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Sun City Duet
Sun City Duet is a real play podcast, by two trans people about LGBT characters. We update on Tuesdays.
Selected Duets for Trumpet Podcast
David Summer plays Selected Duets for Trumpet. Using his home recording studio, David has recorded some of the duets from the book Selected Duets for Trumpet, Volume 1 Edited by H.Voxman. These trumpet duets are standard learning material for trumpet students taking trumpet lessons and can be fun to play for all trumpet players. In addition to being educational, the duets may also be used by two trumpets in performance. They are especially effective for brass players who are playing wedding ...
Duets After Show
The Worldwide Leader in TV Discussion
Selected Duets for Flute Podcast
David Summer plays Selected Duets for Flute. Using his home recording studio, David has recorded some of the duets from the book Selected Duets for Flute, Volume 1 Edited by H.Voxman. These flute duets are standard learning material for flute students taking flute lessons and can be fun to play for all flutists. In addition to being educational, the duets can also be used by two flutes in performance. They are especially effective for wedding ceremonies, church services and other occasions c ...
Oh, Well, You Know How Women Are and Isn't That Just Like a Man! by RINEHART, Mary Roberts and COBB, Irvin S.
This warm, affectionate duet of essays by two of the early twentieth century's most popular writers is a bit dated but still entertaining. Summary by David Wales.
Conversations with Christian
Christian McBride presents a very personal and engaging series for 2009 – Conversations with Christian. The venture will produce 20 duets - musical conversations - with a diverse array of guest including Hank Jones, Angélique Kidjo, Roy Hargrove, George Duke, Chick Corea, Wynton Marsalis, Russell Malone, Eddie Palmieri, Sting and others. The duets’ actual conversational accompaniment will be featured in a series of podcasts, usually with exclusive pictures or video. The musical accompaniment ...
The ImprovisedMusic podcast features solo performances and duets of improvised music in various genres.
Acastellas: A Glee Podcast
Acastellas is a podcast for all things Glee related. It’s the hottest new source for Glee news, episode reviews, character discussions, and more. Acastellas is the project of a couple of bored Gleeks. Auburn and her duet partner Luna are working hard to bring you the most interesting theories and news stories surrounding Ryan Murphy’s hit musical show. We are bold, we are opinionated, and we love Glee and it’s enthusiastic fandom. If you love us, follow us!
Groove Feeling
Hear the best selection of the new worldwide dance floor hits with the Costa Rican based duet Segaki. The best deep house, tech house and techno, with a new Episode twice a month!!!
Selected Interviews with Robert G. Ingersoll, Volume 2 by INGERSOLL, Robert G.
A controversial lecturer and famous orator of the mid 1800's, Ingersoll railed against the absurdities of the Bible and cruelties of orthodox Christianity, tirelessly supported the arts, education, science, women’s rights, abolition, home, family, children, and human liberty, whose creed was: “Happiness is the only good, Reason the only torch, Justice the only worship, Humanity the only religion, and Love the only priest.” He was often attacked from the pulpit and in the press. Here are 30 m ...
Bunny Brown and his Sister Sue at Christmas Tree Cove by HOPE, Laura Lee
Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue were featured in a series of 20 books for young children published by the Stratemeyer Syndicate from 1916-1930. In this adventure, first published in 1920, Bunny and Sue lose a valuable possession belonging to their mother. They have many adventures and misadventures during a family boating vacation to Christmas Tree Cove. (Introduction by S. McGaughey) Read in duet by Rose 264 and Sean McGaughey.
Piano Beautiful Stories
In an inspiring blend of word and music, pianist Jessica Roemischer plays melodies that enhance the experience of her stories, interviews, and the cherished memories people have confided in her over the years. She’ll also read from her award-winning memoir, In Duet with God: The Story of a Lifelong Friendship., as she contemplates our shared human experience.
Cortland Music: Elizabethan Conversation - Music of the Renaissance
The duo Elizabethan Conversation was formed in Aurora, NY in 1982 as a renaissance lute duet by Dr. Susan Sandman and Mr. Derwood Crocker. Current performances also include recorder and viola da gamba. They achieve musically pleasing and exciting performances on period instruments by combining scholarship in historical performance with individual judgment, and mixing in the magic of the moment. Dr. Susan Sandman is an early music performer and musicologist who earned her B.A. summa cum laude ...
David Serero
DAVID SEREROSinger Baritone, Actor, Producer and Recording ArtistActor and Baritone, David Serero, has received international recognition and critical acclaim from all over the world. At only 35 years old, this fresh performer has already performed more than 1000 concerts and performances throughout the world and in more than 100 films. Some of these have been broadcast on worldwide televisions totalizing an average audience of 30 millions of viewers and 18 millions on radios. Performing on ...
Cable Cat Podcast
BOOKING CONTACT WORLDWIDEcablecatmusic@gmail.comCable Cat - deep house project from Ilya Lazutkin. The project started in 2014 with the first release that just hit the top 100 best-selling tracks on Beatport and iTunes. First explosion of project was an album 'I'm Alone' released on the Brazilian label Acid Fruits. At the moment Ilya is working with such labels like: Audiophile Deep, Up Club Records, Toolroom records and has recorded several collaboration tracks with Brazilian stars such as ...
Voca-P is a Vocaloid Centric Podcast, hosted by Demosthenes Alathea of Vocaloidemo and Whisper-P of Vocallective with his own albums, with an idea on reaching new and veteran fans of the Vocaloid fandom and their music! Vocaloid is a Vocal Manipulation Software created by YAMAHA to help small people create big music- either with single singers, duets, quintets, or even Vocaloid/Human hybrid- the limits are literally endless. We outreach in the English language to everyone who wants a listen ...
Life in the Clearings Versus the Bush by MOODIE, Susanna
As a middle class Englishwoman Moodie did not particularly enjoy "the bush", as she called it. She and her husband moved to Belleville in 1840, which she referred to as "the clearings". Here she described urban life, including religion, art, and education, especially as compared to relative lack of these things in "the bush". She studied the Family Compact and became sympathetic to the moderate reformers led by Robert Baldwin, while remaining critical of radical reformers such as William Lyo ...
Bojana Šaljic Podešva - ZVO.ČI.TI ( 2010
BOJANA ŠALJIĆ PODEŠVABojana Šaljić Podešva, a composer of electroacoustic music, music for acoustic instruments, contemporary theatre, puppet theatre, film, and dance, is not only one of the few female makers in these areas, but also one of the few composers of electroacoustic music following the tradition of musique concrete in general in Slovenia. She is a member of the Society of Slovene Composers – Section for Electroacoustic Music and is, along Bor Turel, also one of the most visible re ...
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Classically Trained: Identity, Entrepreneurship, and Holistic Mindset for the Modern Musician
What makes you a musician, really? Is it the instrument you play? The groups you play with or ensembles you conduct? The sounds you make or the technique you've developed? What if you couldn't do one, or any, of those things any more? Would you still be a musician? Find out what Brian has to say, why "it's not about the tone," and why he has st ...…
SHOW NOTES: Gencon 5-0! •••[00:03:25] Gencon Games of Interest►►► Kettou, Dungeon Hustle, Destination Neptune 2nd Edition, Valerian: Alpha Missions, Paramedics: Clear, Outpost: Siberia, Dicey Peaks, Dragon Island, Bohnanza: The Duel, Rick & Morty Deckbuilding Game, Delve, Okey Dokey, Klondike Rush, Vengeance, Deadline, Witches of the Revolution ...…
The Savannah Bananas are back in the playoffs this week. This comes after Savannah’s collegiate team broke the league record for attendance, again. We talk with team president, Jared Orton. Then, we hear from some number one fans. The personal finance site Nerd Wallet says Atlanta is the nation’s best place for African-American-owned businesses ...…
Board Games with Panda
It's almost Gen Con!!! It's going to be crazy this year with record crowds and insanity surrounding the 50th anniversary. Let us help provide some guidance! Also, we'll be at a Pre-Gen Con event at our friendly local game store: Game Preserve. We'll post the info on our facebook page! Here's the event! Intro - 0:00 What is GenCon? - 3:48 Things ...…
In Episode 15, Andy is feeling under the weather and Dave has a solution for him. The dudes have plenty of crazy things they’ve heard… like insane gaming streaks brought down by marriage, a monkey suit court case for the rights to a selfie, and the unexpected answer to the age-old question of “who is the guy inside the ATM that gives us our mon ...…
Welcome back to another episode of OLA!!! This week, Hilton & Zampino are joined by Damion Shade of We Make Shapes (also host of The Yeti's weekly Writer's Night). This week's Trailer Train features a heist/horror movie combo platter in The Vault and it's Woody Harrelson's turn to play president in LBJ. From there the guys cover an Axl Rose and ...…
A weekly Glee podcast dedicated to discussing Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson.This week we discuss Dynamic Duets (4x07). Discussions include - The superhero trope - and how this episode fits into it nicely; how this episode gels the newbies with the old crew really well - and how, for the first time this season, season 4 feels cohesive, and of ...…
Is Your Soul Properly Anchored? Part IHebrews 6:19GOD’S WORD Translation (GW)19 We have this confidence as a sure and strong anchor for our lives. This confidence goes into the holy place behind the curtainHow many of us know our Soul is anchored in The LORD? Some versions uses the word #Hope. Regardless of whether you have ever actually ridden ...…
Summer Worship and Holy Communion August 6, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. Music for Gathering: Be Thou My Vision by Judy Hammett Welcome by Debra Stokes Music for Quieting, Surely the Presence of the Lord is in This Place by Ruth Dombrowski +Call to Worship from Isaiah 40: 29-31 led by Chris Hernandez +Hymn # 276, Great Is Thy Faithfulness Prayer of Confe ...…
Nostalgia Pilots Episode Four We’re back! And this episode we’re finally introduced to the series’s breakout stars, Lt. Noin and Lady Une! Meanwhile, Zech’s does the half-cape walk of shame, Wu Fei hangs out in the worst subreddits, and both Relena and her dad have insufficiently dramatic outfits. Plus, Trowa and Qatre share the flute and violi ...…
95bFM: Border Radio Bernie Griffen or Deputy Paul bring you a piece of American Country and Blues each week. Border Radio... it’s the tear in your beer, it’s the whisky grit, it’s Border Radio, broadcast from Auckland, New Zealand on Sunday evenings from 7pm. en-us ...…
Hollis Brown is an American Rock ‘n’ Roll band. Named after a Bob Dylan song (“The Ballad of Hollis Brown”), the band was formed by Queens-natives and songwriters Mike Montali (lead vocals/guitar) and Jonathan Bonilla (lead guitar). Both 2nd-generation immigrants (Italian-American and Puerto Rican-American, respectively), they soon found their ...…
Tonight was the debut edition of Generations with Megan and Rebekah. This is a weekly show that will air on XTFM on Tuesdays at 7:00 PM East. There were a couple technical hiccups, but it was an awesome start to what promises to be a long internet radio career for both! For now, the show will also be part of the Wes’s Musical Meltdown podcast s ...…
Deardra Shuler talks with American actress, singer and vocal coach, Peggi Blu. Peggi has sung, wrote, co-produced and co-arranged recordings in movies and on stages for countless stars such as Bob Dylan, Barbra Streisand, Burt Bacharach, Edwin Hawkins, The Staples Singers, Imelda Papin, Quincy Jones, Adam Sandler, Luther Vandross, The Crystals, ...…
Ep 57 ComicPop Rockin’ in the Dirt with Mike Schiavo The ComicPop Crew get the chance to listen to Mike Schiavo’s EP. Many of you might remember Mike from Season 10, of The Voice where he sang a spur of the moment duet with Adam Levine. So join us as we discuss Mike Schiavo’s self-titled EP. Thanks to Kelli Tomashoff, of Black Panda PR, for the ...…
Brother Date
Arena | Coming of Age | Duet | Projections | Acquisition
The word “Sabbath” comes from the Hebrew word “shabbat,” that means to cease or desist. In the fourth Commandment, God reminds the Nation of Isrial about two important things. Firstly, that God created the heavens and the earth in six days and rested on the seventh (v.11). Secondly, that Israel lived in slavery in Egypt where they did not get a ...…
Doug and Mary in the Morning
A Caller Throws Doug and Mary's Son Under the Bus; Doug's Million Dollar Idea; Confessions of Stealing From Parties; Pig Wrestling Run Down; The Best and Worst Duets of All Time
Tom and Jason take a look at Codenames Duet, the 2 player co-op rendition of the 2015 mega hit from Czech Games Edition!
morning! this week's music is brought to you by a couple of talented friends; brandon donahue on piano and elena donahue on clarinet. Please enjoy this really well done classical duet.
Lotsa people listening Sunday 30th August..... Bob Dylan covering Johnny Cash, The Bobby Fuller Four , Tom Waits, Maria Muldaur , Soutrhern Culture On The Skids........ get into it!!!!!
Nateflix Movie Reviews
Heads up, campers! The Jamboree's only 2 weeks away, and you know what that means-- clean cabins, creating with clay and... reviews, reviews, reviews! This week the gang gathers around the campfire for a Game of Thrones season premiere chat, Shannon's take on the new Spider-man, a horror corner duet with Wish Upon and in honor of GA Romero: Nig ...…
Stageworthy - Conversations in Canadian Theatre
Winner of the Critics’ Choice award at the 2016 Hamilton Fringe Festival, The Bathtub Girls is inspired by the first known case of sibling matricide in Canada. The murder took place in 2003, Mississauga, Ontario. Two sisters, egged on by their friends, drowned their mother in their family home’s bathtub, and expressed it to be a mercy killing. ...…
Our Praise Team, Praise Band, Laura Lamberson/Shelley Wheeler, duet Karen Hoagland and Pearlie Huff/Blossom Williams lead us in Praise And Worship Today at New Life At Calvary, 2020 E. 79th Street in Cleveland, OH 44103. Come visit with us. 216-338-5118
Our Praise Team, Praise Band, Laura Lamberson/Shelley Wheeler, duet Karen Hoagland and Pearlie Huff/Blossom Williams lead us in Praise And Worship Today at New Life At Calvary, 2020 E. 79th Street in Cleveland, OH 44103. Come visit with us. 216-338-5118
Now Is Podcast
Intro: “Peace and Blessings (To Fred)” The Chicago Trio from from Velvet Songs to Baba Fred Anderson (2012) available from RogueArt Records Earnest Dawkins, only credited as playing saxes but I think he's on aux percussion here Harrison Bankhead, bass Hamid Drake, drums Outro: “Take Us Home” Hamid Drake & Bindu from Reggaeology (2009) available ...…
This is really the first song I wrote for 5090. Used some tarot cards to get an idea, made up a backstory for a couple of characters and went with it. Could make an interesting duet with a little tweaking.Change the GameV1All of his life he thought he had it allBut now it seemed just a little too smallHe held his world in the palm of his hand l ...…
Uniradioen på festival
Vågnede du op søndag med afsavn til morgensang i form af hardcore techno? Var du et smut forbi Camp Kald Det Kærlighed? Sang du også med til Lordes koncert? Dette afsnit om den sidste sans, høresansen, afslutter Uniradioens podcast serie om sanselighed på Roskilde Festival. Lyt med, når Emma tager dig tilbage af mindernes stier til musik på fes ...…
RIDE - Cali (Weather Diaries)NIGHT FLOWERS - Sleep (single)GREEN BUZZARD - Do You Ever Glow (Space Man Rodeo)CHARLY BLISS - Glitter (Guppy)EYELIDS - Camelot (Or)CLIFF HILLIS - Time an Evangelist (Many Happy Returns EP)MATTHEW SWEET - Entangled (Tomorrow Forever)DANNY DE LA MATYR - Misfire (Crybaby)TURE LOVE - The Future (Pas Net)PEACHFUZZ - Hey ...…
More EPL holiday fun, Pierce Morgan meets Alan Brazil on a train, Bob has another crack at the South African tale, and we end with a beautiful duet...
Four Corners of the Board podcast
We just flew back from Dice Tower Con 2017, and boy, have we got games to talk about! We do a quick review of a large number of games this episode, then finish with our favourite part of the con. Captain Sonar Plague Inc. Grimm Forest Watch the Skys Cthuhulu Wars Codenames Duet Werewords Unlock Sausage and Squeak Ethnos Gravity Warfare Manhatte ...…
That's Entertainment Podcast
Georgie Parker is uniting with Todd McKenney this August and September for their concert tour "Duets". Purchase tickets here:
Wynton Marsalis joined us for Behind The Note Podcast today! We talked many things including leadership, building a team, and turning vision into reality.Rate Behind The Note Podcast on the platform you're using right now to read this script and to listen to the show.Press Play. Enjoy. Share. ---------------------------------------------------- ...…
This week Tom lays out the ways in which terrestrial country radio is losing it's identity and offers some advice on how to get it back. He tells us about new music from Shania Twain, Toby Keith, Scotty McCreery, and others. He checks in on how radio is treating Miranda's TIN MAN and closes with a terrific duet that he bets you've not heard. Th ...…
The Esoteric Order of Roleplayers
Charlotte's first week in her new town quickly takes a rocky turn as she learns to look after herself and runs into a few new "kindred spirits." The chronicle's wiki can be found here.
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