Best glennhumplik podcasts we could find (Updated March 2018)
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Zoice is a monthly podcast that explores sound as a medium of creativity. Each episode features a new short story, told using a unique combination of words, music and sound. The podcast is a collaboration between Paul Anthony, Glenn Humplik, and Sharlene Hoftyzer.
Humplik Happy Hour
A cynical and comedic look at the offbeat and weird news stories that are often overlooked by the mainstream media. The podcast features former MTV / Tom Green Show co-host Glenn Humplik as the host.
Wise Idiots
Life isn't always easy and every now and then you need a couple of idiots to give you some advice. Have no fear... The idiots 2.0 are here. Former MTV Tom Green Show co-hosts Glenn Humplik and Phil Giroux could be heard on the monthly 'Wise Idiots" podcast. That's until vastly superior Artificial Intelligence versions took over the program. The world will never be the same again. If you need advice on any topic and want to be part of the show visit and send the AI Robots your ...
The Humplik Happy Hour Podcast
The Humplik Happy Hour Podcast is an hour long semi-monthly podcast featuring former MTV / Tom Green Show co-host Glenn Humplik. The podcast is recorded from Glenn's hometown of Ottawa Canada.
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If you've ever been to Las Vegas you know that the entertainment options are endless. But did you know that starting in 1951 a different source of entertainment gripped Vegas: The Atomic Bomb. Story: Sharlene Hoftyzer Editing and music: Paul Anthony Narration and editing: Glenn Humplik
Who determines the value of money? On this episode of Zoice we spoke to John Rubino, and investment advisor and co-author of the book "The Money Bubble". We discuss the history of money, what we have turned it into, and why we might be facing a money crisis in the near future. Story: Sharlene Hoftyzer Original Score and editing: Paul Anthony Na ...…
In the July monthly edition of the Zoice podcast we explore how DNA can affect our feelings about chewing noises. We interview Karen, who describes what it is like to live with misophonia. Story: Sharlene Hoftyzer Original Score and editing: Paul Anthony Narration and interviews: Glenn Humplik A special thanks goes out to Karen for sharing her ...…
On the June 2015 edition of the podcast we take on "The Politics of Carrots". The orange vegetable you've been eating since childhood has a story to tell. Take a listen! You may never look at a carrot in the same way again. Story: Sharlene Hoftyzer Original Score and editing: Paul Anthony Narration and interviews: Glenn Humplik If you know of a ...…
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