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Blockchain Dynamics is a weekly altcoin "talk show" and discussion hosted by Brandondoge and Jookly. Join in finding out about what is happening in the wild world of crypto currency altcoins.
DC or Marvel? Twin brothers "Johnny DC" and "Marvelous Joe" review superhero films and debate the superiority between the comic companies by comparing their characters in stat-based duel simulations. Updates on Tuesdays.
Mike and Steve aren't just comedians from Los Angeles who think they need to be on another podcast together - they're FRIENDS.What started on the 'Cloverfeels' podcast will continue here on Dynamic Banter.Each week Mike and Steve will tackle a different topic on their way to 'The Commentarium' - a monthly, movie commentary episode.
The Art of Charm is where self-motivated people, just like you, come to learn from the company’s coaches about to how to master human dynamics, relationships, and becoming your best self with the help of Johnny and AJ, the company’s founders. Johnny and AJ bring their 11 years of coaching experience from their famous Bootcamps, where they host clients in Los Angeles from all over the world and they share their stories, best practices and themselves on this weekly podcast. Not only does The A ...
Whether you are brand new or have been playing Disc Golf for years if you have any questions to help improve your game then this is the place to ask. Eric McCabe has been a traveling full time Pro Disc Golfer for over 10 years and is well respected as one of the best putters and the nicest guys in Disc Golf.
PUA, Social Interaction Lessons.
CRM Audio is a network of podcasts about Dynamics 365, Dynamics CRM, personal productivity, and Power BI hosted by Microsoft Business Solutions MVP's Joel Lindstrom, George Doubinski, Shawn Tabor and Scott Sewell and productivity expert Matthew C. Anderson. We are the original CRM MVP Podcast. Podcasts in the feed: CRM Audio - a roundtable discussion of all things CRM, including what's new, best practices, and answers to your CRM questions and Power BI. Power BI and More - Microsoft Business ...
Dynamics Podcast
Experts talking about everything Microsoft Dynamics, ERP and CRM.
Chris and Eric Martinez, Best Selling Authors, also known as the “Dynamic Duo” operate a world-class online Training, Nutrition, and Lifestyle Coaching Business by the name of “Dynamic Duo Training.” The goal of the Dynamic Lifestyle Podcast is to share inspiring stories and personal development habits from the most talented minds around the world; to help you unlock your true gift and greatness as an individual. Find out more at
Law of Attraction Dynamics is a radio show that reveals the message that Source is delivering to the world in these exciting days of expansion, transformation, and awakening. We are living in a time when truth is being taught in fresh and dynamic ways designed to create the expansion of Infinite Intelligence on the planet earth. It is a time of new beginnings, new awakenings, and a new glorious age of love, joy, peace, and goodness.This Podcast was created using
A show focusing on Microsoft Dynamics topics done by Microsoft Premier Field Engineers.
Today's websites are increasingly dynamic. Pages are no longer static HTML files but instead generated by scripts and database calls. User interfaces are more seamless, with technologies like Ajax replacing traditional page reloads. This course teaches students how to build dynamic websites with Ajax and with Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP (LAMP), one of today's most popular frameworks. Students learn how to set up domain names with DNS, how to structure pages with XHTML and CSS, how to progr ...
Dynamic Soundtrack is your destination for a wide variety of video game music. Tune in every other week for a new mix of new and classic tracks!
Mini Med School: Dynamics of Human Health
Welcome to Dynamic, your weekly Urban Mix ShowA new episode released each and every Monday, listen to New / Current or classic Urban Songs with genres ranging from Hip-Hop / R&B / Grime /Dancehall / Soca and Afro-beats. Each show features a continues mix with track names and A Weekly Top Track where every week I will be giving my personal top track of week, Don't forget to LIke, Follow and Comment.
Dynamic Duo podcast! Developmental optometrists Ryan Edwards, OD and Lindsey Stull, OD, FCOVD introduce you to their podcast series. The hope of this series is to offer knowledge and insight into the field of developmental optometry and vision rehabilitation, the importance of functional vision and its impact on other systems of the body, and the benefits of collaboration between professionals to address visual and other sensory impairments. Future podcasts will feature interviews with profe ...
Sandra Beck and Linda Kreter know that great conversations start with strong opinions. Each week, Beck and Kreter will celebrate the thoughts and opinions of bold, brilliant women from around the world. Join us as we spark spirited conversations on the complexities of life, love, and happiness. Paraphrasing Madeline Albright: Opinions start conversations -- not end them!
Dynamic Modeling
A set of modules to learn about dynamic models used in simulation and analysis
the stories of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Solutions
This is a self help talk show where we delve into the mind and how it relates to or interprets the environment. We will deal with multiple concepts like Kemetic Sciences, Kaballah, Maat, religion, spirituality, Think and Grow Rich, The Secret and relate them to the mind. THOUGHT PRECEDES ACTION! As the host and moderator, Coach Edwards will engage the audience in conversation but ultimately close with practical applications for strategies and solutions (P.A.S.S)...credentials of host: BA Psy ...
For anyone interested in the nuts and bolts of real-life collaboration, especially collaboration among creative, intelligent, free-thinking individuals who are geographically dispersed. These interviews go well beyond the obvious, as metaphor master Judy Rees explores the hidden thinking that inspires collaboration that works.
Stellar Dynamics
This is the ultimate podcast for Rush fans! Each week, Mike and Rob go track by track, album by album through Rush's discography chronologically, changing the track listing, and giving their overall impressions. A Too Old Media Podcast
Dynamics NAV Tutorials
Dynamics of Self
How can I increase my value as an employee, leader or community member? Join Beth Wonson each week, as she shares advice and insight to help you empower your uniquely valuable strengths and skills. Beth Wonson, CEO of Beth Wonson Consulting, is a speaker, author, facilitator, and consultant specializing in developing effective leaders and transforming ineffective leaders.
Dynamic Woman
The podcast for Purnima Women's Health, Dynamic Woman serves to help support you as a hardworking professional, holistic mama, loving partner & radiant, healthy woman.
Dynamic Dizney Duo
To inform our listeners about exciting Disney news, history and current events with our own personal flare
Dynamically Linear
The deconstruction of ideas.
Dynamic Wealth
Examining Processes of Wealth Creation and Distribution
Dynamic Network
Dynamic Network is a lifestyle media network that provides daily mobile broadcasts to individuals looking for information from diverse perspectives.
Grand Dynamics
New podcast weblog
Global Dynamics
Global Dynamics
In a world where talking about the impact of money is difficult, we share stories and tips for reducing the negative impact that significant wealth can have on our emotions, relationships and behaviors. This podcast will include interviews with wealthy and affluent individuals, financial, legal and legacy advisors. Additionally, we will share tools, stories and insights learned from working with families of wealth.
Dynamic Leaders
Welcome to Dynamic Leaders Podcast. This weekly podcast features inspiring conversations with experienced ministry leaders to empower you to become more dynamic.
Dynamic Duo
"Friendship is common ground on a battlefield. True friendship is solidifying that common ground on a battlefield." First and foremost, we are true friends to one another. Knowing of each other for years, we just became friends in the same year that we've decided to become business partners. Truthfully, what brought us close together was the common ground we'd shared. Both strongly opinionated, humanitarian-like characteristics, complex mindsets, fierce and mentally unstoppable. We share obv ...
Audio Dynamics
Audio Dynamics, the Official Podcast of Dynamic Musik with Jonny Lexxs. With exclusive mixes from around the world. Stay tune more episodes to come!
Dynamic Dads
Paul Pettit, President of Dynamic Dads, has put together a set of outstanding audio resources for your use. Dynamic Dads is a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging fathers everywhere in their demanding yet highly rewarding role of leading their family. The fatherhood renewal movement is gaining momentum and building consensus. And the message being delivered to community leaders, family practitioners, social service workers, public policy figures, and faith based initiatives is... ...
Microsoft Dynamics CRM information from the Microsoft Premier Field Engineering for Dynamics team.
Podcasts from Dynamic Advisor Site
STS: Weather Dynamics
STS: Weather Dynamics
Experience what God is doing at Dynamic Life Praise and Worship Center. We believe you will be blessed by the wonderful, lively, anointed teaching and preaching of the Word of God.We have seen how the Word of God, when taught in a practical way, can transform a person's life. We have witnessed great healings... spiritually, mentally, physically, and financially since the inception of this ministry.
The Dynamism Biohack Podcast will show you the latest tips and tricks of how to make the right choice in nutrition and lifestyle medicine. Starting from the basics we will show you how to start living well and the best ways to choose nutrition despite conflicting experts. We will share tips for improving your health, self image and quality of life more quickly and effectively than ever. Don’t be like a Caged person who simply goes with the flow of life. Become a Dynamic person, who knows how ...
This is podcast of electronic music from artists of Thermo Dynamic Records.
Austral Dynamics is a proud Microsoft Gold Partner, a Certified Microsoft Trainer, and Microsoft Certified Business Management Solutions Professional & Specialist.
The Dynamic Business Women Podcast is a series of interviews bringing real life experience, challenges and triumphs of women in business. We will share our experiences and teach you everything you need to know to transition into a successful entrepreneur.
Leadership class focused on the doctrines of the church. This class is taught by pastor Dan Jarrell of ChangePoint and is taught around a book being published later this year.
Podcast by Dynamic Church
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Mark Hoversten is an independent insurance adjuster based near Denver, Colorado whose primary focus is crop liability claims, large commercial loss claims, and high-end residential claims. His career initially began in 1992 after the destruction that followed Hurricane Andrew. Before becoming an insurance adjuster, he was the owner of a roofing ...…
Pregnancy is a unique, transitional rite of passage for women. With it comes along changes, discomforts, knowledge, wisdom and new life. In this episode, host Omega Fruits, dives into her experiences bearing life detailing the differences between hospital births versus home birth. STEP, a Black male rites of passage program based in NJ, is high ...…
An Italian techno duo and one based in Berlin, Nothing Is Real is a collaboration between long-time bass music producers, D-Operation Drop and Spacedrome with a fundamentally clean-cut focus on the live facets of techno music and digital arts taking care of building up and producing 3D Video Mapping, Drawing on early influences from sub-heavy s ...…
Nicolle Wallace breaks down Trump's latest Twitter eruption amid the increasing change that his longtime lawyer Michael Cohen may 'flip'. Plus new reporting about Jeff Sessions & the special counsel's investigation and the interesting dynamic between Trump & French President Emmanuel Macron ahead of the upcoming state dinner. Joined by: Directo ...…
1. Featured Article: Practice guideline recommendations summary: Disease-modifying therapies for adults with multiple sclerosis 2. What’s Trending: Global, regional, and national burden of neurological disorders during 1990–2015 (from Lancet Neurology) This Neurology® Podcast begins and closes with Dr. Robert Gross, Editor-in-Chief, briefly dis ...…
We discuss the increasing fragmentation of Isis, whether Macron’s Trump-whispering will prove successful and how the European Commission plans to protect whistleblowers.
Author of The Understanding: Part One: The Formula for Miracles is the founder of Awakening Dynamics, considered a super-highway to higher consciousness.
This episode of Addicted to Fitness features an interview with certified personal trainer & Yamuna body rolling practitioner Emily Stein. Nick and Emily discuss how to keep your feet in shape, the benefits of dynamic stretching over static stretching and how Yamuna body rolling differs from foam rolling. If you'd like to connect with Emily, vis ...…
In this DETALKSCAST we have Kenny and Dana Welch of Kenny's Rod Shop in the house along with the "Sandman" himself, Jason Killmer of KXK Dynamics! Kenny has created several works of art in his shop that Jason has personally wet sanded over the years. Their hard work even resulted in a '37 Ford Coupe Ridler contender, which you can learn more ab ...…
For me, having a process with a list I can check off is critical to getting things done in my personal and professional life. I guess part of this method stems from the fact that personally I am forgetful. It also stems from experiences I had in lessons and teaching students. I would come in and my teacher would ask me about something in the sc ...…
Are you the life of the party, a wallflower, or the life of the party who can also be a wallflower? Jamie and I explore the dimensions of confidence, introversion, and shyness, and how those dynamics can co-exist in one person in the exact same moment. Don't call us extroverts because we are confident and Jamie is friendly. We are introverted, ...…
In this interactive live discussion from Western Mass Podcamp 2018, Jon shares his views on researching the so-called informed buyer, and why marketing and sales must change. Participants from the session share their own challenges, and Jon hits on the dynamics of winning (and sustaining) attention, and why topic authority and opt-in audiences ...…
Another spicy interview was underway this Thursday night when we sat down with Jurian and David Isabelle, brothers and filmmakers of the new documentary, Buffalo Soldiers. Buffalo Soldiers:A Quest for Freedom explores the history of african american soldiers spanning 200 years. We go all over the map talking about family dynamics, their early p ...…
Charming wakes up high and speaks on the dynamic between fun parents, strict parents and crazy kids.Add Charming on IG @charmingchaloAdd Jay on IG @jayquirozSend us questions, love, hate or adoration
In this episode, Marie will be exploring barriers that survivors of color face when trying to access services such as advocacy centers, university or police reporting. The barriers covered in the episode are mistrusting systems, a history of violence, stereotypes, and dynamics within communities. Resources mentioned in the show: http://www.naac ...…
Whether you believe in karma or a higher power or just good old juju coming from the universe, sometimes two roads can lead to one path in our lives. That’s exactly what happened with my husband Jeff and myself a few years back and that’s what happened with this week’s musical guests, the Young Fables. Laurel Wright and Wes Lunsford (the Young ...…
In their second to last LIVE episode (until Andrew is back in town and they do a live episode again) your dynamic duo discuss how great it is when business systems work - and why that's the goal of every business. Highlights include: Brett doesn't know how math works Their plan to record Orthogonal and have a YOUTUBE channel as well There are l ...…
We are back once again with another mini-episode of Accountability Thursday. They say that you should dance with the date that brought so we're once again pulling from the NARD book. This week we are working on the solo 'Omaha' which is also our first 6/8 piece. Aside from the time signature one thing that you might notice is that the author ha ...…
Going to take a break during GBO Week. Be sure to follow Dynamic Discs everywhere on social media to follow everything happening at GBO.
It is Sisters in Loss Fertility Awareness Month! One week in April is not enough to acknowledge the 1 in 10 women and couples who experience infertility. As black women this number is far less and I want to acknowledge those who struggle to get pregnant and stay pregnant during the month of April. In today's episode we have Patrice Washington, ...…
Psychologist, Pastor Nikki Nucifora, speaks on the power of thoughts over our soul’s health; along with four practical points on taking hold of our mind.-CityEdge is a community that inspires and encourages people to become influential in their world. It is a place where people are empowered to reach their full God given potential; where famili ...…
In this episode, we talk out some frustrations on the dynamic between engagement and message.
Episode 36 Tim N' Tony Talk... Mild Mannered Movie Review Time Stamps Geek News: 3:04 Dynamic Book Duo: 9:17 TvT Trivia: 17:09 Super Troopers Review: 29:48 Top 5 Parts: 30:22 Problems: 34:43 Quotes: 35:02 Recasting: 38:28 Ranking Cop Comedy Movies: 39:26 We're working on getting our video and audio up to date and looking and sounding good for y ...…
On this week's show, we welcome John Abbate, the author of the fantastic new book Invest Yourself: Daring to Be Catholic in Today's Business World. Learn more about John's work and connect with him at Dynamic Catholic. Visit Possibility Productions at Check out all of our book and movie picks at Lisa's Amazon Pag ...…
This week join us for some whisky-drinking, gun-slinging, ass-kicking fun when Jane makes Kurt watch Wynonna Earp! In the ep we chat about diverse depictions of femininity, complex sibling dynamics and the absolute RIGHT way to deal with pregnant lead actress in an action-heavy genre show. It's not that hard people, just treat them with a bit o ...…
Kirby Star Allies is the first “first-party” Nintendo game of the year. Does it deliver strong for 2018? We talk about whether or not it is a worthwhile first party title. It features 4 player co-op and beautiful 3D platforming worlds. We also dive into Ni no Kuni II; a much-anticipated sequel to the JRPG Ni no Kuni. Brett and Austin also try o ...…
It’s likely gonna get crazy tomorrow night when Montreal electro-funk dynamic duo Chromeo takes over Stubb’s Waller Creek Amphitheater. They’re already making waves with the release of their single “Bedroom Calling” from their forthcoming album Head Over Heels, coming out June 15th. But following the big performance, the dance party continues w ...…
We’re five-years into a depressed agricultural grain market and it looks like 2018 may be a continuation. We have more corn in the bins than the demand for it, so that means farmers have to spend more time on marketing and financial dynamics. Jim Knuth is a senior vice president with Farm Credit Services of America. He says if you chase that la ...…
Republicans Mary Martha Good, of El Dorado, and Rep. Mark Schreiber, of Emporia, talk about the dynamics of serving in the House as brother and sister.
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We're scouting and preparing for turkey hunts in two different states. Lea recounts a scouting experience while Mia prepares for guiding. You'll find a few laughs, some gear and gift tips, plus learn about turkey hunting. WSI Sports – DISCOUNT CODE: LLCO10 Best Beard Turkey Hunting shirts - ...…
Episode 3 is a continuation of Danielle's conversation with Tim Hopkins--but this time we are focusing on the unique qualities of Jewish Faith and the way that Judaism has been contextualized in the Western tradition. We also delve into what its like to be in a dynamic relationship with the religious tradition of your childhood.…
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, i.e. DHCP is a protocol that assigns IP addresses to devices on a network. Every device that connects to the internet, Windows – Default Router IP Address Explained Windows What Is the IPCONFIG Utility in Windows…
The linkages between environmental health and human well-being are complex and dynamic, and researchers have developed numerous models for describing them. The models include attempts to bridge traditional academic boundaries, uniting fields of study under rubrics such as social–ecological frameworks, coupled human and natural systems, ecosyste ...…
This episode is sponsored by Maplytics by Inogic. Matthew C. Anderson is joined by special guest host Shawn Tabor to talk about password managers. What’s more productive: sticky notes, notebooks, or apps like KeePass and LastPass? Matthew also gets Shawn’s take on the following productivity topics: Smartwatches Using OneNote in Microsoft teams ...…
Ryan & Anne Rana speak on the Dynamic Balance of Structure and Bonds in Parenting.
Hey Barbies and Ken's! Welcome Back to the Bubble! Let's Pop!In Today's Episode we are talking about All things Getting Started!Soooooo... You've got This Burning Desire...This Dynamic have this Amazing Purpose Plan that's on your heart...But you don't know where to begin or what your first step to even "getting started" is supposed ...…
I have the great pleasure of sharing my Theatre of U interview with the energising and dynamic Chad Littlefield. Chad is the co-founder and CEO of We! and the author of the Pocket Guide to Facilitating Human Connections. Today Chad talks about his personal mission of 'creating moments worth remembering' and how he wanted to be Patch Adams when ...…
The dynamic duo has assembled once again to discuss the happenings of Westeros. Join us for an in-depth analysis on the second episode of the hit HBO series A Game of Thrones. Enjoy, and make sure to leave a review.
Moving On Up in Business and Mindset In this episode, Virginia and Gail discuss: Gail's journey to success Doing business while life happens 5 stages of business development Being smart Key Takeaways: Compartmentalizing allows you to operate at optimal performance for the task at hand while putting emotional distress aside The 5 stages are: exi ...…
Pastor Brandon kicks off a new series, As For Me and My House. Today's sermon is, Set the Tone. It is vital that you want to have a great family dynamic, you have to lead. You have to set the tone.
Megan Roosevelt is a Registered Dietician who swung back from rock bottom to take her health to the ultimate level as a nutritional and dietary expert. When I was looking to enter a bikini bodybuilding competition, it was Megan’s Youtube videos that gave me the vision and tools I needed to succeed. Today, Megan (A.K.A. Healthy Grocery Girl) is ...…
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