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Join host Morgan Absher and her team of co-hosts as they scavenge Reddit, listener write-ins, and the rest of the internet to give their hot takes on the juiciest dating, relationship, life, and AITA stories. Listen to exclusive stories: Follow along on Instagram: @TwoHotTakes Check out our YouTube Channel for full length videos!
From Crooked Media, Hot Take is a holistic, irreverent, honest look at the climate crisis and all the ways media and society are talking—and not talking—about it. Hosted by real-life friends Mary Annaïse Heglar and Amy Westervelt—an essayist and a journalist— Hot Take offers a unique perspective on the issue of climate change. With a breath of fresh humanity and humor, conversation moves swiftly from cackling about the bad week an oil company had, to speaking seriously and passionately about ...
We are here to do the lord's work and find the hot boy of the season. Join us lonely, single ladies as we use our free time to debate the hot boy of the moment. Utilizing a bracket system, our super 16 men will be harshly judged on: physical appearance, swagger, personality, and where they land on the f-boy scale.
Podcast dedicated to quick hits & deep cuts on LGBT pop iconography & NYC culture. Recent guests include Rosie O'Donnell, Sandra Bernhard, Fortune Feimster, Roxane Gay, Fran Drescher, Isaac Mizrahi, Lea DeLaria, Melissa Etheridge, Rachel Dratch, Gina Gershon, Margaret Cho, Jenifer Lewis, Judy Gold, Mario Cantone, Michael Musto & more!
Are you tired of hearing every sports media outlet try and mix sports and politics together? Hot takes With TP3 is for you then. We leave the politics for CNN. This sports podcast discusses the biggest and most underrated stories in football, basketball, and baseball at the pro/collegiate level.
A current student’s collection of Notre Dame hot takes. Wondering what the current opinions of the ND student body on are a range of topics from football uniforms to the best study spot? Look no further! A show full of laughs and rich with University of Notre Dame history, follow on our journey to learn more about ND and ourselves!
Comedian/Writer/Bodybuilder Tony Capobianco sits down each week to talk about life as a stand-up comedian, amateur bodybuilder, and his journey to grow and excel. He’ll also chat with some of his favorite comedians, bodybuilders, and fitness experts about their journeys while laughing and learning along the way!
You can’t say anything any more - and here to prove it is Harriet Langley-Swindon, with a round of all the best bits of her weekly radio show on a national network that can’t be named for legal reasons. Absolutely Non-Censored [subs please check capitalisation and hyphen] from beginning to end, with all the rubbish edited out. Each week, Harriet will chat through the segments with producer Martin, and we’ll be getting a Hot & Spicy Take Of The Week from resident comedian Eshaan Akbar who was ...
A tech podcast for the gadget lovers and tech heads among us from the mind of Marques Brownlee, better known as MKBHD. MKBHD has made a name for himself on YouTube reviewing everything from the newest smartphones to cameras to electric cars. Pulling from over 10 years of experience covering the tech industry, MKBHD and co-host Andrew Manganelli will keep you informed and entertained as they take a deep dive into the latest and greatest in tech and what deserves your hard earned cash. New epi ...
Football Outsiders Podcast Network

Football Outsiders Podcast Network

Aaron Schatz, Mike Tanier, Cale Clinton, Vince Verhei, Ian O'Connor, Bryan Knowles, Tom Strachan, Jackson Roberts

Football Outsiders provides revolutionary, in-depth statistics you can't find anywhere else! We have new, innovative methods for analyzing skill players, offensive and defensive lines, special teams, and total team efficiency. These statistics are complete from 1984 to 2021 and will be updated weekly throughout the 2022 NFL season. 2022 Regular Season Show Schedule: - MON: Weekly Recap (Mike Tanier and Ian O'Connor) - TUES: Data Show (Aaron Schatz, Vince Verhei, and Bryan Knowles) - WED: New ...
The Late Kick with Josh Pate

The Late Kick with Josh Pate

Arch Manning, 247Sports, College Football

The Late Kick with Josh Pate delivers College football the way you want it. Behind-the-scenes whispers and intel thanks to a network of team insiders. Game breakdowns and rapid reaction along with the occasional gambling and recruiting twist. No offseason, no low-hanging fruit, no hot take — just the information you need to know on a show built with YOU in mind.


Evan Bleyer, Noe Moreno, Luis Rodriguez, Andrew Peck

A nice (most of the time), informal podcast where 4 soccer loving college students give their wild and outlandish opinions about the beautiful game. All opinions are welcome, but not always agreed upon. When there is a wild or hot take in the podcast, it is each member's responsibility to let their disagreement be known with an "OFFSIDES!" call.
Two overly online nonbinary lesbian swiftie communists of color spew their opinions on pop culture and media via a three part comedy variety show: first, a discussion of a listener submitted hot take. Second, analyzing a piece of media we've both consumed together. And third, recommending books/movies/TV/music/etc. to each other. Renaissance is the Aries sun Gemini moon Virgo rising film stan twitter user, and Sunny is the Cancer sun Capricorn moon Gemini rising booktuber. We think we are hi ...
The Queer Movie Podcast is your favourite gay movie watch party - hosted by Rowan Ellis and Jazza John. Join us as we take a look at the queer film canon, one genre at a time. From rom-coms to slashers, contemporary arthouse cinema to comedy classics - Queer Movie Podcast is a celebration of all things queer on the silver screen!
Part of the Penalty Box Radio network, Music City Gold is Smashville's best fan driven podcast. Hosted by Kyle Hancock, Daniel Mangrum, and Matt Bain, they cover news around the league, the Predators, and sometimes give the occasional hot take or two. Episodes are released every two weeks!
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Jess is joined by Flipping Out interior designer Megan Weaver! Megan chats about her fateful meet-cute with Jeff Lewis in a restaurant bathroom which led to filming 7 seasons of Bravo's Flipping Out and her current gig as co-host on RadioAndy SiriusXM’s Jeff Lewis Live. We discuss her experience on Teddi Mellencamp’s "All In" weight loss program, w…
In Episode 121 we provide our hot take review of Terracotta Army covering the mechanisms, the production, and our overall feelings of the game. We also discuss a poll about having game nights ruined by other players, Chris give us a Terracotta Army themed cocktail, and then we discuss some games on our table including Clank! Catacombs, Draftosaurus…
Welcome to The Takeaway for NFL Week 13! Cale Clinton and Jackson Roberts are back again to highlight the hottest takes around the NFL going into Sunday's games! Watch on YouTube: Football Outsiders is covering more than ever before with expanded NFL coverage and updates. Be sure to get the most from Foot…
Just in time for the holiday season, Amy and Mary chat with Aja Barber - a writer, stylist and consultant who works at the intersections of fashion and sustainability. They dive into the problems with fast fashion, and its worst offender and Aja's sworn enemy Shein. They discuss Aja’s recent book - Consumed, talk about more ethical options for gift…
Two Hot Takes host, Morgan, is joined by guest co-hosts Alejandra and Lauren! If you guys don't like the talking eps this one is not your cup of tea as the trio gets INTO IT!! But this is such an important theme, and we get into even more on Patreon. LIVE SHOW TICKETS!!! December 4th online intimate virtual show with Moment:…
This week of draft season we continue the foodie picks with the best fast food spots. First, we have a bit of controversy over who won last week before diving into the Shop Talk. Next up, what we considered our worst and best of the week... the WAB's. Top 3 Draft Season week 12: Best Fast Food spots. Finishing up with what turns out to be the evolu…
In this episode I talk about visiting Boston for Thanksgiving, going off the rails of my meal plan, my big-ass sweet tooth, stand-up comedy in my stomping grounds, and more! REDCON1 is America's favorite supplement brand and you can save 20% off protein, fat burners, muscle builders, recovery and more by using the promo code T20TonyTellJokes. Click…
Jags return from the Bye week and pull off a major upset against the Baltimore Ravens thanks to an elite performance by Trevor Lawrence in the last minutes of the game. Sean and Pat review some of the pain points we saw early on in the game, but the hype perseveres and we are hungry for more as we head to Detroit. Learn more about your ad choices. …
Brazil always offers an amazing race weekend, and this one was no letdown. We dive into a shock pole from Haas, a resurgent Mercedes, a new Grand Prix winner, penalties, and try to wrap our heads around WTF is going on at Red Bull between Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez. Plenty more to talk about, so just click start and enjoy the show!…
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