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DoubleTake - A podcast that looks at the issues facing the world, targeted at the youth of the world. Hosted by Logan Church and Andrew Macfarlane, new episodes are released weekly.Music courtesy of:
Shari Creamer and Carrington Vanston take charge of each other's movie lists. You never know what they will watch next ... but then again, neither do they!
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Andrew and Logan bring in a sports expert to settle an age-old feud. We'll see just how much they know about some of the world's most popular sports, and you can guarantee there'll be the usual dose of banter...
This week on DoubleTake we’re talking reality TV. From the Bachelor to Masterchef - Reality TV is everywhere - but just how real is it? Grab your final rose and your masterchef apron, this one’s gonna be big....
This week on DoubleTake we tackle the big guns....aka the controversial issue of Gun Control. We analyse all sides of this global issue and look at what people around the world are saying. Prepare to get serious....
This week on DoubleTake we talk about the pros and cons of gym membership, as well as some interesting things you might not have known (and you probably should!).We also wrap up the news of the week, and play a very creative game of “Gym Equipment or Medieval Torture Device”(name credit to Andrew…).So put on some Activewear, strap yourselves in ...…
Aaaannnnnnd we're back! For the first episode of DoubleTake 2016 we talk "Food Fads". We are joined by top nutritionist Sarah Elliot to shed some light on this huge topic, as well as our vegetarian friend Ruby Spink. So stock up on that diet cola, 'cause things are about to get sweet. Real sweet.
Rare Birds and L.A. Confidential
Godzilla and Strictly Ballroom
Breathless and Legend of the Guardians
Double Indemnity and Two For The Money
The Tingler and Pineapple Express
Seeking a Friend For the End of the World and Transamerica
Unforgiven and Little Monsters
Wait Until Dark and The Quest
Saturday Night, Sunday Morning and Awakenings
Chinatown and Les Visiteurs
Citizen Kane and The Girl at the Cafe
Bad Day at Black Rock and Towelhead (AKA Nothing is Private)
Mirrormask and The Devil's Advocate
Men With Brooms and Vanishing on 7th Street
Freaked and Boiler Room
Fight Club and The Dinner Game
Ferris Beuler's Day Off and The Truman Show
Ella Enchanted and The Final Cut
Empire Records and The Back-up Plan
Desk Set and The Virgin Suicides
All About Eve and Strange Wilderness
Better Off Dead and The Informant
Die Hard and Virtuosity
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Stuck On You
This Gun For Hire and Fear
The Wiz and Interview With The Vampire
The Last Man On Earth and The Machinst
Bridge On The River Kwai and High Tension
Grosse Pointe Blank and Cleo From 9 to 5
Mrs. Parker and the Viscious Circle and The Prophecy
The Breakfast Club and One Hour Photo
Night And Day and Event Horizon
Demon Knight and Suicide Kings
New Waterford Girl and The Kingdom
Evelyn Prentice and The Monster Squad
Duck Soup and The Prestige
Tin Cup and Far From Heaven
The Bank and The Man Who Sued God
Captains Courageous and A History of Violence
High and Low andLittle Miss Sunshine
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