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Hit The Streets with Valerie Jardin
A photography podcast for the urban photographer.
On jardine ensemble FB Champagne-Ardenne
On jardine ensemble FB Champagne-Ardenne
Frédéric Jardin, “Sleepless Night”: Meet the Filmmaker
Join filmmaker Frédéric Jardin for a discussion of his film Sleepless Night. It’s the story of a botched drug heist with dangerous implications, as one of the drug carriers escapes after stabbing the robbers and seeing their faces. The robbers, who are two policemen, are left in possession of the drugs, which belong to a mob boss who will do anything to retrieve his property.
Boing Boing Gadgets
Boing Boing Gadgets is a weekly podcast introducing gadgets as reviewed by Boing Boing's editors and guests. Xeni Jardin, Mark Frauenfelder, and Jason Weisberger review personal electronics, video and photography equipment, tools for arts, crafts and making, cooking and kitchen, or fun in the outdoors. Learn about new must have technology and toys from the people who play with it all. Listen to Boing Boing Gadgets!
Missouri Botanical Garden Orchid Show 2010
Experience the color, beauty, and fragrance of orchids in bloom in the middle of winter. The Missouri Botanical Garden’s annual orchid show features a rotation of over 800 orchids from the Garden’s world-class collection in a lush garden of sweeping French-inspired design. Saunter past street lamps along a curved rue du jardin to a quaint faux flower shop and tiny French bistro beneath the shadow of the Eiffel Tower. C’est romantique!
Candide by VOLTAIRE
Candide, ou l’Optimisme, (“Candide, or Optimism”) (1759) is a picaresque novel by the Enlightenment philosopher Voltaire. Voltaire never openly admitted to having written the controversial Candide; the work is signed with a pseudonym: “Monsieur le docteur Ralph”, literally “Mister Doctor Ralph.”Sardonic in outlook, it follows the naïve protagonist Candide from his first exposure to the precept that “all is for the best in this, the best of all possible worlds,” and on through a series of adv ...
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The Digital Story Photography Podcast
This is The Digital Story Podcast #590, June 27, 2017. Today's theme is "Out of Chicago." I'm Derrick Story. Opening Monologue It was the day after Summer Solstice when we touched down at O'Hare Airport. You could feel the heat seeping through the cracks in the covered walkway that connected the plane to airport. There was no mistake. It was su ...…
Genesis 21:8-21 - June 25, 2017
On jardine ensemble FB Champagne-Ardenne
durée : 00:46:23 - On jardine ensemble FB Champagne-Ardenne -By
Hit The Streets with Valerie Jardin
Chris Bailey, author of The Productivity Project is on the show and will help you become more productive so that you can find more time to pursue your passion for photography.
Pirate Life Radio with Tait Fletcher
It's our second podcast from Paleo f(x) and we were excited to have Mark Sisson join us again on Pirate Life Radio. Mark is an author and blogger, and a former distance runner and Ironman competitor. Enjoy! (We apologize for the audio issues)
What She Said! with Christine Bentley and Kate Wheeler
Justin Kent is a Franco-American Chef based in Paris who is most notably known for his business “Picnics in Paris,” a full- service catering company that creates bespoke picnics for those seeking an authentic French-culinary experience amidst Martin tips for the most famous Parisian landmarks — the Eiffel Tower or River Seine, and the Jardin de ...…
A World In London – SOAS Radio
New global music on this A World in London, including albums by Nomade Orquestra, Jupiter & Okwess, plus more. Hoping for healing in London and #JusticeForGrenfell. ARTIST TRACK COUNTRY Joji Hirota Chikyu Japan/UK Oumou Sangare Yera Faga Mali Griselda Sanderson Dan-Moi UK Justin Adams Khamsa UK Jassi Premi Click India/UK Scalper Lullaby New Zea ...…
Drive Live with Tim Elliott
With schools closing for the summer holidays and with many families opting not to travel out of the UAE, we bring you a summer camp special. We talk through how to choose a summer camp for your child with Jenny Mollon, Early Years Editor at, and Emily Jardine, Reviews Editor, Plus, we speak to Rega ...…
Genesis 18:1-15 - June 18, 2017
durée : 00:53:58 - Comme un bruit qui court - par : Charlotte PERRY, Giv Anquetil, Antoine CHAO - La cité-jardin de la Butte rouge, à Châtenay-Malabry, objet d’un plan de restructuration lié au Grand Paris.Et à « La Ruche », cité d'artistes dans le XVème arrondissement.By
On jardine ensemble FB Champagne-Ardenne
durée : 00:37:32 - On jardine ensemble FB Champagne-Ardenne -By
Bro Away the Gi
Episode 51 - Matt Jardine. Paul and Mark and joined by lifelong martial artist, founder of Jardine Karate, co-founder of MAPS (Martial Arts for the Protection of School Children), BJJ purple belt and author of The Hardest Path, Matt Jardine. We talk about the book, and his pilgrimage to Japan, teaching martial arts to kids, mindfulness and a nu ...…
My guest today is Terry Gydesen, a documentary photographer based in Minnepaolis, Minnesota. Her latest project is titled "Transitions, a Daughter’s Journey” and it is a collection of 30 large color photographs that represent four years of documenting her father’s decline from Alzheimer’s. The series was on exhibit in Minneapolis recently and l ...…
Nas casas, jardins e até mesmo em prédios públicos, metrôs e nas ruas, a França registra um grave aumento da proliferação de insetos e ratos. Mais da metade dos franceses declara ter enfrentado ou estar enfrentado o problema. Não é à toa que, nos últimos dois anos, a quantidade de dedetizações e desratizações profissionais deu um salto de 54% n ...…
Have you ever wondered how things works in Procurement? Therese Marzocchi Jardine, Senior Vendor Account Manager with Microsoft Events and Studios demystifies sourcing, procurement and purchasing in this week’s interview. She also gives a snapshot into how to effectively write and manage an RFP, what not to do when responding to an RFP and how ...…
Genesis 12:1-9 & Matthew 9:9-13 - June 11, 2017
On jardine ensemble FB Champagne-Ardenne
durée : 00:39:48 - On jardine ensemble FB Champagne-Ardenne -By
Le Mot du Jour – French Hour
de temps en temps — from time to time — Mot du Jour de temps en temps – from time in time. In everyday French, de temps en temps is pretty much straight forward: ‘from time to time’. « Ça m’arrive de jardiner de temps en temps. » “I garden from time to time.” . Continue to learn French for free with TIME – TEMPS or FOIS – Quiz on Today’s French ...…
Nuestro invitado de hoy es Alonzo Barron Instructor de Programas Bilingües por parte del Jardín Botánico de Denver.
Nuestro invitado de hoy es Alonzo Barron Instructor de Programas Bilingües por parte del Jardín Botánico de Denver.
First Baptist Church - Pharr Los Signos Vitales del Matrimonio David Hernandez, MD. Cena para Parejas 2017 Objectives Objetivos Understand and know God’s will for your ___________ Conoce y entiendo la voluntad de Dios para tu matrimonio Assess and Evaluate your ___________ Examina y evalua tu matrimonio diariamente ___________ that you need to ...…
Hit The Streets with Valerie Jardin
My guest today is Iwona Pinkowicz. She tells us about her street portrait project 'chasing Dreams' as well as her own dreams in her pursuit of being a full time photographer.
Writing on the Air
Join us this Wednesday as we speak with novelist Jardine Libaire
First Down Sports Podcast
This week we welcome Andy Jardine into the First Down Sports locker room for the first time!! Lots of topics this week from local football, NHL, NBA, NFL, and a WTF segment on Tiger Woods!! Its been 2 weeks since our last podcast so hoping you enjoy this one!!
“A series of cycles:” join Nancy and digital pioneer/BlogHer co-founder Jory Des Jardins as they discuss the benefits of midlife collaboration, realizing life may not be as linear as expected, and why Nancy needs to embrace Virtual Reality and get over her FOS (Fear of Snapchat.) Read more about Jory Virago – a strategic advisory for Women Entr ...…
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