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A show about wine, brought to you by devilishly handsome sommeliers.
Super Hero Homies!
Super Hero Homies is a podcast dedicated to bringing you all sorts of entertaining and informational material on any and everything Super Hero comic book related.
Welcome to the Corporate Homie Podcast! Join Corporate Homie founders Demetra and Bemetra as they discuss topics and tips to help minorities succeed in the corporate workplace.
Come hang out with our weekly talk as we cover everything from Law of Attraction, Personal Development and more from a homie's perspective. Stay tuned!
Homie Science
WIZKID productionsHomies breaking it down
Podcast by Me and The Gay Homie
Homie & Lexy
2 milliennials live together. Each owns a voicebot. This podcast is about what the 2 voicebots say to each other while the millennials are out.
Lonely Homie Podcast
A podcast about my loneliness. Relationship advice and fashion sometimes. Send questions and comments to or ask me questions at
Jackson Hoy (@JHoyNBA) and Cesar Smokowski (@CSmokowskiNBA) bring you all-inclusive NBA draft coverage. Their knowledge, banter, and in-depth scouting ability will keep you informed on all things NBA draft.
Podcast by Neal Ruhl and Cam Evans take a look at the business side of sports!
Real Talk, Homie
A network of podcasts, from Koqui, Inc.
Join your homies Danielle, Josh and Mike for an off-beat look at Stephen King's THE DARK TOWER! Twice a month!
Podcast by Pat Dougherty and Charlie Van Stee
A product of BADD Biz from Kansas City, Missouri. A few Homies with different views on many things, for your listening pleasures.
My Name is Weezer
You know you love…probably two Weezer records, but did you know that they recorded like a billion songs? Friends and comedians Jen Kleinrock and Patrick Ehlers learn about themselves and each other through Weezer’s vast catalogue.
Tha Leg'cast
Tha Leg'cast doesn't hold back. We talk about and say the thing's most people only say to their friend. Segments including Wisdom Words, The way it is, Youtube Homies, plus many more.
Sam Tallent and David Gborie are back you nerds! Listen weekly as they TRY TO GET RICH. Straight. Cash. Homie.
Every Night Is EPIC. Nationally Known & Syndicated. #partyrocka/Radio/Mixtape/Club DJBookings | djcamouflage502@gmail.comFollow Me: @djcamouflagePlease Share & Download my mixes today!
Control Issues
Three homies and a keyboard talking games, hunting trolls.
Trappin Anonymous
@Christylezz interviews real life trappers anonymously about their life experiences, the good, bad and the ugly. Stories however do not necessarily reflect real life accounts and will be used to educate and keep your little homie off the streets. This is Trappin Anonymous it's only entertainment, please don't get me indicted.
Wake and bake cuz! Down to smoke one with your big homie Snoop Dogg? Well, here I is and here’s your shot neffew. Get up close and personal with me – the one and only Snoop Dogg each week on my official GGN podcast.This podcast right here is hosted by none other than me…yours truly…music legend and pop culture icon… Snoop D-O-double G ya dig?!? This is nuthin but a smoked out session rolled tightly into podcast form that features me choppin’ game with and doin’ full-length interviews with a ...
Revolucion Tv
This is episode 9 of revolucion tv featuring lil brownie,big baby mash up, and more!!!!
Presented by Make Mistakes, hosted by Roy England, our homies and heroes from around the globe dropping hot tunes to make you sweat :)
Pour one out for our homie Gino.Gino is dead. Long live the Gino.
DJ Skandalouz presents The Skandalouz Show from London UK, and online around the world via iTunes, Podomatic, Soundcloud & Mixcloud. Skandalouz brings you the freshest new Rap and Hip-Hop music straight from the USA - as well as a few classic throwbacks thrown in!Artists you can expect to hear include: Drake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Dr Dre, Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, T.I., Big Boi, DJ Khaled, 50 Cent, Fat Joe, Snoop Dogg, Meek Mill, Nicki Minaj, Swizz Beatz, French Montana, Tyga, Ace Hood ...
Latinx Besties
Latinx Besties is a Homies Podcast; navigating relations, identity and challenging social norms. With hosts: Luz and G, bringing forth narratives of a Xicana and Salvi living in the Midwest. Instagram: @Latinx_Besties Email:
Dreams Of Weirdo
It's about a topics I feel I wanna just talk about sometime with the homies or just me
We're black, we're married, we're in love. We're your everyday n*ggaz living in the suburbs (and sometimes have the heart of the streets) working regular jobs and enjoying life. We're basically your homies. Welcome to our world.
Spiritual Homegirl
Peace & light ya'll! Here on SHP we talk self development and bettering the spirit, but from the homie perspective. I'm just somebody going through life's journey day-by-day, just like you. There's so many perspectives and things to experiences that I want to share with you all. I hope that this podcast inspires you on your journey to be your best self. Happy Listening!
Raw Review Radio
Somebody has to tell your homie he can’t rap
Blow Jam
Ryan and Delia are 2 guitarists, married & living in Binghamton NY, otherwise known as the real-world Twilight Zone. Each week brings mad content for our homies. This is Blow Jam.
The Luchajerks
Podcast by Real Talk, Homie Podcast Network
A bi-weekly baseball podcast by three best friends that will include, but not limited to; drunk yelling, Mike Trout fanboying, and blistering hot takes. "The Where the Pitches At? Podcast is the greatest baseball podcast to grace your virgin ears"- AP Listen as 3 homies try to make baseball fun again!
Group of homies that roast each other fight argue and debate life music a lot of sports while growing a deeper bond with one another.
Shippy Off-Air
Dallas/Fort Worth-based sports and pop culture podcast featuring Shippy from the Ben and Skin show on 105.3 The Fan and two of his homies, Rance and Bernie. Follow the podcast on Twitter/IG/FB: @ShippyOffAir
Chillin Wit Trell is a podcast with Stockton CA rap star Trell Mix. LIVE podcasts hanging Wit Trell Mix. Speakin with homies... Live interview... Talks about current events. I got the word on the streets cuz your CHILLIN WIT TRELL
Yammer Time
Harry Moroz, Aaron Flohr, and Rick Wood shed light and laughs on a new subject each week. And homie, they does research. You'll laugh, you'll learn, you'll yearn for more.
Welcome to my podcast! I have always wanted to start a podcast but I just didn't know what I would talk about, so I decided I would just sit some homies down for interviews and talk about stuff that is currently going on in their life! I hope you enjoy!
Two homies, Johnny and Joely. Love to talk about the outer limits, conspiracy theories as well as nerd culture....check it out!!
An NBA Podcast
The latest in NBA stories, rumours and news. We're a few homies talking hoops. Come join the conversation!
SOS is a podcast by group of homies debating mad sports.
Beware The L's
This is the Beware the L's podcast with Wez (@AintThatWez) and Austin (@UptownAceBoogie). It's just a conversation between two homies from college who like to talk about everything. Topics covered on this podcast: Anything and Everything dealing with THE CULTURE!So give us a listen. And after you hear us (and obviously like us), subscribe, share and give us those 5 star reviews. @BewareTheLs on Twitter. Much love!
General discussion's and review's of gore, horror and slasher films completely unfiltered. Just three haunted homies creeping it real as hell. *CONTAINS SPOILERS AND EXPLICIT CONTENT*
Greenville B.c
north side radio is a free hip hop station tune in check us out str8 from greenville bc the great nass valley land of the nisgaa thats where i was rised your HOST RONNIE SAMPARE AKA THE truth one half of stilmatic records hope you like are Radio free dont own any rights to the music aired just for the love of music you got song you wanna hear hit me up CALL IN TELL your folks tell you friends tell you homies have a great fucking time your tuned into NORTH SIDE RADIO CALL IN you want music pl ...
Had a rough day? Is life just giving you lemons left and right? Well, why don't you just come chill with your new best friends and we can talk about it? Kat Williamson, our host and the glue that holds us all together, is handing you your favorite beverage. Derek Hawkins, future king of Wakanda, is coming in with his snuggie and your favorite blanket. John Lovell, tall and awkward as ever, is just now lighting a warm fire. Okay, none of that is really happening. BUT that is what it's going t ...
Froesha's World
Inspired by her off-the-cuff Snapchat rants, Froesha's World is born. Tune in as host, Mo, and her homies uplift people of color through relatable conversations about cultural issues, being young black and gifted, and most importantly, the problematic yet comical experiences in Froesha's World.
Here we do interviews and go deeper into the story of the music I created and the music under the My Homies Entertainment label.
Let's Cook
Check out the homies Jay & Les as they chop it up about Sports, Politics, and Music. Warning: these guys are known to talk greasy!
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Big welcome from the re:flections family as we celebrate our tenth episode!!So glad to have our longtime homie, Carbon Street (@carbonstreetmusic , @carbonstreettechno) on the decks for the occasion!Stay tuned for more music and keep up with our socials:[at] reflectionsfm on insta, twitter and facebook…
In this episode, the Homies chop up: The Sesta/Fosta bill which is an attack on sex workers, Cardi B and her come up, female rappers and their place in hip hop, how Michael B. Jordan is the Drake of Hollywood, James Comey and his book, Colin Kaepernick continues to be black balled from the NFL, fake ass bbl surgery, lies we're told and more. EN ...…
Show Notes Written and produced by Doug Schumacher Special thanks to: Allison Beda of A Muse Productions — script doctor
What up world?! Tha Trap House is back bringing you another slice of beautiful Orlando culture, this time in tha form of tha good homie, DJ Cub. We discuss Cub’s 9 to 5 working as a nurse in tha local area, doing good for tha community in a way I personally am not sure if I could! We talk about his upbringing in Trinidad, and tha eventual move ...…
his Is My ✌🏾Episode of Wait A Min⏰te. I Caught Up With My Homie Big Rick! And Had To Get In His Head About His Views On Women With Low Self-esteem & So Much More.Let’s Stay Intouch💋 Guest Rick AustinIG: @rickraustin
This Is My ✌🏾Episode of Wait A Min⏰te. I Caught Up With My Homie Big Rick! And Had To Get In His Head About His Views On Women With Low Self-esteem & So Much More. Got A Question Drop It Below 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾Let’s Stay Intouch💋 Guest Rick AustinIG: @rickraustin…
On this episode the focus is on creativity and sacrifice. How sacrifice plays a role in everyone’s life and also has ties to how creative we can be. Along with that a brand new Creator Spotlight and a discussion on the anime genre and some of the complaints against it! Enjoy homies! Intro and Outro for MugenCast: “Street Dreams” by @LakeyInspir ...…
Kandice and Imani record on location with the homie Nardy as a guest host. So on this episode we're coming to you as a woman. Well... two women. And a man. Y'all get the point.
The homies decide to pay homage to one of their favorite YouTube shows, "Hot Ones" and attempt to do a mini Hot Ones challenge while recording! During the wing-pocolypse, they discuss if they would be friends back in middle school (and also what actually defines middle school) along with all the nostalgia that comes with it. After BK wows the a ...…
We're giving it to you back to back homies!! Weeski aka the often duplicated most unoriginal muhf!@ker in the world is back and kicking flames. We're UFC 223 pregaming and discussing the latest-latest developments for the UFC's most infamous fight card. We also discuss the suspicious love affair between Artem Lobov and Conor Mcgregor, we have a ...…
Happy Belated Easter from the WhyNotUsPodcast. Join Qweez and Prime as they recap the past week of events including Fabolous domestic violence case, Tyrone the Scammer, NBAYoungBoy getting spared from 10yr. sentence, Gucci Mane Offering 1 million dollars cash to Rich Homie Quan and Young Thug, and more…
Recapping week 5 of Survivor: Ghost Island! Send your questions to or leave me a voicemail on the anchor app! Follow me on Twitter and Instagram: @devonwieters
FOUR THE RECORD PODCAST: Episode 8. Episode 8! Right back to our usual discussion and debate on this one. Since we last recorded, a few albums dropped their projects so we kicked it off with our First impressions. Rich Homie Quan released his Rich As In Spirit Album, Birdman dropped a compilation and Weeknd came through with an EP. An honorable ...…
In this episode we touch on Fab Cardi B and a whole lotta real Shit
Duane puts on his Digital Marketing hat and educates on why digital and social media marketing is important for the homies to learn these subjects. Duane talks about website development, domain selection, brand colors, ad words and google analytics. Contact:
On this bonus episode, Mrs Guava Berry had to step out to handle some business, so I sat down with my homie Hugo Hefe. We discuss everything from jail relationships to Tupac vs Biggie. Send emails to . Follow me on instagram @DlamarComedy and Hugo at @pop.up.shoppe
There's little doubt that fate is the homie, but whose homie was it this week? Join Devin and Patrick as they unpack an interesting DYB 'sode.
This week we crack open the good book to explore one of the most brutal and infamous murders in history.If this man existed he was brutally tortured and put to death for what would be considered delusions of grandeur today. If telling people you are god is wrong, we don't wanna be right.Have a listen to the Death Metal Boys traveling down the p ...…
Big Up all the massive and crew! So the question is -- do podcasts have seasons? Well, consider this the season finale of the Maple Syrup Podcast & the homies R. Chung & Drewski have someone huge stopping by! Mixing hip hop with grime and everything in between, Keita Juma (@KeitaJuma) is a force in the music game. Relocating from Bristol, Unite ...…
This week, we discuss what it takes to create and maintain a community in the business of music. We look at ways to create relationships, examine why not being the best fit isn’t always a bad thing, and show you how to use your influence to improve those around you. Don’t forget to rate and review the show! Links from the Episode: Ice Age Squir ...…
Jay, Jack and Colleen discuss the episode of “Survivor: Ghost Island,” titled, “Fate IS the Homie.” Shop Amazon: Subscribe (MP3) l Become a Patron l Join Our Facebook Group
Neal and Cam rap about NCAA Tournament "Units" and how schools get paid from the "Big Dance". They also break down the monetary value of Loyola's run!
This week you're in for a surprise.. BECAUSE WE HAVE A GUEST! Dan Vanderpool joins the best buddies on the Internet to talk about his friendship history with Cj, Nu Metal and a shit ton of wrestling. The homies dive into a pretty impressive round of "Point of Origin" and come up with possibly the best fantasy celebrity wrestling match in the hi ...…
Hey Folks! This is the 5 minute version of the full podcast - episode 5 featuring my homie Alex Brown. Be sure to listen to the full version too!You can find Alex at:Instagram: @al_xbrownTwitter: @al_xbrownAnd connect with On The Grind on IG: @OnTheGrindJustinBrown
Jackson and Cesar begin this episode by discussing which players have entered the NBA draft, which players are testing the waters, and which players are returning to school before moving into an in-depth Final Four preview. They break down the matchup at every position in both games, first analyzing the Michigan vs Loyola showdown and offering ...…
Homie tries to pull Lexy into a scandal. Show Notes Written and produced by Doug Schumacher Special thanks to: Brian Roemmele (@BrianRoemmele) - technical accuracy Allison Beda of A Muse Productions — script development
Our newest episode goes completely off the rails. Caleb vows to be more of a dick. People are trying to marry video games. A judge's daughter offers to suck off the cops if they will be real nice and not tell her daddy how much heroin she had in the car. And we debut our newest segment where our female listeners send in filthy messages they hav ...…
Hey yallz. It’s just your homies flying solo this ep’. Sergio tells us about a new series of landscapes inspired by the Sonoma County fires, and a new landscape for a “painted frame” theme show. They talk about deadlines and overcommitments before getting deep into a “secret project” that Sergio has been working on in his spare time. They talk ...…
This week Mo, Tai Kobra, and Diego welcome the homie John cause he finally decided to come back to visit from Dallas. This week they will discuss if you are able to have a sexual relationship with someone that you are actually friends with.
Ya favorite #PODCASTHEROS come back with a new episode deep diving into Greg's barbershop break up, Chay shedding light on being friends with ya homie's exes and finally responding to some awesome emails from our supporters! Indulge & Enjoy
This is just a quick kick back with the homies enjoy
"Boba Talk w/ Anna Sarao" Episode 24 - Danny V. Batimana (Anaheim) Founder of Team Millennia Founder of The Bridge Dance Competition Founder of Happiness is Now !!! and * National Motivational Speaker Grab a boba and hang out with us!!! I had the honor of getting to know this awesome leader in our community. Danny shares about what inspired him ...…
"Boba Talk w/ Anna Sarao" Episode 19 - JChris Moore (LA) Academy of Swag (Director) Chill Factor (Director) Culture Shock LA Funkanometry LA Goon Squad (Director) GRV Mavyn Pac Modern Pulse Super Friends The MOB (Director) Grab a boba and hang out with us!! Absolutely a pleasure to chat with and hear JChris' opinions and experiences. He has dan ...…
We’re BAAAAAACCCK! After a small hiatus, we’re back, and we brought back the homie zLAtan… You’re Welcome! The post Episode 18 – Welcome to #zLAtan appeared first on Straight from the Stands.
The team from St. Louis-based voice experience developer VoiceXP (Bob Stolzberg, Bonnie Snyder, and Mark Tucker) join This Week In Voice to discuss the latest in voice technology news, including the positioning of IBM Watson as a secure and private alternative to Alexa, Google Assistant's new retail/commerce actions, Apple executives sniping at ...…
Spoke with the homie Mark today and he reminded me an important lesson. What I think it means and the first business update!!
Opening up with another funny work incident. In Part one of the installment, My big homie Steve came through to dish about us growing up in Palmdale together, our high school days playing football, steve setting me up, the famous incident with Coach Mobley, the Recruiting Process, Burritos, Having a fake signing day and more...........Make Sure ...…
Yerrrrrr welcome to pt. 2 if the Yeezy bracket extravaganza. In this episode, after hours of deliberation and phoning in friends, we finally reach a verdict. We got the homies @j_zavala44 & @DaviPerezz in the building to round out the bracket. We hit up Friends of the show @sdotaye & @6th_man, and the bredrens @JoJoBean2332 and Carl breeze thru ...…
In this episode, The Homies chop up: An athleticism vs skill debate, the redemption and revolution of the new generation or new-llennials, if companies create fear to sell products, a heated argument, plus more. Enjoy! Contact us at
GMG Show Ep. 178 - Ubisoft and The Divison 2, State of Decay 2, Fortnite Mobile Coming, SUBSCRIBE NOW! you'd like to donate: the FULL podcast here: our discord: fanmail and questions to gmgfanmail@gmail.comPodcas ...…
GMG Show Ep. 177 - Monster's Inc on Kingdom Hearts, THQ Gets Saints Row Back!, The Game of L's Recap! SUBSCRIBE NOW! you'd like to donate: the FULL podcast here: our discord: fanmail and questions to gmgfanmail@g ...…
This Episode we take a break from focusing solely on Hip Hop and discuss Would you wife someone your homie smashed?Video Vixens vs IG Models Sports and much more
CR8V Culture Podcast... hosted by D.Woods and Lady LYFE... highlighting and supporting independent creatives in music, film, style and more. This week go "Beyond the Lens" with new Netflix series, Femme Film Festival and Michael B Jordan's upcoming WWII film. Also hear new music from SXSW showcase artists, Rich Homie Quan, Ro James and more art ...…
Welcome back to another episode of Dad Thumbs Podcast? That's right, this week we've teamed up with our homies from Potatoe Thumbs Podcast. We've made sweet podcasting love and this is our baby. Please enjoy! DTP this week has been- @jcjesse @Boostkdv @Stu_Gatzzo @Baroquereaper
Dapper J and Bobby G are in too deep when it comes to March Madness and these topics definitely reflect it. They get into a heated debate before the podcast over which Usher album is better between Confessions or 8701. After that they Desus & Mero vs DJ Envy situation, Joyner Lucas vs Logic apparent beef, Spring Break in Miami (WILD) and ESPN's ...…
I got the homie CT back to talk about his wedding proposal, Wild twitter day, and our favorite black movies because black history is made everyday. Follow CT: IG/Twitter: @shotbyCT Snapchat: ctxclefStranger Things – Joyner Lucas & Chris Brown…
Lexy takes it hard when a popular magazine is critical, but the voicebots are determined to rally.
This week we had the homie Ocho AOK in the garage to talk about his rising single “Cookin”, his time at SxSW, his affiliation with Maya and Alligators in Florida…we through a little music talk in there as well. Tune In and Subscribe! #JustKeepItUpsouth! Youtube: Upsouth Media: AOK: ...…
This week the crew discusses DJ Envy, Snapchats big mistake, Church leader molests minor 20 years ago and gets away with it, Student protest, Nikolas Cruz facing death penalty, Trump trip to North Korea, Trump wants US to consider death penalty for drug dealers, Tray Song allegations and more plus the question of the week “Is I wrong to smash u ...…
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