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Dungeons & Doritos
Behold! An RPG audio drama! Live tabletop roleplaying with cinematic sound effects and score. If ye be seeking hilarious and perilous improvised adventures – look no further!Join Jamela the dragonborn, Chair the dwarf that used to be furniture, Vimak the goliath, Jen’Ifer the tiefling, Barty the roguish performer, and Lefty the pirate queen on mayhem-filled, morally-questionable quests for wealth, honor, and crunchy corn chips.
True Life Not Doritos Podcast
It's true life. It's not Doritos.
True Life Not Doritos Podcast
It's true life. It's not Doritos.
Videogame BANG! Podcast
What's Up Pizza's? Videogame BANG! Is a Videogame, Technology, and Entertainment Podcast hosted by Cory Vincent and Aaron Carter! New episodes updated weekly. Fill up your Mountain Dew and grab your Doritos, its time for Videogame BANG!
Mountain Dude vs. Doriito Girl
Mountain Dude (Ben Griep) and Doriito Girl (Donna Bourgois) give you the weekly video game and pop culture news that you thirst and crave.
Fysh and Wally Show
Fusion of Comedy and Entertainment
Radio BrendoMan
A geeky podcast currently featuring Brendan Creecy and Phil Vecchio talking about books, movies, soda, Doritos, video games, Disneyland, and so much other stuff. Also classic episodes featuring the crew.
The Nerdy Show Network
The Nerdy Show Network is a nerd entertainment network, specializing in podcasts and dedicated to geeky programming for all nerds across the multiverse: nerd culture, nerd news, and nerd music. Providing quality audio and video amusement since 2009, Nerdy Show is one of the Net’s longest-running nerd podcast networks – covering the full expanse of nerd topics from comics and video games, to science and technology, and beyond!Featuring our flagship podcast, Nerdy Show; RPG podcasts: Dungeons ...
It's time to clear off those empty Dorito bags, stack those red bull cans! and log on to ROOTCMD!This Podcast was created using
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C.A.T. calls, what fictional food would you want to try? Doritos Blaze taste test, 10 times fans were wrong about casting choices, Kristen Wigg cast in Wonder Woman 2, the Red Hood may appear in Titans TV show, Tom Cruise may be in talks to play Green Lantern, episode 9 is the last Star Wars for John Williams, Jon Favreau to produce live action ...…
The Contestants decide to take a run at the mainstream and figure out the question that is on everyone's mind: how can we start winning the trivia game show app HQ?Talking Points Include: Texts from the Bank, Cloverleaf Restaurant, Airplane Goes to the Dentist, Trap Trebek, Canadian Jews, Patron Saint Ken Jennings, Regis Tracker…
Our second episode features academic and food journalist Aida Baghernejad. Aida has written for publications like Munchies, TIPP, Intro and Mit Vergnügen. Aida is currently completing her PhD on street food markets and small scale-economy at the King’s College London and the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin. Her work explores questions of food, e ...…
From the horizon comes the 5th instalment of Dregs of Craigs! Mysterious flying Doritos? Antichrist elections? Michael Winslow in a porno? All these mysteries and more revealed in this episode! Listen and learn! Find out more on the Dregs of Craigs website. Send us your feedback online: ...…
Gus is an engineer at SpaceX and a Crossfit athlete. We talked about his harrowing and illuminating journey as a physicist an engineer. We also talked about his career as an endurance athlete and how that almost broke me literally.Recorded 2.11.2018Show Notes:Indra Nooyi Doritos ...…
True Life Not Doritos Podcast Episode 15 On this episode of Live But Not Live, Josh Jak, Bee Lion and Bill Miller are joined by Will Fitz! For the first time everyone is in the same room. Topics for this episode include Tools, Toilets, Porn, TV, Movies and Art. Bill explains how to make and use your own gravity bong. This episode takes place at ...…
Lakey's busy getting around a big dog, so we did a show revisiting the best bits from the past including Bradford and Angela from By The Bi testing Lakey's pain tolerance with all sorts of tricks and treats. Lakey wrote a song to celebrate "Lady Doritos", and we put it to you whether it's okay to reuse your bedroom accessories with another partner.…
A nice and clear discussion about about dogs, toasters, toast, clementines, stolen street signs, Starman, M. Night Shyamalan, Strider's big win in a Super Bowl pool, wrong information about Lady Doritos, and including a weekly quote from Tyler Joseph! What a time!By (Broccoli Condo).
This week Crowley and Joao discuss the manliest, or grossest, #Whiskey you've never heard of. Then they go off in a serious direction for a minute as they banter of #LadyDoritos before heading back into familiar, non-serious territory and exchange #Nacho recipes.
From far away lands, near Earth orbit, and the gutters of the Internet, we’re sourcing the finest semi-organic nuanced discussions on all things nerdy. Cap, boR, Brandon and Jess are hunting monsters, breeding monsters, and reminiscing about ranching monsters with the new games Monster Hunter World and Monster Breeder. We also dial up an old pa ...…
No Disrespect
This week Mike and Chris discuss Chris's new special, Mike's Eagles winning the Super Bowl, the attitude of Chris's daughter, women's Doritos, Chris rationing himself from Social Media, how their hair is, why everybody hates Chris this week, meditation practices, "Turn" on Netflix, what the guys want to take back from the episode and so much mo ...…
Equipped with Playstation VR banter and geek outs, Michael & Zach dive into the new world of Podcasting. Episode Docket: Best PSVR games (Superhot, Star Trek Bridge Crew Impressions) "Dream Bits" - Dream PSVR Games (Half-Life 3 VR, Zombie VR MMO FPS) "Dashed Bits" - Gravest PSVR Dissapointments (Out of Ammo) "FlapJack Front" - Flat/Non-VR games ...…
What made people on the internet angry this week? Lady Doritos, our dumb Prime Minister, provincial politics smackdown, attack of the toilet hamsters, why parents are the worst.Songs:'Flo' by Smash Mouth'A Milli vs. I Can Smell It' by Starfucker
Diet Starts Monday
On this week's episode, we hear thoughts about our lives from our 5 year old selves, try to understand Lady Doritos, and give thanks to Quincy Jones for spilling the most delicious tea.Follow us: Twitter: www.dsmpod.comTw ...…
Super duper shambles this week while Jess hijacks the show by accident while explaining the brilliance of Andy Kaufman, there's lots of animal stories, too including tigers vs. cops, the death of a bisexual blind goose, arsonist doggos, & arachnid missing links. Also hear about Rugrats porn, feminist Doritos, Starbucks blood drinks, and a woman ...…
A nice and clear discussion about about dogs, toasters, toast, clementines, stolen street signs, Starman, M. Night Shyamalan, Strider's big win in a Super Bowl pool, wrong information about Lady Doritos, and including a weekly quote from Tyler Joseph! What a time!
Another fun episode where James, Kevin, Rob, and Jeremy discuss different types of entrepreneurs. Kevin and James give a shot at describing each other's entrepreneurial styles. Kevin shares the secret family business. And all four of us discuss the the Doritos product, Lady Chips. All is all it a fun listen and a special shout out to our studio ...…
Alternate Current Radio Presents: Boiler Room with Hesher, Spore, Jay Dyer & Infidel PharaohTonight on the show the Boiler gang is back, turning think tanks to stink tanks, asking the tough questions about the Trump dossier, the revelations of the FISA memos, the further exposure of corruption & collusion, the generation of false information (f ...…
Elon Musk launched the Falcon Heavy, the most powerful rocket in use today, and its payload was a red Tesla sports car with a mannequin in the driver seat. These new reusable rockets could reignite the space race. But will today's podcast listeners ever get to go to Mars? Theresa May has announced a review into the future of newspapers, with th ...…
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Colleen is officially overdue and boy, is it competitive to get a spot on the induction list. The Broads are bringing crunchy back as we discuss things you should never do a Google image search of, get a reading of Shandy’s adolescent journals, talk about Lady Doritos, and a lot more. Feedback: or 331-BROADS3 […]…
Billy, Dustin, and Joe discuss why trumps military parade is a bad idea, why Pepsi thinks women don't like chips, cases of mass hysteria, and the dumbest infomercial products on the planetFollow us on Twitter: @ZeroSupervisionBilly @LoW_BillyAllenDustin @Dustin_TallmanJoe @joseph_lawhornjune @lawhorn_junefollow us on facebook:https://facebook.c ...…
We discuss Justin's half-assed halftime disaster. Kylie was pregnant, had a baby & named it Stormi? Don't worry we have new name options for her! Comedian Mo'Nique's back at it AGAIN & joining her in WTF News is Matthew Knowles aka Beyonce's Daddy plus we unveil our shoutout and word of the week!
What’s popping • Female Doritos • More Doritos thoughts • Halftime Next year • Prince vs Justin • Prince tribute / Actual Game • Malcom Butler • Gods Plan /Dunk Contest • RiP Dennis Edwards
the Morning Invasion
In the culture of #timesup Doritos does something less than smart
Shredd & Ragan Full Shows
Hep-A, A Bad 3-some & Lady Doritos are no more...
Wakey Wakey It's Danny Lakey Catch Up
In the absence of Producer Felix and his oily nipples, the show charges on: Real Life Conundrum from Listener Peta; Barnaby's Baby - Have you dated someone with a crap name?; The Lady Doritos Song
David Jacoby is joined by special guest Katie Nolan talking sightseeing in MInny, Browner snitching, Lady Doritos, Giannis' dunk, plus more Twitter and VM's!!!
The Rock’s New Movie (1:56), Rearranging Furniture (4:25), Gigi Hadid The Puzzle Fan + The Instagram Comment (7:04), Nath’s Harry Potter Story (13:30), WORLD RECORD ATTEMPT PART 3 (15:50), The Bev Show Interview (19:20), Water Bottle Instructions (27:20), The Royal Rules (32:05), & Soft Doritos (38:08).…
The Morning Stream
Drunk Fishing is still fishing. I got curry in my eyes! Baldness cure is here! Doritos are controversial! Yale students say wait, let me take a selfie. Making things with Bill! Jury Duty and more on this episode of The Morning Stream.
Have you ever wanted a chip so badly, but were too scandalized by their loud crunching to eat them in public? Well, then you know how it feels to be a woman -- at least, according to the maker of Doritos, PepsiCo. In a recent interview, PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi said there are fundamental differences between the way men and women consume chips. S ...…
MILO has the flu but manages to pull through to discuss several stories like the sad effects of illegal immigration in the death of Edwin Jackson and his uber driver, Doritos making a non-crispy chip for women, and the ironic story of the pro-refugee German woman Rebecca Sommer who is now moving to Poland to escape the refugees.…
Jack and Matt get into it over the new proposed "lady Doritos". We also chat about Kevin Harts attempt to get on the Super Bowl stage and the place you snuck into. Plus, we chat with Justin Sorenesen of the Edmonton Eskimos tell us his story of missing a flight and we hear yours as well!
Did Amazon secretly reveal where the next HQ will be during the Superbowl? Jim's family is convinced their being spied on. Gender Wars. Ed Sheeran concert announcement. There's now "Lady Doritos".
Update on Rover's cat. Doritos to make lady-friendly chips that don’t crunch for women.Rover is thinking of having a kid. Woman dies after being raped with car jack that was opened inside her.Tech Tuesday with Dan Costa.
Update on Rover's cat. Doritos to make lady-friendly chips that don’t crunch for women.Rover is thinking of having a kid. Woman dies after being raped with car jack that was opened inside her.Tech Tuesday with Dan Costa.
Update on Rover's cat. Doritos to make lady-friendly chips that don’t crunch for women.Rover is thinking of having a kid. Woman dies after being raped with car jack that was opened inside her.Tech Tuesday with Dan Costa.
We Discuss: Push Ups, Super Bowl Mic'd Up, Girl Scout Cookies, Lady Friendly Doritos.
Time Well Wasted Podcast/Talk-show EPISODE 10. In this episode, we talk about some of the craziest and nastiest sex moves ever to exist. We share some of our personal stories of getting caught having sex as well as catching other people having sex. Learn why you should never trust a Doritos bag that belongs to Matt Daddy. And last but not least ...…
The three best Big Game commercials 2018 (Coleman family picks): 1. The NFL’s Eli Manning and Odell Beckham commercial with the reference to “Dirty Dancing” 2. The new “Avengers: Infinity War” trailer commercial 3. The Doritos and Mountain Dew ones where Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman battle PLUS a bonus pick - Groupon‘s commercial featuring ...…
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