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A weekly podcast that is short but sweet, with real ass conversations about life's shenanigans and everything that comes in between. Hosted by MissE
The Leadership Strategies for Women® Podcast is hosted by Ellie Nieves. Ellie is a Women's Leadership Speaker and Coach. Tune in for expert advice and leadership strategies to help women show up, speak up and step up in their careers and personal lives. For more information go to:
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Ellie Nieves interviews author Julia Mateer. Julia just released her book, Lifegiving Leadership: A Woman’s Toolbox for Leading. She is also the co-founder of Generation Eve, an online community for women focusing on leadership, relationships, and parenting. She is also a wife, mother, and licensed mental health therapist.…
Ellie Nieves interviews Renee Weisman, Author of Why Hillary Lost: What Women Can Learn from the 2016 Election. During the interview, Renee shares that likability and competence are directly affected by gender, much more than experience or evidence of talent.
Ellie Nieves interviews Julia Dale. Julia is a wife, mother, and an attorney. She is also an avid writer who seeks to encourage moms through her blog entitled: Motherhood Matters. During the interview, Julia shares how shebalances faith, career, and family.
Ellie Nieves interviews Kathy Thornton-Bias, President & COO of Verlo Mattress. During the interview, Kathy shared strategic advice on paving a path to executive leadership.
Ellie Nieves interviews Kelly Lyndgaard, the Founder and CEO of Unshattered. Unshattered is a social enterprise that employees women in recovery to have them build a path toward economic independence and sustained sobriety.
Ellie Nieves interviews Dr. Jennifer Bennett. Dr. Bennett is a social media marketing expert. She’s a Communication Specialist for iBloom, a business consultancy that is revolutionizing the way women do business and live life.
Ellie Nieves interviews actress Vivienne Jurado. Vivienne is an award winning actress known for her role as "Dr. Sandra Peterson" in the award winning feature film "Dirty Shield" and she recently appeared in the role of a defense attorney in the NBC drama "Shades of Blue."
Ellie Nieves interviews author and speaker Luzelenia Casanova about breaking barriers in the male dominated IT industry.
Ellie Nieves interviews "The Gravitas Guru", Raleigh Mayer, on how to develop executive presence.
Ellie Nieves interviews MTV attorney Lissa Bourjolly about what it takes to be sucessful.
Ellie Nieves interviews the author of: Living Check to Monday: The Real Deal About Money, Credit and Financial Security, Lynn Richardson. Known to thousands as "The Mortgage Guru" (also as "The Madea of Money"), and named by Urban Influence Magazine as one of the 20 Hottest Influencers of 2008, Lynn Richardson is an author, entrepreneur and fin ...…
Ellie Nieves interviews the lyricist, pioneer, icon, inspirational speaker, veteran, entrepreneur and legend who is described as one of the most prolific and well-respected female Hip Hop artists of our time: MC Lyte. Author of “Unstoppable: Igniting the Power Within to Achieve Your Greatest Potential,” MC Lyte is the CEO of both Sunni Gyrl, In ...…
Ellie Nieves interviews Miguel deJesus, the Founder and CEO of Purpose & Action on how to think like a CEO.
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Ellie Nieves interviews attorney Karen Lim who shares about her personal career transition and her journey to career success.
Ellie Nieves interviews transformational speaker, facilitator, radio host and bestselling author Charmaine Hammond. Charmaine shares leadership strategies to help you get crystal clear on your goals, map out a plan, navigate obstacles and celebrate your successes.
Ellie Nieves interviews Janet Hanson. Widely respected as a leading entrepreneur, Janet Hanson is recognized as a unique voice and champion for women globally. As CEO and Founder of 85 Broads, Janet has built a global network community of 30,000 trailblazing women who want to leverage their best personal and professional relationships to create ...…
Ellie Nieves interviews Leslie Bradshaw. Leslie Bradshaw is the President, COO and Co-founder of JESS3. Named one of the top five female executives in the technology industry by Fast Company, Leslie has been described as the “operational energy” behind JESS3′s explosive growth and international success.…
Ellie Nieves interviews Julie Steinberg of the Wall Street Journal on the 9 Rules Women Must Follow to Get Ahead.
Ellie Nieves interview author and leadership strategist Deborah Stephens on: The Female Leadership Experience: 7 Ways Corporate Cultures Need To Change In Order To Retain Women Leaders.
Ellie Nieves interviews Patricia Mota, the Director of Membership Outreach for the Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement (HACE), focusing on leadership development for women and post-secondary outreach. Patricia works on growing and strengthening national networks through the delivery of skill development and networking building programs for ...…
Leadership Speaker and Coach, Ellie Nieves, interviews Michael Froehls, the author of the book: The Gift of Job Loss. Michael is a highly accomplished professional with 15 years of expertise in management consulting and in strategic, financial, and operative executive positions, held at some of the largest and most respected global financial se ...…
Ellie Nieves interviews Jennifer Ford Berry, the Best Selling Author of Organize Now! A Week-by-Week Guide to Simplify Your Space and Your Life. Jennifer will share how you can get ahead in your career and personal finances by getting organized.
Tune in to Leadership Strategies for Women Radio on Tuesday, Septemebr 13 at 6:30pm Eastern. Women's Leadership Speaker and Strategist Ellie Nieves will interview Dr. Sherrie Bourg Carter, the author of the book: High Octane Women: How ” can avoid and overcome burnout. Sherrie Bourg Carter, Psy.D.,is a nationally recognized psychologist who spe ...…
Tune in to as Ellie Nieves interviews Life Success Consultant, Miguel DeJesus. They will discuss the tools every emerging woman leader should have in her toolbox.
Ellie Nieves continues her Women in Leadership Series with Regina Calcaterra, an attorney and former candidate for NYS Senate.
Ellie Nieves interviews Dia Simms,General Manager of the Blue Flame Agency, a Sean "Diddy" Combs company.
Tune in to the Leadership Strategies for Women radio program. Your host, Ellie Nieves, will interview Lee Miller the Co-Author of “A Woman’s Guide to Negotiating.”
Ellie Nieves interviews the Success Doctor, Dr. Shirley Davis on Five Strategies to Reinvent Yourself in 2011.
Tune-in as Ellie Nieves interviews Diane Cunningham, the President and Founder of the National Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs on the Leadership Strategies of Appreciation and Gratitude.
Ellie Nieves interviews Image and Body Language Specialist, Sara Canuso.
Tune in to Ellie's radio program "Success in the Making: Advice from Women Entrepreneurs" on Tuesday, August 3 at 7:30pm. Ellie Nieves follows up with four (4) emerging women entrepreneurs and discusses their challenges and successes in business.
Tune-in to Ellie Nieves' radio program for an interview with Tara Travis a faith-based entrepreneur.
Ellie Nieves continues her Women in Leadership Series with Leslie Grossman, Founder of the Women's Leadership Exchange.
Tune in to Ellie Nieves' radio program on Tuesday, April 13th at 6:30pm EDT as she interviews Selena Rezvani the author of The Next Generation of Women Leaders. Selena is an author, consultant, and coach whose goal is to propel more women into the top echelons of leadership. Her debut book, The Next Generation of Women Leaders (Praeger, 2009), ...…
Get in gear for 2010! Tune in to Ellie Nieves' radio show on Tuesday, December 22nd at 6:30pm EST on BlogTalkRadio for a discussion on Planning for Career Success in 2010. Our guest will be Success Consultant Miguel deJesus.
Tune in to Ellie Nieves' show as she interviews Lethia Owens, a certified Personal Branding & Social Media Strategist. Lethia will share strategies that will challenge you to be bold, stand out and get noticed. You are bigger, more powerful and more valuable than you have ever been taught to believe.…
Tune in to Ellie Nieves' radio program on Friday, November 27th at 1:00pm Eastern to learn how you can become the CEO of ME, Inc. Our guest will be Rod Colon the founder and CEO of ETP Network. Rod will share key strategies that will shift your focus and help you to take your career and business to the next level.…
We all have a personal “internal” GPS device that often lies dormant inside of us that if we were to simply activate it, we could transform our lives and create and design a new life for ourselves. Tune-in for some motivation and inspiration as Ellie Nieves interviews Andy Henriquez, a distinguished professional speaker, real estate investor, a ...…
Tune in to listen to Anthony Quinones, host of "Your Point of Q" radio program, as he interviews Ellie Nieves on her Leadership Principles for Success.
Tune in and listen to an episode of From Bright to Brilliant with host, Career Coach Tai Goodwin as she interviews Ellie Nieves on Developing Your Personal Brand.
Social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter have become more than a fun diversion. They have quickly become platforms for professionals, entrepreneurs, businesses, not-for-profits, and politicians to increase visibility, awareness and monetize expertise. Tune into my radio show on Tuesday, March 31st at 6:30 pm EST for a discussion on ...…
Tune in for Some Coaching on The Go as Ellie Nieves provides you with tips to help you step into a leadership role.
Tune in for Some Coaching on the Go as Ellie Nieves provides you with Biblical insight on self-reflection.
Tune in for some Coaching on the Go as Ellie Nieves provides you with 3 steps to help you Facing Your Fears so that you can live boldly.
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