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Are you a complete lunatic? Do you hold grudges? Do you have arguments with people in your head? Then HARD FEELINGS with Kevin Ryan and H.Foley is the podcast for you. New podcast every Thursday morning!! Follow us on twitter, Facebook and Instagram @hardfeelingspod.
If you've always wanted to know what the real story was behind some of wrestling's biggest moments, the MLW Radio Network’s Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard will finally give you the real answer. A terrific storyteller, Bruce has done and seen it all and now he's going to share it all with you so sit back and be ready for a wild ride! Join Bruce and his partner in crime, Conrad Thompson as they take you through the WWF's expansion in the 80s, Houston Wrestling, the challenging early ...
Race Wars
Hilarious, honest and unfiltered, Race Wars with Kurt Metzger, Sherrod Small and Keren Margolis delivers a brutally funny perspective that can't be found anywhere else. Kurt, Sherrod and Keren cut through all the layers of politically correct media spin to deliver hysterical and truthful opinions on social, racial and global topics.
A raw look into the personal lives of four struggling New York (by way of Philadelphia) comedians. Every week Derek Gaines, H. Foley, Kevin Ryan, and Andrew Schiavone sit down to bring you laughs, ball busting, and stories of comedy life. New episode every Monday.http://www.centercitycomedy.com
Weekly Comedy Podcast that discusses a first in a different comedian's life. Hosted by Andrew Schiavone and Mike Shvenderman.
Read Like a Writer
Read Like a Writer is the books podcast from Faber & Faber, Serpent’s Tail and Canongate, three independent publishers bringing the voices – and book recommendations – of their authors to your ears, hosted by Anna Fielding. In each episode, we’ll hear about the books they strongly recommend you read, their latest projects and learn a bit about their local indie bookshop too.
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Sherrod and Keren are joined in studio by Kendra Sunderland and comedians Riley Lassin and H Foley as Riley discusses Connecticut sorority life they discuss the connection between domestic violence and football, and Kendra talks about her creepy high school teacher writing her poems.For the extended version of this weeks podcast subscribe at ww ...…
Sherrod and Keren are joined by comedians Kevin Gootee and Drew Picklyk, as well as Standup NY chief of Staff Jon Borromeo as Drew breaks down the upcoming Canadian Election, Jon talks about the death squads in the Philippines, and Sherrod discusses how to deal with the NYPD.For the extended version of this weeks podcast subscribe at www.patreo ...…
HOT EP! Kippy has a run in with a famous person while Foley desperately needs a haircut. They also discuss the protocol of eating free samples at the grocery store. Which may or may not be GARBAGE. Support the show: https://ko-fi.com/hardfeelings
This bonus episode the boys solve the conflict in China. Kippy also kills an old lady in a revolving door while Foley still holds a grudge with an old boss. Support the pod: ko-fi.com/hardfeelings
From his college wrestling and judo training to his successful runs in ECW, WWE, and TNA Bruce and Conrad cover it all. The mood is about to change on this edition of Something To Wrestle with Bruce Prichard focusing on the Human Suplex Machine, TAZ.
Sherrod was at a memorial for chef Carl Ruiz this week so we've assembled some of Carl's best stories to pay tribute.By Kurt Metzger and Sherrod Small.
HOT EPISODE! Kippy has a run in with some you thugs on the subway that almost comes to blows - while Foley is having some trouble at home with a sick cat. Buy a beer: https://ko-fi.com/hardfeelings
Bonus EP! This bonus Kippy and Foley discuss some jerkoff who answered his phone in the front row of the comedy club and Foley runs into some issues while paying the rent. Brought to you by "Anonymous" Buy us a beer: https://ko-fi.com/hardfeelings
You're going to enjoy No Mercy 2004, there's so much meat on the bone surrounding this PPV. Bruce and Conrad discuss the drama surrounding the WWE diva search, talent dress code violations, and how the company lost the right to use "Hulk" in Hulk Hogan's name! Plus, the guys remember two legends that passed during this time and the impact both ...…
Kippy is back from Europe and has some Hard Feelings with travel, Russians, and the Italians. Foley has a run in with some punks in his neighborhood and is slowly watching his neighborhood fall apart. Buy us a beer: www.ko-fi.com/hardfeelings
Bruce and Conrad pay homage to one of the WWE's largest and brightest superstars of the 20th century, Yokozuna. The big man's heritage is vast and his journey to the big time will have you in awe. Sit back and enjoy this three hour tribute to one of the greats, Yokozuna!
Sherrod and Keren have a packed studio today with comedians Enissa Amani, Neko White, Mikey Mayes, Mike Brown, and psychic Natasha Leath-Hamilton as Natasha reads everyone in the room, Enissa discusses how Germans can be funny despite the lack of Jews and the guys discuss how white women are the biggest threat to black men.For the extended vers ...…
This week Kippy has a run in with the cable guy who makes himself a little too comfortable in his house while Foley has hard feelings with another driver during a parking situation. Buy a beer: https://ko-fi.com/hardfeelings
BONUS! Kippy and Foley meet up on location to talk about Billy Joel, Foley's "start in television" and babysitter porn. Buy a beer:https://ko-fi.com/hardfeelings
Bruce and Conrad breakdown Monday Night RAW from September 22, 1997. On this fateful night, Stone Cold Steve Austin would stand up to Vince McMahon and deliver a stunner that would send shockwaves throughout the federation.
Sherrod and Keren are joined by Aida Rodriguez, Sofia Samrad, Jax Dell'Osso, and Abby Lee Brazil where Aida breaks the news of Jesse Jaymes' death to Abby, they discuss the Shane Gillis debacle, and Abby talks about growing up in Brazil.@officialabbyleebrazil@funnyaida@jaxdellosso@sofiasamradFor the extended version of this weeks podcast subscr ...…
This week the boys are back and Kippy has a run in with some underage girls at an NYC bar. Foley has some headaches from going home and having some family time. Buy a beer: https://ko-fi.com/hardfeelings
Kippy and Foley dive into the recent political correctness drama that happened with Saturday Night Live (SNL) and their friend Shane Gillis. They also get into a recent fat shaming drama with James Cordon. Its a hot one! Buy a Beer: ko-fi.com/hardfeelings
Bruce and Conrad discuss the development of In Your House 3: Triple Threat. What went behind putting all the titles on the line? Was it a recipe for destructions? Why did the titles change hands that night only to be given back the following night on RAW? All these answers and much more in this episode.…
Sherrod and Keren are joined by comedians Ryan Long and Rick Younger as Rick discusses being in Mean Girls on Broadway, black people with anxiety, and Ryan discusses his recent move to America.For the extended version of this weeks podcast subscribe at www.patreon.com/racewarsFor video of previous weeks extended episodes and more check us out a ...…
This week Kippy and Foley share some financial hard feelings about booking vacations with their girlfriends. Kippy tells Foley about how Chinese companies are moving their factories to the USA and culture clash that is happening. Buy us a beer: https://ko-fi.com/hardfeelings
This bonus episode is brought to you by listeners Court and Anton. Kippy and Foley discuss a new video calling for people to stop referring to a group of people as "Guys" as well as other issues of the PC culture. Plus a Philly basketball player gets into a fight with Eagles fans for wearing the wrong jersey. Buy a beer: Ko-fi.com/hardfeelings…
Change was in the air in 1997, Bruce and Conrad discuss why the company went to a three hour ppv format. The guys also discuss why Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker closed the ppv rather than Bret Hart vs The Patriot for the WWF title.
Sherrod is back from Vegas and joined by chef Carl Ruiz and comedians Kareem Green and Victoria Arnstein as Sherrod and Carl discuss drinking in the south, they discuss middle eastern women, and Nazi's in Argentina.For the extended version of this weeks podcast subscribe at www.patreon.com/racewarsBy Kurt Metzger and Sherrod Small.
Hot one this week! The boys are back from vacation and recap their Labor Day celebrations. Foley is getting frustrated with auditioning for TV shows while Kevin spots a famous person. Buy us a beer: ko-fi.com/hardfeelings
Sherrod and Kurt are reunited for a live episode in Las Vegas!!By Kurt Metzger and Sherrod Small.
Why have a normal SummerSlam, when you could have a NO HOLDS BARRED SummerSlam 1989! Bruce and Conrad discuss the twists and turns surrounding the PPV running off the heels of the blockbuster hit No Holds Barred.
Kippy and Foley have a HOT ONE! Kippy has a hell of a time at the dentist when they try rip him off and Foley gets mad at some street toughs who don't follow the rules! Plus the two take in the scenes of NYC! Buy a beer: https://ko-fi.com/hardfeelings
This bonus episode is brought to you by Michelle and Big Bri! Kippy and Foley share some customer service war stories while Kippy has problem on the train and Foley is over people complaining on Twitter. Buy a beer: http://ko-fi.com/hardfeelings
SummerSlam 1999 guaranteed "An Out of Body Experience" and that's what it delivered. The ppv also introduced the WWE Universe to the returning Jesse "The Body" Ventura. Ventura would officiate the triple threat main event of Mankind vs. Stone Cold vs. Triple H. Bruce and Conrad discuss why the company chose to bring back Ventura, and the creati ...…
Foley has a run in with a tire mechanic that almost gets physical! Kippy almost gets kidnapped by a rogue Uber driver while visiting Philadelphia. They both share the story of female audience member who gets yelled at for filming the show. Its a hot one baby! Buy a beer: www.ko-fi.com/hardfeelings
Sherrod and keren are joined by Yamaneika Saunders, Chrissie Mayr, Jeff Cerulli, Gina Brillon, and Matt Ritter as they discuss whether there are any subjects that are off limits to comedy, proper roast battle etiquette and they finish the show with some vintage tasteless jokes.By Kurt Metzger and Sherrod Small.
Take a look at how stacked the roster was back in 2004! SummerSlam 2004 is set to be one wild ride as Bruce and Conrad breaks down this card. World Heavyweight Championship Chris Benoit vs. Randy Orton, WWE Championship John "Bradshaw" Layfield vs. Undertaker, Eddie Gurerrero vs. Kurt Angle, Till Death Do Us Part Match - Lita Marries The Winner ...…
This week Kippy gets has a transportation issue after a weekend of sun and fun while Foley is have some personal issues. The two recap some good movies and get into the Zodiac Killer. Buy a beer: https://ko-fi.com/hardfeelings
For Sherrod's birthday Keren and him are joined by four pornstars Dani Daniels, Dillion Harper, Kelli Provacateur, and Payton Sin Clair as Payton talks about her multiple engagements and going to high school with Todd Frazier, and Kelli teaches Sherrod about scat.By Kurt Metzger and Sherrod Small.
This bonus episode comes from our listener ASHLEY! Kippy gets into a Twitter beef with a NFL personality and gets attacked by his fans. Foley gets into how he was an anxious kid and afraid of the Cold War. Plus the two reminisce about snacks! Buy a beer: https://ko-fi.com/hardfeelings
Chris Jericho debut on WWE television 20 years ago today. There is no doubt that Jericho's impact on the industry of professional wrestling is hall of fame worth. Now Bruce and Conrad take a look back at his introduction into the company and the first three years of his tenure.
Sherrod is joined in studio by Ann Coulter, Judge Herb Dodell, and comedian Jeff Leach as they get political debating gun control, Herb shares stories from the bench handing out restraining orders, and Jeff asks for legal advice.By Kurt Metzger and Sherrod Small.
Kippy & Foley are coming at ya from a stakeout! Kippy has a whacky run in with a group of people at a coffee shop while Foley contemplates getting a gun. Kippy has some beef with Foley for his littering problem and the two also share some good feelings over a rotisserie chicken from the supermarket. GARBAGE! Buy a beer: https://ko-fi.com/hardfe ...…
It's been said, "time flies when you're having fun" and there is no better example of that in wrestling podcasting than the story of Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard. Join Conrad Thompson, Dave Silva, and eventually Bruce Prichard as they reminisce about the incredible journey of the wrestling podcast that broke the mold. Conrad and Dav ...…
By 2001, Hollywood was beginning to smell what The Rock was cooking and wanted some. Bruce and Conrad discuss The Rock's transition from being the most electrifying man in sport entertainment to becoming the most electrifying man is sports AND entertainment.
Bonus Episode! The first bonus episode is from Mimi, Court Can't Win, and KUMA! We talk about what famous comedians we would want on our side when we invade Area 51 to free the aliens. Also Foley tries to understand women. Buy a beer: http://ko-fi.com/hardfeelings
This week Kippy and Foley are back with a HOT ONE! Kippy gets heckled by some drug dealers while Foley gets snubbed by a suburban house wife. Contribute to bonus episodes: http://ko-fi.com/hardfeelings
Sherrod is joined in studio by Dan Frigolette, Nic Novicki, Derek Gaines, and Jailyn as the new owner of The Weekly World News joins to tell everyone of the return of Bat Boy, Tracey tells about her crazy dating history and cheating with well endowed men.For the extended version of this weeks podcast subscribe at www.patreon.com/racewarsFor Vid ...…
Bruce and Conrad sit down for nearly two hours to answer all your questions in this latest episode of #LoveToKnow
The boys are back! They discuss the disgusting heat wave in the city. Kippy tells Foley about his European trip including shows in London and fighting with girlfriend over cold water in Germany. Buy a beer for a bonus episode: http://ko-fi.com/hardfeelings
Sherrod and Keren are joined by comedians Blair Thompson, Joe DeVito, Katie Boyle, and Riley Lassin for a wild episode where Katie talks about the black people she knew in Ireland, she struggles with American racism and Keren and Riley teach her about Judaism.For the extended version of this weeks podcast subscribe at www.patreon.com/racewarsFo ...…
Jim Ross has spent the last four decades shaping the way we experience professional wrestling. Now, Bruce and Conrad look at his career, historical calls, decisions as talent relations for WWE and how Jim F'in Ross is no where close to stopping.
Sherrod and Keren get mystical this week as they're joined by medium and oracle Elena Servidio-Schwin, Dr Todd Hoffman, and Steve Calabria as Elena explains how she can talk to the dead, astrally project, and she reads Steve on air.For video and the extended version of this weeks podcast subscribe at www.patreon.com/racewars…
The Attitude Era is in full swing and the stakes are at an all time high going into Fully Loaded 1999. Stone Cold Steve Austin will face the Undertaker in an attempt to reclaim his WWF title and take McMahon off television for good. We all know how that turned out, but what happened surrounding the event? Bruce and Conrad peel back the layers l ...…
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