship, purpose, and warm crusty donuts. New episodes every other Tuesday.
Mass Destructo is non-scripted, fully improvised one-man show presented by Jermaine Fowler (Superior Donuts, Guy Code).
Statehouse Blend is one-part profile and one-part insider look at the Kansas Legislature and the Missouri General Assembly. Each week, hosts Sam Zeff and Brian Ellison welcome a state representative or senator to the podcast to talk policy and politics, as well as their personal life. We also invite a citizen voice and journalist to round out the conversation over good coffee and donuts.
Welcome to Medallica: Minnows vs The World! Join Gus and Rig as they follow the journeys of the countries striving to experience Olympic success for the first time. We also look at the Olympics as a whole in our segment “Apocolympics Now”, and bring you a feature each episode on countries who might break the duck during the games in "Donut Spotlight". It’s the Olympics podcast you always wanted, but never had.
Own Your Eating
Roz and Jason host the Own Your Eating podcast where they discuss nutrition, happiness, and being the best version of yourself. They regularly interview amazing people from high level athletes, doctors, entrepreneurs, influencers, and more. They are seeking to find the world's best donut.
From terrible Tinder dates, to $5 toast, to the hostile tech takeover, One City Under Karl focuses on situations commonly experienced when living in today’s San Francisco.One City Under Karl is a podcast series, created by Pink Donut, that is recorded using Binaural audio (3D audio).
Founder of Fashion Exchange 3000, Digital Marketer, Brand Manager, Image Consultant, Pro Donut Taster😝
Welcome to the Second Breakfast Club Podcast where three long-time friends and even longer-time nerds discuss, debate, defend and denounce everything sci-fi, fantasy, comic book and horror related; over donuts and the occasional dust-up.Join Captain Dave, Doctor Dan, The Evil Lord Ken and Engineer Tom for a verbal dissertation and possibly a Death Match on the Second Breakfast Club Podcast.
CSO Radio is Marymount Manhattan College's career podcast. Listen to students and staff talk about career planning, hopes, dreams, jazz hands, and donuts. The podcast is hosted by Paul Maniaci, Assistant Director/Internship Coordinator.
Based around love of the NBA and good music, Dave and Ian ramble their way through donuts, record store owners and dissing hipsters. Usually they run 45-60 minutes.
Welcome to the comedy world of Carissa Leone and Alysha Westlake - two gals from the Pacific Northwest living in New York City. We like Italian donuts and unicorns. Join us for the laughter!
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They say you can't buy happiness. But we say you can buy donuts, and that's kind of the same thing. With the recent demise of City Girl Donuts in Rocky River, we asked their former pastry chef Maggie Downey about the secret to making them at home and why it can be so hard to sell something everyone seems to love.…
Mountain Talk is the rundown of the weekly schedule of events in the White Mountains of Arizona, including events and activities in Show Low, Pinetop - Lakeside and the surrounding areas. Want to list your event? Just drop an email to Video @ This Week’s Highlights On the Mountain Tuesday M ...…
This week, I am featuring Nicole Bathurst, an Australian Dietitian talking about eating less sugar and not feeling hungry. We go over how to break that sugar addiction that might be holding you down. Nicole Bathurst is a Dietitian with a difference. She has a unique blend of expertise and experience which helps facilitate practical, lifestyle c ...…
I originally had planned to discuss a different topic today, but a few days ago I was reading the story of Saul's conversion in the book of Acts in the New Testament and came across a verse that stopped me in my tracks. Sometimes that happens. Sometimes I have read a verse hundreds or thousands of times, but one day it really hits me and I see ...…
EPISODE 2! Donuts, ghosting, one night stands, and more!
There are three main ways that one can adopt a child: Internationally, privately/domestically, and finally, through the DCFS Foster Care System. That last one often gets overlooked, though for a few reasons. I think people consider it only a foster care thing. They don't realize that you can open as an adopt-only home and just get placements th ...…
Happy Friday! Today Ben and Joel have a bit more structure thought the conversation is still far reaching. What kind of taco would you be? That led to recounting first impressions. Then we headed into favorite watches and listens which took Ben to a dark place on so called super hero movies (not that great). Then they finish up with Joel workig ...…
Today on the show: 1. Hot Lava Selfies 2. Long legs makes men more attractive 3. Pull a Kanye 4. Kids name spelt wrong on a tattoo change the kids name 5. Winter Grass… Tim is so boring 6. Jess’s mum wants her to sign up to a fb group Macedonian Singles in Australia 7. Bev Killick Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow 8. Amanda Frost ...…
Today's guest is Grammy-winning percussionist Nina Rodriguez!BioNina Rodriguez is a nationally celebrated, Grammy-winning percussionist, musical performer, clinician and educator. Her extraordinary energy and dedication to the power of music, drumming and performance has shaped her career as a lead Facilitator with Drum Cafe and a celebrated in ...…
Episode 64 Happy Thursday/Friday Eve! Well today’s show started out great but got better as Chef Adam walked in with Blueberry Beignets! The show quickly turned from great to outstanding and then Butch walked in with Pepsi to wash it down with and a Donut blanket for DJ! Thanks for listening! WBOSS (THE BOSS) BOSSMAN RADIO is up and running! Ch ...…
Royal Wedding news. Nurses protesting at Zuckerberg Hospital. Did you hear Yanny or Laurel... or donut?
Hello Fellow Adventurers! The Dingles at last depart from Norton, on a mission to save to world, but first they make a pit stop at a military encampment for Chester Wiggins.
Apple or donut? We all know which one is healthier but why is it such a challenge to actually do the things we know are good for us? We explain the levels of learning and how to apply the information!
“Any obstacle that comes my way, I analyze it now, and I’m like, ‘Obviously this is showing up for a reason, I need to fix something or improve something.’” —Amanda Pizarro Today’s guest is Amanda Pizzaro, Co-Founder of the Salty Donut. Amanda opened the Salty Donut, Miami’s first gourmet donut shop, in 2016. She was named to Forbes 30 Under 30 ...…
Today the Coach chats with you from the road we continue to get ready the 10th Annual Run for the Sun. Help support our brother Kelvin “the ultra cowboy” Reid on Go Fund Me Subscribe to The Running Podcast HERE Subscribe to the Coach Jeff Podcast HERE Check out our old shows on The Coach Jeff Podcast Archives Stop Chafing NOW !! …. get some Squ ...…
Jen, Annie and Lauren sit down with Jacqueline Stickle, a registered dietitian with expertise in the area of school nutrition and community health. They discuss nutrition education for kids, how to evaluate how good it is and how to help foster healthy relationships with foods for our kids. Listen in and learn about: What to look for in your ch ...…
In this episode of For No good Reason: Producer Paul uses baby foreskin lotion, Mike splashes water on his face after he pees, Katrina sits on a donut because her butthole is burning, and we find out that Roland is an instagram thot.
Nick is joined by guest Cameron Aitkens. They discuss Peter Pan the Musical, portable podcasts, a donut crisis, making popcorn in the bathroom, Nick’s new movie coming out May 18, Star Wars’ downfall and some familial conversation.Where to find us:Email: kangarootoschoolpodcast@gmail.comInstagram: @kts_podcastFacebook Group: Roo RidersYouTube: ...…
Let's talk about old-timey cartoons, drive-thru technology, a bluetooth butt, and the best tire swing. Facebook
We have a new guest on the podcast tonight and get into some interesting discussion. What would make Forrest look like he has been eating powdered donuts all day? Well, you'll have to listen to find out. Watch us live everynight on: Sub to youtube: Follow ...…
U.S. Embassy opens in Jerusalem. Tony Cruise's 2" Dunkin' Donut. Bizarre Chemical Case in Atlanta - ABC's Jim Ryan.
John and Cody talk about sports gambling becoming legal from Supreme Court, the royal wedding and Dunkin Donuts and Astros look a little funny repping with Rockets gear
John and Cody talk about sports gambling becoming legal from Supreme Court, the royal wedding and Dunkin Donuts and Astros look a little funny repping with Rockets gear
06 Sunday: Donuts, Kincaid, and Maps07 Monday: Detroit Vlog08 Tuesday: Short Assembly the the last Arctic Entries09 Wednesday: Drawing Night!10 Thursday: Coffee, Akela, Fairview CC, Airport Drinks11 Friday: Alaska Center Fundraiser12 Saturday: Mt. View Post, Sat Market, Pop Up Market DT
Wayne welcomes back, pitching guru, Rick Peterson.A Comfortably Zoned Radio Network/rzt, production.Check out our website. you enjoy our offerings, we ask that you get in the habit of accumulating lightly used children's books, and donating them to your local Head Start.Sponsored by: Talie's Gallery of Creatu ...…
Marc Collins & Andy Mason’s Chat n Choonz radio show is available for podcast now – #Mixcloud & #iTunes #podcast Choonz on this week’s show…….. Arthur Miles – Clif Payne & Freda Payne – Dusty Donuts – Incognito Ft Mo Brandis – Tyra Lavonne – Lenny Fontana Ft Alison Limerick – Soul (Morgan) Persona Ft Princess (Lija) Freesia – Patti Labelle – Ra ...…
Nariko rolls to draw and quarter Dan with an army of field mice but comes up with a 1 and Dan splits Nariko down the middle with a red-hot katana. Also they debate most metal donut & religion.
Today the Coach chats with you from the road as I continue training for MY ……. BVRT 100 miler. Help support our brother Kelvin “the ultra cowboy” Reid on Go Fund Me Subscribe to The Running Podcast HERE Subscribe to the Coach Jeff Podcast HERE Check out our old shows on The Coach Jeff Podcast Archives Stop Chafing NOW !! …. get some Squeaky Che ...…
Today the Coach chats with you from the road we kick off the 10th Annual Run for the Sun. Help support our brother Kelvin “the ultra cowboy” Reid on Go Fund Me Subscribe to The Running Podcast HERE Subscribe to the Coach Jeff Podcast HERE Check out our old shows on The Coach Jeff Podcast Archives Stop Chafing NOW !! …. get some Squeaky Cheeks. ...…
This week, we review Amy's Bread's Cinnamon Challah Knot, Triple Chocolate Donut, and Yellow Cake with Pink Vanilla Frosting!Visit Amy's Bread at 672 Ninth Avenue (between 46th and 47th Streets)Website: http://www.amysbread.comFacebook: h ...…
Guests: Tanner Oliver & Reese Leonard
Guests: Tanner Oliver, Reese Leonard, & Christian Royce.
Dónutes, tabaco, chá... Debatemos o vício, fazemos revelações bombásticas e inéditas, e falamos sobre tudo e mais umas botas, neste fantástico episódio com Dinis Lourenço como convidado! Genérico: Lucky Day, de Dee Yan-Kay Outras músicas ouvidas no programa desta semana: Edge of Sanctuary, de Artofescapism Levantarán el vuelo, e Runaway, ambas ...…
Dan and Jordan try their best to trigger Paul by discussing Star Wars Episodes 7 and 8. Paul valiantly deflects most of the triggers, and the LOTL boys are soon back on track to discuss the Cavs, who just finished a demoralizing sweep of the 1st-seeded Toronto Raptors. Demoralizing if you’re Drake, that is. Jokes aside, the Cavs are facing a re ...…
If you ask your parents about food trucks back in the day, they might recall the old shiny-silver box trucks they probably referred to as roach coaches. Every weekday, one would pull into the factory parking lot, and its trio of gates would swing open for you to grab a lunchmeat sandwich on stale white bread and a bottle of pop. Then you would ...…
Groovin' 8 presented by Classic MindsTracklistJoDu - Get Down - - Da Cosmic - www.saikointhetropics.bandcamp.comDevaloop - Ceylon - www.devaloop.bandcamp.comThe Deli - NiteJointz - www.thedeli.bandcamp.comLeavv - Within - www.leavv.bandcamp.comAso - Rhodes Loopz - www.aricogle.bandcamp.comSleepdeale ...…
Anchor Sandy Chavez runs down the day's top stories including President Trump and Kim Jong Un's historic meeting now has a set date and time, a car crashes through a Sherman Oaks home and a new Randy's Donuts is coming to the Hollywood Walk of Fame.Sports with Nick Logan.Special Reports from our team of KCSN Reporters.…
Today's guest is Music Artist Angel Cintron!BioAt only 8 years old, San Antonio, TX native Angelina Cintron, embarked on a journey with singing and performing to perfect her craft of songwriting, which began at just 12 years old. Today at the age of 19, Angel has progressed in her musical abilities and is now capable on multiple instruments con ...…
Episode 16 - "The Flashforward Is Only Happening Because It Happened"We are once again joined by our favourite Sub-Donut Erik who is not stoked for the FF fans. The cast is stacked - JOHN CHO! - but the science doesn't add up, the future chain of events doesn't line up, there isn't enough Gaius Fracking Baltar and we're subjected to a Seth MacF ...…
Qcy YMCA/ Donut Dash for Super KidsBy
Big news this week, the boyz have hit 1 hundred followers on the podcast IG page! Dylan is saying peace out to Kanye West, Bobbay binge watches the Stranger Things in 7 days and Steve has love for orange lizards. Topics:- Hundred plus followers on the IG for the boyz - Bird Hobert is a texting man- Bearded Man With The Aux spotify playlist is L ...…
Wayne and Jack Degraw, bring us up to date on the A.L. East.A Comfortably Zoned Radio Network/wu, production.Check out our website. you enjoy our offerings, we ask that you get in the habit of accumulating lightly used children's books, and donating them to your local Head Start.Sponsored by: Talie's Gallery ...…
The one where I talk about why I tried to leave podcasting behind (kinda), show some love to one of the greatest to ever do it in music, and, because it wouldn't be me if I didn't, dating issues....y'all welcome! Intro / Outro Music: J Dilla's "Diff'Rence" (Donuts) – Dilla Tribute Song: "Nothing Like This" (Ruff Draft)…
We are now 10 episodes into the Dregs of Craigs and boy howdy if things weren't wierd before, they sure are now. We discuss 3rd nipples, getting a new Austin, a nutshot entrepreneur, and more! Find out more on the Dregs of Craigs website. Send us your feedback online: ...…
1. Chief Donut Officer2. Uber in the Sky3. Google Assistants Get Creepier4. Teacher Appreciation Stories5. 7am What's Trending?6. Bobcat Kittens Attack7. Girl Wants into Boy Scouts8. 8am What's Trending?9. Starlight brings back Infinite Journey10. An end to Cheer leading Tryouts?11. Long Way Home Update12. 9am What's Trending?13. Stories We Alm ...…
This week, Dave is joined by his favorite person in the world, his wife, Kelly Buttermore, for a freewheeling discussion of family, marriage, and the Heathcliff cartoon from Tuesday, May 8th: is an amazing performer and producer of comedy. She's one half of the improv duo From Justin to Kelly. C ...…
This week I am doing things a little differently than what I had been doing them. Instead of the normal podcast, Today I am sharing a story I wrote called Today. A friend of mine who is familiar with the fact that I mostly write horror type short stories told me I should try to write some inspirational stories, and this is my first attempt at a ...…
One volunteer at a local children’s hospital in Providence, Rhode Island inspired the entire city to participate in a unique way to let the children inside the hospital always know that the outside world is thinking about them. ...…
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