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Best Fr Wiley Ammons podcasts we could find (updated December 2019)
Best Fr Wiley Ammons podcasts we could find
Updated December 2019
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Sermon broadcasts from the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer, Jacksonville, FL.
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Fr. Wiley invites us to take these four weeks to slow down and focus on the coming of Jesus.
Fr. Wiley asks: what would it look like if we actually lived like Christ is our King.
Fr. Wiley reminds us that Christian life costs everything, because it's worth everything.
Mtr. Sarah asks: what do our actions say about our faith and our relationship with money.
Fr. Wiley reminds us that the value of our inheritance retains its value only when handed on.
Mtr. Sarah reminds us that it's all actually about God - His extraordinary promises and the gift of grace.
Fr. Wiley proposes that we begin today to be a blessing in the lives of others as we all journey towards reunion with God.
Fr. Wiley remarks that we are at our best when we can identify with our common suffering and humility while accepting God's grace.
Mtr. Sarah reminds us that God's gift of faith is evident in the small faithful acts we do in obedience to God.
Fr. Wiley reminds us that there is great joy in knowing that what God gives us is enough
Fr. Wiley declares that every human life is valuable, and the value we have is priceless when we are sealed and marked with the grace of God.
Mtr. Sarah reminds us that even though we stray, we will never truly be lost from God.
Mtr. Sarah describes how God desires a relationship with us simply because we are His children - no strings attached.
Fr. Wiley explains that Christ's way is the only way for anyone to be free.
Fr. Wiley reminds us that our efforts should be directed to God as we strive to become like a spring of water, whose waters never fail.
Mtr. Sarah asks: would it be obvious to others that you are a Christian?
Fr. Wiley asks: what is it about your personal values that makes you recognizable as a Christian?
Mtr. Sarah points out that God invites us to be in relationship with Him through prayer.
Mtr. Sarah invites you to stop, rest and listen as you go about your busy life.
Fr. Wiley asks "who would you want to come by if you were the injured man in the ditch?"
Fr. Wiley reminds us that wherever God's people gather, God is present.
Fr. Wiley encourages us not to wait to have everything in order before we go and follow Jesus.
Mtr. Sarah reminds us that every single one we call "them", God calls Beloved Child.
Fr. Wiley shares that the Trinity is part of the beauty and mystery of God - and can only be encountered, not taught.
Fr. Wiley notes that the variety of languages is evidence of the power of the Holy Spirit to make us one.
Mtr. Sarah declares we are all one in Christ.
Fr. Wiley reminds us that for those looking, the Holy Spirit is willing to be found and will lead us to do things we never thought we could.
Fr. Wiley reminds us that in the resurrection we're asked to go out and be bringers of light, the bearers of Christ.
Bishop Henderson reminds us that we are all shepherds - baptized into the mission of Christ.
Mtr. Sarah reflects on how quickly we forget that it's still Easter today.
Fr. Wiley declares that resurrection is the truth that demands to be shared.
Fr. Wiley declares that the gift of abundant and eternal life is offered and available to us today.
Fr. Wiley proclaims that resurrection is already happening in you; you are your eternal self right now.
Fr. Wiley asks if on this day of misery and miracle, did we just want to destroy something beautiful.
Mtr. Sarah shares a story of radical hope, of radical love.
Mtr. Sarah acknowledges that if we look to God and not ourselves, we can get it right.
Fr. Wiley tells us to be so entangled in Christ, that no one can tell the difference.
Fr. Wiley describes how God seeks those who don't know they're lost, breaking any boundary we put up to do so.
Mtr. Sarah shares that repentence is more about how we live our life today, by turning to God, as we live in Christ.
Fr. Wiley encourages you to search for those places where God is absent and then take that place to God in prayer.
Fr. Wiley invites you to let God fill you with the power to withstand the storms of life.
Fr. Wiley challenges us to be the spotter as we look at our darkness this Lent, and let God's grace destroy that which is seeking to destroy us.
Fr. Wiley challenges us to give up something in Lent that you intend to give up for good, and let God transform your life.
Fr. Wiley shares that love without reservation is the only kind of love that brings transformation.
Fr. Wiley describes a God who is not comfortable until all are comforted.
Fr. Wiley reminds us that whatever we fear, we face with Christ - and fear is turned to victory.
Fr. Wiley shares that the mission of Jesus is about loving more than just those who love him, and he intends for us to help him accomplish the mission.
Fr. Wiley challenges us and asks the question of whether or not we're accomplishing those things our Savior has set out to do.
Bishop Howard describes how God saves the very best for last and the best is yet to come.
Fr. Wiley offers the invitation of baptism where water begins the lifelong work of separating the wheat from chaff in each of us.
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