Best dummy podcasts we could find (Updated April 2018)
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A World of Warcraft Podcast helping players understand the inner workings of the game, things often overlooked by veterans, unknown to the novice and misunderstood by the average. We will explain addons, Macros, grouping dynamics, preparing for most levels of content and how you can be a better, more productive and confident player!
Howler editor George Quraishi interviews soccer journalists, managers, players, and activists. Dummy is about everything except what happened on the field last week: the business, politics, history, personalities, and social issues that touch the world’s favorite game.
Avoid procrastination podcast
Just a couple of Dummies talking about Dynasty Fantasy Football
Author of the book Commercial Real Estate Investing for Dummies and director of education for Peter Harris shares his insights, knowledge and wisdom on commercial real estate investing for beginners.
Weekly podcast for fans of hard rock and heavy metal
For Dummies
That’s right, For Dummies has turned 20! In November 1991, "DOS For Dummies" rolled off the press with 7,500 units and the yellow-and-black machine has not stopped since. Not even those closest to the brand could have anticipated the profound effect the brand would have on publishing and pop culture – everything from books to sound bites and placements in major motion pictures. But 20 years and 200 million books later, For Dummies is the most widely recognized reference series in the world a ...
Politics With Dummies
A podcast with 2 dummies arguing about politics and current events. Follow us on Twitter @WithDummies Email us at
Beer with a Dummy
Beer with a Dummy brings people from all different backgrounds to enlighten the Dummie's over some beer.
Fresh For Dummies
Podcast by Reelville Media Group
Steve Charney and his dummy, Harry on their hilarious show "Conversations With My Dummy"
Open Mic Dummies
Two open mic comics suffer through their sets, starting at the beginning. Listen to two guys go from awful to not the worst, one set at a time.
Dummies is a podcast with Brad Grose and sometimes other people. So.
The companion podcast to the popular podcasting book by Tee Morris and Chuck Tomasi
The insane ramblings of Charlie and his big brown friend Al, who happens to be a dummy. Listen to the Two musicians talk about life, comic books, movies, current events or whatever else grabs their attention. For two straight married guys, the topic of MEN comes up waaaaaaaaaay too often. If you have no tolerance, patience or understanding in regard to satire, criticism or abrasive wit then you should NOT tune into this PodCast.
Tips and tricks on how to use and get the most out of Final Cut Express, iDVD, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Logic Pro, Photo Booth, iWeb and Garageband. Please rate in iTunes. Check out our sponsor website @
AFL By Dummies
An AFL podcast, by dummies, for dummies.
Common Sense for Dummys is the sketch comedy show by the Nashville troupe of the same name.
Philosophising With Dummies' is a podcast based out of Brisbane, Australia and is hosted by two professional dummies, Dan Claus and Sam Peters.
A simple, yet detailed description of the who, what, where, why and how of vacation home exchanging.
Mars for dummies
This is Mars for dummies and I live on Mars
Lovey Dummies
When it comes to relationships, nobody has all the answers. We're not here to give you advice. We're here to talk to real people and share their stories. This is not a self-help podcast, but an anthology of love and life experience. Feel alone and clueless in your romantic endeavors? Join the club of lovey dummies!
Real Dummies
A podcast dedicated to delving into the musical genius of legendary Canadian rock band, Crash Test Dummies. Join Matt Earle, Dana Edwards and Angus Lee as we learn a bit about the band, the music, and maybe even ourselves. It's going to be mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm good.
Theatre Dummy
Highlighting the rich pool of talent in the Inland Northwest!
Dungeon Dummy
Actual play RPG podcast focusing on character discovery, exciting action, and friendship.
Political Dummies
Hosts Nina Kharoufeh & Blair Peyton are the blind leading the blind...
Chuck does Radio and Aaron was bored.... so we started a live Radio show.... :-)Subscribe to the podcast and join us on YouTube Thursday at 9pm est Contact us via email @
Sports talk podcast for dummies. The Angry Hacks discuss the latest sports topics all over the world with an emphasis in the New York region!
Fantasy Baseball Mafia is proud to present Fantasy Baseball for Dummies with host Pete in Jordan. Each week Pete will explore just what it takes to play and win the game.
Cricket by Dummies is a comedic look at the very dry and boring world of cricket, through satirical analysis to interviews with players. You can join Alex and Choc every Monday from 9-10pm on SYN 90.7FM for what will probably end up being a waste of time.
Podcast for Dummys is a podcast featuring the cast of the sketch comedy troupe Common Sense for Dummys, as they discuss their experiences behind the scenes and in the entertainment industry, and converse about anything else that may come to mind!
Two former Broad Street residents and longtime dummies with no media credentials talk Temple Sports, News, and Updates with an occasional guest.
Human Crash Dummy
Feel like a victim? Personal growth master Steve Sconzert shows you how to defeat the victim mentality in relationships, health, and business. Steve shares stories and tips to strengthen awareness, mindset, and resiliency for an empowered life.
This is a real play Dungeons and Dragons video series called Dummies & Drgaons: The Misadventures of Adlai and The Merry Men.. The first episode is scheduled to launch 2/1/17 so subscribe now to be the first to know when the series drops!
We have no clue what we are doing in this marriage, and for some odd reason we decided to share that with the world. Welcome to Marriage For Dummies.
Trash Test Dummies
Wading Through The Bullshit At The Bottom Of Your Netflix Queue
Welcome to the most frequently infrequent black nerd podcast Danger Room For Dummies, Here we discuss comic/games/ anime news and opinions and just all around random stuff.
Travis and Maximillian talk about their experiences moving to Melbourne from interstate. A tongue-in-cheek guide.
There's nothing wrong with a little podcast amongst friends...
You Big Dummy
Join Khalid Namar as he documents the best of the worst. Stupid criminals, public figures, no one is off limits in the hilarious "You Big Dummy" segment!
Two Dummies and a Dumb Movie is David Yoder and Denis St. John. Join them as they watch a dumb movie and talk over it while having a few drinks and a few laughs.
Freethinking for dummies
Salt + Light Radio is S+L TV's presence on the airwaves. Hosted by S+L TV's Pedro Guevara-Mann, every week we bring you an hour of our best interviews, relevant commentary, news updates, events across the Catholic Church in Canada and music. Stay current with everything Catholic with Salt + Light Radio.
Mention “theology” and watch everyone shrink back in their chairs. Words like Trinity, Sovereignty and Eschatology scare us away from asking good questions about God, about faith and Christianity. But that’s not how it’s supposed to be! We all talk about God. We’re all theologians, whether we realize it or not. In this class, we’ll rescue theology from the ivory tower. Theology should invite us to know God better.
Pinball stories, WOMP!, and Pinball for Dummies, among other segments!
A guy in a lucha mask broadcasting from inside his garage until the wife pulls in and he pulls out. What more do you need to know ya dummy?
This podcast features free audio guitar lessons that teach music theory for guitar. Listeners learn how scales, chords, progressions, modes, and more get applied to the fretboard and familiar songs. This includes a focus on compositional and improvisational techniques used in popular styles of music. The lessons are geared toward intermediate level players on up and can be followed on either an acoustic or electric guitar. Bass players can learn a lot from the instruction too. It is recommen ...
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So, we’re starting with Eric Roberts. Pretty sweet, right? Then we add a little Eliza Roberts, a bit of R. Lee Ermey (RIP). How about a big dose of special guest Stephanie Crawford? Yeah, it’s getting good, now. Well, how about we mix that up into a great big pot of weirdness called LOVE IS A GUN, featuring fingered brain holes, defiled wedding ...…
We address some BREAKING of one of our friends being a big dork, charlie's insane thoughts, charlie's tech issues and Al just laaaaughs and laughs at him. We discuss how nobody in a band wants to hear bass guitar, ever, creepy japanese things (it's not bad, just listen), "swiggle vision" and more!
In the thirtieth episode of MAKTAC, we talk about S19E12 of COPS. A Kansan criminal's girlfriend nearly takes a sledgehammer to the face, an underage dummy tries to eat weed in front of officers, and a Florida woman tailspins into bad performance art. We also talk about binging reality TV, what our favorite games are, and then have a one-sided ...…
Michael Lyle joins the dummies, he is a freelance journalist that writes about lgbtq topics as well as many others.By (Koda Singh and Chase Shafter).
Laughable loon Lou Dobbs said if he were Trump, he would fire “anybody he could get his hands on.” Trump tweeted he could fire Mueller if he pleased. A judicial nominee offered up the wrong answer to a question regarding segregation in a confirmation hearing. Comey’s new book says Kelly called Shitler “dishonorable.” Meth Nazi Bannon advised Ch ...…
Stand-Up-Athon results; Keith's David Bowie exhibit date; studies show that beautiful people believe life is fair and just, and longer penises can deliver more vaginal orgasms than shorter penises; Keith reviews The Quiet Place and Blockers; Tony Robbins says the #MeToo movement is women's excuse for not dealing with their own failures…
A GeekOut with Spencer & Kevin first! We performed an interview with a guest while they were doing the thing they geek about. Daniel Haynes is an incredible person and artist who has been performing hand poke tattoos for about a year. For this episode, he did one of those tattoos on me (Kevin) while we made the mistake of distracting him and ma ...…
It's GOOD Friday!!! ......Why?? Also, we discuss topics on our new whacky whiteboard, upside down choco-crosses, Roseanne's reboot, some end of world fun, a rocket dork, flat earth shenanigans, docking and how the gang COULD dock...because the big brown dummy has the gear to do it.
What are the boundaries for sharing personal details on a podcast? In part 2 of our 2nd anniversary special, we look back at the stories we have covered and discuss whether we should share more of our own personal experiences.
Haven't had enough of the Australian perpective on giant sharks? Neither have we, here's jaws 2!
This episode is all about BRANDING Jason Hewitt transforms brands into profits and business owners into badasses. A former US Navy Guard turned branding expert. In this episode we dig into everything thats right and wrong with BRANDING. Jason has also recently launched the podcast “HISTORY ...…
Why does my beach body alarm people? How come fried food isn’t healthy? Should I take steroids? I ask all the dumb health questions you’re afraid to ask in this special two-part interview with scientist and fitness expert Dr. Stephanie Buttermore. In this part, we talk all things diet – the different types of nutrients, how to balance them acco ...…
Oy! Ring yer mates because the TILP boys are ready to rumble. This week, we chow down on some bad girlfriend material, Michael warps his own time continuum, and Mike explores the great Disney War Crimes Trials of 2027.Highlights include: Dummy issues [2:10]Bronson Butter Brawl [8:50]Baby Bird Sex Romps [19:30]Michael breaks time [34:00]Penis fa ...…
This is a very special episode. Buckle in ('cause you'll get a ticket if you don't you dummy!) as our boys discuss the legendary self-titled album from the legendary band, THE BEATLES. That's right you wides, it's a music pod, and the Petes are discussing the White Album.
In the third installment of the Angry Hacks MLB preview, the boys are giving their predictions on the division winners, wild cards, and eventually the World Series participants and winner. Also, Nunzi, Stanley, and Hall will give their awards for the year.By (Angry Hacks).
On this episode we interview Dan Kanivas, Managing Partner and Co-founder of Triple Summit Advisors. Dan's personal journey took him from high student at Westchester to Wealth Manager in San Francisco. He discusses his background and how that got him to Harvard, and eventually into the Army. Dan was an Army Artillery officer, a process which ta ...…
If you want to know how to turn your negative feelings into gifts that will help you to grow your business, you’re going to love this podcast. My guest is Howie Jacobson, a health educator, marketing guru, author (including Google Adwords for Dummies), and a broadcaster. Listen in as he talks about: When pain and discomfort are worth it for the ...…
In Episode 22 of PWD, JayRay and Loop Dogg discuss nicknames, adjectives, wine, women, and song. PWD is a proud member of the No Phony Network.nophonynetwork.comMusic by 390band.comOn Twitter: @WithDummies
More hype than getting your second Fortnite DUB, it's episode 7! I talk about a surprise movie release, a surprise movie filming, and I get deeply philosophical about using porn as an educational tool. Ok, not deep, just the tip. Also, new segment and a new song of the week! For links to all my social media and various other sites, visit: http: ...…
We talk about gambling, "white knights", the Karate Kid Youtube show, other things from our youth being changed, weird medication warnings and finally every one of Charlie's friends favorite subject - the idea of Charlie getting drunk!
In this day in age, we all should be well informed about our SEXUAL health. I will guide you through what you think you know and what you don't know. Listen in to learn or even teach me!
Steve decides to write a script to make the show more interesting. As he writes the reality kicks in. For instance, Harry now has suction cups on his feet and hands and is crawling up the building into the studio. When Steve NOW write that the suction cups fail...well guess what happens. And Bob Berman, astronomer, is talking about Jupiter this ...…
This time the Two Dummies watch The New Daughter starring Kevin Costner. They talk about Superman, Heathcliff, and other things not related to the movie. The Two Dummies are David Yoder and Denis St. John. Check out David's comic reviews of movies at View Denis' artwork at and contribute to ...…
PLEASE NOTE: there is adult language in this episode. It's only 1-2 words, but if you are listening with little kids, you may want to use headphones. Mitchell Kaneff is the 3rd generation Chairman and CEO of his family’s company, Arkay Packaging. If you’ve ever purchased lipstick, moisturizer, or fragrance in a box, the packaging was likely cre ...…
Today, we sit down with Los Angeles Loan Officer Anna Kara Loans. She speaks about how her family business loss led her to dive into the real estate world. Starting out as an agent, she quickly maneuvered into being a successful loan officer. We also break down the home buying process, including the relationship with the real estate agent and t ...…
Intellectual Dummies was created because Chuck was already on radio and Aaron was bored. Join Aaron & Charles each week as they talk about their personal opinions on topics from economics, relationships, technology to politics. If you’re looking for an “unintellectual” but an insightful and comedic show, you’ll want to listen in to these two gu ...…
Lars Helgeson, Author, CRM for Dummies and Founder & CEO, joins Bob to discuss how he is dedicated to helping businesses grow and run more efficiently through the concept of "Complete CRM". This means using software to build a culture of accountability and team-based sharing of sales, marketing, customer service, and operations in ...…
Guggenheim Fellowship Award recipient/Author, Richard Panek on everything we know (and don't know) about dark energy and dark matter.
Random sports talk podcast with two dummies who have no clue on what they are saying.
Andrew Downie is back to discuss his new book, Doctor Socrates, in more depth. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
This is my “for dummies guide”. How to start a #business. Everything you need to do to start a business in ten steps that’s take you from inception to opening day. This is also a good way to figure out if you should even be starting one to behind with. After many questions came in about how to start a business I decided to do a special podcast ...…
Dan DeFigio is the author of Beating Sugar Addiction For Dummies and founder of On the episode today, we discuss helping listeners overcome stress eating, sugar addiction, and the pitfalls of yo-yo dieting.
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The Tailor’s Dummy was the third episode of Jonathan Creek‘s fourth season. When the head of a major fashion house appears to commit suicide, Jonathan and Carla must uncover some family tensions to find the truth. In this podcast Gerry and Iain take a look at creepy hoteliers and the value of a good safety chain. This episode featured the brill ...…
DummySan Air Date: 03/11/18 Episode: 27 Duration: 132:02 Size: 126mb iTunes RSS Summary: After a long hiatus, Dummy jumps on after ‘Identity Rising,’ airing each Sunday at 11am eastern, exclusively on Subjects include stabbing televisions, Verizon Fios batteries, Chik-fil-A service, sandwiches, and their playground. Ted Trendy cal ...…
Enter the fraud-riddled world of mummy trade as Max enlightens Dorian on the history of profiting off of enbalmed bodies… as well as poorly-made fakes! We wrap up (heh) with some details on how you can buy one. Seriously. FOLLOW US ON TWITTER for episode updates! @predeadboys JOIN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP to talk to other pre-dead folks! Search PRE-D ...…
This week we're playing Imagineering for Dummies! The wheels of fate have spun and we take a stab at retheming Splash Mountain into a Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century attraction! Question of the Week: What would your Zenon/Splash Mountain mashup look like? Have a question for us? Let us know on Twitter@TheTTAPodcast! Find us on the internet! Rob ...…
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