Best fps podcasts we could find (Updated April 2018)
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FPS Freeks
The Weekly Gaming Podcast For All Gamers
FPS Cast
Podcast by FPS Cast
FPS Live Podcast
A Gaming Podcast Hosted by: ThePhantom0288,F8tlblades and Corsev. Gaming News,Interviews,and Reviews for Gamers!
This podcast feed contains short podcasts of students from Franklin Public Schools talking about their artwork that will be displayed in the FPS Art Fiesta in February. Download the podcasts to your mobile device so you can listen to the stories as you view the artwork audio tour style! (Also available if you search fpsartfiesta on iTunes!)
Painkiller Already
Painkiller Already is a weekly gaming gone comedy podcast featuring: Woody, Kyle aka FPS Russia and Taylor.
Overwatch League Network is the podcast with deadeye on all the Overwatch League news and information. The show with tactical visor on the statistics and analysis. Hosted by Slambo, Spyder, and Totemlydrunk.
Heroes Never Die is an Overwatch podcast hosted by Totemlydrunk and Edanar keeping you up to date on all the latest Overwatch news, OWL analysis, hot community topics, and more.
Age of Gaming is a podcast where we discuss the games we're playing and looking forward to. We discuss PC, PlayStation 4 and other console games.
Games on Earth
Games on Earth is a never ending quest to discuss all of the games on planet earth. Hosts Derek Thompson, Brad Bitcheno, Jesse Brown, and Ian Sarnicola, along with a rotating cast of creative and interesting people will talk through their thoughts and feelings about a handful of games each week.
The podcast from the pc dedicated blog - we tackle what's SO HOT in pc gaming issues and releases. Digressions and mild comedy abound.
Viral Sugar
We talk Video Games
Games, Gaming and Owning your friends. Come along for the ride.
A weekly podcast where a few guys discuss games, movies, and literally anything else interesting that comes up!
Conquest Of Heroes Radio is a podcast with news, updates, interviews, and other information about games in development by Burning Man Studios. Their flag ship title; Conquest Of Heroes Online aims to be an MMO of epic proportions set in a sci-fi militaristic world.Conquest Of Heroes Radio also sports a professionally produced audio book segment that will keep you coming back for more! Complete with music, sound design, and voice acting, these drama segments will immerse you into the world of ...
Tower Radio
A podcast dedicated to Bungie's Destiny. We discuss the latest news, share war stories and decipher the lore of Destiny.
Join Levinprime and Escad as they discuss news and new player tips for the Blizzard FPS Overwatch
Join the Diehard gang and guests as we discuss life as gamers, from nightly sessions with friends to the next installment in our favorite series. Insightful and intelligent, our hosts are friendly and entertaining.
The AD VideoGame Club podcast features friends Andrew and David (and sometimes more) as they play and discuss a different video game each month. Please feel free to contact us at or visit us at
Lag Time Podcast
We're a gaming podcast that drinks beers, talks about games, then usually drinks more beers.
Sweet Scoped
One Brit, One American, One Canadian... All Sassy Gamers. Your hosts Tinkkz, Kat and JoJo talk about what gaming is like in a Playstation 4 clan called RESOLUTE.
Guardians of Destiny is a podcast devoted to the new shared-world shooter by Bungie.
is that even possible?
Boom Headshot
The Same geek each week, your host @JordanT_578 chats with fellow gamers about what matters to them! @Boom_Headsh0t
OCG Podcast
OCG is a weekly podcast presented to you by Slixshot and Monochromaticx. We talk to about the latest news in gaming, new releases, new trailers and what we have been playing.
Frames Per Second magazine's podcasts feature animated shorts and interviews with animation artists from around the world. Presented by editor Emru Townsend.
Take the Time to Stew
Gaming Nation
Every week, Matt and Paul deliver news from around the 'gaming nation'.
We're a gaming podcast (well we prefer gamecast) that is just some friends talking about games.
A show for the refined fan of Sci-fi Games, Movies, Books, and Entertainment. Oh, and Halo.
MEKAcast is a new podcast and blog dedicated to the growing world of competitive Overwatch, Blizzard's team-based shooter. Tune in for our discussions about the Overwatch League, the ever-evolving metagame, the latest patch notes and their expected impact on the game, and the current state of our favorite FPS.
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show series
In this 23rd episode, the #MODPOD talks about Dave's travel exhaustion, new Digital room keys, Toy Story Mania FPs, Lights Motor Action (RIP), The Laugh Floor, trouble with Mary Poppins, and finally, the second part of the Universal overview.
Welcome to Season 1 Episode 4 with Peter Jones. This week on the show we discuss: -FPS Demos -Half Life -WCW vs NWO -Grim Fandango -Constructor And Our Feature Game: Secret of Monkey Island Please give the show a rating on iTunes to show your support, and follow us on instagram or facebook for extra info on the show.…
We’re back in full form this week and decide to class-up the joint with a trip to the White Trash Riviera (AKA Myrtle Beach). Jac dolphin dives into the free-to-play FPS Ironsight, Robert lives the life of his dreams in Sims Mobile, and Collin licks a spicy chicken dinner in PUBG Mobile. News rounds out the week with Vive Pro, Geralt in Soulcal ...… In the Private Equity Spotlight WFN1 contributor Ed Baxter goes in-depth into some of the trends and technologies that are impacting private equity and business investment. On today’s show, Michael and Ed talk about a little known resource for scientists, developers, and ...…
We’ve talked about creating an advice-centric practice, articulating the value of financial advice, pricing and structuring your services, and conducting your first client meeting. Now it’s time to think about how you can use systems, tools, and referrals to predictably grow your practice. In the conclusion of my five-part series with John Page ...…
Nintendo news three days a week! Sponsored By: OPSeat: Head over to to directly support the show, and get a fantastic gaming chair that can support you! I'm sitting in one right now, and its great. Links: Patreon — This episode of SwitchCraft is brought to you by Logun Keller — Support SwitchCraft and my othe ...…
Today on the podcast my conversation with Kent Julian from the . We talk about as parent its good to start a good foundation to help with having good relationship kids.Being intentional with your time as a parent to lay a foundation for the future of your relationship with your with your kids. Also, the myth of quality time whi ...…
Natalie Portman is absolutely thilling.Don't forget to subscribe and follow us!YouTube: https ...…
On this week's show, a 'Dog' Knight Returns (HAHAHAHAHA) as we discuss Marvel bringing Infinity War forward a week, why there's no Howard The Duck movie yet (which leads us onto Dog Welder fyi), plus both Steve Page and Necronomidol are returning to the UK, a new old school fps from 3D Realms, PS Plus games for March, Sword Art Online's new gam ...…
Let us Future Proof you for March’s game releases! Drac and Bammy talk about their most-anticipated releases for March, while Calico gets his first turn at the News, with G. News Bevontule KS hit 30k out of 50k USD – sad-face Pantropy KS still going until the 13th (34k out of 75k EUR) ECO Now Available On Steam Detroit : Become Human Has Releas ...…
Aired on November 11, 2014In this weeks podcast, Cal and Dan discuss the brilliant first person mode for the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC re-release of GTA V, complete with updated graphics and higher frame rate to go along with the new FPS mode.Also, Xbox One games on your PC? Xbox One Slim? Playstation 4 Winning The World? This weeks PvP Gi ...…
Anime, porn, Nintendo, assholes on the internet - the more things change in gaming, the more they stay the same I suppose. The highly anticipated port of “Bayonetta” to the Nintendo Switch is one of many fascinating developments already in 2018 in the video games (translation: 60 FPS rules). Do traditional consoles even matter at this point? We ...…
The RundownJake LyonCaptain of USA Overwatch TeamDPS Houston OutlawsTeam Fortress 2 in High SchoolHighest level of competitionBlizzard supports their gamesLaptop in the NetherlandsGrinding30 fpsWorst SetupTop 500 in Europe season 1Winston / Roadhog mainWhatever it takes to get the WSchool in Ohio2 classes to complete degreeAt the announcement o ...…
Equipped with Playstation VR banter and geek outs, Michael & Zach dive into the new world of Podcasting. Episode Docket: Best PSVR games (Superhot, Star Trek Bridge Crew Impressions) "Dream Bits" - Dream PSVR Games (Half-Life 3 VR, Zombie VR MMO FPS) "Dashed Bits" - Gravest PSVR Dissapointments (Out of Ammo) "FlapJack Front" - Flat/Non-VR games ...…
Show notes – Michael and Bruce discuss, Filing Taxes:Bruce’s advice, Info from, Skimmers in plain site, Olympic Security, The Olympics are cold…. Really?, Microsoft to remove Scare-ware, Nest, US Olympic team’s clothing tech, Watching our devices get old:one writers take, Tech can now predict futu ...…
DOWNLOAD TODAY! Welcome to Overwatch Today SHOW! We talk in depth about how to help you rank up using the Matchmaker and Quick Play in Competitive season 8. We upload our broadcast for iTunes and podcatchers. Music provided by J-Kraken Thanks for checking us out. You can follow our news ...…
Could we see a Call of Duty game on the Nintendo Switch? The rumour mill certainly seems to believe so and that gave games editor Rishi Alwani and friend of the podcast Mikhail Madnani enough reason to join host Pranay Parab and talk about this on this week’s episode. Call of Duty Black Ops 4 on Nintendo Switch (1:00) The Nintendo Switch releas ...… Gwendolyn Griffin Retirement Planner Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation Ms. Griffin has been in the mortgage industry for over 15 years. She specializes in the 62+ communities and Financial Planners (FPs), CFP ...…
On the episode this week we wanted to celebrate 'Dungeons and Dragons Day' this January 26th by playing it ourselves. We recorded this when Jules visited for Kingsman 2, if you like it, the other parts will be up on our Patreon shortly! Rian Johnson shut down haters on twitter ...…
The Goners find meaning in two very different FPS-descended games, relive their childhood, then get upset about Destiny 2. Email us at or catch us on twitter at @2f4rg0n3 Find us at home and visit for video games, anime, everything in between!
Films: Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk and Around the World in 80 Days (1956)This week on the podcast Jacob takes us through framerates: what they are, what they do, and why the hell we would ever want to shoot in 120 fps. We're going back to our technical side with this one but it will surely open your eyes to what they are seeing when you wat ...…
This week its all about FPS (First Person Shooter) games. What are our favorites? What ones don't we like? What games had the biggest influence on us? Please leave us a comment with any show ideas, topics, or beer you want us to try. Fuel the nerd fire nerds! ... stay nerdy!!! Go to & listen & watch any episode 100% f ...…
In this week’s episode, Jimmy and Joe discuss a whole host of news including new games for Fable and Alien, an update on the Spawn movie, along with all the Disney films set for 2018! Feel free to like/subscribe if you haven’t already and if you really want to help out share us with a buddy! The more the merrier! Also, check us out on Patreon.c ...…
Tim Havlock aka Darkness 429 is a full-time live streamer, content creator and influencer for triple-A gaming publishers, and husband. Tim started his streaming career in early 2014 when he started streaming the Titanfall beta. His channel started to quickly grow as the top streamer in the Titanfall directory, which led to him accepting a partn ...…
This week we interviews Steve Lavigne of Shellback Artworks who has previously worked with Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for Mirage comics! Star Wars: A Solo Movie synopsis revealed A dude and his hairy friend go on space adventures Gareth Edwards' "Monsters" to become a TV series The 2010 movie is being made ...…
Fuckin... This is actually episode 20. But shut up, I do what I want.Don't forget to subscribe and follow us!YouTube: ...…
With Brandon and Scott both absent this week, the inmates take over the asylum for our final cast of 2017. In the news, PUBG on Xbox reaches more than 1 million players in its first 48 hours (despite some ugly performance issues), and the FCC votes to kill net neutrality. In the quick hits, Mount Your Friends 3D gets announced, Twitch Prime mem ...…
[Explicit language] Knick and James realize that even though the weather outside is frightful, the weather inside’s delightful. Also, not everything in the world is meant to be recorded at high speed and slowed down for the internet. Follow the show on Twitter @DorquePodcast. The post Dorque, Episode 168: 100 FPS appeared first on The Red Shtick.…
A lot of events to talk about this week in the podcast after the Nerd Confessions crew attended both The Game Awards and The 2017 PlayStation Experience. Is PSX just getting worse and worse every year or was it the best year yet?! How did Geoff Keighley achieve his most viewed Game Awards show ever with, “an off the charts,” 11.5 million live s ...…
This week we are joined by Jamie Taylor. Jamie is a serial blogger, software developer, and podcaster.. In this conversation, we talk about what the legacy Jamie is creating looks like and he gives advice on how you can get started creating your own legacy.. Links of Note Jamie's Blog – The Ramblings of a Programmer With a Little Too Much Time ...…
Ryan from Beer'd Gamers joins us today as we finish off the year 2017 with our very own awards show! We reveal our own winners of 2017 like Best RPG, Best FPS, Best Audio, Best Skyrim Game, and more! We also talk about the games we've been playing, like diving into the Monster Hunter World Beta, Final Fantasy XIV, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and so ...…
This week, the humble questers finish their Godlike quest to discuss all things Curry/FPS based, we discuss all the biggest shooters, Redneck Rampage, Unreal Tournament, Half Life, GoldenEye, Counterstrike, Team Fortress 2 etc.. Thinking about it, is it really the follow on to the Tim Curry podcast or a pod dedicated to FPS's??? Who knows, well ...…
Our Podcast Equipment SetupMicrophone x3: UK: US: Filter x3: UK: US: Desk Arm x3: UK: US: cables x3: UK: US: Channel Audio Recorder: UK: http://a ...…
Brian and Jim discuss the following E3 – Sony and Nintendo Which is better: God of War or Devil May Cry (us and kit) Which is better: carlsberg or coors light (gamingguys) Overrated/Underrated: the GameCube Random Gem of the week Favorite beer from Belgium and Germany and pair a game with each (Brunno gaspari) Top 3 fav FPS games (Brunno) 3 und ...…
War and gaming have a long and complex living history. In Level One, Brian talks with combat veterans who use video games to treat their PTSD. In Level Two, Robertson Allen talks about 'America's Army', and online FPS developed by the United States Army as a recruitment tool. In Level Three, Brian gets to know the man who created Wolfenstein wa ...…
Right so.... Apologies Tim Curry.. We and by we, I mean Reg messed up, we know you're not dead.. so to celebrate, we are doing a HUUUGGGEE Tim Curry special, covering all your favourite Tim Curry roles, like The Doom Marine, Turok, Anne from Trespasser etc.. We know the list is lilmitless. Thinking about it, is it really a Tim Curry podcast or ...…
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