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Best IT World Canada podcasts we could find (updated November 2019)
Best IT World Canada podcasts we could find
Updated November 2019
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Hashtag Trending
When the conversation turns to technology, Hashtag Trending makes sure you’re in the know. We review the top trending tech topics from across the web - Twitter, Reddit, Google, Product Hunt and more.
As Canada's most trusted audio newscast, The World This Hour brings you a Canadian perspective on what's happening here, and around the world right now... wherever and whenever you want it.
The World at Six is your destination for coverage, context and analysis of the day's top stories. It's a showcase for the best in CBC journalism prepared by reporters in Canada and around the world.
He was born Hamish Watson, a surfie dude from Sydney – but he could morph into whatever you needed him to be. Hamish is due to be sentenced to jail in early 2019 for swindling a handful of victims out of more than $7m. But these crimes are just the final pages in a resume too thick to staple; for decades he’s duped victims in the US, Canada, Britain, Hong Kong and Australia. How did he do it? How did he evade authorities around the world for so long and what’s he done with all those tens of ...
In 15 minutes you can learn a bit more about the world and how you can help change it.CARE Canada fights poverty by empowering women and girls around the world, in more than 94 countries. Join us each month as we speak about subjects that are affecting the world today and ways anyone can make a difference - the best part? It only takes 15 minutes.
Canada's Podcast
We talk to the entrepreneurs who are making it happen here in Canada. A national podcast company that creates an active online community for entrepreneurs so they can stay connected locally and to let the world know what’s going on in Canada.
True to Size
Three brothers that just want to express their love for sneakers, its industry and the world surrounding them.
The Talent Cast
This is a master-class on how approach your employer brand and recruitment marketing. In 20-30 minute sessions, you can how to move your talent brand into the 21st century.For more details: http://thetalentcast.com
The DMZ is one of Canada’s largest business incubators for emerging tech startups. The top-ranked university incubator in Canada and fifth in the world, it helps startups succeed by connecting them with customers, advisors, influencers and other entrepreneurs. It’s a space and community that encourages, supports and fosters new technologies that transform lives and businesses.
Jeff Marek and Elliotte Friedman talk to a lot of people around the hockey world, and then they tell listeners all about what they’ve heard and what they think about it. Plus, look for bonus episodes featuring interviews with personalities in the game or famous fans.
The latest sermons from Princeton Baptist Church. Princeton, British Columbia Canada.
IDEAS is a deep-dive into contemporary thought and intellectual history. No topic is off-limits. In the age of clickbait and superficial headlines, it's for people who like to think.
Subscribe now to hear Janice McDonald have Inspiring Conversations with Fearless Women who are trailblazers in business, arts and culture, politics and more. Listen as they share their stories, the challenges and insights into how they’ve been driven to change the world and make it a better place, in whatever arena they are competing in.
Ontario Morning tells you what's happening in your world - whether it's down the road or around the globe.Get the latest national and international news on World Report and local newscasts on the half-hour.
Uncover is an investigative series from CBC Podcasts. Season 5: Sharmini. Season 4: The Cat Lady Case. Season 3: The Village. Season 2: Bomb on Board. Season 1: Escaping NXIVM.
Why Tho
Welcome to Why Tho, we’re your hosts, Tiffany Bluhm and Ashley Abercrombie. We land somewhere in between Mother Teresa and Biggie Smalls, and we’re just wondering: Why tho? We all have questions, from our existential crisis curiosities, to our hey girl, why your eyebrows look so good tho, and we want to tackle all of these conversations with you. Thanks for joining us! Remember to subscribe and comment, it helps others to find the show.To learn more about Tiffany's writing, speaking or books ...
The Current
CBC Radio's The Current is a meeting place of perspectives with a fresh take on issues that affect Canadians today.
GCUC Radio
GCUC (it's juicy) is the conference where the Coworking world gathers! We have events annually in USA, Canada and the UK. We also offer membership to help you thrive through resources and discounts. Join us!
Promos to:promo4patterns@gmail.combookings : selma@fullcircle.agencyAn esteemed career stretching over a decade has seen Gai Barone become one of electronic music’s most sought after artists. The renowned musician and Italian native has long been one of the industry's most fascinating producers. An unrivalled quest for the creation of something uniquely memorable and deeply moving has fuelled his sonic journey. As a true craftsman, it is this drive for excellence that makes each one of Gai’s ...
Promos to:promo4patterns@gmail.combookings : selma@fullcircle.agencyAn esteemed career stretching over a decade has seen Gai Barone become one of electronic music’s most sought after artists. The renowned musician and Italian native has long been one of the industry's most fascinating producers. An unrivalled quest for the creation of something uniquely memorable and deeply moving has fuelled his sonic journey. As a true craftsman, it is this drive for excellence that makes each one of Gai’s ...
Samba Squad, Rick lazar, world music, percussion, toronto, canada, brasil, brazil, surdo, tamborim, carnival, salsa, cajon, peru, Lula lounge, summer, maracatu, eliana cuevas, Alberto Alberto,
Laser Weld Creation is the leading provider of laser welding in Canada. It provides world-class service for any job you may have. You can contact it for laser cutting, laser welding, and other industrial laser welding needs. For more detail visit at: https://laserweldcreation.com/
Osgoode Hall Law School Professor Richard Haigh and his student co-host Adam Lachance get together to discuss the in's and out's of Canadian law school life while attempting to be funny. Sit down, shut up, and don't forget to do your readings.
Nick Karadza & Tom Karadza founded Rock Star Real Estate Inc. after quitting their jobs in the Software industry to "go it alone" in the world of real estate investing. Rock Star Real Estate has gone from zero clients and zero revenues to being listed on Canada's Profit 500 multiple times as of the country's fastest growing companies. Together with their team they've now worked on thousands of investments and over a billion dollars of income properties in Canada. On this show they chat real ...
Damaged Goods
Hip Hop artist / entrepreneur Illy and content creator Jess Robert discuss everything that makes the world broken and beautiful at the same time including current events, technology, social issues and more. Direct from their podcast studio in Toronto, Canada - they get heated over drinks and interview a wide variety of guests.
Long-running American soccer show covering the USMNT, Premier League, Champions League, MLS, and more. If you enjoy analysis and silliness in equal measure, we're the podcast for you.
Welcome to Lack of Focus, a podcast focused on discussing Fantasy Flight Games's X-Wing: Miniatures Game
How did the NAC Orchestra become the world class organization it is today? Veteran broadcaster Eric Friesen chronicles the unfolding drama of the NAC Orchestra from its earliest days in 1969 to the present time. With his charming personality and a host of probing questions, he interviews conductors, orchestral musicians, guest artists and administrators about the Orchestra’s beginnings, the challenges it faced, the tours it made all over Canada and to many foreign lands, and the kind of indi ...
Law Bytes
In recent years the intersection between law, technology, and policy has exploded as digital policy has become a mainstream concern in Canada and around the world. This podcast explores digital policies in conversations with people studying the legal and policy challenges, set the rules, or are experts in the field. It provides a Canadian perspective, but since the internet is global, examining international developments and Canada’s role in shaping global digital policy is be an important p ...
Legit Lady Podcast
This podcast features women who are "nailing it" in life. From artists to professionals, we're sharing unfiltered real talk and tough life lessons. The Legit Lady Podcast is a platform for impressive women to inspire the world. Hosted by Julie Federman.
Cycling stories from across Canada and around the world. We talk to pros who ride on the road and the trails. We also talk about gear, riding and training. It's bikes, bikes and more bikes, eh.
The sun is broken. The world struggles to rebuild. An actual play podcast featuring diverse voices which takes places in an original setting.
By God's grace: real people, real life, real God. These messages from pastor Kirsten, pastor Deb and other friends of our community were given in the context of worship gatherings, when we gather to re-tell God’s story and be rooted in it. We worship God, sing together, read Scripture and talk about what God’s word means for our actual lives. We pray for one another, for our world, and we listen for God’s voice in following Jesus, caring for each other, and transforming lives in our corner o ...
Tall Can Audio
Matt, Rob and the rest of the TCA Crew you know and love rip on sports, pop culture, news, beer and whatever else needs tearing down from our studios in beautiful Bytown, Canada.Visit www.tallcanaudio.comFollow along on Twitter @TallCanAudio
The Morning After Show with Oswaldo Perez Cabrera every Tuesday. Playing your favourite songs for more than 15 years. Eclectic show (Ska, reggae, shoegaze, indie pop, noise, etc) with live music, local talent and music you won't hear anywhere else. The morning after what? whatever you did last night.
Take a trip around the world with CBC Radio's As It Happens. Hear from the people at the centre of the stories of the day — from the complex to the weird and wacky.
Law Bytes
In recent years the intersection between law, technology, and policy has exploded as digital policy has become a mainstream concern in Canada and around the world. This podcast explores digital policies in conversations with people studying the legal and policy challenges, set the rules, or are experts in the field. It provides a Canadian perspective, but since the internet is global, examining international developments and Canada’s role in shaping global digital policy is be an important p ...
No Little Plans
In 2015, the United Nations challenged the world to meet 17 big goals that have one encompassing ambition: Leave no one behind. The Sustainable Development Goals are meant to improve the health of the planet and the lives of everyone on it. We have until 2030 to achieve them. This is No Little Plans, a podcast about the state of SDG progress in Canada, featuring many of the people who are doing the most to help this country succeed.
Writers Bloc
Jeff Blair. Stephen Brunt. Richard Deitsch. As long-time journalists they’ve all experienced writer’s block, but they never run out of things to say! Opinions, insight and analysis from three of the smartest sports observers in the country. Writers Bloc… sharp takes, not hot takes.
Sam's Army
Barstool plus Soccer. A lot of people are calling it the perfect marriage. If you are looking for snooty analytics or foreign accents, alas, you will have to look elsewhere. Within the friendly, non-judgmental confines of the Sam's Army Podcast, Barstool Sam discusses the world's most beautiful game – with an emphasis on EPL, Champions League and USMNT plus plenty of room for touching on Spain, Italy, Germany, MLS, etc – in a way meant to appeal to fans both new and old. Whether breaking dow ...
The latest business and finance news from around the world from the BBC
The Irish History Podcast brings you on a journey through Ireland's fascinating past. This podcast is not just dates but an enthralling account of Ireland's history, looking at daily life through the ages. The show is currently focused on the Great Irish Famine of the 1840s (see below), while the archive contains the stories of Ireland's ancient High Kings, Viking raiders and the Norman Invasion of the Middle Ages. The story of the Great Famine has proved the most popular to date,Between 184 ...
Today, Explained
News comes at you fast. Join us at the end of your day to understand it. Monday to Friday. All killer, no filler. Hosted by Sean Rameswaram. Featuring the finest explainers from Vox and more. Produced by Vox and Stitcher, and part of the Vox Media Podcast Network.
A Podcast dedicated to the World War 2 miniatures game Bolt Action.
#onpoli, a TVO podcast, is all about Ontario politics. Join hosts Steve Paikin and John Michael McGrath for candid interviews and a deeper understanding of how politics touches our day-to-day lives. When it comes to #onpoli, we're here to give you the bigger picture.
A weekly look at religion and the stupidity that breeds it. Hosts Noah Lugeons, Heath Enwright, and Eli Bosnick delve into theistic attempts to intrude on the secular world in an unflinching expose on just how juvenile the whole god thing is.
CBC Radio's The House takes you behind the scenes in the world of Canadian politics. Parliament may take a summer recess but the business of national politics never stops; nor does The House.
Amateur Traveler
The Amateur Traveler focuses on the best places to travel to. It covers everything from road trips to swimming with whales in Tonga. It includes both a weekly audio podcast and a blog.
The Perri Platform
Trying to keep up with Canada? You've found the right Podcast. The Perri Platform highlights Canadian news and politics, broken down in ways that make it easy to stay informed. New episodes every Monday, Wednesday & Friday.
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Edmonton-based entrepreneur Courtney Buhler has turned a business that started as a lash lounge into a multi-million dollar global supplier and educator in the eyelash extension industry. She is founder and CEO of Sugarlash PRO.By Canada's Podcast
Google is bowing down to European data-protection authorities, Facebook signs a lease for 30 floors of office space in New York, and despite technical glitches, millions flock to Disney’s new streaming platform.
This is the first episode of Partisans, a new weekly series created by myself and Stewart Reddin. While the series focuses on the experiences of Irish people in the Spanish Civil War, this episode sets the scene. It explains the backdrop of the Spanish Civil War, the crisis that consumed Spanish politics in the 1930s and the far reaching implic ...…
David Graham was not your typical Member of Parliament. A Liberal MP from the Quebec riding of Laurentides-Labelle, Graham brought a background in open source issues to Parliament Hill. Over his four years as an MP, Graham was seemingly everywhere when it came to digital policy. Whether in the House of Commons talking net neutrality, the Indust ...…
David Graham was not your typical Member of Parliament. A Liberal MP from the Quebec riding of Laurentides-Labelle, Graham brought a background in open source issues to Parliament Hill. Over his four years as an MP, Graham was seemingly everywhere when it came to digital policy. Whether in the House of Commons talking net neutrality, the Indust ...…
Laws that bar patients from paying for care at private clinics are the subject of a legal challenge, which reaches closing arguments in B.C. today. Could a change shorten wait times, or actually make them worse?
We look at a row brewing over Switzerland’s move to exclude coffee from its emergency stockpiles of food.
To humour drivers inconvenienced by local bridge construction, Owen Sound has put up signs that play on the lyrics of some pop songs. Brent Fisher explains; What efforts are being made to reduce packaging on food and housewares at supermarkets? We get an update from Vito Buonsante of Environmental Defence; Barbara Captijn in an an independent c ...…
We look at how the legal marijuana industry is faring one year in, and the differences from province to province
A CBC investigation looks at why no Canadian Catholic diocese has ever released a list of clergy credibly accused of sexual abuse.
The company has published an updated prospectus for its initial public offering, seeking more than $25bn for the sale of 1.5% of its shares. We hear from Julian Lee, the oil strategist at financial data service Bloomberg.Trade unions have threatened to shut down the entire aviation industry in South Africa, after a strike grounded the airline S ...…
This is the episode before our annual event, Recon Rumble and Operation: SNAFU (we may have mentioned it). We talk Hobby, sponsors, some rumors and special rules that other tournaments use. enjoy.
Hear about travel to the Canary Islands as the Amateur Traveler talks to Alice Ford from alicesadventuresonearth.com about the best of the Canary Islands. Alice says, “I am excited to talk to […] The post Travel to the Canary Islands – Episode 680 appeared first on Amateur Traveler. Related posts: Travel to Spain’s Canary Islands – Episode 294 ...…
Weekly Roundup - November 11 to 15By ITWC
We braved an early winter storm and fought through mounds of snow to bring you another banger of an episode this week, and it sure was a good one. We talk about a sneaker reselling platform three times the size of Stock X - which gives us a lot of perspective as to where Canada falls in the global sneaker marketplace. We also talk about how to ...…
No spoilers! We go deep on the USA's Concacaf Nations League match-up with Canada. What did the US do differently tactically, who performed best/worst, and much more! Sponsors! Today's show is sponsored by... ExpressVPN! Visit http://expressvpn.com/soccer to get three months free with a one year subscription Ruffneck Scarves! Go to http://Ruffn ...…
This week on The House, Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe joins host Chris Hall to talk about what he has labelled an unsatisfactory meeting this week with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Tom Devine talks about Canada's whistleblower protection rules and Chris Hall talks to two strategists who have been behind-the-scenes when prime ministers choose ...…
Theo Hayez is missing in Byron Bay, a beautiful beachside town on Australia’s most easterly mainland point, frequently in the spotlight for its famous residents. Theo’s from Brussels. He’s 18 and on a backpacking holiday when he vanishes in May 2019. Behind the scenes local volunteers who’ve never met Theo begin searching and investigating with ...…
From today the Apple app store will no longer include vaping apps. We speak to technology journalist Ina Fried about what this might mean for the vaping industry, and whether Apple was right to ban them.And we hear what's been happening today on Wall Street from Susan Schmidt of Aviva Investors in Chicago.…
Jeff Blair & Donnovan Bennett discuss the Myles Garrett’s conduct (and subsequent suspension) at the end of Thursday’s Browns-Steelers game; At The Letters’ Ben Nicholson-Smith recaps the MLB GM Meetings [21:05]; TVA Sports’ Renaud Lavoie on the Maple Leafs’ early-season struggles [45:14]; Sportsnet’s Brendan Dunlop on the Canadian national men ...…
Separatist notions mount in Canada… again. This time, the western provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan are flaming the Wexit movement as they try to establish sovereignty. We discuss why provinces leaving Canada is terrible for everyone and what solutions exist.By Marco Perri
We consider the idea of a wealth tax proposed by some in the US presidential race. We get reaction to the idea from ordinary Americans in New York and Los Angeles. Morris Pearl, former managing director at BlackRock, and chairman of the group Patriotic Millionaires tells us why he is supportive of a wealth tax. French journalist Anne-Elizabeth ...…
After hearing a mysterious whine in suburban Arizona, Karthic Thallikar started on a journey that would ultimately lead to the center of the internet. (Transcript here.)
Richard and Adam are joined by Mary Barbieri, a faculty assistant at Osgoode Hall Law School. Mary quickly jumps to the chase and asks if Meno-rage could be a defence for a crime. She explains how she brings her customer service background to her role at Osgoode. Richard and Adam ask whether students take administrative staff for granted. Mary ...…
Antonio Aleman est Président et Cofondateur de Hyumeet. Hyumeet facilite l'humanisation du processus de recrutement et va plus loin que le "match parfait". Nous permettons de concilier la personnalité, les valeurs et les intérêts des talents avec ceux des employeurs dès le début du processus. Plus précisément, Hyumeet innove dans le processus d ...…
Facebook and Google are taking a shot at the banking world, WeWork’s troubles continue as reports surface that it lost $1.25 billion in the third quarter, and it’s time to party like it’s the mid-2000s because the Motorola RAZR makes a comeback.
Political scientist Keneshia Grant of Howard University in Washington, D.C. previews today's testimony at the impeachment inquiry hearings; Mayor Mitch Panciuk of Belleville talks about the traditional behind Belleville's Festival of Lights which is celebrating its 60th year; Allergist David Fischer explains why the people should be using alter ...…
The irresistible force meets the immovable object: the long fight for women’s equality with men is perhaps nearing a conclusion. Women all over the world are demanding a better, more equitable place with men — and they need men to stand by their side. That’s the final message of the 2019 CBC Massey Lectures, Power Shift: The Longest Revolution.…
In his new book, author and former soldier Mike Martin looks at why we go to war, and how our ancestors have shaped our behaviour towards conflict. We ask him if there’ll ever be a time that humans can put an end to bloodshed.
Impeachment: Marie Yovanovitch, Saskatoon baby boxes, Too-soon Christmas, Shelburne water, Dick Stevenson obit, Bay of Fundy garbage and more
A hunter in northern Ontario recently heard screams in the woods, screams that he couldn’t explain. He posted a recording online and ignited a debate about whether he’d heard a sasquatch. Whether he did or not, writer John Zada says these creatures have played an important role in human cultures throughout history. He takes us on the trail of t ...…
Coastal erosion in P.E.I. is putting homes by the water at risk, but people haven't been discouraged from building there. We talk to a climate change scientist about the “crazy” measures people are taking to firm up the shoreline — using everything from tires filled with cement, to headstones.
We look at Saudi Arabia’s move to take state oil company Aramco public — with a valuation that could be in the trillions — and ask what it says about our world’s relationship with oil.
Medical mishaps in Canada are on the rise; NY Times reporter Ian Urbina on his new book The Outlaw Ocean; An educational icon celebrates a milestone; a pregnant volunteer fights fires on the frontlines in Australia; Qantas is testing the limits of long-haul flights.
Welcome back to an all new episode of the Audio Whiplash podcast - only on the Tall Can Audio podcast network.Please consider helping out the show by leaving a rating and a review on your podcast app.On the show today: some more craft beer talk, a member of Rob's household suddenly has a face that stinks like trash, the invention of the pedestr ...…
Gregg Berhalter's job is not on the line, tut the reputation of the USMNT is. We go deep and detailed on the must win CONCACAF Nations League game. Timestamps: 0:15 — Hello and Daryl health update 3:40 — Earnie Stewart's public backing of Gregg Berhalter 17:15 — Get $10 off your first three months of fuboTV at http://fubotv.com/tss 22:40 — What ...…
The countries - Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa - represent 40% of the world's population and a third of global output. Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro praised the 'memorandum of understanding' between the nations, but what else was on the conference agenda? We speak to Oliver Stuekel, assistant professor of international relat ...…
Turkey says it’s “not a hotel” for ISIS, and is deporting fighters and their families. The problem is their native countries don’t want them back. (Transcript here.)
Jeff Blair & Richard Deitsch discuss the Maple Leafs’ loss on Long Island, and another impressive road win for the Raptors in Portland ; Sportsnet’s Alvin Williams on the Raptors’ impressive stretch ; ESPN Seattle’s John Clayton on the NFL’s Colin Kaepernick workout, and the Texans and Ravens ahead of Sunday’s marquee Week 11 matchup ; SN590’s ...…
Lorraine Ben is the Chief Executive for Lockheed Martin CanadaBy Janice McDonald
Top riders from the Canadian cyclocross championships speak about what some of their wins and disappointments mean, and about the event itself and some things we can look forward to next year. If you missed our coverage of CX nats, check out our reports and galleries. Jake Williams, from frenemy podcast The Lantern Rouge, checks in from the Pan ...…
Have you ever wondered how office rental spaces seem to magically fill up? Where do all these new clients come from?John helps answer this mystery and much more in this episode. With the Instant Group, John sits at the intersection of companies that need workspace and the providers that may serve that need. As something of a matchmaker, he gets ...…
In the fight against climate change, some see potential in elephant grass as a clean fuel. Stefano Romano is chief executive of NextFuel, a Swedish company which turns elephant grass into fuel briquettes, and explains the idea. Professor Araya Asfaw is a sustainable energy specialist at Addis Ababa University, and considers whether power plants ...…
Jeff and Elliotte discuss the situation in L.A. between the Kings and Kovalchuk, the best on-the-fly rebuild in the NHL, high-scoring defencemen, the back-up goalie situation in Toronto and much more. They are also joined by Golden Knights winger Mark Stone who talks about reading the game, playing in Vegas, winning the Selke (or not) and what ...…
In this week’s episode, we’ll talk about TI measurement and we won't mean calculators, the White House email server tries to invade Poland, and Tom and Cecil will be here to justify the second explicit tag we put on this episode. --- How to Participate in Vulgarity for Charity: Click here to donate to Modest Needs Send your donation receipt to ...…
Listen, we're here for the glow up. Tiffany gets two emails per day from Sephora and she's satisfied with her life choices. Ashley has a standing gel manicure appointment every month. Good curling irons are life, and so is Glossier lip balm and boy brow, okay?! However, the New York Times wrote an opinion piece about the wellness industry, "The ...…
**My new weekly series 'Partisans: Irish Stories from the Spanish Civil War' launches on Monday Nov 18th** This bonus show looks at a famous event that haunts Irish history - the Four Courts Explosion. In June 1922 during the opening phase of the Irish Civil War, the Public Records Office was destroyed in a massive explosion that rocked Dublin ...…
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