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The Evo-Stik NPL Show
The Official Podcast for the Evo-Stik Northern Premier League. Listen to the latest interviews and reviews here.
The EVO Blog
News and Information about energy efficiency, measurement and verification, sustainability and all things green. Specifically IPMVP and IEEFP!
Evo Terra
Podcaster. Storyteller. Beer Drinker. Jive Talker.
SiOutlook Evo
SiOutlook Evo is an e-mail management client for iPhone/iPad that permits to manage your e-mails introducing accounts, social networks and file storage management functions. Starting from Dropbox remote file storage management to e-mail server IMAP synchronization, SiOutlook Evo is the reference app developed by K4ICT in order to manage your e-mails and related stuff on your iOS device. Charles Darwin will be the promotor of SiOutlook Evo in order to run after in its extravagant and evolutio ...
Evo Leap Podcast
Evo Leap Podcast an audio web journal exploring what it will take to break through to a new political-social-economic structure. Tune in with hosts Daniel Pinchbeck, Schuyler Brown and Daniela Plattner as they chart a path to a more regenerative society with guidance from thought leaders, pioneer and inspirational culture makers.
The Evo Show - Forza Motorsport 4
The Evo Show Podcast – Forza Motorsport 4 -Sponsored by Team F1E. Presented by AFC Tecnico, featuring RickyBalboa25, Selecta, TransAmBurnout. Contact the show by sending an xbox live message to AFC Tecnico.Part 1 – The News – Forza 4 release and quickplayPart 2 – Ricky and I chat about car clubs, etiquette, disagreements and the history of F1EPart 3 – The community, competitions and how to join usThe next podcast will feature the tuning, leaderboards and racing demon Selecta. We’ll chat abou ...
Chopper Prophets - The Voice of Chopper Culture
Bringing the voice of motorcycle enthusiasts, old car lovers, artists, musicians, tradesmen, and local business to your ears. For more information, please visit
Cannondale Road Podcast
Cannondale Road Bikes are like no other. Listen in as we conquer segments and monuments along the way. Join us for the ride.
This One Time | Comedy, Travel, and Relationship Advice | Living Abroad w/ ShEvo
After 30 years together, spanning dozens of countries across four different continents, Sheila Dee and Evo Terra have collected their fair share of funny stories. On season four of This One Time, they're using those stories to answer relationship questions from their global network of fans. Licensed therapists? Nope. Clearly not. But funny, to be sure!
The Bangkok Podcast | Expat Life In Thailand Via Expats from Canada & America
After 16 years in Bangkok, Greg Jorgensen likes to think he knows the city pretty well. Evo Terra hasn't quite hit the two-year mark, but is already figuring out the elusive "Thainess" that makes Krung Thep Mahanakon, also known as the City of Angels (or just Bangkok), a fantastic place to live. Each episodes covers a single topic related to the finer points of living in the second biggest city in Southeast Asia. If you think there's not much more than rooftop bars, temples, and massage parl ...
Politicking 101
Patrick and Ty are promoters in the Mid-Atlantic era that are full of stories and opinions on anything and everything pro wrestling. With their relationships and experiences in some of the top tier promotions in the US their stories are priceless. Listen Now!
A Different Point of View
Recently re-mastered with all around better quality sound and production!! Originally aired as a segment for Michael and Evo's Wingin' It! podcast, A Different Point of View is a series of essays about the Star Wars Universe as seen thr
I'm an Englishman in NY. I love Street Fighter, Collectibles, Movies, Video Games, Evo, Comic Con, Pop Culture...the list goes on.If you like any of these things connect with me and SUBSCRIBE!I'm looking to build a strong channel and bring you the very best videos. Feb 2017 - 6000 subs! THANK YOU.
The Power of Fitness with Jack Nunn
Avid triathlete and Iron Man competitor, Jack Nunn has spent his life in the spotlight of competitive sports. The son of an Olympic medalist, Jack was raised with "just do it" attitude. A member of the US Rowing National Team, he won numerous medals worldwide before "settling down" and opening a gym in Long Beach, CA. At his gym, Jack developed Roworx, a full-body workout that utilizes indoor rowing machines, and also TriCore Indoor Cycling, a unique workout designed for the Evo Fitness Bike ...
The strangest named geek culture and general nerdery podcast on the Internet. Join host Joshua Evo and his cavalcade of random guests and co-hosts in a meeting of the mental cases every other Wednesday.
Official Witton Albion FC Podcast
This is the official podcast for Evo Stik NPL team Witton Albion FC in the 2014/15 season. Your hosts Jamie and Robbo will bring you all the action on and off the pitch with regular interviews and special guest presenters
I'm an Englishman in NY. I love Street Fighter, Collectibles, Movies, Video Games, Evo, Comic Con, Pop Culture...the list goes on.If you like any of these things connect with me and SUBSCRIBE!I'm looking to build a strong channel and bring you the very best videos. Feb 2017 - 6000 subs! THANK YOU.
Экс арт-директор и резидент EVO Music Bar, Санкт-Петербург. Создатель и идейный вдохновитель летнего проекта воскресных танцев EasySunday ("Площадка" и "Botaniq"). Его сет это всегда вкус, фреш и магия. Вдумчивые deep-house ритмы сменяющиеся пронзительным соулом с сочным фанки грувом и неожиданным техно звучанием. Гастроли: Уфа, Владивосток, Магнитогорск, Египет, Тунис, Таиланд...
A Different Point of View
Recently re-mastered with all around better quality sound and production!! Originally aired as a segment for Michael and Evo's Wingin' It! podcast, A Different Point of View is a series of essays about the Star Wars Universe as seen through the eyes of lowly sandtrooper, TD-0013. It takes everything you thought you knew about the Star Wars saga and flips it around to expose the ugly underbelly of the Rebellion, The Jedi, and everything else.A Different Point of View has rapidly become one of ...
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Going Pear Shaped - Audio Entropy
Matt loves fighting games. I think that's been established? This week, Mike asks him about his favorite moments from the genre's biggest annual tournament.
This week we briefly chat about guns, and politics (sorry) then to our usual talk about video games! Esteban gave us the EVO 2017 update and I chat about learning and ranting about Street Fighter V. The big news is that my work is sending me to the U.K. for business and I’m excited for a change of scenery, of course, I’m petrified about driving ...…
Man of Steel Answers Insight Commentary
Recorded August 3rd. “The magical thinking of orphan boys.” Batman the magician. [I finally get to do an episode about Batman, so it’s long.] Answers, insights, and commentary on: I. Magic and Batman Tradition (25min) Houdini the superman Zatara in Acton Comics No. 1 Stage Act similarity Perfection of Self Working Definition of Magic Artful Per ...…
Comfycast's tracks
Surprise podcast episode! We Talked about Sonic Mania, Hellblade: Senua's sacrifice, Metroid amiibo and (late) EVO news.Make sure to send us questions to or tweet at us ( )Come visit us in our dubtrack room! - out our sponsors:HELVETII ( https://helvet ...…
TEN:005 | How to Run a World Class Esports Organization with Marty CEO of Splyce A longtime veteran of the entertainment world, Marty “@Lazerchicken” Strenczewilk worked in theater, film and television for over 10 years, primarily in New York city. Esports started as a passion when he began writing blogs and managing class guides for World of W ...…
TEN:003 | Esports Photography & Value Bombs with Chris Bahn Chris (@bahnism on Twitter) primarily specializes in Esports Photography, but he also does test shoots, portraits, editorial and event photography. His style is natural and photojournalistic and his photos feel like art. He is a Writer for PVPLive and you can see his entire EVO gallery ...…
TOPICS: Jerry & Joe revisit Circle by Disney - . An issue issue with a test device still sending messages even after it was reset. Circle Go - "works anywhere" has lowerd its subscription price to $4.99 per month for up to 10 devices Joe discusses offering to upload and merge client photo ...…
Cheesy Controller Podcast
This week episode we talk about the in your face destiny 2 beta that rocked our world, The evo competitions, and the new kingdom hearts 3 trailer .
In this episode, the boys talk about their experience at EVO 2017, the recent news on MvCI from San Diego Comic Con, the new Blazblue Central Fiction 2.0 patch, Topanga's recent SFV tier list, The Melee Voting Committee's questionable ban on the Smashbox, and what V's learned while on his break from fighting games. It's a lot, so be ready to ke ...…
The world’s biggest fighting game tournament, Evolution, has come and gone! There were many fantastic fights, incredible comebacks, and all around stunning displays of skill Miodrag and Colin may never hope to match. In the wake of this yearly clash of titans, what announcements made us excited, and what is the state of the competitive meta for ...…
Hey Pizza dudes and dudettes, in this episode we talk about the highs and lows of EVO 2017. Chris tells us about the games he played and his over all experience at this years EVO. Music:Laura Stevenson: Jelly FishChildish Gambino: Freaks and Geeks Email us at Pizzafortress@gmail.comFollow us on Instagram @pizzafortress…
The Training Stage Podcast
On this week’s episode, we discuss the big Kingdom Hearts III news and debate if it will really come out in 2018. We discuss the recent Telltale Games announcements and what they mean for the future of the company. EVO 2017 also happened and John reports on all the biggest news. It’s a packed episodes that, yes, is under 2 hours! This is a good ...…
Blackout & Shout - Transformers, TV, Movies, Video Games, and other nerd topics
On this episode, our friend Brent joins us to discuss the Evo 2017. We also discuss the recent Castlevania Netflix series, along with the crazy amount of reveals coming out of TFCon Toronto. Join us as we talk Transformers and other nerd news, including movies, tv, and comics. We take on some of our loyal listeners’ questions and comments. Enjo ...…
In this episode the Pals chat about the events over the last couple weeks including EVO and San Diego Comic-Con! We're talking Injustice, Marvel, DC and maybe some comics. It's mostly good stuff. Or at least we think so... Facebook iTunes Google Play Twitter: Just 2 Pals Johnny Randy…
Generic Video Game Podcast
A Generic Video Game Podcast About EVO 2017 A perhaps-ly named conversation about video games between Anthony Ernst and Mollie L Patterson. //Episode 030 //Show Note: We talk about a lot of the things that came out of EVO 2017, plus a few other random things and some listener mail! //Radio site: //Email: gvgp@morningpro ...…
News Topics ESPN Makes Street Fighter Change Cammy Outfit During Stream During the top 8 in the EVO Street Fighter 5 tournament. ESPN requested that Kazunoko change Cammy’s outfit to her formal costume rather than using the default costume. Super Smash Bros Mod Reveals Combat Arena Wavedash Games announced at EVO 2017 they are releasing a new g ...…
The Uneducated Podcast
Drew Jenkins joins us for our 75th episode to talk about EVO in Las Vegas. Drew talks about him joining the Tekken tournament at EVO. Ed buys a house and tells stories from his most recent vacation. We also discuss what we thought the best trailer was from San Diego Comic Con. And Ed pulls the plug on the show...…
We’re talking about a Marvelous new VR title, Nintendo's latest Splatfest demo for Splatoon 2, EVO recap, Disney D23 's AvengersInfinity War Trailer and Panel surprises, Kingdom Hearts 3 reveals a whole new world, and much, much more!
Debate Amongst Friends
Doc, Prof, and Mack recaps Evolution 2017 weekend. Talk about the Street Fighter 5 champion (Tokido), what happened with Punk, and discussing other games during the event. Doc and Mack air their grievances about Zangief.Evo 2017 Results by the full episode h ...…
On this week’s episode of Local Co-Op the guys welcome back Ken from his trip to Las Vegas for the yearly fighting game series, Evo. Ken brings with him the show’s first guest and fellow fighting game competitor DougCheeseburger of Great Value Smash to discuss what Evo is and what makes it such an exciting event. The group also dives into what ...…
Corrective Consciousness Podcasts
Reactive Consciousness Podcast for 07/27/2017 starring LotusPrince, PyroJackFrost, and MrRyu45! This week the guys react to the events at EVO 2017 and San Diego Comic-Con including announcements from Stranger Things 2, Rocko's Modern Life, Kingsman 2, and Pacific Rim 2.
We take a week off, and the game industry decides to drop alot of game news on us. Join us, as we talk about the latest in gaming news including our thoughts on the Desinty 2 beta, thoughts on EVO,... Mission Start Podcast is about all things the game industry didn't wanted you hear. Join us as we go knee deep into the dark, and light, side of ...…
Join us this week as we discuss Ed Sheeran's Game of Throne's Cameo. Wonder Woman/Lego Batman. We talk about EVO 2017 trailers that were dropped. What it takes to be in a competitive scene & whether Kingdom Hearts III will come out and will it disappoint?
The one where the gang discusses another possible botched Wal-mart preorder fiasco with a Nintendo product. They also talk deeper Nintendo business as Nintendo has discontinued certain models of the 3DS which opens up questions about Nintendo's handheld juggernaut. The gang also talks Atari Box and what it could possibly be. PokeMon Go Fest dis ...…
Welcome to the first ever episode 18 of the Super BS Gamescast On this episode were once again joined by Jake Schaffer who has been spending on some time playing Shovel Knight Dave has been playing Ori and the Blind Forest Brian started his week off with some Mario Kart 8 then played some Horizon Zero Dawn and finished the week off with the Des ...…
Corrective Consciousness Podcasts
Corrective Consciousness Podcast 054 Starring LotusPrince, PyroJackFrost, and MrRyu45! This week the guys talk about Round 1 Arcade, FFXIV, Spider-Man, Camping, Attack on Titan, Resident Evil: Vendetta, and EVO!
This week Slangarang and Blindrun talk about PC Gaming revenue, Deus Ex and the Steam Winter sale.Christmas Giveaway: Bench:ASUS P8Z77- Pro/Thunderbolt: I7 3770K: Ripjaw 16gb: ...…
Word Vomit Podcast
This was a bit of a rough episode to record. Emmanuel returns to the show to talk a little about EVO 2017, and we discuss the deaths that have recently happened.
This week, they dun goofed! Niantic makes a goof that brings Chicago's cellular network to it's knees while annoying pokemon go players worldwide. Evo Comes to an end with Atlus eating everyone's lunch, and tentative first impressions on Secret World LegendsHave something to say? Send your emails to Or tune in live at 9: ...…
Jon and Joey fight through mixer issues (sorry for the drop in quality this week) while discussing a MOBA coming to ELEAGUE, Super League season 2, EVO 2017, Destiny 2, trademark disputes, LCS matchups, and more on this episode of the LVL^ Podcast! Please feel free to send us your comments and questions on Twitter @OTN_LvLUp. This podcast is pa ...…
Welcome to PD's Sm4sh Scotland Show. A weekly podcast with the ins and outs of the Smash 4 Scotland Scene.This week's episode features Matt "Yee" Lovie as our guest. We talk about EVO's upsets, Bayonetta and doubles.
This week in gaming news, we discuss EVO, VR Arcades, Kingdom Hearts 3, the possibility of a PS5 launch, and games being used for gambling!We also learn about what a chamber pot is, and ponder the idea of a game that explores different sitcoms. Then a lot of Sanford and Son talk. Finallym we end the show by learning about what a Manpon is.Openi ...…
Welcome back to The Game Informer Show podcast! We have a heck of a show for you this week. First up, Brian Shea, Kyle Hilliard, and Javy Gwaltney talk about their time playing Splatoon 2 and how it compares to the series' Wii U debut. Then Suriel Vazquez joins us as we share our impressions of the Destiny 2 Beta and discuss if it's changed our ...…
This week, Kameona and Chad talk about some of the games showed off at D23 including Kingdom Hearts 3 & Spiderman for PS4. We also talk about the Splatoon 2 Splatfest, EVO 2017, and the Atari Box! The post Master Quast Ep. 71 – Toy Story in Kingdom Hearts 3! appeared first on Cinema Shelf.
This week, Kameona and Chad talk about some of the games showed off at D23 including Kingdom Hearts 3 & Spiderman for PS4. We also talk about the Splatoon 2 Splatfest, EVO 2017, and the Atari Box! The post Master Quast Ep. 71 – Toy Story in Kingdom Hearts 3! appeared first on Cinema Shelf.
Pop culture nerds Akhil Arora, Gagan Gupta, and Roydon Cerejo join host Pranay Parab to talk about Game of Thrones season 7 episode 1. Then we talk about games such as Call of Duty, Destiny 2, and Splatoon 2 with regulars Rishi Alwani and Mikhail Madnani joining the host. Game of Thrones (SPOILERS GALORE) Season 7 episode 1 Arya Stark’s part in ...…
Dan and Jeff talk EVO, FF14, and the Destiny 2 Beta!! Did we love or hate it? #uncorkedgamers Email us: Follow us at: @uncorkedgamers @BilliamSWN : Je ...…
Our post EVO 2017 episode is full of stories and favorite moments from this year's fighting game tournament in Las Vegas. Evo was run incredibly well this year, maybe for the first time, definitely for the first time I've gone. I have to imagine that is because it was all in one location and Mandalay Bay probably assigned an event coordinator t ...…
This week: Evo is on in Las Vegas, but Steve is here, because he chose wedding over gaming. Oculus gets a price drop. Plus, some real Kingdom Hearts 3 news.By (Sportsnet 590 The FAN).
EVO is on this weekend and Fernando and Benteau are fully obsessed with it. In the meantime Jaime and I have been trudging through games like normal. A sprinkling of Splatoon graced us this weekend with the most recent Splatfest, and come on Cake is better!
GameZilla Podcast - Motor City Gaming
This week Grimlock and JazzE get hype about the re-birth of an old system. We cover the Destiny 2 upcoming beta, Kingdom Hearts 3 and some EVO news. The Phoenix rises from the ashes! For everything you need to know about the Destiny 2 bet ...…
Monkey Tail Podcast
Join Bruno, Marius and Jo on another edition of the Monkey Tail Podcast. On this episode we talk about the games we've playing the past couple of weeks and they are: NieR:Automata PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Banner Saga 2 Game of Thrones Dead Cells Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Gonner N++ Bloodborne Golf It! Statik. Institute of Retention Spider-Man: H ...…
Matt is poetic, John is autistic, Yoto artistic, Scarz is awesome (according to her), and doc is mahvel. We talk fighting games, Evo, great days, movies, comedy, how Tom doesn't tip, we also get into how gold Frieza is on Dragon Ball Super, how Supreme Kai won't stand for Buu on Dragon Ball Z he takes a seat, on Attack on Titan we talk ...…
We're slowly killing ourselves over the course of the summer months. Let's record a ROM when nobody has slept in 32 hours. What will happen? Angry rants about fighting games, EVO, and anime cons from three pissed off hosts.
This episode the boys talk about their upcoming trip to Las Vegas for Evolution 2017!! They talk about their Blazblue pool placements and their predictions on who they expect to see in the Top 8's and who will potentially win it all!! Follow, Like, and Subscribe!! twitch. ...…
LIVE from the Bodega on Leland Avenue that got bought out by the Habibis and turned into a Deli Grocery Store! Jae and Dan sound off on Jae's love affair with Chelsea, New York. Male friends, The WALL, Female Dr.Who, Female James Bond. Inappropriate behavior on Airlines and how to stop it. More talk of Chelsea, Cammy Censorship at Evo, CM Punk ...…
On todays podcast I go over new and horrific Youtube gems, Evolution 2017, and how D23 took over the Internet. Become a Master of the Nerdiverse by giving a like, comment, and subscribing!
Linear Dialog - VoidWare Gaming
Welcome back to the next episode of Linear Dialog. EVO is currently occurring, we've got some new old games we have been playing, and everything else!
Matt punches people to their doom, Neil doesn’t care about spoilers, Oculus Rift makes some crazy price cuts, and scheduling meant they recorded before EVO finals. Great job though, Punk, I bet we’ll see you up there again next year! Music: “Sun Spots” by Chakita Read More …
This week we talk about a wide variety of topics! Dan reveals to us how much he loves Titanfall 2 now, and Pat talks about his experiences going back into Final Fantasy XII with the remake. And Stoy finally gushes over how good Life Is Strange is. There was a lot to share of what was revealed at Evo 2017, the Castlevania Netflix series (spoiler ...…
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