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Mada hii inazungumzia swala ya tarawehe, na tofauti ya tarawehe na qiyamu layli, na tahajudi na witri,na muanzilishi wa tarawehe,na historia hukumu ya zakatul fitri.
Mada hii inazungumzia hukumu za zakatul fitri,na vyakula vinavyo faa kutolewa zakatul fitri,faida za zakatul fitri,nawatu wanaopaswa kupewa zakatul muda wakutolewa zakatul fitri.
Eleyi ni itumo awon hadiisi kan ti o so nipa sakaatul fitri ti awon Yoruba npe ni jaka. Oniwaasi se alaye awon idajo esin ti o ro mo o gege bii awon ti o ye ki o yo o, irufe ounje ti a fi maa nyo o ati odiwon ti o ye ki a yo.
Fitzy & Wippa
The nice-guys of Sydney radio Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald and Michael ‘Wippa’ Wipfli on Nova 96.9 are the duo that wake you with a laugh – at their own expense. Their chemistry creates regular moments that make listeners smile, giggle or just plain LOL. No matter what the topic our boys will have their own unique take on it. The down-to-earth duo regularly hit the sweet spot with local and international celebrities approaching interviews with fun in mind – take Wippa singing a duet with Hugh Jac ...
Fiery Fox
Just a highschool girl trying figure out life
Fiery Torkoal
Fiery Faith
In pursuit of living a G-dly, wholehearted, and present lifestyle.
Come discover and learn about all things Fiori with Beacon.
A selection of progressive house tracks that make it out of the box and onto the web... enjoy!
GI Tri Podcast
We are a club that was created with the beginner triathlete in mind, no cliques, no fuss, just good quality coaching and a great atmosphere
The Fiery Scots are a group of individuals from Scotland that host a long form conversational radioshow with friends and guests on Pulse 98.4 FM
Carmen & Fitzi
96FM - Keeping It Real with Carmen & Fitzi for Breakfast and Hughesy & Kate for the Drive home.
Fitra Yudha S W
Welcome to the Fitra Yudha S W podcast, where amazing things happen.
At Least I Tried
Jessica and Caitlyn Lapier chat each week in a raw and vulnerable way to keep themselves growing and advancing in this messed up world. Join them in their endeavors and accept their weekly challenge!
A Harmonic blend of techno, tech-house and progressive house
Kasamu: Eid al-Fitr/Bronye kuma.
Mada hii inazungumzia hukumu ya kutowa zakatul fitri na Yule ambae niwajibu kwake kutowa,hukumu yakutowa thamani yake,faida ya zakatul alfitwir,na aina ya chakula kinachotakiwa kutolewa,na kiwango chake.
Come hang out with the Jaboody boys on their very own podcast! They will talk about crazy stories, topics sent in by the fans and shoot the shit!
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Fitzy takes on one of Australia's best freestyle rappers, Wippa promises he has three of the best riddles, and what TV show is Fitzy appearing on next? Find out here.
Sports And Solo by Jaboody DubsBy
After a long break the girls are back! The have looked fear straight in the eyes and are ready to talk about it. The next challenge is a little less scary.
Matt De Groot took on legend of the newsroom Ron Wilson in one of the most spectacular headline offs ever,The Queen has pulled off one of the most stunning silent insults to the President of the United States, and here's a hack to get half price pizza.
Matthew Hussey is the UK dating expert from The Single Wives, and went head to head with Wippa over who was the better dating expert, Fitzy wanted to knowhow much a bike means to a bikie and former bikie Ryan called, and we took your calls on using a phone to track your children's whereabouts.
Denzel Washington is the star of The Equaliser 2 and joined the show to chat the movie, prom and his interesting parenting techniques, you'll a great rant from a TV presenter who was hosting a charity event, and we ask the question, 'Are you and your family nudists?'.
Wippa spent time on his holidays with Matt Damon who showed him a 'trick' or life hack that he claims will change the world. Spoiler, it won't. We tested if Fitzy is really a bogan and in Sarah the Awarer we discuss how many people you can date at once.
E3 And NO Notes by Jaboody DubsBy
Tinder and Instagram by Jaboody DubsBy
The pint sized politician hunter Steve Price took on Matt De Groot in Wrap Up of the Week, Dickie Wilkins was asked to bring his top 3 moments from the logies but he brought 5, and everyone* (Wippa's*) favourite segment riddle time is back.
The 12-12-12 challenge turned out to be more like the no-no-no challenge. Luckily they have a new challenge to tackle & that challenge is fear.
How long have you turned your socials off? Sarah offers advice for step parents, we talk the lengths people go to try catch their partner out cheating and what has kept Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban together? Find out here.
Ed Sheeran had to walk off stage twice for a couple of toilet visits so we asked if you ever had a badly timed toilet break, what business did you have as a kid, and a wrap up of all things State of Origin after NSW claimed the series win.
Cookie Monster and Abby Cadabby joined us all the way from Sesame St to take on Fitzy and Wippa in the Rap Up of the Week. Akon has created a crypto currency and find out what Wippa's wife is rubbing into his belly at night for 'health and wellbeing'
The girls experience zero gravity & deprivation of ALL senses with Satori Spa’s float tanks. Tune in to find out how they intend to simplify their lives with minimalism.
The team got into a heated debate over the pronunciation of snuffaluffagus from Sesame St.. Who was right? We also speak to Brad Fittler ahead of Origin II, Warney's ex and speaking of exes - did your ex ruin your wedding?
Hyperloops & GILFS by Jaboody DubsBy
We Back (Camping Trip & God of War/Avengers Spoilers) by Jaboody DubsBy
Funny man Sam Pang joined us to chat world cup, Anthony the Blue Wiggle ended up in hospital so we caught up with him, and there is apparently a formula to win the lotto.. We don't buy it..
Guy Pearce reveals what happened at Kylie Minogue's 50th birthday party extravaganza, Sarah takes on the Mum's Group Mafia and we find the worst nicknames from family members.
We introduce Andy Samberg to Andy SCAMberg, take some amazing I Shouldn't Be Alive calls and Fitzy reveals just how bad John Travolta's new movie is.
Walking in a Supernatural Lifestyle. Join Michael Van Vlymen a gifted Author, Teacher and Podcaster share about his journey of walking with angels, encouraging us to walk in the seamless realities of heaven. Recorded in March 2018 in lake Charles Louisiana, Willie Richmond For more of Michael's Fantastic book ...…
Superstar Shawn Mendes call in, Sylvia Jeffreys schools Sarah in Rap Up of the Week and Fitzy's less than excited for the return of Riddle Time.
Find out what books the girls read this week for Cait’s challenge. This week’s challenge includes no hearing, seeing, feeling or smelling. All senses will be deprived.
Matt DeGroot takes on Eddie B in a headline off and everyone's favourite segment Tom Time is back!
The man behind the Saw franchise joins us in studio and we give you all the updates from the meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un.
Wippa calls Sam Frost for Celebrity Screeners today - does she pick up or does she screen his call?
Fitzy takes on Aussie muso Conrad Sewell in Rap Up of the Week, Noah Kahan drops by the studio and Wippa's back in the host seat for Riddle Time
The girls take time to jot down everything they are grateful for. Join At Least I Tried this week as they try to read a book for this week's challenge.
The hilarious Julia Morris is in the studio and we chat about doing a runner on a date and Trump's big meeting
Happy State of Origin day! To celebrate Dr Chris Brown drops in and we have a new dilemma with Sarah the Awarer!
A team member gets stitched by a ghost of their past - it's our most controversial one yet & Amy Shark joins the show.
Niall Horan joins Fitzy and Wippa in an exclusive chat & the drive show's Marty is kind enough to call through on a Monday morning.
Shannon Noll takes on Matt DeGroot in rap up of the week and Andy Lee comes in the studio.
Going plastic free proved to be much harder than expected for the girls. Follow along as the girls challenge each other to be more grateful going forward.
All the big stars are on today's show - Todd Sampson, Matt Preston & Nathan Hindmarsh all join us in studio.
The boys catch up with Matt Okine, get a response to the 5SOS stitch-up from Ray Hadley and discuss the latest milk substitute
The boys from 5 Seconds of Summer help us stitch-up Ray Hadley, Kelly Rowland has gossip on The Voice Australia and our mate Elle Halliwell is in the studio to tell her
Sophie Monk joins us to talk about Love Island and Zoe Foster Blake comes in for a guest version of Sarah the Awarer
Ice Cube joins us in studio and Chris Bath and Jim Wilson take on Sarah and Wippa in Wrap up of the week!
This week was a real challenge for the girls but they’re happy to get back to drinking coffee :D But this next challenge might be even more difficult, get the coffee brewing!
Isla Fisher calls in to the show & Aussie UFC superstar Rob Whittaker joins the show for some Fitzy and Wippa therapy.
Matt DeGroot takes on Leila McKinnon in a headline off and there's a new word dividing the nation - what do you hear?
Has Michael Turnbull been setting up paparazzi shots? We call the man himself to clear it up, plus Wippa is hosting Miss Australia & his thinks his wife is not happy about it!
Shaun Micallef joins the show, as does the Royal Butler to talk all things Royal Wedding!
Mel C from the Spice Girls does rap up of the week and Rita Ora joins us in our final show from London.
Amy Schumer calls the show and we settle the debate the whole world is talking about - do you hear Laurel or Yanny?
The girls decide to reject rejection this week. Let’s see if they can go the whole week without caffeine …wish the girls luck!
Ronan Keating has his own radio show in London and we simultaneously broadcast an interview live in London and Sydney on each other's shows plus we meet up with the Royal Butler.
Karl Stefanovic joins the show in London and Sarah the Awarer is back.
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