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Life.Church is one church in multiple locations. Listen weekly to the relevant Biblical teaching from Life.Church that inspires and changes thousands of peoples lives. Visit Life.Church online at for additional messages.
Free Downloadable iPod Porn Videos in MP4
Switching module from Edinburgh Napier University
iPod Islam
Choose from: Islam Basics, Answers to Questions, Children's Stories, Exciting topics & more...
A close reading of the text of Karl Marx's Capital Volume I in 13 video lectures by Professor David Harvey.
A daily half hour video podcast of the Gospel Truth television program featuring Andrew Wommack.
Audio versions of The Linux Action Show! A show that covers everything geeks care about in the open source and Linux world. Get a solid dose of Linux, gadgets, news events and much more!
The official site of the iPod Witch podcast
Nudes 4 Pods, "Girls to Go" for your iPhone, iPod, and iPad.Over 3.0 Million Video Podcasts downloaded! With our free video podcasts you can see beautiful nude girls in action from all the world. Meet the stunning knock-out Priscila from Brazil, all American girl Tera Patrick from California, sexy Sabrina from Rio de Janeiro, and the luscious Silvia Saint from Prague, Czech Republic. Subscribe now to our Free Adult Video Podcasts!
CrankyGeeks, hosted by PC Magazine contributing editor John C. Dvorak. Each week a group of expert panelists discuss the most controversial topics in tech. CrankyGeeks airs on Wednesdays at 3:30pm eastern, and can be downloaded at
Security and Forensic Computing module from Edinburgh Napier University
ASNF module from Edinburgh Napier University
Video podcast about Geography and geospatial technologies. VerySpatial TV, Geography...In Motion.
CastLibrary Best Selling Audiobooks for iPods - Every week we update the best selling audiobooks and provide a short mp3 sample of the best selling audiobooks. If you love to read with your ears, this podcast will keep you on top of the best selling audiobooks on the market. Don't miss the best selling audiobooks you will ever hear. To see more audiobooks, visit where you can sign up to download audiobooks for as little as $7.49.
Art history: early modern - for iPod/iPhone
Feed Me Bubbe as seen in the Wall Street Journal May 10th 2007 and ABC World News with Charles Gibson on 8/8/07 among other press. Bubbe is Yiddish for grandmother and this Bubbe is ready to show you the secret to her good cooking. Feed me Bubbe takes feeding grandchildren to a new level. What makes this different from the other feed is that the fans have spoken saying we need a version that works on your ipods and iphones and we have answered. If you are looking for a .mov version use the o ...
Check out the latest Rescues from the Australia Zoo Rescue Unit. A new rescue is added once a week and there is no limit to the animals they rescue.
Radiotherapy and its Physics - for iPod/iPhone
Grandpa's iPod
My grandpa was an engineer at Detroit's WJR radio beginning in 1943. He kept what was considered ''trash'' at the time: the on-air master transcription discs of the radio shows that he liked. He also cut a lot of discs for his own use. I've inherited his collection of over 250 discs and am digitizing and podcasting them. If he were alive today, these are the things that would be on his iPod.
Rheumatoid arthritis - a long term condition - for iPod/iPhone
Have you ever wondered about the visual remains of past centuries that still survive in our cities and countryside today? Are you baffled by modern art? This collection provides you with insights into different aspects of art and visual culture between the Middle Ages and the present day. You will discover the wonders of medieval stained glass and learn how East meets West in a Byzantine icon. You will be introduced to the splendours of Baroque architecture and be taken on a tour of a specta ...
Are you looking into buying a brand new condo, apartment or family home? New Home Colorado will take you on a tour of the newest and latest new builds coming onto the market in the state of Colorado.
Audio versions of The Linux Action Show! A show that covers everything geeks care about in the open source and Linux world. Get a solid dose of Linux, gadgets, news events and much more!
Aalto University course T-76.3601 Introduction to Software Engineering
Art history: modern and contemporary - for iPod/iPhone
Astronomy - for iPod/iPhone
Muzon v iPod
Proudly Sponsored by La Musica International Chamber Music Festival in Sarasota Florida
What are are they key factors to successful therapy? This series looks at three elements important to producing a positive outcome. Firstly, the therapist and client need to have a good relationship. Secondly, the therapist needs need to be able to give the client their full attention. Finally the therapist needs to look beyond the individual to the social systems around them, such as family and work, which might be where the client's emotional problems come from.
My grandpa was an engineer at Detroit's WJR radio beginning in 1943. He kept what was considered ''trash'' at the time: the on-air master transcription discs of the radio shows that he liked. He also cut a lot of discs for his own use. I've inherited his collection of over 250 discs and am digitizing and podcasting them. If he were alive today, these are the things that would be on his iPod.
The EU has set ambitious targets for both renewable energy and carbon reduction, but the UK has been reluctant to sign up to new targets beyond 2020. How does the UK Government plan to tackle this problem and what targets is it considering?
Waste Management - for iPod/iPhone
Check out the latest videos from the Australia Zoo Daily Video Diaries. 60 seconds every day of Zoo Keeper and animal fact goodness from the home of the Crocodile Hunter, Australia Zoo. Hosted by the Hilarious Jeremy.
The History of English in Ten Minutes - for iPod/iPhone
Planetary science - for iPod/iPhone
What are the prospects for cooperation or cooperation in the international system? Will states always be primarily concerned with their own security or is progressive change possible in international politics? Does it matter to international politics if states are democratic or not? And what is the importance of economic change, or gender relations to international politics? In the following seven films, some of the world's leading experts on international relations explore what determines h ...
Films from Survival International - the movement for tribal peoples. For PC, Mac or Apple TV. Find our other video podcast for videos suitable for your iPod or iPhone.
International Law - for iPod/iPhone
The Galapagos - for iPod/iPhone
Digital Nepal - for iPod/iPhone
Geological time - for iPod/iPhone
Complex Systems - for iPod/iPhone
The Hamilton Institute is a multi-disciplinary research centre established at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth in November 2001. The Institute seeks to provide a bridge between mathematics and its applications in ICT and biology.In this podcast feed, we make accessible some of the best seminars held by members of the Hamilton Institute, visitors or guest speakers.Futhermore, it will also contain the lectures give as part of the 'Network Mathematics Graduate Programme'.The video f ...
iPod, uCast
Switch (Ipod)
Switch is a new way of promoting media. On the web. We named our show switch because we wanted to make, a podcast that had a lot of variety. It's never the same, you never know what's going to hit you in the face. Switch is part of Switch the podcast. A new online resource, for people with crazy ideas. You can join our network by sending a mail to and sending us a link to your youtube videos. Or any other web page and we will discuss it.
Trackfiles - iPod
This site is used to generate a RSS feed of the video podcast. Visit my home page at
Paco: iPod
In search of feed covered pastures, a turkey by the name of Paco is rejected by his kind only to be captured by a butcher and taken to the village marketplace. In a desperate attempt for his life, Paco finds friendship in an unlikely place.
In the last century which women writers have truly challenged the existing forms of literature? How did they make their voices heard using brand new techniques and styles? For centuries there have been women writers who have changed the face of literature, but we tend to talk of their lives and work in very certain terms. This series of video-slideshows reveals how writing and reputation are often forged in transition, uncertainty and change. In these 4 films we re-examine the lives, work an ...
RockStartUp - iPod
This should be the rockstartup description
iPod Talk
The iPod "Tech Support" show
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After a week off on a nice relaxing vacation, Steve's back with a jumbo-sized Apple World Today News Update podcast. Today we talk about privacy, a building resembling a huge iPod on a dock, and the goals of the nascent Developers Union: Apple collects surprisingly little personal information on its customers, according to a ZDNet report who co ...…
AJ & McCall’s iPod Idol is back!!! This week’s version is Dua Lipa ‘IDGAF’ sung while squatting. We return to a MASSIVE homefield advantage for McCall will her workout routine and being the WAY better singer. The loser this week is reading a speech, but not just any, one written by the winner without seeing it ahead of time. Who did it best? Vo ...…
When is too old to be living at home? A 30 year-old son is being sued by his parents because he won’t move out and AJ & McCall’s minds are blown. Why would you not want your own place for dating or more out of life then just mooching? Are his dating aspects worse then the Toronto pooper from Florida or Not? How about the trifecta of crazy with ...…
Accessible's first new episode since 2014. Topics include what accessibility is and what it means, the history of Apple's accessibility work, how the first iPhone redefined accessible computing, and more. Show Notes Steven's story about Accessible: Accessible Reborn Apple's Switch Control + Final Cut video, "Sady" Apple's Accessibility page App ...…
Great muted trumpet and acoustic bass samples accompany this stream-of-consciousness poem I wrote about memories of Japan, Miles, Kurt and growing old and the strange internal Joycean world we all inhabit… Thanks Stefan & Solos to use. Here’s the original poem: mr miles this morning out of the blue (blues) i woke humming mr miles by kurt elling ...…
This week! Bees, Seas of Thieves, E3 leaks, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure sequels, DKC Tropical Freeze, Trailblazers, our dream-team magazines, pricing on hypothetical retro microconsoles, and much, much more. Join us, won’t you? ALSO! We are happy to have been invited back to Scoopfest this year by the fine folks at Matt & Mattingly’s Ice ...…
TURNING CRITICISM INTO BREAKTHROUGHS Just Like Steve Jobs Hi, Doug Andrew here. Recently I was published in “The Mission” under, and I was talking about how to use criticism like Steve Jobs. Now, I’m not particularly a fan of Steve Jobs as a person and his personal life, but we can learn an incredible amount from his life and wha ...…
McCall’s last iPod Idol Punishment was eating gross food and it was a rough edit, so it took videographer Denise a little extra time. AJ had to come up with three different meals for her to try and is pretty proud of what he put together. Could you make it through? And McCall wasn’t always the only one to try something new either. Mitch joins u ...…
AJ & McCall are blowing out the last of the Monster Truck tickets and the first chance is by making the best Monster Truck sounds possible! Have you ever been in a demolition derby? Would you rather drive a derby car or a monster truck? Everyone is on their phones all the time, but where’s the worst place to use your phone? Where’s the rudest p ...…
ALEXEY ROMEO - WHITE KNIGHT @ MEGAPOLIS 89.5 FMЗаказ выступлений Alexey Romeo: tel.: +7 (911) 7871577VIP Booking site: www.alexeyromeo.comВсе обладатели iPhone, iPad, iPod и т.д. теперь могут подписаться на мой подкаст в iTunes!…НОВЫЕ ТРЕКИ! ALEXEY ROMEO - FLUTE ALEXEY ROMEO - DANCE TO THE NIGHT…
T-dog goes solo in the newest episode while Tim is on special assignment (aka working way more than he should be!). The bbboys also invested in some real podcast equipment so this here is the test run to see how it sounds. Still a few things to work out like keeping all cell phones and ipods on silent! Also grabbing some additional plugins to i ...…
Work is being done on contacts that can shoot lasers, they aren’t superhero powerful yet but we all know that’s where they’re going. Would you trust yourself with laser vision? The internet is arguing and, shocker, so are AJ & McCall. IMO is short for ‘in my opinion’ but what does the H in IMHO stand for? Is it honest, humble or something else? ...…
We have been talking about how you can make wise and godly choices in your life. How many of you know, when you face a choice, that you get those little voices whispering in your head? “Just do it, now with, let’s think this through. Come one, you really want to do it, right?” Competing, conflicting, most of us have a constant flow of ideas and ...…
AJ & McCall’s iPod Idol is Drake ‘God’s Plan’ barked like a dog, and both ought to give McCall a real homecourt advantage. AJ has won three in a row, so does that streak end? Both AJ & McCall are trying to eat better and work out and this week’s punishment will help. The loser will be doing push-ups each time they flub a word next week. Who did ...…
AJ & McCall Drop the Mic on gross foods as McCall faces her iPod Idol punishment. In the closest iPod Idol vote ever, McCall unfortunately had to eat three dishes AJ prepared for her. It’s almost a videocast as Denise films McCall eating her three gross foods. Mitch joins us as well since he at least used to like peanut butter and pickle sandwi ...…
It’s Friday so we’re all just trying to countdown the clock to the weekend right? The average is 26% but according to McCall they never slack. That’s news to AJ, but all those videos watched and music listened to is just show prep. A so-called ‘columnist’ ranked the entire Rock N Roll Hall of Fame and had Queen, Journey, Bon Jovi and the Red Ho ...…
It’s time to dust off your iPod Nanos. The Dharmalars are BACK! Join Ben, Ralph and Producer Ryan as they talk about all sorts of modern stuff. Things like the MCU, new Wet Hot American Summer,... Ben and Ralph along with Producer Ryan discuss the latest episodes of ABC's hit television show LOST. The Dharmalars bring their own brand of "colorf ...…
From rapping over 50 Cent bars on his iPod Touch to performing on stages all over the world, meet Rowlan. I sit down with this branding and lyrical genius who is not only climbing his way to the top, he's using his gifts to tell stories that is helping people level up with him.
AJ & McCall are coming back from the weekend and have a chore mystery solved for you. How many socks have you lost? Well the mystery has been solved because there is a space on the bottom of your washing machine that is eating your socks. Do you have any ways that you protect you socks from the monsters? Who’s traveling this summer? If you want ...…
Episode 171 of the Dad’s Guide to Twins Podcast Show Notes In this episode, we continue our Father of Twins Interview Series with Geoff Louvar, father of twin girls. On the show, we dive into Geoff’s twin journey, including: Finding a surrogate to carry your baby When the surrogate moves far from where you are living Financial challenges of rep ...…
She has watched as records were replaced by cassettes, CD's, iPods and web-based streaming, but Dilyn Radakovitz is keeping vinly alive at her seven Sacramento area Dimple Records stores!By Kat Maudru.
Well then...Sunday night just gone, the 25th March 2018, the fucking SWEDISH HOUSE MAFIA reformed after 5 looooong year to close the mainstage at Ultra Miami, and it was something else!It's sent reverberations throughout the entire music industry, and is without hyperbole, THE biggest thing to happen in dance music in years.To celebrate this mo ...…
Hide yo kids, hide yo wife the VFX Easter Bunny has been set free on Logan. McCall was really worried she was going to terrify kids but none of them seemed to really be too afraid not to get candy. AJ & McCall hid eggs all around town with some prizes to win and candy for all, and even got a shout out on Main Street.…
This week's challenge: present a harebrained theory. You can hear the after show and support Do By Friday on Patreon! Show Notes Adam Lisagor (@adamlisagor) | Twitter Sandwich Video I need your help to keep our water clean - YouTube Fran Lebowitz - Wikipedia Videos – Special Projects “The West Wing” King Corn (TV Episode 2005) - IMDb Delahoyde ...…
What feature would you most like to see in your next smartphone? On this week's installment of Trends with Benefits we cover the latest patent for Apple AirPods which suggest it could be like an iPod Nano, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 rumors, QLED vs OLED and TCL's latest and greatest TV, a Ford vehicle vending machine in China, and a beer delivering ...…
AJ & McCall’s iPod Idol is Camila Cabello ‘Never Be the Same’ sung as a soap opera, a perfect fit! Very often the loser loses control of something, and next week it’s the ability to answer yes or no questions. We’re gonna be playing the ‘Yes Game’ and the loser will have to answer every question with yes. Who did it best? Vote now!Note: There i ...…
In the highest stakes iPod Idol punishment yet AJ had to make his stand up comedy debut to open the 20th Birthday party. ‘It is probably the most terrifying thing I’ve done in radio to date.’ Let’s not forget the added pressure of REAL comedian Randall Bagley after him and mentalist Scott Andrews headlining the entertainment. And of course McCa ...…
AJ & McCall’s iPod Idol is Khalid ‘Young, Dumb and Broke’ sung as the drums. Can you believe it’s almost Easter? Well to get in the spirit the loser will dress up as a bunny and help out the Easter Bunny. Who did it best? Vote now!Note: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post's poll.…
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