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IKEA BUSINESS Main St. Makeover
One town. Ten small businesses. Ten real makeovers in just ten days! Get inside the winners of the ground-breaking IKEA Main St. Makeover contest. See how a group of entrepreneurs in Old Town Lansing, MI transformed their business district with the help of real IKEA designers and just $5,000 worth of IKEA furniture, each. The results are nothing short of astounding. Discover tons of useful design solutions, and see how a group of indy business owners banded together to improve their home town.
Affordable Interior Design presents Big Design, Small Budget
Homeowners and renters of all means dream of having a beautiful home. Big Design, Small Budget makes luxury an affordable reality. During her podcast, Betsy Helmuth reveals insider tips and her tried-and-tested methods for designing on a budget. Helmuth has shared her affordable design advice and step-by-step approaches with millions through live teaching workshops, her design book, guest columns, television appearances, and interviews. Now, she is bringing her knowledge to the world of podc ...
Ben Martin talks about building flat-pack furniture with his friends. or alone. sometimes alone.
The Codpast
Dyslexics are some of the most creative thinkers in our society. Apple, Virgin and IKEA are just some of the examples of what a dyslexic state of mind can conceive. Listen to our guests and share their stories of how right brained thinking helped them excel in a left brained world.
Just Fit Enough Podcast
Explore fitness with Joe and Ike as they learn, study, and question the experts on a variety of health related topics. Contact the show at or follow them on Twitter@JoeQCarand@Railvas.Join theJust Fit Enough Fitbit Groupand get healthy with us!
Musical Movement's Podcast
At Musical Movements we offer a Modern, Bespoke and Innovative approach to event planning. We have entertained an array of crowds for over 10 years. Not only do we service weddings, wedding receptions, private parties, we also provide for corporate occasions. We have worked with Nike, BBC, Kiss 100, B4U TV, Love Music Hate Racism, Ikea and KPMG. We have performed at pre-concert parties for the likes of Neyo, Usher, Akon, Ginuwine, The Supremes, UB 40, Macklemore and 50 cent.
Just Fit Enough
This Feed has moved to fitness with Joe and Ike as they learn, study, and question the experts on a variety of health related topics. Contact the show at or follow them on Twitter@JoeQCarand@Railvas.Join theJust Fit Enough Fitbit Groupand get healthy with us!
Jane Anderson Show Podcast
The Jane Anderson Brand You Show is the podcast for experts, consultants, speakers, trainers, academics and coaches who are or aim to be the leaders in their field. Jane shares her insights as well as interviews those who are industry experts to find out about their experiences when marketing themselves under their Personal Brand, or name. According to US Labour Data, by 2020 50% of the workforce will be self-employed​. The ability to market & sell yourself is an essential skill for the futu ...
Try Harder Is Not a Strategy
Try Harder Is Not A Strategy is a podcast for recruiting professionals who are looking for actionable insights into what works in the talent space. The team at Recruiting Toolbox – all former corporate recruiting leaders, who now work with some of the most interesting recruiting teams (clients include startups to well known leaders like PepsiCo, Uber, Amazon, GE, Adidas, Electronic Arts, Target, Disney, Google, Nestle, IKEA, and Bloomberg) – interview interesting talent acquisition and hirin ...
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Welcome to the Negative One podcast! This week, Matt makes Thomas watch yet another cartoon series. This should be the last one of those for a while. Since Halloween is coming up, why not talk about someone dressing up as a superhero and running around a city trying to protect it? No, it’s not The Tick…It’s One-Punch Man, a show that started as ...…
My guest this week was Sonny Brar, who comes with over 14 years of Retail, Human Resources, Health, Safety, Energy and Environment experience. He is currently the Vice President of Member Programs and Services at Retail Council of Canada and is an honours graduate of Criminology, Justice and Public Safety from Manitoba. Along with other functio ...…
NEOZAZ Internet Entertainment
Welcome to the Negative One podcast! This week, Matt makes Thomas watch yet another cartoon series. This should be the last one of those for a while. Since Halloween is coming up, why not talk about someone dressing up as a superhero and running around a city trying to protect it? No, it’s not The Tick…It’s One-Punch Man, a show that started as ...…
After a recent trip to IKEA, Phil and Melissa have a lot of thoughts! We found an annoying customer and named her Patricia Carpenter, Phil makes plans on how to live in the store, and Melissa gets a snack because she deserves it. Follow along at
Welcome to Episode 40 of MAdE the podcast about Purpose-Driven: Design, Making and Manufacturing. This week we discuss the software we use and why we use it for the main topic, also a 3D printing product of the week, and some news about really bad ideas.- NEWS -Precisely Why Is Bodega, the Start-up, Such a Terrible Idea? ...…
Part 1 of the house tour! First up is a tour of our bedroom! For more sneak peaks at the rest of my home go and follow my home Instagram @hellooctoberathome SUBSCRIBE : ...…
Nothing Shines Like Dirt
Welcome Back to Nothing Shines Like Dirt episode 33. Elise & Lesley sit down with Casting Director/Acting Coach Mel Mack. They discuss acting tips for auditions, her studio "Mel Mack Acting Studio" and her dance off with Madonna.www.melmackactingstudio.comMelonie “Mel” Mack has been involved in the entertainment industry professionally in both ...…
Stephen thinks anyone who can't assemble Ikea furniture was either neglected as a child or needs to work on their wrist strength and overall bodily endurance. Dan thinks there were plot holes in future cult classic Atomic Blonde. Adam just likes it when the girls kiss.
What's Going On With Dance And Stuff
Episode 13: With Breanna O'Mara Death, Ikea, and the glamorous life of Breanna O’Mara. Reid and Jack already feel fucked by the shift from summer to fall but the wonderful Bre arrives to cheer up the Queens. They chat about how she went from Juilliard to working with Ferver (Rumble Ghost, Acceptance) to living and loving in Europe and being pos ...…
IKEA Democratic Design Day is an open event at one of the world’s top art schools in Lausanne; ECAL. The IKEA Democratic Design Day event looks to explore questions on how we will live in the future; the design of spaces and products and how affects our home and our everyday life. They’re looking at the future of what living at home will look l ...…
The kids are back in school and it's Julia and Lindsay's birthday month! What do we want to buy that we can't afford to buy, but will probably buy anyway? - Wedding outfit - Non-IKEA Furniture (except, hi, we love IKEA)What are we consuming? - Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott- Younger- Braving the Wilderness by Brenee BrownWhat are we eating? - Lemo ...…
Woody and Jim - 1075 The River Nashville
We debate the tv show Naked Attraction. The terrible reality of the iPhoneX's new features. Woody is famous in New Zealand. Jim's IKEA obsession goes to a new level. Gender Wars. One man's simple solution for a blind woman during Positive Pants.
Joined by Michael’s colleague Rob McCarthy, the guys discuss the things for which only the brand name items will do. Listen as Rob unveils his love for the single serve Heinz ketchup containers of Chick-Fil-A, Michael’s explanation for tossing the free batteries that come with remotes, and Adam’s rationalization for traveling to Ikea for hot do ...…
This episode includes our most tingly intro ever, I gave myself tingles while I was editing it. We cover the final secrets in the Indulgences Corner and impart some wisdom of our own. Our main quest this week focuses on ““Oddly IKEA”: IKEA ASMR” by IKEA USA. Ian reveals his surprisingly strong feelings about the furniture giant.…
Welcome back to Portugal's number one most popular podcast. Congratulations, you’re still on the path of life improvement á la listening to two dumb blondes give you their opinions about topics they’ve heard vaguely about on Twitter. This time, we throw ALLIE PEARSE, a smart Quebecois comedian, into the mix to share her perspective on taking Ti ...…
In this episode, Greg and Rahul discuss: The fantastic second offering of "Generation Gone". The finale of "TMNT: Dimension X". "Batman: Dark Knight, Dark City".. The ever awesome "Winnebago Graveyard".. The wonderfully written love letter to 70s/80s Mecha Anime "Mech Cadet Yu".. Tabetop zombie survival game turned comic "Dead of Winter".. The ...…
It’s time for Jason and Myke to reveal their picks for what will happen on stage at the iPhone launch event next week! They draft 12 different things they expect (or hope) to happen at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino next week. Who will pick wisely? We’ll know in less than a week. This episode of Upgrade is sponsored by: Casper: Because eve ...…
Download the latest FREE Turn Up the Night Podcast featuring Kenny, Raine, Joe, Michelle & Miles! The Picklesimer Family Reunion!Hanging with Kat!Ikea!Dumb Donnie!The DACA Debacle!Name Calling!Joe & Barb's Anniversary!Raine's Birthday!Moonmare on Reverse Call-In!Mad Libs!MORE!Pictured: Kenny's Grandpa & Kenny Pick Sr.'s dad, Hershel Picklesimer…
Just for fun and a little free Ikea advertising, Alyssa and I share our favorite and repeat purchases at Ikea. Then, the meat of the episode. For the month of September we are choosing to dwell on the Proverbs 31 Woman poem that is written in, obviously, Proverbs 31. Today we focus on verses 10-12. "A wife of noble character who can find? She i ...…
The Crate and Crowbar
Notorious hobbledehoys Pip, Tom F and Tom S gather to discuss gaming matters of the day, including the plot of Half-Life 2: Episode 3, XCOM 2: War of the Chosen, Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth, Destiny 2, Dead Cells and bums. Plus! Your questions and finest game name substitutions. Show notes: BIG NEWS OF THE WEEK. Vermintide 2. ALSO Do ...…
Saint Louis Live!
Cardinals pick up a 10-2 win to keep themselves alive. Turns out Matt Garza cures all ills. Molina scratched with abdominal soreness last night, which could be a concern. Wild scene at the county building as people show up to protest and support the proposed ice complex that eventually was voted into a delay. Did Bill DeWitt III do a disservice ...…
From Day One: How Brooklyn Entrepreneurs Got Their Start
In this episode of From Day One, we spoke with Hana Getachew, the creative visionary behind Brooklyn-based Bolé Road Textiles. Her modern home designs take inspiration from nature as well as traditional Ethiopian textiles, boasting vibrant colors and intricate handwoven detail. A longtime interior designer for a New York architecture firm, Geta ...…
Out Of The Box - Ingvar Kamprad - Fondateur de La chaîne de magasins Ikea 22/08/2017By (Rim Saaidia).
SPOILERS! Yeah, we're crying into our IKEA rugs too, but it wasn't all bad. There were some funny highlights from the snowy magnificent seven road trip beyond the Wall. Gendry finds out how wildlings stay warm. Tormund learns a new word. The Hound has a good throwing arm. Come join us!
JT goes to IKEA and buys shelves.
Ett långt avsnitt för en gångs skull. Fredrik låter lite klippt ibland, det är helt och hållet hans eget fel. Jocke citerar fel person, det är helt och hållet hans eget fel. 0 Örnsköldsvik, superdatorer, fiber och SAN 21:47: Datormagazin har en BBS igen! 30:17: IKEA Trådfri 35:58: Apple har bytt ikon för Kartor 36:25: Nya möjliga CMS för Macpro ...…
Technically Correct
Americans have always been innovators, pioneers and visionaries. We invented the light bulb, the television, the iPhone and most notably — the Domino's DXP. This week: bad ice cream, pizza chain reinvention, subscription fatigue and we catch utopian Olympic fever. It's okay. You can like LA while also knowing the universal truth that the Dodger ...…
Pronoia Now Network
TET's Eclipse Survival Tips! Robot Commits "Suicide?!" Wyoming's Commitment to Wind! Ikea ROCKS!
Josh and Ross talk about their latest troubles, including Nazis and Ikea. If you love the Geek Pod, do us a favor by reviewing us on iTunes and Stitcher! @GeekPodNetwork on Twitter Send questions to be read on the show:
Live from Studio 5 on AMI-audio
Our regional content specialist Ryan Delehanty tells us what's happening from Halifax, including the Project Lifesaver program. Todd Blenkhorn reviews the movie Atomic Blonde. Our community reporter Derek Lackey fills us in on a CNIB 'Dining in the Dark' fundraiser in Manitoba. Laura Bain from AMI This Week gives us a sneak peek at her story ab ...…
Hungry Squared: Where the brain and belly meet
On this week's episode, Winter is joined by Lee in having a discussion about crayfish and the crayfish parties that are often held in Sweden in August and September. We welcome our special guests, Marcus and Deanne Carlson and Julie Ann and Brandon Lake, for a lively discussion called Crayfish Part 1: Sweden! We learn all about the history of t ...…
Brad Clark is a US Army Veteran and founder of Via Artisans, a craftsmanship company dedicated to bringing back bringing back the tradition and values of real American craftsmanship. In this episode we talk about making your passion or hobby into a sustainable business. We also talk about the importance of legacy and how his business is fightin ...…
IKEA, Otis, Interview with the monkeys, Karen Armstrong, Marriage Benefit Imbalance.
The Blaine Fowler Morning Show
Ikea is quite the store. They got everything, but some people just go for the food. Lauren is one of those people
J&N Rap Names, IKEA Toilets, Jerry Seinfeld, Toothpick Man, 20 Minutes.
We finally take a look at the history of the Fox Network! From The Late Show to the Simpsons, we try to cover it all! And don't forget the Blind Items and Hot Picks!This week's hot picks:Shell - Terra OnlineStugots - Ikea HeightsJon - Adam Ruins EverythingGeekodrome is the weekly round table discussion of all things geek with your hosts Jon, Sh ...…
SQPN: All Shows
In this episode, more about the downstairs studios, a sleeping revolution, a review of the Emoji Movie and The Martian by Andy Weir. Plus, the problems with 'American Gods' and IKEA's Exploding Death Star Lamp. The post BFR1027: High Five! appeared first on
On this week's episode of This Week's Episode, Karen gets her fellow TWEPcasters to watch a classic episode of Justified. Plus, the IKEA/Game of Thrones crossover we all knew we wanted, Inhumans isn't looking too good, Netflix kicks some ass, and more! Show Notes Useful Links Justified - Decoy (S04E11) This Year’s ARROW-verse 4 Show Crossover M ...…
The Kieran and Max Show
Have you ever had a Kieran and Max cocktail, in a tall glass?Today's episode will take you through the perfect concoction of ingredients in order to procure this divine drink. We talk one part Ikea and horse meat, 3 parts Game of Thrones spectacular and 1 part the importance of internet safety. So if you would rather save the $22.50 you would h ...…
Under the Noise Podcast
Movie news recap for Monday August 7th, 2017. Ikea Heights web series, First images of Josh Brolin as Cable in Deadpool 2, Karate Kid coming to YouTube Red, Film Festival Round up, Red's Hydrogen phone, Death Wish Trailer with Bruce Willis, Jim Carey's documentary "I needed color", & more!
IKEA Rugs, Dennis Scott, Miss Bum Bum.
Fun Size Happy Hour
Evan and Binksy enjoy and dark and stormy and talk about setting up their new home, being locked in, trips to Ikea and pancake dates. We remember our favourite moments from Melbourne City Wrestling’s Ballroom Brawl as well as Twin Peaks and Game of Thrones. Cheers!
Gates, worlds, homecomings, shields, THRONES What We've Been Doing Cody: GAME OF THRONES Abaddon's Gate (The Expanse book 3) Westworld IKEA Graham: Agents of SHIELD Spider-man Homecoming Mass Effect Andromeda Confused Feige memeBy (Cody Keisler and Graham Hall).
Erin and Aliee HATE Everything
Trigger Warnings: John McCain (again), first grade boys, Edward 40-hands, making decisions, DIY Ikea, twitter trolls, climate change, calculusLearn more about The Bedrock Initiative: to Scott Holmes for our happy music!
Birthday Card!! (Show notes) Contest Results: It's our birthday and we’ll give games away if we want to! This years winners! David Sieber and Aaron Hall!! They won Saloon Tycoon from Van Ryder Games And Control from Keymaster Games! Announcing our brand spanking new Patreon Page! Please go and take a look and support us if you can! https://www. ...…
This week on the podcast, Michael, Red and Scott meet in the Nostromo lounge and discuss the totally insane RPG basketball game PYRE from Supergiant Games, Laura Linney airdrops into the CONGO and ends up slicing a pack of Grey Gorillas in half with a futuristic Telecommunications laser, Red has a taste of GEORGE'S MARVELLOUS MEDICINE from clas ...…
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