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The True Importance of Controlling emotions. Value of pull-ups. Balancing Your Life. How to deal with Self Doubt Managing the hierarchy. Working in an environment filled with slackers... again. Support this podcast at — Jocko DEFCOR Network
Jocko got shadow-banned. My job has a culture of doing the bare minimum. How to know if someone is only in it for the paycheck, or really wants to be part of the team. Best ways to respond to orders as a new guy. How to deal with a drug addict in the family. Tips to control emotions. Support this podcast at —…
0:00:00 - Opening 0:06:51 - On the Psychology of Military Incompetence. 2:12:06 - Final thoughts. 2:18:47 - How to stay on THE PATH. 2:37:51 - Closing Gratitude. Support this podcast at — Jocko DEFCOR Network
In episode #22, we discussed the pivotal year 1917, when the United States and the Soviet Union began their entry onto the stage of global power politics, and the tide decisively turned in the First World War. In this episode, we continue our journey through the 20th century with a conversation about how The Great War ended - or did it? - and about…
Jocko and Darryl welcome Bryan Suits, host of The Dark Secret Place podcast, to discuss Chinese propaganda films, military tech, and global strategy. Bryan is a veteran of both Iraq Wars, the Bosnia peacekeeping mission, and patrolled the streets of Los Angeles during the 1992 riots as a young National Guardsman. Check out great The Dark Secret Pla…
Top 10 signs someone is lying. How to improve morale. How to improve writing and communication skills. Working around favoritism. Learning from mentors. Working around injuries.. Support this podcast at — Jocko DEFCOR Network
Is There Value In Getting in a Street Fight and Losing? Guns for home defense. Dating and Emotions. Krill oil. Joining the military vs College first? Toxic leaders who poison morale and attitudes. Support this podcast at — Jocko DEFCOR Network
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