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Fundamentals of Physics, II - Audio
Tony Martignetti is the host of Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio and he video blogs at He talks with nonprofit leaders and consultants about how organizations can more effectively raise money, build better relationships with boards and supporters, and manage volunteers. Look for new installments once a month.
Co-Author Karen Van Leuwen provides an overview of materials from the book as well as tips to aid students in remembering and understanding content.
The Fundamentals of Commercial Real Estate Investing Podcast is dedicated to giving listeners an inside look at commercial real estate investing from industry experts. Guests include institutional real estate sponsors, academic professionals, real estate investors, economists and more. In this podcast you will learn about, office, retail, industrial, multifamily, the impact of blockchain, sd-ira investing, how to analyze real estate deals, how to analyze real estate sponsors, market cycles, ...
CIS 249: Fundamentals of Unix Operating System
Canadian law is amazing! Get in-depth insights into how it affects our daily lives, as law faculty explain some of the principles at work behind the world we see around us.
Want to learn a different language? Over the course of 25 episodes, our friend Bob Tabor, from, teaches you the fundamentals of C# programming. Tune in to learn concepts applicable to video games, mobile environments, and client applications. We walk you through getting the tools, writing code, debugging features, customizations, and much more! Each concept is broken into its own video so you can search for and focus on the information you need. Source: The source f ...
Overview of materials from the book as well as tips to aid students in remembering and understanding content.
Neeb's Fundamentals of Mental Health Nursing, 4th Edition
Helping YOU prepare for and dominate the Engineer in Training Exam
Getting the Most Out of This Learning Package
Tony Martignetti is the host of Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio and he video blogs at He talks with nonprofit leaders and consultants about how organizations can more effectively raise money, build better relationships with boards and supporters, and manage volunteers. Look for new installments once a month.
Helpful tips and techniques for controlling stress inherent in nursing school.
Co-Author Karen Van Leuwen provides helpful tips and techniques for controlling stress inherent in nursing school.
Valuable test taking tips to help students make the most of their preparation time.
Learn the fundamentals of design in an easy-to-understand way.
Valuable test taking tips to help students make the most of their preparation time.
Funda-MEN-tals, puts the emphasis on Men. This is a show specifically designed to deal with “men stuff.” Men have issues, concerns, fears, struggles and insecurity, but many don’t feel that they have any place to turn. Our program addresses things that concern men, and provides advice, encouragement, instructions and support. It has been said that most men are slowly committing suicide, they just don’t know it. Help is now on the way! We let you know that you are not alone in your thoughts, ...
SOFT6007 Web Development Fundamentals. Lecturer: Colin Manning. This course is being taken by Stage 1 students. The course covers primarily HTML, with introductions to CSS and JavaScript
"Community" (NBC, Yahoo!) is hailed as one of the best sitcoms of the 21st century... by Jayme Coveliers. He, along with Ben Drape and Graham Byrne, are determined to go through this show episode by episode to talk about the good, the even better, and the gas leak year. Join us in watching or rewatching a show you won't regret. Or maybe you will, I don't know you. Dan Harmon might be mentioned frequently.
What these principles are and whence they come to us. "The fact is, we have become crazy over material things. We are looking only at the structure above ground. We are trying to get more smoke from the chimney. We are looking at space instead of service, at profits instead of volume. With our eyes focused on the structure above ground, we have lost sight of those human resources, thrift, imagination, integrity, vision and faith which make the structure possible. I feel that only by the busi ...
Skills Videos to Accompany Wilkinson and Treas Fundamentals of Nursing, 2/e
Delft University of Technology on iTunes
Im more concentrated on the technical aspects and real use case scenerios and NOT on speculation selling or get rich fast schemes which dont serve anybody but cause more and more here now.
This podcast is about exampling how to move, eat, work and perform better. We will discuss the best ways to unlock your potential both physically and mentally. Our goal is to help you break the body down and teach you daily hacks so that you may live pain free!Every week will cover topics that range from how to nutrition, increase mobility in a joint, increase muscular endurance, strength training, speed, and conditioning. We will not just be covering health and fitness topics -- we will als ...
Teaching tips for classroom and clinically based teachers.
Matt is the owner of Connell's Dog Training, based in Shrewsbury, MA.
Mental Toughness. Team Culture. Performance Training. Hosted by Jason Kuhn a former Navy SEAL, Division 1 Baseball Player, and owner of Stonewall Solutions.
This is a podcast presented by Foundation Church in Noblesville, Indiana
Journalist. Sports junkie. Sit-down comedian. Ahead of my time.
Back to the Future's Mayor Goldie Wilson (Don Fullilove) and the First and Longest Running Video Blogger (Adam Kontras) discuss the world at large while sitting at Adam's backyard bar and minigolf course. You can watch these episodes as well as listen by subscribing on Facebook or Youtube.
These audio files feature in-depth verse-by-verse Bible teaching and preaching designed to provide key insight to scriptural passages.
Bringing Biblical Truth to Baltimore, Maryland by augmenting the work of the local church with Christ-centered rhymes, sound doctrine and teaching, genuine worship and authentic fellowship all under one roof.
There are a lot of self proclaimed gurus out there with brand new shiny marketing systems. As business people we need less BS and more actionable result driving solutions. The platforms we use to deliver our messages change over time, but the fundamentals of marketing never change. In this podcast I aim to talk truth and provide value to entrepreneurs and marketing managers. Join me.
This podcast is about basketball, sports conditioning, mindset, how to get where you want to be as an athlete and in life.
The Thursday night FoF class of Bear Creek Church in Medford, OR
Every week we pick a couple new things we've read on the internet or learned about our beloved gadgets and break them down to their simplest form so that the the average person can understand.
Taking the Fear out of Fitness
This is Aviation Fundamentals with Dr. Suzanne Kearns, a podcast where we chat with aviation professionals from around the world and learn more about the opportunities and challenges they face and link conversations to various elements in the 'Fundamentals of International Aviation' textbook.
T. Shepherd Fundamentals is a program designed to implement the proper Defensive Back movements.
Geraint Jones provides an exclusive video masterclasses in the fundamentals of wicket-keeping.
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This week we cover the month of Techtober. Microsoft and Google all announced new hardware and the first signal that Apple will do the same soon.
Michael Beckerman is a leader in the commercial real estate tech sector. He entered the sector in 2012 after a 25-year career in commercial real estate public relations, in which he started and built Beckerman Public Relations into one of the largest firms in the country before eventually selling the agency. Michael now serves as CEO of CRETech ...…
On this episode we discuss some updates to Google Assistant, iPhone Xs issues, and Alexa hardware and skills.
What protects the things your brain comes up with? Morgan Jarvis breaks down the idea of intellectual property into its three core components: copyright, trademark, and patent. We catch up on B. Rich vs. Coca-Cola, explore the notion of the (unfair term?) patent troll, and break down how the law protects the things we think up.This is all in pr ...…
Daniel is the lead analyst for Green Street's office team and has been with the firm for two years. His research contributions include initiating coverage of JBG Smith (the spinoff of Vornado’s D.C. assets), deep dives into West Coast office market health, and extensive work on Gateway vs. Non-Gateway markets and office leasing economics. Danie ...…
In part next part of the interview Coach Jeff tells me that basketball kept him focus in life. Live life and impress yourself, don't take shortcuts.
David Pascale joined George Smith Partners more than two decades ago, leaving behind a successful career in intellectual property rights management. Now, as GSP’s most Senior Vice President/Deal Manager, Mr. Pascale has directly overseen the placement of nearly $4 billion capital into commercial real estate. He has an expertise in virtually eve ...…
As a personal trainer I constantly get questions about asking if food is healthy or good for you. This episode goes over the basic ways to rank your current eating strategy and 5 levels if healthy foods. Enjoy
This week we cover everything you need to know about the Apple event 2018. New apple watch details and 3 new iPhones for you to choose from.
Following last week’s release of the Trans Mountain Pipeline decision by the Federal Court of Appeal, we sit down with Hugo Choquette, developer and instructor of our Aboriginal Law course, and Cherie Metcalf, the creator of our Constitutional Law module for Law 201/701. We talk about the decision itself — it’s lengthy! — and unpack not only th ...…
This week we cover the apple event rumors that you have probably heard about.
In this episode coach Jeff and I talk what it takes to become a great basketball player. Coach Jeff believes it takes IQ of the game and heart.
Come and join this discussion. What are your thoughts on this. Share your opinion and let me know your thoughts.
Hi, thanks for checking out the Fitness Fundamentals Podcast. Fitness can be scary and complex to the average person, We are here to take the fear out of fitness and make it as easy as ABC.
Mat is a partner at KKOS Lawyers, and serves clients nationwide from its Phoenix, AZ office. Mat’s practice areas include self-directed IRA law, business entity formation, tax law, real estate, and securities law. Mat is the best-selling author of the First and Second Editions of The Self Directed IRA Handbook: An Authoritative Guide for Self-D ...…
In this episode Ryan and I talk hoops with NBA skill trainer Spencer Levy. Spencer believes it's not all about having a great jumper or having great handles in basketball. He feels reading and reacting is the key to becoming a great basketball player.
Brendan Wallace is a Co-founder and Managing Partner at Fifth Wall. Brendan was Co-founder & CEO of Identified, a data & analytics company focused on workforce optimization that raised $33 million of venture capital and was acquired by Workday (WDAY) in 2014. Brendan co-founded Cabify, the largest ridesharing service in Latin America. Brendan h ...…
This week we discuss changes to the Windows changes for consumers, augmented reality, Note 9.
In this episode Jerome talks about what makes a complete player. He feels it takes commitment. And with social media you only see the highlights of players and not the true struggles.
Fundamentals of Canadian Law is taking a few weeks off, to return in September with new episodes.We’ll be coming back with special guest Morgan Jarvis — creator of our new Intellectual Property course — and a follow-up on our first episode, where we talked about Southern Ontario rapper B Rich taking on Coca Cola in a trademark dispute. We’re th ...…
Derek Uldricks is President at Virtua Capital Management. Derek is an experienced real estate private equity executive overseeing capital formation, investment selection and securities compliance for the investment funds sponsored by Virtua Partners. Experience includes managing several commercial real estate investment funds covering a range o ...…
In this episode Ryan and I talk the importance of strength training. We also touch on how to become a lock down shooter. Its all about buying in to the process.
In this week’s episode we discuss what Corey learned from his Apple conference as well as Google Note 9 and Google Fuchsia rumors and speculations.
Mitch focuses on sourcing prospective transactions, developing financial structures and business and financial strategies. Prior to co-founding Pathfinder, he founded and served as CEO of several companies and was a partner in LENSER, a national management consulting firm. Earlier in his career Mitch was a partner in Sorrento Associates, an inv ...…
This week we discuss iOS 12, Instagram updates, and more.
Nobody reads those “end user license agreements” that pop up on your phone or computer, right? We’ve all seen probably thousands of these things. We all just click “Agree”. Who has the time? So if nobody reads them, do they matter? And if you do read them, what should you know? Peter Kissick, the course designer for Law 204/704, Corporate Law, ...…
In this two part interview with Paul he discusses how players need to take one or two weeks off. He also touches on players need to be good to them. You can be excellent and entertain negativity thoughts. This is a must to be great at anything in life.
Amobi Okugo is a professional soccer player, a student who completed his undergraduate degree while playing and plans to pursue a graduate degree, the founder of the financial-literacy company A Frugal Athlete. He was drafted after his freshman year at UCLA into Major League Soccer as part of the 2010 Generation Adidas Class. He has amassed ove ...…
In this episode Paul Easton and I talk about how to build the complete basketball player and what it takes to make it. Also he touches on how important recovery is to a player such as water and sleep.
Jeffrey Adler is Vice President, Yardi® Matrix, which offers the industry’s most comprehensive market intelligence service for multifamily, office, self storage and vacant land properties. Adler also is the publisher of industry market intelligence and content providers Multi-Housing News and Commercial Property Executive. Yardi Matrix is a U.S ...…
Today we discuss the more comfortable dynamics of Abed and Troy, Jeff and Annie’s insecurities, and Britta’s ideas of size. Also Graham likes lemons in water and reuses his lemons. Gross.
In this episode Ryan and I talk about what teams we think LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard are going to. Ryan also touches on what he thinks you should train in order to your improve your basketball game this Summer break.
OHSA has been updated, with stronger definitions of harassment. Illustration by Valérie Desrochers ( #metoo has been changing how we see and react to harassment for some time now — but what is the definition of harassment? Let’s take a look at the Ontario Health & Safety Act with Workplace Law instructor Colleen Dempsey, and exp ...…
This is part 2 of 2 with Coach Jeremy File. He explains why he thinks Europe basketball players are better passers then us in the states but we are much better athletes.
Want to learn what is currently happening in the New York real estate market and how to apply quantitative analytics to real estate buying? Eric Malley, Founder & CEO at MG Capital, joined us on the podcast to discuss what he is currently seeing in New York and how he has applied his background in the financial services industry to real estate. ...…
In this episode Jeremy and I talk hoops. We discuss what we think will improve your game this summer
In this episode we discuss our new gadgets, Apple Support app, Bozoma Saint John, new chrome OS, and the social media hustle.
In this episode Drew tells me how a basketball player can go from good to great. It's about the little steps and enjoying the process.
What key factors should you look for when entering a new market? Brian Watson, CEO at Northstar Commercial Partners, joined us on the podcast to share what he looks for in a new market before making an acquisition. In This Episode You’ll Learn – Why Brian prefers a market that moves up and down over a flat market – How to identify potential acq ...…
In this episode I hit the streets of San Diego with Sam from Gold-net basketball. He talks about the underground basketball culture in LA. And how they got a front seats covering the Drew league.
This episode we cover robot batistas, Project Maven, and WWDC2018
The Kinder Morgan / Government of Canada pipeline is being challenged by both provinces and Indigenous groups. What laws pertain to these challenges? There’s a lot to unpack when it comes to the Kinder Morgan — soon, Government of Canada — pipeline.British Columbia has challenged it, as have several Indigenous groups. But what laws govern their ...…
In episode 35 I talk to NBA skill trainer Ryan Razooky about what happened against the Golden State Warriors and the Houston Rockets. How LeBron James took down the Boston Celtics. Ryan also touches on what he thinks will happen in the NBA finals.
In this episode I talk with Kerry Carter a pro basketball player overseas and a star in the Drew League. Mr. Carter also touches on his basketball career and how basketball has made him the person he is today.
Interested in what is currently happening with multifamily in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle? Then this episode is for you. Max Sharkansky, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Trion Properties, joined us in-studio to provide an in-depth look at multifamily on the West Coast. In this episode you will learn: – What is currently hap ...…
The boys talk about Pierce's place in the group as a whole, the dynamic shifts as Jeff's character is growing, and guess what some of it's funny. But did you hear that SONG?! Yikes. The feels.
Gina Paris life skills and performance coach discusses the "yips", peak performance, and faith with former Navy SEAL Jason Kuhn
In this episode Mike talks about is the advice he got from his wife just be about it with basketball. No more complaining about it just be about it. Mike also touches on how he loves to teach shooting and to make his students better at it.
This week we talk a out most things Google IO, some Microsoft, some Apple, and Solar Power.
What does William the Conqueror have to do with property law in Canada? A lot! Find out more in this podcast. Property law is complex — fee simple, escheats, and William the Conqueror all come into play when we’re talking about ownership of property in Canada. Fortunately, the Dean of Queen’s Law, Bill Flanagan, took some time out of a busy sch ...…
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