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En initierad podd om GIF Sundsvall av Lukas Sahlin och Oskar Lund, med gäster. Vi diskuterar senaste nytt i och omkring klubben.
The first episode of the Gif of A$$holes podcast is up where upon we discuss the serious plot details and casting choices for what would be the greatest movie ever, Tom Atkins Ghost Dick! Featuring myself, Desirae, Matt, and Don Austin.
Refinery 29's award-winning podcast is back for a five-part capsule collection on feminist memes. This season we find out what happened to Peaches Monroee after she coined On Fleek, dive into the reaction GIFs selection on Giphy and talk to meme maker Quinta Brunson. Hosted by Executive Producer Elisa Kreisinger and sponsored by Spotify. All episodes drop 3/30!
Daily+ is a regular podcast on/about/for animated GIFs. Each episode lasts no more than 15 seconds.
Quelques petits tutoriels sur le web, design, php, multimédia pour que vous puissiez apprendre à votre tour et vous perfectionner. Bon visionnage ^_^
Birds on the Black is a site dedicated to the St. Louis Cardinals. Analysis, Minors, Opinion, Gifs, Podcast, Videos, etc.
Brandon Knows Nothing
After realizing how little he actually knows about life and other things, comedian Brandon Collins (@americancollins) questions everything with a new guest every week on this new podcast! Join Brandon as he asks folks in various professions about their jobs, work/life balance and random shit they've probably never been asked! Make sure to rate 5 stars and subscribe on whichever podcast app you use!
Join 11-year-old scientist Lottie Turner and her robot pal Gif on a fun-filled journey through history.
Playful Banter
The Playful Banter Podcast featuring Robbie Parness and Kyle McGowan. We love bacon, gifs, and freedom
AfterChef Junior
The only unofficial MasterChef Junior after show podcast in existence. (Probably.) Weekly post-episode recaps and discussion with hosts Jenni and Stacey and producer Max, hashing out the wins and losses, coolest outfits, most GIF-able moments, dealing with our own personal youthful failures, and dreaming about who would be our best friend if we were still 12.
Exploring the social and cultural aspects of the 21st centuries premier art form: the gif.
Un nuevo año. Nuevos desafíos para el panel. No podemos decir que queremos hacer que Mangocast sea Great Again, porque nunca dejó de serlo, así que el objetivo del 2017 es llegar al episodio #100 y celebrarlo con nuestra inconmensurable audiencia (los detalles serán comunicados en su momento). La pregunta del día tuvo que ver con las promesas del IoT (Internet of Things), buscando casos de uso prácticos en la casa o en situaciones cotidianas. Las respuestas fueron muy variadas, y algunas de ...
Same For You?
Same For You, a show hosted by your hosts @paddydonnelly and @takete, jam packed with pun based features and drivel, all with hilarious consequences. Sponsored by animated gifs.
Tings is a social networking app that lets you capture and share life moments in GIF with voice-over. Available on iOS.
Casino News Show
News from popular online casinos about progressive jackpots, tournaments, new games and more! To watch current or past episodes go to www.Casino-News-Show.TV
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The ThunderBolts took an early deficit and dropped the opener against the Lake Erie Crushers 7-0. Highlights include an Omar Obregon double that broke up a no-hit bid and a strong defensive play by Obregon.
Soundbite of the Week 1 Lyman Stone, Why Congress Can’t Pass Immigration Reform 2 Dr. Russell Dawn, How Christians Buy into Progressivism 3 Pr. Steven Parks, Does 2 Timothy 2:1-2 Teach Apostolic Succession? 4 Pr. Chris Rosebrough, The Goal of Seeker-Driven Worship
Call-in Christian talk show with Pastor Michael Thomas, Bishop Leroy George, and Pastor Darryl Beatty. Today's topic: are you able to discern truth from error?
The ThunderBolts were swept in a doubleheader by the Joliet Slammers for the second consecutive day. Highlights include the Slammers' walk-off hit in game two.
Former PFR frontman Joel Hanson shares his life in the Christian music industry and leading worship in the church setting now. Timo Keskitalo of the European Evangelical Alliance talks about continuing immigration issues in Europe, and immigrants finding Christ.
Acton Institute's Ben Johnson discusses the immigration issue, and responds to concerning aspects of the Alt-Right movement. World Relief's Matthew Soerens joins the show from near the US-Mexico border about the child separation, zero-tolerance policy issues, and World Relief's response.
Happy Solstice, y’all Here are the links from tonight’s program: Surprise! New activity in Sunspot Land:​data/synoptic/sunspots_earth/mdi_​sunspots_1024.jpg Looking what is up in the night sky: Wed, Jun 20, 11h FIRST ...…
If you spend enough time online - you'll get an angry comment. This can leave you wondering, what do I do? How do I respond? That's what this episode is about. Brady responds to a real life situation. What's In This Session? Adam's experience (0:41) Option #1: Delete & reach out personally (3:33) Option #2: Hide (4:56) Option #3: Respond (5:55) ...…
Lebron Tears Beer Special Stanley Cup Celebration Or This Boring Company in Chicago McMoon The most impractical lock money can buy Graffiti as Investment Firefighters in Akron Rod Stewart
En el especial de distinciones hoy abordamos la distinción entre Sueño y Visión. Puedes suscribirte … .. Leer más ...
Male Republicans support separating families trying to cross illegally into the U.S. from Mexico, but most other groups — and Texas voters overall — do not, according to the latest University of Texas/Texas Tribune
EPISODE #34: IT'S COMING HOME Playlist: Happy Mondays - Hallelujah - Club Mix Calva Louise - Outrageous Drahla - Fictional Decision Dumb - Mint Feel Alright - In Bad Faith Avulsions - The End Cocteau Twins - Persephone Sorry - Twinkle Sink Ya Teeth - Substitutes The Smiths - I Don't Owe You Anything The Goon Sax - She Knows Faith Healer - & Wai ...…
After some brief discussion (01:46) of Hereditary, Death Cab For Cutie, Westworld and Oceans 8 (14:02), Benji and Marco settle in to talk about The Boy Next Door (25:24), a 2015 film staring Karate Jake and J-Lo. It’s real bad. Sorry.
Since North Melbourne utility player Majak ((MAH-jahk)) Daw burst onto the scene several years ago, the AFL has watched a proliferation of young players of African descent make their mark on the game. Now, by celebrating the diversity of African migrants, the league says it hopes to create new pathways not just onto the field but across the com ...…
ស្ថានភាពសុខភាពរបស់សម្ដេចក្រុមព្រះ នរោត្តម រណឫទ្ធិ បានប្រសើរឡើង ខណៈសពអ្នកម្នាង អ៊ុក ផល្លា បូជា នៅថ្ងៃព្រឹកថ្ងៃទី២០មិថុនា - ស្ថានភាពសុខភាពរបស់សម្ដេចក្រុមព្រះ នរោត្តម រណឫទ្ធិ បានប្រសើរឡើង ខណៈសពអ្នកម្នាង អ៊ុក ផល្លា បូជា នៅថ្ងៃព្រឹកថ្ងៃទី២០មិថុនា
Five would-be immigrants have died in the United States, in Texas, after their vehicle crashed while being chased by Border Patrol agents. It has added controversy to a new "zero tolerance" immigration policy some say is leading to the separation of children from their families. - មនុស្ស 5 នាក់ដែលជាជនអន្តោប្រវេសន៍បានស្លាប់នៅក្នុងសហរដ្ឋអាមេរិកនៅ ...…
On World Refugee Day, the USA has declared that it will withdraw from the UN Human Rights Council. More in this interview. - "أعطِني ناسَكَ المتعبين، الفقراء، المحتشدين، التوّاقين إلى التنفس بحرية"! هذه ليست من أقوال أحد الأنبياء أو من كلمات قصائد الزمن الجميل أو أغنياته، بل أنشودة كانت ذات يوم قبلة الرجاء، جملةٌ منقوشة على قاعدة تمثال الحرية ف ...…
The world is experiencing the largest humanitarian crisis since the end of World War II with 65 million forcibly displaced people worldwide. Sunday the 17th to Saturday the 23rd of June is Refugee Week in Australia. This year’s theme is #WithRefugees, a call to protect the safety and rights of refugees. - ពិភពលោកកំពុងជួបប្រទះនូវវិបត្ដិមនុស្សធម៌ ...…
Psalm 89:39-53 Psalm 90 Judges 8:22-23,30-32;9:1-15,19-20 Prayer Requests to
Watch the Show: Listen to the Podcast: In episode #130 there are changes lurking in the distance. The podcast is back from LA and to cap off the shift in content we are adding a video portion to the show, setting up a way for you to get on the podcast, and breaking down yet another tvc. This week's breakdown focuses on using natural light with ...…
Chinese famous actress Fan Bingbing is struggling in tax evasion saga, now she has to battle the rumor that she has transferred 6 billion Chinese Yuan to the US. Please find more details in Mandarin webpage. - 阴阳合同的问题目前还未水落石出,本月有网友爆料,范冰冰和李晨同时取消中国国籍,更将名下67.8亿人民币存款移往美国。
Ricardo Merlo (MAIE) will be undersecretary for the Italians abroad. - Ricardo Merlo (MAIE) riceverà la delega di Sottosegretario per gli italiani nel mondo.
Today's Cricket Close-ups is packed with the incidents at a Ranji trophy match played in Chennai almost 5- 6 years ago. Prakash Bhatt shares an episode from batsman Rohan Bhosale's life. - આજના ક્રિકેટ ક્લોઝ-અપ્સમાં પ્રકાશ ભટ્ટ વાત કરે છે આજથી લગભગ પાંચ- છ વર્ષ પહેલાં ચેન્નઈમાં રમાયેલ એક રણજી ટ્રૉફી મૅચ વિષે અને ખાસ તો રૅલ્વેના એક ખેલાડી રોહન ભ ...…
Sunday the 17th to Saturday the 23rd of June is Refugee Week in Australia. This year’s theme is #WithRefugees, a call to protect the safety and rights of refugees. A range of resettlement services are helping refugees get back on their feet, we take a look at some of their success stories. - ઓસ્ટ્રેલીયામાં આ સપ્તાહે ઉજવાઈ રહેલા રેફ્યુજી વિક (૧૭ ...…
Playlist: Jimmy Wakley - In The Hills Of Wyoming Bill Monroe - Blue Grass Breakdown Flatt & Scruggs - Randy Lynn Rag Flatt & Scruggs - The Ballad Of Jed Clampett Shaela Miller - Hard Knock Upside My Mind Tom Philips - Hard Part of Town Zephania O'Hora & The 18 Wheelers - She's Leaving In The Morning Joe Vickers - Wood Burning Stove Colter Wall ...…
FIFA has been called on to investigate a string of alleged homophobic acts during the World Cup in Russia. - 2018 俄羅斯世界盃舉行期間,發生多宗涉嫌棄仇視同性戀事件,不但如此,連俄羅斯政府也帶頭把同性戀者關押,於是有權益組織呼籲 FIFA 國際足聯要徹查這些涉嫌事件。
UNSW finance professor, Max Tani, talks about US tariff war and Australian tax debate. - Il professore di finanza dell UNSW, Max Tani, parla della guerra dei dazi iniziata dall'America e del dibattito sulle tasse in Australia.
We talk about Garbage Plates, Legal Weed, Hookers, DJ Flex, Slow-Pitch, Las Vegas
Age Discrimination Commissioner Kay Patterson has turned down calls for a royal commission into the aged-care sector, saying a new national body should be sufficient. The new national body is the independent Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission, to be launched next year. Council on the Ageing ((COTA)) Australia says it is hopeful the governm ...…
During an afternoon at a Samara Fifa Fan Festival Park, our colleague Zoran Subic was not counting the number of goals Serbian and Australian teams have scored in the World Cup but the number of kind words and smiles he has collected from Russian hosts. "Very few of them speak English but the language barrier has not stopped Russians and thousa ...…
The US President is staying firm on his border protection policy, saying separating children from their families at the US-Mexico border is the only way to curb illegal migration.
Shops and supermarkets will not be fined for handing out single-use plastic bags until 2019, because WA is not ready for next month’s bag ban. From July 1, all lightweight plastic bags will technically be banned in WA, while Queensland is also introducing a ban on the same date, bringing the two States into line with most of Australia. A Govern ...…
The much-delayed multibillion-dollar Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau bridge will accommodate up to 26 per cent less traffic in 2030 than previously estimated because of keen competition expected from another mainland bridge and China’s national railway, the government conceded on Monday.. - 耗資 1,200 億港元的港珠澳大橋已竣工但仍未通車,而香港運輸及房屋局證實,三地政府曾在 2016 年就大橋車流及客流量重新 ...…
Detailed morning news bulletin - 請收聽本台為大家準備的詳盡早晨新聞。
Law and You: During a divorce how does each party’s contribution to the family affect the division ? Articled clerk Mr Hugo Tang explains. - 夫婦對家庭的貢獻怎樣影響到離婚時的財產分配?請聽見習律師鄧丞軒為大家講解。
Two upsets in the opening two games of Group H leave that section of the competition wide open. - Due sorprese nelle partite d’esordio mischiano le carte nel gruppo H.
Message from Bobby McGraw on Jun 20, 2018
Financial services today, from technology to China, an interview with Lawrence H. Summers, fmr US Secretary of the Treasury, Charles W. Eliot University Professor and President Emeritus of Harvard University.
Today we're playing Mario Kart because we can finally stream off the Switch!You can't swing a dead cat gif on the internet without hitting an article about this year's E3 conference, so we're still talking about it! Fallout, The Last of Us II, even Red Dead Redemption?? Tune in to find out!Music:…
Abiy - ኣብዚ ቕንያት ቀዳማይ ሚኒስተር ኣብይ ኣሕመድ ንፓርላማ ሃገሩ ዘስምዖ መደረን ካብ ኣባላት ፓርላማ ዝቐረበ ሕቶ ዝሃቦ ምላሽን ኣብ ማሕበራዊ መራኸቢታት ዉዑይ መዛረቢ ዛዕባ ኮይኑ ቀኒዩ ኣሎ። ብዛዕባ ጉዳይ ዶብ ኢትዮ-ኤርትራን መግለጺ ፈጻሚ ስራሕ ኢህወደግን ዝቐረበ ሕቶን መልሲን ብሕጽር ዝበለ ኣብ ናይ ሎሚ ዛዕባ ሎሚ ቀሪቡ ኣሎ።
Elli Tomova and Lilia Doncova from Bulgarian Rythms - a Bulgarian folk dance group based in Sydney about the benefits of dancing traditional Bulgarian folk dances, culinary and the festival Balkan Bonanza. - Ели Томова и Лилия Донкова от Български ритми - българска народна танцова група, базирана в Сидни, за ползите от играта на традиционните б ...…
Bruce Ashford comments on what laws are really at play in the current immigration debate, and suggests changes. World Magazine's Janie B. Cheaney talks about reading to kids, our culture's view of the human body, and how God views it.
This Machine Will Print Live Tweets on Beer Foam So Drinkers Can Pay Attention to the World Cup Warner Bros. is cracking down on Harry Potter festivals, and fans are not pleased Trump orders creation of a standalone Space Force Mysterious Mars rock formation explained - and it doesn't involve UFOs The post TMU0068: StarQuest Headlines for June ...…
Paul Schueller was interested in energy and environmental issues as a young boy in Port Washington and was lucky enough to get into that area as a pipeline construction engineer at Wisconsin Electric. He left the utility to form his own consulting firm, then in 1994 founded Franklin Energy , a Port Washington company that operates energy-saving ...…
Today on Dear Science, your favorite AUT Professor Allan Blackman discusses why playing Mozart to babies in the womb is the most stimulating option (although we don't know the extent of stimulation or even if it's beneficial) - and how, oddly enough, Shakira and Adele don't seem to have any impact of foetuses. We also prove - yet again - to fla ...…
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