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Jonathan and Kitty In The Morning
Proving That Anyone Can Get Into Radio.
Talk To Me With Terry Tibbs
Terry Tibbs of Fonejacker and Facejacker fame now makes the leap into radio and presents his own show on talkSPORT. Sharing the sporting expertise he gained as manager of Rickmansworth Ladies football team he will impart his insight and wisdom with listeners when it comes to the current state of the game.
Electric Vicuña Productions Podcast
"Stories of Mystery and Murder, Fantasy and the Freaky, Suspense and Science Fiction, Comedy and the Courageous! The Electric Vicuña Production Podcast is a full collection of the original Audio Theatre from Jack J. Ward. Each episode Jack Ward delves into radio plays from nearly two decades of productions. Whether it's the anthology collection of tales of the macabre like "Darker Musings" or crime features like "The Dead Line" or stories of Dystopian futures like "Wave Front" or pulp-poundi ...
Nick Optimal
Nick Optimal English: His Dj nickname completely reflects his preferences in sound and choice of music. In January 2008 after independent study of Dj art, his second mix comes into Radio SK rotation. He played in Yekaterinburg and different cities of the region. The secret of his sound consists of careful music selection and ability to improvise, experimenting with music set without...
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Edensonic records | French independent netlabel
Written, mixed and recorded by Pablo Akaros in Spain ( Photo artwork by Strial. Produced by Pablo Akaros for Edensonic records, additional track remix by Jesse Somfay. Released by Edensonic records, published on internet by The Internet Archive ( All songs are copyrighted and rights are reserved to t ...…
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