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When bourgeois labor-time discipline is inflicted on the least important s hip in Starfleet, who goes nuts and who goes Stakhanov? Is bureaucratic stratamania a form of class society, or just a class society-in-waiting? How cybernetically viable is The Boimler Effect? Sophia & Ezri are joined by Julian, Kyle & Tom http://emancipation.network…
When a strike breaks out on DS9, who's a comrade and who's a kulak? How does US labor law compare to the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition? Is Rom the Manifesto-thumping working-class hero we need, or is he just canonically jerking off? Sophia & Ezri are joined by Kyle and Tomhttp://emancipation.networkBy Ezri xB & Sophia
Experience the JU crew's first step into 90's Trek! What happens when you cross Kurt Cobain, Garth Brooks, and a cryogenic chamber? How much will your stock portfolio be worth in 340 years? How many dicks can Worf and Riker swing at once? Sophia & Ezri are joined by Pouya, Shane & Tom http://emancipation.network…
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