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Design Edu Today
Design Edu Today is the podcast series discussing what is necessary to be a successful designer in a contemporary, screen-based interactive world.
A regular podcast about educational technology and the issues surrounding it.
A behind the scenes and unedited culturally responsive educational experience. Conversations about the work. Conversations with the students. Live presentations and more!
Food Safety EDU
Food Safety Certification Study Information
EDU Lounge
What's happening in education? How do students feel about what they are learning? What issues are important to parents and educators? EDU Lounge is a place for casual, authentic, unedited conversations around educational stories that matter most and allows those who are often least heard share their voices.
EDU Summit
Taking place annually in London, the Apple Education Leadership Summit draws delegates from all over the world, attracting them with the prospect of advancing learning through technology—and leaving them inspired by the innovative ways educators and students use iPad. Watch to see how Apple’s creative educational tools, interactive books, and universe of apps create endless learning possibilities.
Join co-host Dr. Rena Hawkins and Dr. Eric Carlin, two lead learners from Missouri sharing stories of motivation across the state and beyond to improve teaching and learning.
Tune in every other week for a discussion on various topics in education that connect to cultural competency, research based strategies, and real life experiences. Our commitment to our listeners is to provide strategies and techniques each show that are immediately applicable in classrooms and schools.
ServeNowEDU is an ongoing series of live webinars designed to educate process servers. Industry experts and leaders in legal share their expertise, from marketing tips and technology recommendations to the business of process serving, compliance, and more.
EDU Podcast
The latest news and info on what's happening in the El Dorado music/arts scene. We do interviews with local and regional bands, as well as crack each other up. Now with 100% more Elektra and Stringer!
Edu Safo
Seja bem vindo ao Edu Safo podcast.
EDU 12
A Podcast about educational research: the bits that others leave out
GoRogue EDU
Join Erin West and Todd DeSando as they talk education, instructional technology, coaching, pop culture, awkward moments and really bad jokes. #GoRogueEdu
EDU with an EDGE
Podcast by Craig Badura & Tim Huls
My first podcast
Follow me on Twitter @edualvarezdj
Amy's EDU's Mark Banks and Aaron M. Clay will teach businesses of any size the ins and outs of great customer service, open book management, public speaking, leadership and company culture.
Tune in to EDU, or 'End of Days Update' every Wednesday! Rev. Joseph Morris will give you info on current events that are happening in the world as it pertains to the last days that we are living in. Make it a priority to get 'the news behind the news.'
EDU 150 DLB F13 official podcast. Please check back throughout the semester for updates.
Listen every week as there may be something that helps you in the class
house, tribal, underground, vocal house, tech house, progressive
EDU 150 HYB Sp13 official podcast. Please check back throughout the semester for updates.
It all started at the beginning of becoming an Educational Technology TOSA (Teacher on Special Assignment). Volume 2 brings us to the end of my journey as an Instructional Coach and the beginning of my return to the classroom! But before I go, I'd like to share what I learned about being a TOSA/Coach.
Tim and Sid
Tim and Sid don't just inform you about sports, they edu-tain you about it! Damn straight.
Smart coaches and consultants predict the future, leverage platforms and their uniqueness. They model the strategies of industry leaders and innovators. You too can now lead with more influence and audacity taking advantage of the courage and insights Dayo Samuel provides here on Audacity2Lead. Hosted by Dayo Samuel, founder of the Nigeria Podcast Network, #Audacity2Lead is dedicated to helping emerging thought leaders get focused, get started and be impactful with their message. In very edu ...
Class Dismissed
Counting down the days until the end of the year? Escape the stress of school with Class Dismissed, a podcast designed for educators by educators. Each week, we swap real stories - funny and heartbreaking - from our daily lives in school and beyond. Join us to hear lively debate on policy issues, questions from listeners seeking advice, and ridiculous stories from a day in the life of an educator. In a profession that is all-consuming, we need a place to discuss the good and the bad - withou ...
Stay up to date on all things cause marketing and corporate-nonprofit partnerships, including trends, tactics and need-to-know news. Join Joe Waters of and Megan Strand of Engage for Good in this lively, edu-tational weekly podcast!
The American Association of School Administrators. Radio interviews by school administrators for school administrators. Dan Domenech, AASA's executive director, hosts the program, which focuses on topics of importance to school system leaders. Each brief segment of AASA Radio will help keep you abreast of the latest developments in the field.
EdTrex Rewind
Sit down with Quin & Matt as they bring you the insight, resources, ideas, and powerful moments from the world of education.
Just another weblog follows Jeff during his study abroad adventure in Prague.
Macarize Music
Macarize Music is a radio show where EDU & Kristoffer Ljungberg are showcasing the many talents on Macarize as well as other music and artists they enjoy at the moment. Each episode comes with a guest mix from an artist of our choice. If you want to to hear exclusive material from Macarize, EDU and Kristoffer Ljungberg, you've come to the right place.
This Podcast is an audio version of Northern College's Short Courses Programme booklet. The booklet contains Information about the College and contacts, Application, Short Course available this year, Northern College Diploma Programme, AFCL courses, Froundation Degree (Community Regen) and the Ransackers Programme
An accessible, inclusive edu-comedy Les Miserables podcast.
The Podcast Brothers
We are The Podcast Brothers... the comedic edu-tainment podcast that sparks the conversation in hip hop, relationships, life and pop culture
Let's Talk About Movies! Remember those movies you watched growing up? The ones you loved, hated, or just weren’t interested at the time? Well here on Flashback Flicks we’re watching those movies and seeing how they hold up over time! It’s like Back to the Future, except instead of playing Johnny Be Good, we’re just watching movies. Each episode includes history, movie factoids, and edu-taining commentary hosted by Ricky Anderson II (aka stewdippin) and Grayson Howe (aka Grayson Howe).
Full chapter lectures and in-class recordings from Organic Chemistry I and II, at Anoka-Ramsey Community College in Coon Rapids, MN.Email from a .edu email address for access to the videos!
My own programmed show on MontCo
SHEnanigans Podcast
Listen along every Thursday as Aisha, Bria, Brittni, Jenny and Tyra share the SHEnanigans of being black women, giving you a dose of melanin empowerment featuring edu-tainment about life, beauty and health.Send inquiries and questions to: #SHEnanigansPod
Tracklist:1.Arisen Flame - Chords (Intro Mix) 2.Solarstone - The Best Way To Make Your Dreams Come True Is To Wake Up (Walsh & McAuley Remix) 3.ReOrder & First Effect - Prometheus (Original Mix)4.Misja Helsloot feat Fisher - Inspire (Aerofoil Remix) 5.Adam Kancerski - Neverending (Original Mix) 6.The Thrillseekers feat. Stine Grove - Anywhere With You (Club Mix) 7.NDS & Blue - The Diva (Denis Sender Remix) 8.Aelyn - Believe In Us (ProgressiveR Remix) 9.Lange & Genix - Immersion (Original Mix ...
Cool Everyday Science demos with Science Edu-tainment Specialist, Howie G.
The Disruptive Voice
The Disruptive Voice explores the theories of disruptive innovation across a broad set of industries and circumstances with academics, researchers, and practitioners who have been inspired and taught by Harvard Business School Professor Clayton M. Christensen, the Kim B. Clark Professor of Business Administration and one of the world’s top experts on growth and innovation. For more information, email fgi [at] hbs [dot] edu.BSSE = Building and Sustaining a Successful Enterprise, Professor Cla ...
Math Mayhem
Math Mayhem is my blog for providing my students the latest in class information and math opinions. It has been generated as part of my EDU 547 class with UIS.
Redefining Reality represents the intersection between Wellness, Business, and the birth of a Global Tribe. It is where we explore what it means to be holistically healthy and offer practical tips on how to get there. I am a Bio-hacking Certified Nutritional Practitioner and Wellness Coach who after nearly dying from a ruptured appendix in 2010 discovered my passion for natural health and awakened my purpose to help others solve their own health challenges.I consider this podcast to be a edu ...
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Degrees of Blindness Blindness EDUThere are different degrees of blindness. Someone can be legally blind but still see colors, shapes and varying degrees of light. In fact, only about 10-15 percent of people who are blind see nothing at all.By (Peter Elvidge).
This week we discuss cars and drone crashes, AI and Pro workflows and Tyles makes crazy faces! Follow-up Apple Privacy Screen Logitech Crayon Show Notes Tesla Autopilot Crash Repro - YouTube Tesla Autopilot Crash Avoided - YouTube $20,000 mail drone takes flight -- and hits a wall iPad 6 Teardown - iFixit Snapchat is finally releasing its speci ...…
Mike and Glen take a deep dive into the recent Apple Education event and new iPad announcement the way only a teacher can! They may or may not also talk about Ready Player One.
In episode 2, we discuss how to get started with TOSAing/Coaching by getting connected. My suggestions are to get on Twitter and other social media platforms to find your professional learning network/pln. Also make sure to head to some conferences to stay #classroomteacherfresh. Finally, here is a list of some TOSA/Coaches that can give you so ...…
Tune in to EDU, or 'End of Days Update' every Wednesday! Rev. Joseph Morris will give you info on current events that are happening in the world as it pertains to the last days that we are living in. :: RSS Feed at: http://SpeakFaith.TV/eduBy DrBill@SpeakFaith.TV (Rev. Joseph Morris).
A talk with the first Hijabi Student body president of New Jersey City University. She discusses her legacy, learning how to listen and Arabic music
Josh and Mandy hear the stories from the college classes of Ken Bauer. He talks about flipped learning, mastery learning, and peer instruction. But mostly he tells the stories of what it's like when you change from a traditional to a learner-centered classroom...and what it's like when Pepe uses your markers! Submit your own stories for the Sto ...…
Subscribe to this podcast on iTunes | Android | Stitcher | RSS feed Show Notes & Resources Mentioned: Plant Pest Diagnostics Clinic Commercial Plant Disease Identification Submission Form (pdf) Cepholosporium Stripe Contact Information: Contact Rachel Bomberger via email at or by phone at 509-335-3292 or 509-335-0619. W ...…
A special #whereskecia edition recorded at SXSW EDU. Dr. Kecia Ray talks with Cynthia Brictson of Bullis Charter school to discuss the great new things they are learning — including AR and The Moth — check it out to learn more about both!
[00:00:01] You were listening to the apex hour on KSUU Thunder ninety one point one. In this show you get more personal time with the guests who visit Southern Utah University from all over. Learning more about their stories and opinions beyond their presentations onstage. We will also give you some new music tools into and hope to turn you on ...…
And introducing……those wild eyed boys! Yes, we’re talking Thin Lizzy, the Irish hard rock group that obtained international recognition through their 1976 single “The Boys Are Back In Town”. We talk all about the band, Twitter semiotics and what we talk about when we talk about "the boys" with our guest, writer, critic and creator of the popula ...…
Tune in to EDU, or 'End of Days Update' every Wednesday! Rev. Joseph Morris will give you info on current events that are happening in the world as it pertains to the last days that we are living in. :: RSS Feed at: http://SpeakFaith.TV/eduBy DrBill@SpeakFaith.TV (Rev. Joseph Morris).
* Groovy Disco 027 *How about #Magic #Disco? 01 This Is The Way (Album Mix) - Nebraska - Rush Hour02 Into You feat Fabian Reichelt (Konstantin Sibold Disco Mix) - Jonas Woehl - Poesie Musik03 Love Something (Original Mix) - Adrian Hour - Toolroom04 San Diego (Original Mix) - Affkt - Sincopat05 Discopolis (Original Mix) - Lifelike, Kris Menace - ...…
Josh describes it as the most inspiring podcast so far. Principal Menxueiro tells the story of how she and her staff have all become reading teachers to take their school of students who couldn't read to a school of readers. Josh, Sandra, and Mandy discuss the ups and downs and the methods of celebrations used to share their stories with the wo ...…
This is an action packed episode with a discussion of the Dreamers and DACA, followed by an interview with one of Shannon’s colleagues, Chelsea Connery, who served as a teacher of English Language Learners and has a deep personal and professional commitment to the plight of the Dreamers. Betsy Bell Biv Devos is at it again and Linda and Shannon ...…
Many people who are well known for their work in education have such interesting backgrounds and stories to tell, although many of us don’t get to hear them. The aim of this podcast series is to learn a bit more about these people. We sit down for a chat to find out a bit more about them – what was their experience of school? How did they come ...…
Découvrez dès maintenant mon nouveau podcast, bonne écoute à tous ! Tracklisting : 01 - EDU IMBERNON & DUOLOGUE - Underworld 02 - DEMUIR - Luvin' To Nothing 03 - LAPSEY - Operator (DJ Koze's 12 Inch Extended Disco Version) 04 - FABRICE LIG FEAT RED D & LADY LINN - Border 2 Border (Extended Vocal Mix) 05 - COLOUR CASTLE - Love Addict (Miguel Cam ...…
Talking authenticity and uniqueness with James and Caitlin from New Jersey City University
Google News and Updates Google Keep integrates with Google Drawings now Docs, Slides, Sheets, Drawings, etc. get a menu facelift Classroom updates Teachers, you can now email a full summary of individual student work from #GoogleClassroom to any student and their guardians. UI updates With just a flick of a wand, “Harry Potter: A History of Mag ...…
PODCAST | Domoina Ratsara, film critic and journalist. To listen to the interview, click on the ► icon on the right, just above the picture Domoina Ratsara is one of the Talents of this year’s edition of Berlinale Talents. She shares with FRED’s listeners her background and experiences. Discover more about the Magazine she writes for here. Foll ...…
Episode 28: In this episode Shannon and Linda discuss the Parkland shooting and some more global issues associated with school shootings. For more information on how to get involved, check out. and #marchforourlives on the socials.
Welcome to Episode 3 of the ICT Evangelist Podcast! Recorded in Stamford, Lincs prior to filming the second instalment of the NetSupport 'Big Edtech Debate'. This episode features an extended interview with Al Kingsley, Chair of a Multi Academy Trust, Governor, Edu Speaker, Dad & MD of @NetSupportGroup and Henry Platten, founder of @ecadets & @ ...…
1. Archx - Cape Mulinu U Sunrise (Original Mix)2. Ciree - Feeling Good (Original Mix)3. Sunset Moments - Tranquility (Original Mix)4. Jumpers 27 & Miroslav Vrlik - Move On (Miroslav Vrlik Remix)5. Evren Furtuna - Circles (Blood Groove & Kikis Remix)6. Richard Bass - Wonderful Days (Original Mix)7. Blood Groove & Kikis - Silver Sand (Original Mi ...…
PODCAST | Katherine Fairfax Wright, director. To listen to the interview, click on the ► icon on the right, just above the picture Katherine Fairfax Wright is the director, editor, cinematographer, and producer of the feature-length documentary Behind the Curtain: Todrick Hall, which premiered at SXSW 2017 and is now available digitally on iTun ...…
Tune in to EDU, or 'End of Days Update' every Wednesday! Rev. Joseph Morris will give you info on current events that are happening in the world as it pertains to the last days that we are living in. :: RSS Feed at: http://SpeakFaith.TV/eduBy DrBill@SpeakFaith.TV (Rev. Joseph Morris).
MrJeffDess and Professor Williams talk about why they strive to be known as more than just public speakers.
Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo Live takes audiences on a prehistoric journey into a new dimension, where they meet a menagerie of insects, mammals, and dinosaurs that roamed the planet millions of years ago. The host of the show, Charlie Jhaye, joins us to discuss how interactive the show is and all the types of dinosaurs the audience can expect to intera ...…
Edu Garcia's exit, Bhekenbauer's contract extension, and a look at the not-so-big one against the Blasters and a new name for our podcast, all packed into one episode.Pocket cast : : : ...…
Prof Williams & MrJeffDess do some workshop prepfor their upcoming presentation at Augsburg College in Minnesota. The 5 Elements of Hip Hop and Leadership meets Colin Kaepernick and on Campus Change.
Tune in to EDU, or 'End of Days Update' every Wednesday! Rev. Joseph Morris will give you info on current events that are happening in the world as it pertains to the last days that we are living in. :: RSS Feed at: http://SpeakFaith.TV/eduBy DrBill@SpeakFaith.TV (Rev. Joseph Morris).
Tune in to EDU, or 'End of Days Update' every Wednesday! Rev. Joseph Morris will give you info on current events that are happening in the world as it pertains to the last days that we are living in. :: RSS Feed at: http://SpeakFaith.TV/eduBy DrBill@SpeakFaith.TV (Rev. Joseph Morris).
Welcome to Purana Sessions 23 (11 FEB 2018) 1 HOUR OF DEEP HOUSE AND CHILLOUT MUSIC 1. Mixcloud ( ) 2. iTunes ( ) 3. Listen using the player below on our website ( ) 4. Download the full set at ( ) 5. ( ...…
Everyone needs a cheerleader, someone rooting for them and helping them to be their best self. Sixteen years ago, when I became an educator, I was fortunate enough to have the best support imaginable form my dad, Ralph. In the first episode of Edu Lounge, I revisit those days with my greatest supporter and first classroom coach.…
EDU Lounge is a place for educators, parents, students, and the community to share their collective voices about education. You are welcome you to subscribe, tune in, and learn right beside me. Welcome to EDU Lounge!
TCAPSLoop Weekly Episode 36...Failing to Fail iTunes Google Play SoundCloud "We are supposed to learn from our mistakes but how can we learn if we are not allowed to make them?" This weeks Pod takes on "Failure" and it's importance to helping our students learn and grow. Our systems are not structured to learn through failure and mistakes, tria ...…
The premise behind AfterED podcast is to highlight today’s actions by students, educators, and thought leaders looking ahead at how life “AfterED” will be enhanced by disrupting the status quo. First episode is on my website and AfterED LIVE with Jason Vest can be found on YouTube showcasing how students are so much more than jus ...…
THNK TNK RADIO Episode 39Jesper Ryom- AdaKamilo Sanclemente- The White CityJeremy Olander- BillinghurstTiga- Make Me Fall In Love- Edu Imbernon RemixLessons- Tempest- Adam Port Europe RemixMassive Attack- Paradise Circus- Gui Boratto RemixC. Vogt- Purple Hills- YokoO RemixRobert Babicz- MelancholyBonobo- ...…
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