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Best Jonathan Negretti podcasts we could find (updated December 2019)
Best Jonathan Negretti podcasts we could find
Updated December 2019
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This is Legal Beagle. A weekly podcast about the wonderful world of personal injury law.
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This week, Jonathan turns the mic over to Patrick McGroder IV to talk about the interplay between criminal acts and personal injury cases.
This week Jonathan talks about Tesla's new "Smart Summon" technology. If you haven't seen it, you need to go watch a few videos online. In the meantime, enjoy Jonathan's perspective on this developing story.
This week Jonathan talks about a latin term: respondeat superior. Respondeat Superior is the legal doctrine that holds employers responsible for the acts of their employees under the theory of vicarious liability. However, the analysis can become complicated. Listen to learn more.
This week Jonathan discusses a few new laws that went into effect in AZ. Some of those laws are about the rights and duties of those who ride electric scooters. The problem is that these new duties conflict with the way these scooters were designed to be ridden. Listen as Jonathan help familiarize you with these new laws.…
This week Jonathan chats with Matt Fuchs (non-attorney) about valuing losses. Listen as Matt struggles to place a value on the tough questions that Jonathan asks. These are the sorts of questions we have to answer every day for our clients.
This week, Jonathan interviews Clayton Trovillion. Clayton is thinking about going to law school. Jonathan and Clayton discuss studying for the LSAT and what Jonathan's journey looked like.
This week Jonathan discusses taking out a legal loan on your personal injury case.
Jonathan interviews Francis Ma aka The Bang aka Bruce McFancy aka Eddie Shoebang. The Bang is credited with being the reason Jonathan started this podcast. PLEASE NOTE: There are some audio blackouts during this podcast. I couldn't figure out how to edit them out. Enjoy!
Jonathan talks about the new Negretti & Associates Personal Injury Scholarship that the firm just launched. To read more about it, click on the link. https://negrettilaw.com/scholarship/
What happens when someone says bad about you and it isn't true? Jonathan talks about defamation and when it can become actionable.
Jonathan interviews Attorney John Ager to get a more in depth understanding of medical malpractice claims.
As people travel for summer vacation, it's important to understand what happens if you are in an accident in another state. Jonathan shares some insight to what you should be thinking about.
Jonathan talks about common summer time accidents and injuries that can be avoided by simply paying attention.
Jonathan interviews former client Laurie W. about her accidents and having an attorney help resolve her claims. The best quote from the interview comes at the end when Laurie says "they (people) think that because they have insurance they will be taken care of."
Jonathan discusses left hand turn accidents and what the law says about making left hand turns. The statute governing this in Arizona is A.R.S. 28-772. If you have any questions, just let us know!
Listen to Jonathan discuss what he learned at the conference he recently attended in Chicago.
Jonathan Negretti talks about social media and shares a real example of how it hurt one client's case.
Litigation Attorney Dylan McGurk discusses different types of insurance coverages and what they mean.
One of our attorneys, Kaivan Mangouri, says that our job isn't just to negotiate with insurance companies, our job is also to negotiate reductions at the resolution of your case. Listen to this week's episode to better understand what we mean by "reductions."
Jonathan Negretti talks about why they have adopted the mantra "make it simple for our clients." Through the use of technology and good old fashion teamwork, Jonathan thinks the process can be simplified to benefit those that are injured.
Lead litigation attorney Dylan McGurk answers questions about discovery, depositions and the admissibility of evidence in a practical easy to understand way.
Listen to Kristen Booker from Stridewell Medical Clinic discuss the importance of a proper medical evaluation and the best course of treatment to pursue after an accident. (pardon the background noise, we do these live without editing and sometimes a helicopter flies overhead).
Firm Manager Aaray Herman discusses the charitable arm of Negretti & Associates and how she ran a full marathon for great cause.
Jonathan talks about what insurance applies if you are a passenger in an Uber that gets in an accident or you are hit by an Uber driver.
Jonathan starts off the year talking about how to pursue a loss in value to your vehicle after its been in an accident.
Jonathan interviews a Matt Fuchs (a millennial) to find out if participation trophies are the catalyst to the millennial way of life. WARNING: the start of this podcast was unplanned, but very millennial of us.
Firm manager Aaray Herman just went to NY to meet up with Google and learn about new technologies that are coming our way. Listen to Aaray talk about the new interactive assistant that Google is working on.
Attorney Jonathan Negretti talks about slip and fall cases and explains what you need to prove in order to hold a business responsible for your injuries.
Jonathan explains what a medical lien is and how it impacts your case.
Why is it so hard to get an attorney to take your medical malpractice claim? Jonathan explains why.
Meet Dylan McGurk. Dylan is the new litigation attorney for N&A. Listen to Dylan talk about the ins and outs of litigation and why he was crazy enough to join our firm.
Jonathan talks about why marketing for a personal injury practice is important and reveals the new tagline for Negretti & Associates.
It makes sense that we would talk about dog bites on a podcast called Legal Beagle. Attorney Jonathan Negretti talks a bit about what to be aware of if you are bit by a dog.
Legal Beagle interviews Donn Coolidge of Coolidge Injury Law. Donn tells you a bit about how he got his start and why you should always hire an attorney. Actually, not always. Listen to find out more. http://www.coolidgeinjurylaw.com
Learn a little about our Firm Manager Aaray Herman. Aaray also chairs the non-profit initiative at N&A is excited to share some details about it.
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