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Best Kendall Halman podcasts we could find (updated November 2019)
Best Kendall Halman podcasts we could find
Updated November 2019
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The Kendall Cast Podcasting Network is your one stop destination for all Kendall Halman's Geek-related Podcasts. Currently active podcasts include: That's What We Called Music?: A song by song review of the Now! That's What We Call Music catalog. The Pull List Podcast: A monthly comic review show. Beyond Bulbasaur: A Pokemon podcast where we discuss a different semi-random Pokemon on each episode
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On this episode, we interview Matt Carulli about the new Pittsburgh Limited Format.
It's still technically Halloween! Today Kendall, Joe, Jessie, and Jordan discuss the cute little pumpkin with a bat on its head Pokemon!
At long last, we discuss the greatest film of all time!
On this episode, we discuss our first Dark Side deck, Jawas!JawasDeck:2x Bib Fortuna2x Boba Fett, Bounty Hunter1x Chall Bekan1x Daroe (V)1x Dathcha (V)1x Gailid1x Greedo (V)2x Jabba The Hutt (V)1x Jango Fett2x Jawa1x Lady Proxima2x Mara Jade With Lightsaber1x Nebit1x Prince Xizor3x Wittin1x 4-LOM With Concussion Rifle1x IG-88 With Riot Gun1x P- ...…
Kendall, Jordan, and Joe discuss the controversial ice cream cone Pokemon.
Happy Halloween everyone! Here's a bonus episode where we discuss It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!
In which we discuss Beyonce, Kendall and Molly's engagement, and an obscure R&B song by Case.
On this episode, we discuss Matt's Yavin IV Ops deck that utilizes Squadron Assignments V and some dudes in the War Room.Y4 Ops Squassin VDeck:1x I'll Take The Leader2x Commander Luke Skywalker (V)1x Commander Vanden Willard (V)1x Derek 'Hobbie' Klivian (V)1x General Dodonna (V)1x Incom Engineer1x Princess Organa1x Red Leader1x Wedge Antilles, ...…
Believe it or not, before I lost the audio, my rant about House of X was even longer.
This week, we discuss the tuxedo panda himself!
This week, we discuss Joe's favorite Pokemon, the version exclusive from Gen I.
On our landmark fiftieth episode, we discuss an Oleander song that doesn't have a music video.
Introducing a new Star Wars CCG Podcast from Kendall Halman and Matt Lutz. On this first episode, we discuss Kendall's "This Galaxy May Need a Legend" deck.Deck:2x Chewie With Bowcaster2x Solo1x Threepio With His Parts Showing1x Luke Skywalker, The Last Jedi2x Qui-Gon Jinn With Lightsaber1x Corran Horn1x General Calrissian1x Obi-Wan With Lights ...…
Whatever you do, don't call this week's song a "Wendy's Song!" If you don't know what that is, you need to listen to our review of the classic by Blessid Union of Souls!
This week, we discuss the Pokemon that Jessie suggested who somehow flies with palm leaves as wings!
At long last, we finally get to discuss the first film in the Original Trilogy
This week, we discuss another obscure forgotten R&B gem. This one's by Chante Moore.
This week, we discuss the fire-breathing Gen VII Starter!
I drove for 14 hours to get my butt kicked at a tournament for a card game that's been out of print for 20 years. Here's 40 minutes of ramblings on the 2019 Star Wars CCG North American Continental Championship John Anderson Memorial Tournament
In which we discuss the obscure R&B song by Ideal, a boy band that none of us had heard of.
It's a short one this month, but we discuss Walking Dead, House of X, and more.
In the season 3 finale, we discuss a legendary Pokemon who looks like a Sailor Moon villain.
As we continue with our theme of Jordan's chosen Pokemon, we discuss another weird one that I maintain is actually Ninjask's Horcrux.
In perhaps our most experimental episode yet, we discuss this song by Kelly R and literally turn back the hands of time to talk about a song by Cher.
Kendall, Jordan, and Mike discuss the ugly duckling that's actually the Fish Pokemon of Gen III. Also, some Pokemon Go discussions.
The brain trust discusses the film widely considered the best of the prequels.
Celebrate our Garbage country by listening to us discuss this fun little ditty by Garbage!
This week we discuss Limp Bizkit's debut single of questionable quality.
*SPOILER* is dead, Batman is boring, Heroes in Crisis is over, and most critics are cynical assholes. Kendall and Jared discuss comics from the past few months and Kendall gives his take on Dark Phoenix.
Today, we discuss one of Deviant Art's favorite Pokemon from Gen III.
In which we discuss Pucks from Real World, Shakespear, and Alpha Flight, but do not mention hockey pucks. Also our second Fatboy Slim song.
Wooper there it is! This week Kendall, Jordan, and Mike discuss the water/ground type from Gen II that everyone likes to use electric attacks against.
Since we already reviewed Solo back when the film came out, this month the Star Wars Round Table discusses Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark!Check out our Solo review here: http://www.kendallcast.ninja/2018/06/solo-kendallcast-review.html
This week, we discuss the 6th single from The Backstreet Boys' first album, as well as a few bonus songs!
This week, we discuss Gen 2's night time Pidgey. Also, we talk about HMs again.
Kendall, Jordan, and Mike discuss Detective Pikachu and a little bit about their hopes for the Sonic movie.Check out Mike's other podcast, Games My Mom Found at https://gamesmymomfoundpodcast.podbean.com
This week we discuss Kendall's favorite eeveelution with Jordan, Jessie, and Mike!
This week we discuss Britney Spears's follow up to Dot Dot Dot Baby One More Time, Sometimes.
The Brain Trust discusses Episode III and makes perhaps the greatest Tosche Station joke of all time!
The Official KendallCast Pull List Endgame Podcast!!!!! 'Nuff Said!
This week Jordan, Jessie, Mike, and Kendall fight a bad Skype connection and discuss the Snorlax of Gen II.
Better late than never, but here's the KendallCast Star Wars Roundtable for March!
This week, we discuss Enrique Iglesias's lead single off of his first English language album.
In the(sort of) premiere of Season 3, Kendall, Jordan, Jessie, and special guest Mike discuss everyone's favorite Dog/T-Rex/Crocodile starter from Gen II. Stay tuned at the end for a fun little ditty.
In celebration of April Fool's Day, Kendall, Jordan(What's McCracken), Jessie(Alphabet Flight), and special guest Mike(Games My Mom Found) discuss the iconic glitch Pokemon from Red and Blue version!
This month, we discuss the month's comics, Spider-Man One More Day(not sure why), and Captain Marvel.By Kitchenfinkspodcast@gmail.com
In a very sleepy season finale, we discuss Yveltal, a Pokemon that I really like, but struggle to verbalize what makes it great.
This week we discuss the break out hit from the band that defined Pop/Punk for a generation
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