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When It Was Cool Podcast
When It Was Cool Podcast is hosted by veteran podcaster Karl Stern. When It Was Cool Podcast features reviews, conversation, and nostalgia about pop culture from the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990's including comics, television, toys, music, movies, and more. Star Wars, G.I. Joe, Super Friends, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Six Million Dollar Man, Mego, Transformers, classic rock music, and much more.
New Day Talk Radio Podcast Feed (GI Joe Radio Show)
chicken pop pod
pop culture past and present
Back to the Eighties
Hosted by Glenn and Phil, this podcast is a virtual trip back in time to the halcyon days of our childhood - the 1980s (and early 1990s). Every week we explore at least one facet of 80's pop culture, discuss questions from our listeners, and report the news from at least 4 of the main franchises of the 80's that are still around today!
Joe on Joe - A G.I. Joe Podcast
Joe on Joe is the only podcast where Joe Slepski talks exclusively about G.I. Joe A Real American Hero, the cartoon that defined a generation.
MASK Unleashed
A venture into the 1985 animated series MASK.
Action And Adventure: The Hasbro Universe Podcast
From Cybertron to Microspace, the Action And Adventure is a podcast dedicated to covering the entire IDW Hasbro Universe! Every two weeks, we break down the latest issues of IDW Publishing's comics featuring Transformers, G.I. Joe, Rom the Space Knight, Micronauts, M.A.S.K., and more. Hosted by Daniel Adkins & Callum Tozer.
Nerds With Attitude
Nerds discuss pop culture news covering toys, TV, movies and comics.
Regular Joes Podcast
They're into Movies and Toys and TV Shows, Comics and Collecting and Super Heroes, there's no end to the useless stuff they know, but don't call them Geeks, they're just Regular Joes!
My Wife is Going to Kill Me
This Podcast brings three grown men together to talk about collecting toys as adults, and how it effects their lives in general. The guys also discuss movies, Comic Books, and almost anything pop culture, and try to integrate some humor along the way. Some humor may be adult in nature.
The CSPN (Cold Slither Podcast Network)
The CSPN (or Cold Slither Podcast Network) is a collective of different podcasts under one feed with the goal of providing entertainment, information, interviews and variety to listeners worldwide. Assembled under the influence of the Cold Slither Podcast, this network will carry on the legacy of the original show.
Lovingly Reviewed by AAlgar
I was born in the mid-70s, so I was the target audience for Transformers and GI Joe when they premiered over a quarter of a century ago. Join me as I apply 21st century perspective and adult logic to shows that were never meant to withstand these things.
What's on JOE Mind?
The world's #1 fancast about the world of GI Joe...and now Action Force!
The Barrel Proof Comedy Podcast
Sonoma County Comedians Steve Ausburne & Casey Williams taste a different whiskey each episode. Spend an hour with us as we drink the whiskey, discuss the whiskey, drift into 20 year old pop culture references and icons, drink more whiskey, talk about upcoming shows and happenings in the Bay Area Comedy Scene, and finally, drink more whiskey.
Knowing is Half the Podcast
On Knowing is Half the Podcast, LA Comics Ray Stakenas, Robert Chan, and Gina Ippolito watch the original series of GIJoe, break it down, and much mirth happens.
The D-Team Podcast
Raw and uncut all Wrestling, Disney, and G.I. Joe combined podcast hosted by three marks. Justin, Mikey and Eric.
Plastic Ronins' presents Plasticast
You can find more at
Discussing ranging topics related to customizing GI Joe and related action figures.
Enter The Realm - Realm of Collectors
Enter The Realm is a weekly video and audio podcast from the Realm Of Collectos where news about new figures from every corner of collecting are discussed. Transformers is what brought us together, but we also discuss Wrestling, GI Joe, Comics, Movies, and whatever else is new in the world of pop culture and collecting.
Collection Connection
Each week Josh discusses toys and toy collecting. From Star Wars and GI Joe to Transformers and He-Man. If you love the toys of your youth, odds are Josh will be talking about these. Find Josh on Twitter @jawahughes and get more info
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Who blew up Planet Zircon? Heavily-Stereotyped Interdimensional Dragons attempt to determine the perpetrator of a terrible crime. Monomaniac Alien Dragons come to Earth in order to be detectives as a lifestyle choice, despite having little grasp of culture, genre conventions, and indeed what constitutes a crime. FireForce! The 80’s Cartoon of E ...…
Body Counts And Beer
COOOOOOBRAAAAAAA!!! No, we're not discussing anything even tangentially related to GI Joe. Instead, we're taking on the 1986 Stallone shoot 'em up COBRA! So why did we yell "COOOOOOBRAAAAAA!!!" when we're not talking about GI Joe? Don't worry about it!Listen as Jon unleashes his Robert Smith/Morrissey theory! Mark loves quinceaneras! We take a ...…
More Than Dice
We discuss types of terrain and games that use it also building terrain! Also the media section we discuss GI Joe, Cloud Atlas, Kong: Skull Island and other madness!
Part of an ongoing series – the Needless Things Irregulars gather in the Phantom Zone to provide their own unique commentary on classic genre films! This month’s movie is the 1987 animated feature, GI Joe: The Movie. The Irregulars are joined by special guest Noel from GI Joe cosplay group The Finest’s Southern Command.Thirty years ago Hasbro p ...…
On this episode, we review IDW’s Optimus Prime: First Strike in comics, we see a preview of the Japanese Generations 2018 comic and catalog, and guess who’s voicing Metroplex in Machinima’s Titans Return series? All this and much, much more on this episode of TransMissions Alt Mode! This episode was edited by Cass Ordway. Huge thanks to Cass fo ...…
Versatile comics artist Timothy Lim on his comics career, his new book THUMP: The First Bundred Days, and being an outspoken conservative in comics. Plus an EXCLUSIVE announcement from Tim regarding an upcoming project! Podcast version of the live Shane Plays geek talk radio show from 11/4/2017 Shane Plays airs on Saturdays at 1 PM Central on 9 ...…
To prepare for Ragnarok this week we're watching Thor: The Dark World, aka the second one. We're also joined by wonderful guest Jon Blair (comedian, writer, actor) and we discuss the the changes in the movie, Star Wars parallels, get off track talking about GI Joe, and Chris O'Dowd ... in space! Looking for the latest trends through great acces ...…
FW PRESENTS: THOSE WONDERFUL TOYS #6 Chris welcomes fellow Network All-Star Rob Kelly to talk about one of the most unusual toy lines ever produced--M*A*S*H action figures! Join the conversation and find more great content: Leave comments on our FIRE & WATER PODCAST website: Images from this episode ...…
It's a blast from the past this week, as co-founder of Back to the Eighties, Jeremy joins us to check on how the podcast is doing - so quick, look busy! The Boss is here! We'll also be doing some reminiscing, this time about GI Joe, Cobra, the state of the franchise, and asking why Hasbro doesn't seem to care less about one of it's heritage pro ...…
Welcome FRIENDS to another episode of Signal of Doom as Dave and Stew cover Batman vs Predator, Vol 1! It’s an EPIC episode as the Predator stalks his PREY in Gotham City! Also, Dave makes a bold statement about the current Batman era, high on the strength of the Metal spinoff books, and DEEP in love with Catwoman! We go IN DEPTH on the Black P ...…
Thanks for listening! Vote in our weekly poll on Twitter @comicsjls, Email requests to and watch us live on the JLS Comics YouTube channel every Thursday night at 8:30PM ESTHere are the topics covered in this podcast:1. The Punisher being released on November 17 2017 on Netflix2. What's to come in the X-Verse: a. Breaking do ...…
In this episode of Voices from DARPA, Maj. Christopher Orlowski, a program manager with extensive military experience and now at the end of his tenure of the Agency’s Tactical Technology Office (TTO), draws a line from his research programs in mechanized and robotic undersuits, vehicles, and human-machine systems, which are driven by the goal o ...…
Host Eric Dehm is joined by the Executive Director of AMVETS, Joe Chenelly for a talk focusing on plans for the CARE porogram, an idea to reign in one aspect of the GI Bill, non-citizen veterans being deported, and responding to a listener question about what some are calling a "veteran tax."
And now for something a little... illuminating. GI Joe is under fire, and Cujo has been in the trenches. In our ninety-ninth official outing we offer the mic up to our American correspondent for the truth on IDW, GI Joe, and the preeminence of Larry Hama. If you're in the mood for untangling a mystery or two, step a little closer... And once ag ...…
My Cesspool Podcast
topics include weird laws in the United States, most dangerous species around the globe, pathetic GI Joes, and Will Potter joins us to talk cops shooting civilians, flat earth, and human engineering. Johnny Podcast, Badger, Fauss, & Will Potter are responsible for this content and nothing said should be held against them..... @jfauss @VoiceOfBa ...…
This week, the Pals comment on the passing of Len Wein, the case of deja vu brought on by our first look at David Harbour’s Hellboy, the ridiculous controversy surrounding Superman saving an immigrant -- which is exactly what Superman has always done, and we break down the witch hunt against Aubrey Sitterson being led by G.I. Joe fans, and what ...…
we have Danny and Blanca, founders of the GIJoe Green Shirts Facebook group, on with us to talk and GIJoe toys and anticipation of the new Star Wars movies.
Old Man & Skinny Guy: Gaming Talk for Everyone
Our first guest, Shannon Fidler sits down with us to discuss the myriad worlds she belongs to. Her early days start with many things anime (Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Naruto and Cardcaptor Sakura) as well as video games galore (Sega Genesis, The Sims, Overwatch and others). We talk about her experiences with cosplay and conventions such as Otakon and Z ...…
Time to wrap up on another miniseries. Operation Dragonfire, love it or hate it, it's part of GI Joe history. And to quote the Sally Jupiter from Watchmen: "Every day, the future looks a little bit darker. But the past... even the grimy parts of it... keep on getting brighter." And you don't get much grimier than Operation Dragonfire. But dammi ...…
On this episode, we review Rom Vs. Transformers issue #2, we find out if we’re getting some Tom Scioli-inspired Transformers vs G.I. Joe toys, and TFcon DC and HASCON announce more guests. All this and much, much more on this episode of TransMissions Alt Mode! This episode was edited by Michael Ordway (@minervion). Please check out his work in ...…
On this episode, we review Rom Vs. Transformers issue #2, we find out if we’re getting some Tom Scioli-inspired Transformers vs G.I. Joe toys, and TFcon DC and HASCON announce more guests. All this and much, much more on this episode of TransMissions Alt Mode! This episode was edited by Michael Ordway (@minervion). Please check out his work in ...…
Funky Tuesday Radio Show!
This time Sylvan and Oriol make a pit stop on Funky&Disco&Afro sessions and dedicate their program to Soul&Black music in general, going back to the 60's with rare tunes, discovering new releases, playing new soul, and talking about 60's scene in general, warming up a little bit for the Copenhagen Soul Weekend (23-26 August). B.T Express - Herb ...…
our favorite GIJoe figures from end of the Real American Hero line 1992-1994
1943-xx-xx AFRS GI Jive 0414 Joe Turner.mp3 The Dixieland Jazz Group: Joe Turner Blues Artie Shaw: Indian Love Call Jimmy Dorsey: Murderistic (1942) Charlie Barnet: The Sergeant Was Shy
GI Joburg
Choose Your Own Adventure: '90s Subteam Edition! Join us as we live-roleplay three tales based around a few of the most notorious GI Joe and Cobra subsets. Lily and Paul are on the line from Joburg, Rob's in Cape Town. Cujo joins us from Long Beach and Steve is in Singapore of all places. It's another triple timezone debacle. Do you take the Bl ...…
The Podcast
It's a different show this week for The A1 Podcast. Norko and Seth forego the usual news style format, and talk about two controversies that happened over the weekend on the independent scene. First, Joey Ryan used his, shall we say, Signature Move on WWE Hall Of Famer Mick Foley. This caused a stir i ...…
On this episode of Military Resource Radio, Tony Gatliff sits down with US Navy Veteran and the definition of the word INSPIRATION – AJ Mohammed. The pair discuss AJ’s upbringing in Trinidad and Tobago, California and Wisconsin (a lot of variety there), as well as “Hamilton”, “GI Joe”, his experiences in JROTC and AJ’s inspiration for joining t ...…
Brian and JD name their favorite o-ring Joes 1988-1991
All Military, All the Time Week comes to a close tonight! However, we send you out with the networks take on the animated GI Joe movie. Cobra Commander, Serpentor, and Globulus threaten to steal the BET and GI Joe is the only ones that can stop them. Prepare yourselves, for some good CHUCKLES, find your copy, cue it up and just enjoy!…
Screaming Boy does a show to fit in with "All Military, All The Time Week" on the #RIBN - who knows what we'll come up with, a list? talk war movies? play GI Joes? Tune in and find out!
It's SHARC week and we sink our jaws into GI Joe's premier flying submarine! Definitive sculpt section this ep is on Buzz LightyeaDEEP SIX (of course)! The boys give a rundown of their favourite submarine books and films and a healthy bit of debate on which would win in an air/sea duel - the SHARC or the Sea Ray? SHARC love to the max...…
In this episode of the Discourse, my good friend Tony joins me to discuss nerdy topics like Magic the Gthering, Heroclix, Yu-Gi-oH, Pokemon, and other collectible games. We also talk about how our generation has trouble paying attention due to technology. Subscribe to Us on iTunes! Website: Email: zach@discourseofhuma ...…
Lunch Table Round Table
Growing up, it's all about TOYS. You play with toys, you want toys, you obsess over toys. For a small window of your youth, toys are the only thing you care about. While video games have pretty much taken the place of toys in today's culture, we look back at the toys we loved and the ones we so desperately wanted. Shaun's Pick - Micro Machines ...…
Covering PWG Pushin' Forward Back with Albert Ching (, Brandon Talbot ( and host Aubrey Sitterson ( Includes discussion of PWG Champion Zack Sabre, Jr. vs Chuck Taylor; Brian Cage & Michael Elgin vs The Young Bucks; Trevor Lee vs Ricochet; ...…
We Be Geeks - Your Voice Of The Geek Revolution
It was a slow news week, but the the guys still managed to find a few things to talk about this week. They start off the show with their thoughts on the recent announcement about Erica Durance coming to Supergirl before moving on to discuss the Amazon series The Tick. Staying on the television front, The gang then run down the cast of the upcom ...…
As you will hear in this episode I had no plans to run a Spartan Race. I figured I would just stick to marathons and half marathons. But when Joe De Sena says “You’re going to Palmerton”, who am I to argue? Joe is, after all, the most punishing man in fitness according to Outside Magazine. Race Recap: Pennsylvania Spartan Super It’s always fun ...…
As you will hear in this episode I had no plans to run a Spartan Race. I figured I would just stick to marathons and half marathons. But when Joe De Sena says “You’re going to Palmerton”, who am I to argue? Joe is, after all, the most punishing man in fitness according to Outside Magazine. Race Recap: Pennsylvania Spartan Super It’s always fun ...…
As you will hear in this episode I had no plans to run a Spartan Race. I figured I would just stick to marathons and half marathons. But when Joe De Sena says “You’re going to Palmerton”, who am I to argue? Joe is, after all, the most punishing man in fitness according to Outside Magazine. Race Recap: Pennsylvania Spartan Super It’s always fun ...…
In this episode of LMScast with Chris Badgett of LifterLMS we discuss creating a brand and online courses in the health field with mind scientist Dr. Charles Parker from Core Brain Journal. Charles operates in the field of mind science. They discuss building a brand in the health world and operating in a new field of medicine. Having a way to t ...…
Are they dolls? Hell no they ain't! These are mutha f*ckin action figures!! This episode the fellas bring you a history of action figures all the way from GI Joe to McFarlane. Also the Nerd bust out some old toys from Content Kid's past and we learn about their misadventures at 2017 Philadelphia Comic Con! Hail Hydra folks.…
145 minutes · Originally Aired Apr 15, 2012 Episode Info Well that was interesting. Just days after recording this episode, Retaliation toys ambushed collectors on the shelves at retail. And since we can’t always be right, it seems a couple of our predictions on this episode fell short. But at the very least you can hear the (what we think are) ...…
65 minutes · Originally Aired Mar 15, 2012 Episode Info Show notes: Over the past 3 years, Patrick Stewart (aka notpicard) and Gary Head (aka Gyre-Viper) have discovered or simply brought to light, through their in-hand reviews, a lot of canceled ...…
Ep3/JIM SORENSON 68 minutes · Originally Aired Mar 7, 2012 Episode Info Ep3: JIM SORENSON "GI JOE FIELD MANUAL" For years the community has been craving a GI JOE art book… specifically, a card art or packaging art coffee table-style volume. On this episode, we talk not only to the man who is most likely to make it happen, but who is also very m ...…
114 minutes · Originally Aired Mar 1, 2012 TOY FAIR + the origins of Retaliation Night-Viper and Crimson Guard. We are joined by Joe Declassified Owner SAM "Nomad" DAMON! Episode Info Ep2: Toy Fair has come and gone. But the community is still firmly locked onto the GI JOE reveals from a few weeks ago. “Articulation Loss” continues to cause qui ...…
On the Show this week Voice Artist, Actor, Screen Writer Morgan Lofting Voice of the Baroness from the GI Joe cartoons. She, Ed Gilbert (General Hawk), Jerry Houser (Sci-Fi), Robert Remus (Sgt. Slaughter), and the late Chris Latta (Cobra Commander) were the only actors to work on both the 1980s series and the early 1990s series.We talk the indu ...…
Brandon has his attic amongst him. Tom has been doing some work in his attic too. The figure cases are ready for filming. Check out the FB group or Tom's Barbalet Youtube channel for more footage. Tom will be attending a train convention in Mahwah NJ in September 2018. Brandon wants some hoarding advice from Tom. Dangerous stuff. Brandon fields ...…
Brian and JD each name their 5 favorite vintage Joe figures from 1982 through 1987
Covering the NJPW G1 Special shows in Long Beach, CA with Josh Barnett ( and host Aubrey Sitterson ( Includes discussion of IWGP World Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada, Cody Rhodes, IWGP Intercontinental Champion Hiroshi Tanahashi, Tetsuya Naito, Juice Robinson, Los ...…
On this week’s show, Joe and Shawn discuss:Wrestling All-Stars - September 1986Topics include:- Kamala is the black King Kong Bundy- why are there only THREE Horseman?- Dusty Rhodes does a striptease- Mike Rotundo fears Mmmbop Hanson- Ivan Putski gets shredded; no one cares- Larry Zbyszko wears the best karate gi of all time- the rarity that wa ...…
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