Best dummy podcasts we could find (Updated June 2018)
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A World of Warcraft Podcast helping players understand the inner workings of the game, things often overlooked by veterans, unknown to the novice and misunderstood by the average. We will explain addons, Macros, grouping dynamics, preparing for most levels of content and how you can be a better, more productive and confident player!
Howler editor George Quraishi interviews soccer journalists, managers, players, and activists. Dummy is about everything except what happened on the field last week: the business, politics, history, personalities, and social issues that touch the world’s favorite game.
Avoid procrastination podcast
Just a couple of Dummies talking about Dynasty Fantasy Football
For Dummies
That’s right, For Dummies has turned 20! In November 1991, "DOS For Dummies" rolled off the press with 7,500 units and the yellow-and-black machine has not stopped since. Not even those closest to the brand could have anticipated the profound effect the brand would have on publishing and pop culture – everything from books to sound bites and placements in major motion pictures. But 20 years and 200 million books later, For Dummies is the most widely recognized reference series in the world a ...
Open Mic Dummies
Two open mic comics suffer through their sets, starting at the beginning. Listen to two guys go from awful to not the worst, one set at a time.
Tips and tricks on how to use and get the most out of Final Cut Express, iDVD, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Logic Pro, Photo Booth, iWeb and Garageband. Please rate in iTunes. Check out our sponsor website @
Dummies is a podcast with Brad Grose and sometimes other people. So.
Dice and Dummies
we play dnd 5e on Saturdays and thought to let the world share in the fun! want to msg us tweet @prozach_i
Weekly podcast for fans of hard rock and heavy metal
The Dummy Room
A Punk Rock talk show
Steve Charney and his dummy, Harry on their hilarious show "Conversations With My Dummy"
A podcast with 2 dummies arguing about politics and current events. Follow us on Twitter @WithDummies Email us at politicswithdummies@gmail.comNetwork -
Fresh For Dummies
Podcast by Reelville Media Group
AFL By Dummies
An AFL podcast, by dummies, for dummies.
Common Sense for Dummys is the sketch comedy show by the Nashville troupe of the same name.
Philosophising With Dummies' is a podcast based out of Brisbane, Australia and is hosted by two professional dummies, Dan Claus and Sam Peters.
The insane ramblings of Charlie and his big brown friend Al, who happens to be a dummy. Listen to the Two musicians talk about life, comic books, movies, current events or whatever else grabs their attention. For two straight married guys, the topic of MEN comes up waaaaaaaaaay too often. If you have no tolerance, patience or understanding in regard to satire, criticism or abrasive wit then you should NOT tune into this PodCast.
A simple, yet detailed description of the who, what, where, why and how of vacation home exchanging.
Beer with a Dummy
Beer with a Dummy brings people from all different backgrounds to enlighten the Dummie's over some beer.
AFL By Dummies
AFL by Dummies is a comedic look at the world of AFL. Join Alex and Choc weekly as they attempt to entertain you with their witty, creative and insightful views of our great game. Heavy emphasis on the word attempt! AFL By Dummies is a SYN Media Podcast.
Real Dummies
A podcast dedicated to delving into the musical genius of legendary Canadian rock band, Crash Test Dummies. Join Matt Earle, Dana Edwards and Angus Lee as we learn a bit about the band, the music, and maybe even ourselves. It's going to be mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm good.
Theatre Dummy
Highlighting the rich pool of talent in the Inland Northwest!
Dungeon Dummy
Actual play RPG podcast focusing on character discovery, exciting action, and friendship.
Political Dummies
Hosts Nina Kharoufeh & Blair Peyton are the blind leading the blind...
Lovey Dummies
When it comes to relationships, nobody has all the answers. We're not here to give you advice. We're here to talk to real people and share their stories. This is not a self-help podcast, but an anthology of love and life experience. Feel alone and clueless in your romantic endeavors? Join the club of lovey dummies!
Chuck does Radio and Aaron was bored.... so we started a live Radio show.... :-)Subscribe to the podcast and join us on YouTube Thursday at 9pm est Contact us via email @
The companion podcast to the popular podcasting book by Tee Morris and Chuck Tomasi
Fantasy Baseball Mafia is proud to present Fantasy Baseball for Dummies with host Pete in Jordan. Each week Pete will explore just what it takes to play and win the game.
Cricket by Dummies is a comedic look at the very dry and boring world of cricket, through satirical analysis to interviews with players. You can join Alex and Choc every Monday from 9-10pm on SYN 90.7FM for what will probably end up being a waste of time. Cricket By Dummies is a SYN Media Podcast.
Podcast for Dummys
Podcast for Dummys is a podcast featuring the cast of the sketch comedy troupe Common Sense for Dummys, as they discuss their experiences behind the scenes and in the entertainment industry, and converse about anything else that may come to mind!
Two former Broad Street residents and longtime dummies with no media credentials talk Temple Sports, News, and Updates with an occasional guest.
Human Crash Dummy
Feel like a victim? Personal growth enthusiast Steve Sconzert shows you how to defeat the victim mentality in relationships, health, and business. Steve shares stories and tips to strengthen awareness, mindset, and resiliency for an empowered life.
Dummies and Dragons
This is a real play Dungeons and Dragons video series called Dummies & Drgaons: The Misadventures of Adlai and The Merry Men.. The first episode is scheduled to launch 2/1/17 so subscribe now to be the first to know when the series drops!
We have no clue what we are doing in this marriage, and for some odd reason we decided to share that with the world. Welcome to Marriage For Dummies.
Welcome to the most frequently infrequent black nerd podcast Danger Room For Dummies, Here we discuss comic/games/ anime news and opinions and just all around random stuff.
Trash Test Dummies
Wading Through The Bullshit At The Bottom Of Your Netflix Queue
Travis and Maximillian talk about their experiences moving to Melbourne from interstate. A tongue-in-cheek guide.
There's nothing wrong with a little podcast amongst friends...
You Big Dummy
Join Khalid Namar as he documents the best of the worst. Stupid criminals, public figures, no one is off limits in the hilarious "You Big Dummy" segment!
Mars for dummies
This is Mars for dummies and I live on Mars
Sports talk podcast for dummies. The Angry Hacks discuss the latest sports topics all over the world with an emphasis in the New York region!
Two Dummies and a Dumb Movie is David Yoder and Denis St. John. Join them as they watch a dumb movie and talk over it while having a few drinks and a few laughs.
Freethinking for dummies
Salt + Light Radio is S+L TV's presence on the airwaves. Hosted by S+L TV's Pedro Guevara-Mann, every week we bring you an hour of our best interviews, relevant commentary, news updates, events across the Catholic Church in Canada and music. Stay current with everything Catholic with Salt + Light Radio.
Pinball stories, WOMP!, and Pinball for Dummies, among other segments!
Mention “theology” and watch everyone shrink back in their chairs. Words like Trinity, Sovereignty and Eschatology scare us away from asking good questions about God, about faith and Christianity. But that’s not how it’s supposed to be! We all talk about God. We’re all theologians, whether we realize it or not. In this class, we’ll rescue theology from the ivory tower. Theology should invite us to know God better.
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The playlist is in order and marked as follows: Title by Artist – Album Destiny 2 (Feat. Mega Ran & Billy Big Lips) by Creative Mind Frame God of War by Kabuto The Python - Shed Skins: A Collection of Shit that Sucks Glamour Potion by Pretty, Good (Shubzilla/Klopfenpop) - VPC5 Round 2 Knuckles' Unknown from M.C. (OC ReMix) by José the Bronx Ric ...…
Don Morrison is an author, lecturer, member of The Berkshire Eagle’s Advisory Board, commentator for NPR’s Robin Hood Radio, European editor of the British magazine Port, ex-Time Magazine editor.
The dummies try to get good karma Making food lists, Game of Thrones spins offs, and Fortnite Anonymous. Links: ...…
Andrew Moore discusses his favorite homebrewing gadgets and offers an opinion about the craft beer market in Cincinnati. Guest Information Andrew MooreTwitter@DJPimpDaddyPodcastxpquest.comHomebrew ClubMalt Infusers Homebrew Club Beers Mentioned Beer Brewery Trappist TripelWestmalleDummy TripelFibonacci Brewing CompanyBlank Slate (closed)HansRhe ...…
By (Koda Singh and Chase Shafter).
We play the game known as Big Dummy!By The Mens Room.
We play the game known as Big Dummy!By The Mens Room.
Pictured above from left – Konrad Kantor (Manolito), Bryan Dias (NOLADrinks), Nick Detrich (Manolito), Julio Cabrera (La Trova), and Chris Hannah (Manolito). The NOLADrinks Show – 6-11-18 – Manolito and the Cuban Cantinero Tradition We start things off talking about the show’s new format kicking off with this episode! The radio broadcast in New ...…
Lunar Warming, Bourdain, Poodle Kick, Dad - Dom B Podcast #60 Lunar warming is a thing and it’s even scientifically proven! Lunar warming has occurred though the amount is not disclosed. The lunar warming was caused by the Apollo mission and the fact that they stirred the luminescent quality of the surface when the astronauts walked and drove a ...…
This week we discuss our Top Ten International Bands. You know, bands from anywhere but here. Check it out!
Welcome to the 2018 World Cup for Dummies edition of Inside Vegas. Christian welcomes on resident Sports Gambling Podcast soccer expert Jerry Bo to break down The World Cup from every angle. If you aren't familiar with The World Cup but can't let the degenerate in you pass up this experience, this podcast is for you. Christian and Jerry break d ...…
We talk being pro athletes of many different sports...we talk if we were president...and other random blabber
Christine Kloser joins me on the Business Building Rockstars Show to talk about the Transformational Author Experience -- one of her signature events that she's hosting for the 7th Season. We'll be previewing what you can expect from this free online event that's happening next week for authors, and those who'd like to become authors. I'm excit ...…
I was picking at a recent wound yestereday and I found this episode under the scab. It's about Popeye, no wait, it's about Olive Oyl. It's about which ever charcater gets us more downloads. She's not Marvel or DC, but she did first appear in a comic strip called Thimble Theatre. Enjoy you dummies.
Harry tells us about the importance of marshmallows through history. Michael Cooney sings a great song by Peter Berryman called "Vegetables" One of Steve's favorites.And Steve and Harry sing a song about their cat. One mean son of a gun.
the crew gets some anwers, or maybe more questions? follow me on twitter @prozach_i
In this MarTech Interview, we speak to Paul Mealy, author of Virtual & Augmented Reality For Dummies an easy-to-understand primer on Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are driving the next technological revolution. If you want to get in on the action, Paul's book will help you understand what ...…
Tom La Vecchia interview Frankie P, Soccer Expert on ins and outs of the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Part 2 of the World Cup for Dummies on the New Theory Podcast.
We’ve talked about this topic before, but the importance of what it holds never gets old. In this day and age, we have to make sure that our mental health and our relationships are affecting our lives in a positive way. And, when things seem like they’re on the decline, having a place to go that’s free of judgment and free of criticism to talk ...…
This week Choc and Krieser reveal all the questions coaches would have asked Gill at the Coaches Dinner, whilst shining light on some of the lesser known issues in the AFL.
Background: The provision of safe and judicious analgesia is an important task for the emergency physician. Recent literature has demonstrated the effectiveness of sub-dissociative ketamine (SDK) in the emergency department (ED) setting (Motov 2015), however concerns regarding increased rates of hemodynamic and psychoperceptual adverse effects ...…
If you can act from the heart, you will win your clients over. Julie Hansen, Founder of Performance Sales and Training, and author of Sales Presentations for Dummies and Act Like a Sales Pro, shares how acting skills help bring the best part of you to your presentations and other interactions. Acting is more than memorizing lines; it's understa ...…
Andrea Vahl is a business owner, a comedian, and a co-author of Facebook All-in-One for Dummies. In this edition of The Entrepreneur of the Month podcast, author, speaker and GetResponse Ambassador Jamie Turner asks Andrea to share her insights on Facebook, business ownership, marketing trends and a variety of other topics. If you’re looking fo ...…
Yeah yeah, we talked about wide receivers... but the real draw this week is your chance to get an entry into SFB8! Just go to Buy a SFB8 t-shirt, and send us the screenshot to OR visit make a donation, and send us the screenshot. (For a bonus entry into the SFB Draw ...…
Doctor Notorious has his memories and a few bad habits left, but he is armed with an idea and set off looking for a certain Colonial Printer. Thanks Gio aka G aka G- Mooney a real touring comedian and host of Yeah, Dummy here on Anchor and elsewhere for Playing a Young Roguish Ben Franklin . from my b ...…
The Marvel Cinematic Universe has become one of Hollywood's largest franchises in cinematic history. Fans who have followed these films from the beginning know all about characters like The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and Thor etc. However, if you've missed out on seeing some of the key films of the ...…
Kentucky leads the way on Hemp! Trump vs. The Removable Brow/Bro Trudeau. Federal Prison Realignment - ABC's Jim Ryan.'s Drew Curtis - Net Neutrality for Dummies.
Kentucky leads the way on Hemp! Trump vs. The Removable Brow/Bro Trudeau. Federal Prison Realignment - ABC's Jim Ryan.'s Drew Curtis - Net Neutrality for Dummies.
1. Vegemite Boost. 2. Get on the Couch. 3. Where are the Bachelor contestants now? 4. Mixed messages. 5. Sports For Dummies. 6. Super Dad-erina. 7. Crazy News of the Week.
“There are a lot of squirrels that became road kill by refusing to make a decision which way to go.” -Bathroom graffiti at Coffee Bar in Truckee, CA Just when I thought my 2nd year at UCLA could not get any more whacked out, it did. It was Friday of Spring Break and we had just played USC that night in the first game of the weekend series. I li ...…
In this last sermon of our series, we see the downfall of Gideon and the unhappy ending to his story. It serves as a dangerous warning to us about taking God's credit.
By (Koda Singh and Chase Shafter).
Marni Wasserman is a culinary nutritionist and health strategist. She is the Author of Fermenting for Dummies and Plant-Based Diet For Dummies and the cohost of The Ultimate Health Podcast. Marni uses passion and experience to educate individuals on how to adopt a real food diet and a balanced lifestyle through simple strategies. When Marni was ...…
We're back everybody! (Congratulations to Troy for coming up with the episode name this week!) This episode has been in the works since the beginning of the project, and here we are finally doing it! Take a listen as we cover the history of Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory and one of their many notable creations; the first crash test dummy. Then ...…
On our first special minisode, we discuss the Fat Mike Las Vegas PR nightmare. We come to the conclusion that both sides suck. Check out the outro, it's a song called Emily by Japanese punk rockers Felix! (The Band). It rips dude!
Let's smoke some coal!By
Episode 4: Should MMR be Included in the Battle Royale Genre? Another instalment of our "Noob" and our focus is on the Battle Royale games such as Fortnite, PUBG, and H1Z1. The topic covers the pros and cons of the idea of including a ranking system within the genre. A missing piece of BR games compared to most multiplayer games, is it needed f ...…
This week in our very first CLASSIC ALBUM REVIEW, we take a look back on the debut full length from The RIVERDALES! Check it out!
Sure, normally we’re just two dummies, writing raps as fast as we can, making each other laugh with dumb jokes and often forgetting that we’re under a time limit. But this week’s different. This week we bring in the big guns. The Emmy-winning and insanely talented singer-songwriter, Chayla Hope (of Seafair), joins us in the studio. Does she hel ...…
If Judy Garland married Howdy Doody her name would be Judy Doody. Get it? Well there are a lot more where that came from. Also Trout Fishing in America are Steve's guests and they're singing an original Boiled Okra and Spinach. Steve sings a song that he wrote after he had a dream (true story) It's called They are a Hairy Bunch. And Harry sings ...…
The dance floor full of 21 year olds, a stand-up bit about pick up trucks, dieting for dummies and passing notes to a musician while he's PLAYING ON STAGE. Come on in, folks - we put a smile on your face and some cash in your pocket!
The dance floor full of 21 year olds, a stand-up bit about pick up trucks, dieting for dummies and passing notes to a musician while he's PLAYING ON STAGE. Come on in, folks - we put a smile on your face and some cash in your pocket!
The dance floor full of 21 year olds, a stand-up bit about pick up trucks, dieting for dummies and passing notes to a musician while he's PLAYING ON STAGE. Come on in, folks - we put a smile on your face and some cash in your pocket!
Mrs. Pin is back at it here in Episode 22 and it's the best one yet!!! Let's talk pinball frustrations, WOMPs - A sister from another mister, Pinball for Dummies, and don't forget MPTAFIPPC! OH! And you'll get a little t
• 11:42 > Goals. Words. Actions. Goals. • 11:28 > Solidifying goals • 11:13 > Create action around goals • 10:53 > Anyone can "dream" • 10:23 > Goals are dead without action • 9:35 > Action taker vs. Dreamer • 8:55 > Break down huge goals • 8:21 > Keep your eyes on the prize • 7:12 > When something is important you write it everywhere • 5:43 > ...…
Last year the Global Challenges Foundation launched a contest for the design of a better governance model for handling the tough issues posing the greatest risk to the survival of humanity and the health of the earth. Sponsored by Swedish billionaire Laszlo Szombatfalvy the prize fund of $5 million inspired responses from 2700 participants from ...…
Political Dummy, Would Rather Give Birth or have an unsedated colonoscopy
This week Pastor Ron discusses the need to "alter our altars" just like Gideon had to do in Judges 6. Sometimes other things and other people become the ultimate priority in our lives and we need to step back and reassess God's place.
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